8 Pet-friendly Places to Stay During Your Vacations

The thrill of walking down the bustling streets in unknown cities while immersing yourself in a native culture increases tenfold with four-legged furry companions by your side. However, plenty of hotels or resorts refuse to welcome pets on their premises, thus forcing countless vacationists to alter their travel plans. Pet lovers often consider their furry friends as a part of the family and it seems quite unacceptable for them to leave these pawsome creatures behind. In case you are a pet parent desperate to take a vacation with your furry kid, book your air-tickets with EaseMyTrip and visit these places with your pet. Presa Di Goa Country House, Calangute Located at a distance of 20.2 km from the Goa International Airport, this Indo Portuguese hotel is sprawled in a 3500 square meter country estate. Enveloped by swaying coconut palms and tropical landscapes on all sides, your pet can comfortably relish the perks of an outdoor swimming pool and air-conditioned rooms. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a massage or soak in the beauty of a scenic garden and a spacious library. For convenience, there is a free shuttle service that can help you reach Baga and Calangute beaches. Emerald Trail, Bhimtal, Uttarakhand At an altitude of 7000 ft, somewhere in Jangalia Gaon, you will find an enchanting homestay that will embrace your pets with open arms. At a distance of 9 km from the infamous Bhimtal Lake, this wooden cottage is an ideal destination that lets you lay off from the hubbub of city life and enrich yourself with some vacation goodness in the heart of nature. Here you can go trekking or just sit on the patio and enjoy the sight of vegetation with mountains of Kumaon Valley in the backdrop, while your dog plays with other pet guests in the three-acre estate. Woods Villa Resort, Jaipur


Construction jobs involve more than just what you see on a building site. There is a vast range of career choices in the industry. These involve designing, planning and project management, as well as doing the hands-on, practical work. Career in the construction industry is a safe bet in Australia with immense potential for growth suited to your skill set. The construction industry in Australia employs millions of people and is one of the most exciting and diverse sectors to work in. You stand a better chance of career progression with the right qualifications. To work in the construction domain, you need a solid combination of education and experience that employers seek from you. But how does it all start? Well, browse through the information below and gain insights to work in the construction sector. QUALIFICATION CPC 50210 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) is what you need. This nationally recognised vocational course is offered by Step Into Training Services (SITS), a reputable and trusted registered training organisation of Australia. Designed for aspiring builders by our industry experts, a diploma in building and construction will help you upgrade your building expertise further and graduate with an industry-relevant qualification in this booming industry. At SITS our trainers will turn your onsite experience into a nationally recognised qualification, a mandatory prerequisite for you to pursue future employment in the construction domain. Throughout the learning process, you will become well versed with the principles, techniques, regulations and the much needed skill set to flourish in this sector. CAREER PROGRESSION To pursue your dreams as a builder, you need to acquire your builders’ licence. Armed with a diploma of building and construction you can take up the following job roles: Builder, Construction manager, Project manager and Site foreman. You could try any number of trades or even start your own company or building business anywhere in Australia.

Your Dell Laptop Needs Repair? Searching for a Dell Laptop Service Center in Mumbai? If so, then How?

Reading this article? Means, you are exploring for Dell authorised service center for your Dell laptop in your area. Well, let me tell you that you are on the right place. Let’s admit it. Those days are gone for the old school bulky desktops and more portable devices such as laptops, hybrid tablets, and notebooks already have taken their equitable place in your lives. Moreover, according to Statista, coveted cult of stats, global sales volume of Dell laptops is on rise where there is a steep downslope in Desktop or PC sales volume. Being lightweight and handy, we carry it with us to accomplish numerous simple to complex tasks simply with the aid of it. This is why when our laptops face issues such as malfunctioning, overheating, & shutting down suddenly, we can’t concentrate on any work until we get it repaired or fixed. It becomes our annoyance. What’s the result? It’s quite simple. With an increasing number of Dell laptop devices, more Dell laptop repairing service centers are popping up with each passing day. And, it is fine from user’s point of view. Isn’t it? But, there is a fundamental issue as there’s a fundamental difference between the best Dell authorized laptop service center and an ordinary Dell laptop repair center. Let’s find out what’s exactly that. Before we move to that issue, we need to have better understanding of “why do you need to go to a Dell laptop repairing service?”. Well, there ‘n’ number of reasons. May be your Dell laptop is old enough & its encountering hardware related glitches regularly. Furthermore, you can face issues in your Dell laptop when the laptop experiences accidental drop. Plus, last but not the least, any of the hardware elements can fail anytime. So, each laptop manufacturers offer you some warranty, not a guarantee. But, my buddy, on the other side of the coin what if the warranty of your Dell laptop finishes? No need to worry, when we are here. How laptop repair service centers help us? Is your Dell laptop not working properly? Don’t worry! To help us get rid of these issues, we at Dell laptop service center comes to the scene. According to our large customer base and the ultimate Dell services we offered, we are known as one of the dedicated Dell laptop service center in Mumbai. You can get multiple services for a particular brand. We work on thousands of laptops having different brand and model. Besides, the company, our skilled technicians provide uninterrupted services on behalf of it. Our experienced technicians solve various issues faced by our customers of a particular brand. In many cases, we provide free pickup and delivery services – if the issues come and the customer need the laptop urgently. And, in that case, our tech support professionals take the signature of a customer & deliver the product on their door-step.

Aajjo.com Broadly Offering Products and Services in Cold Storage System

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