History of pizza: how did the edible symbol of Italy appear?

The history of pizza will be interesting to all fans of this super-popular national Italian dish. From the first bread baked back in the Stone Age, to flatbread with cheese and lard (!), from the Great Geographical Discoveries to the first pizzeria in New York, from Neapolitan street food for ordinary workers to a refined dish on the royal table... Just like pizza itself, its history is a motley quilt of bright moments. History of pizza: ancestors and relatives The history of pizza goes all the way back to antiquity. In Sardinia, archaeologists found bread baked more than 7,000 years ago! Flat bread was baked in clay ovens by the ancient Jews, Babylonians, Egyptians and Greeks. And in ancient Rome, the most popular food of peasants and soldiers was focaccia - panis focacius, which translates as "bread baked in the hearth." It is focaccia that is considered a distant ancestor and relative of pizza. Of course, these first "test of a pen" can not be 100% called a pizza in the minds of modern people. But they became the foundation on which the idea of pizza emerged. The origin of the word pizza The real history of pizza began in southern Italy. In 997 BC in a small port town Gaeta, which is located between Rome and Naples, was recorded the first written mention of the word pizza. In the document, the son of a feudal lord promises twelve pizzas to the local bishop as an annual tax.

Washington state

Washington is one of the Pacific states of the United States. A land of contrasts, a region that combines natural wonders with beautiful cities. The state's landscape is very diverse. In the central part of it, the majestic Cascade Mountains with their many volcanoes rise up. To the east, the hilly plains turn into semi-deserts. One of the largest and most beautiful rivers in the United States, the Columbia, flows through here. The western counties of the state are famous for their scenic Olympic Mountains and unique rain forests. History buffs and art lovers won't get bored in this region, with fascinating museums, entertainment venues and historic Victorian-style mansions in major cities. There is so much to see and experience. Geography Washington State is located in the northwestern part of the United States. Its western territories face the Pacific Ocean. The region shares borders with Canada (British Columbia Province), Oregon and Idaho. By area, it ranks 18th in the United States of America (184,827 km²). The state's main natural resources are dense forests and full-flowing rivers. Cities in Washington State Olympia. The state capital, a small city located in a picturesque place. Its main attraction is the majestic Capitol, which stands on a hill overlooking Puget Sound. Don't miss one of the state's oldest frame mansions, the home of attorney Daniel Bigelow. Take a walk to Olympic National Park, near the capital. It is famous for rain forests, beautiful lakes and glaciers, and rich flora and fauna. Seattle. The largest city in Washington state. Known for its beautiful bays and mesmerizing panorama of the city with its majestic mountain peaks as a backdrop. Seattle has many wonderful places and sites. The most popular ones are the 184-foot Space Needle Tower with an observation deck, the monumental St. James Cathedral, and the Pike Place Market, a public market with lots of little restaurants. Curious tourists will enjoy the Aviation Museum, the Log House Museum, and the Seattle Museum of History and Industry. Check out the D. Chihuly Glass Sculpture Garden, the intriguing Pop Culture Museum, and the Aquarium.