BIGBANG scavenger hunt!!! 2-10-16

woot woot. so this one was really difficult, mainly because of the doctor who request. however, I think I was able to meet that....maybe....possibly....lol we'll see. so I love this song, but every time I hear it, it makes me cry, especially when I remember what its about and the MV. then I bawl my eyes out. I love the first fanart of daesung I have on hear. so cute, him and top. Dawwwww! so if I had to choose one of the bigbang members to ship with anyone else.... (besides me lol) I would choose CL from 2ne1. They just look so cute together, plus they can both rap very well, they have amazing fashion sense, they can joke around, they are both leaders of a group, and they both have solo activities. They both love animals and they both are shy in certain ways. Both are mischievous in that adorable way. They just go well together. So SkyDragon it is. I love this video with MARI! I rub my kitties like this the exact same way when lying in bed. they love the rough scratchies! a few good rubs and they start purring in contentment. I think it reminds them of their mommas rough tongue baths lol so BIGBANG was giving advice to WINNER. They were asking about talents and things they could do on shows to get the fans excited or happy. Mino imitates TOP. kinda cute but not as good as the original (don't get me wrong I like WINNER.....but....come on....its TOP....)

Time for a trip 3 BigBang Fanfction

Alright, so here is part 3! @Helixx Also, I thought @BBxGD that you might like it....maybe.....and @SaiT you too, since you both write as well. :P I hope you don't mind me tagging you! You hand him your phone, still a little worried he might not like his picture on your phone, after all wouldn’t most people think it creepy to see their face on someone else’s phone? ‘I know I would think it weird… and very creepy…’ You think while watching him from under your bangs. He accepts your phone and starts tapping away, and soon some of the music on your phone starts playing. “Hello Bitches” by CL starts playing and he grooves in his seat to it, just like he had years ago in the club, Jong Kook and Ji-Hyo clap and start talking in Korean to each other about how amazing it is to have found someone who loves k-pop in the market place today. “Do you play this in your club too?” You laugh and nod, singing along with CL. “I’ll have to stop by, with your invitation of course” He winks before tapping some more into your phone. His pocket rings and you realize he very suavely got your number by texting his own phone. Laughing you lightly hit his arm before accepting your phone back. “That was very chik, Jiyong-oppa!” He just grins before taking out his phone and adding you to his contacts. You decide right then that he could do whatever he wants as long as he continues to smile. The memory of how tired he looked the years before entering the military makes seeing him so carefree and happy a refreshing change.
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BigBang Scavenger hunt 1•27•16

GD always looks to handsome, but seeing him with flowers....it makes ones heart very light and happy. I smile while I see them. I love the solo song Heartbreaker by G Dragon. I love the message, the lyrics, and I absolutely love him singing it live. It's amazing, and hes so sexy with his red hair!!! I love running man, and this episode, number 163, has Daesung, Seungri, and GD in it. Their goal: win Ace Ji-Hyos heart and gold. lol, spoiler, she ends up keeping both! IDK how cause I would have given my heart and gold to GD asap, but whatever lol. Love this part, they get covered in mud! lol So GD was recently in paris for the Chanel fashion thing. (I don't follow fashion much, but he is very active in it so what I do know is that, and I recognize the two CCs. lol, I also included the picture from one of their posters, and a fan art thing someone did, and lastly, a hat very much like the Chanel hat, from the album GD and TOP did. GD singing happy birthday and filming on stage for Seungri. I'm fairly sure this is the 2015 one because he has the MADE hat on, but I could be wrong and if I am please let me know so I can keep looking. But I thought this was a very good video to show. So cute and sweet that the fans sang along as well! So, I feel like I should explain how these make me think of BIGBANG/reminds me of them. I saw their MADE concert live in NJ, and when ever I see that states name, or think of it, or even look at it I think of that concert and how awesome it was. So New Jersey reminds me of BigBang.