What SOP’s should the Universities apply for the prevention of COVID19?

The emergence of Coronavirus has changed our lifestyles. Different organizations and countries are struggling to find a vaccine or any medicine that can cure humans suffering from this virus. In the meantime, physical activities have limited, and different possible solutions have opted. However, we cannot stop our lives because of this deadly virus. Now educational institutions have decided to resume on-campus classes again. But preventive measures need to be taken by the universities to protect students and teachers from the coronavirus. This blog post will discuss what Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) all universities should apply to prevent students from COVID19. If you are a student, then this article is necessary for you to protect yourself and others as well. You can even Pay For Online Class and continue your education in this pandemic situation. Let’s have a look at the SOP’s which universities should take for the prevention of COVID19. SOP’s Universities should apply for the Prevention of COVID19 Installation of Walkthrough Sanitization Gates The first main and yet the most important standard which every university should apply is the installation of sanitizer gates. World Health Organization (WHO) has advised installing these sanitizer gates which sprays disinfectant liquid when the passer passes by the gate. It helps in killing the germs on the human body and prevents it from spreading. Thus, sanitizer gates are significant at every entry point. However, these anti-viral gates do not cure the person having the virus in the body but prevents it from spreading. Proper Hand Washing System
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