Vegan fruit burritos

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been gone so long! Anyway, if you're a vegan and you like to eat food, then check out my homemade recipe for fruit burritos! Ok so we start with the sauce which is pretty easy! I took my favorite peanut butter, you can use chunky because it adds a nice crunch to it, and a soy based yogurt. When I first made it, I just did regular vanilla but the Silk Strawberry is mighty fine!! Then you just take a scoop of each and mix it to your preference of consistency. Next o gathered some of my favorite fruits I found in the house and it was a great combination. I started with my apple and cut it into little triangles. Green apples are the best for this fruit combo. :) Next I made a very basic and sugar free jam filling. I rinsed some perfect raspberries and smashed them in a little glass bowl with a fork! :D And as my last fruit, I cut two-three strawberries into very thin slices. Be sure to rinse them too!! This is what my little set up looked like! I used a lot of that soy-peanut sauce mixture and it was awesome! You can put the fruit in whatever order you like! Just remember to also put the raspberry jam underneath it all or it spills out! And there we go guys! This made two because, well I only had two tortillas left but it definitely can make up to five burritos. Thank you everyone and let me know if you try it with your preference of fruit! @danidee @maddie27 @ercurrent @nicolejb @tessstevens @kpopandkimchi @alywoah

Thoughts on:Face Masks

So, don't think we are some weirder aliens. It's a green tea and honey face mask. And I have successfully converted my family to them!! I have many more as well! Bad skin runs a little throughout my family so I always do face masks for oily skin and such. I also try to drink at least four bottles of water each day along with keeping a healthy diet full of fruits and veggies. Here are some more amusing pictures of my family and I trying some more masks. Check em out! These were banana green tea and honey masks. Gotta say, pretty good! My dad wasn't too amused because this was his first mask... :P These are a bit scary but it's a Korean face masks I got from a friend and it's tomato based! This has to be my favorite pre made mask but you gotta use it within a year or it turns VERY rotten!! And the second picture is what the container looks like! I just think it's so cute and fun to trick people with. And this is just a pre made avocado peel off mask that you can get at Walmart for a dollar!! And that's it! I have tried yogurt, but that was WAY too oily for me. Would you do a face mask? Do you already do face masks? And if so, what have you tried? @danidee @alywoah @ercurrent @maddie27 @shannonl5 @nicolejb @TessStevens
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