Actress Shin Hye Sun Receives Delayed Backlash For Her Appearance In “Mr. Queen”

In the midst of the ongoing controversy surrounding Joseon Exorcist, actress Shin Hye Sun has started to receive hate from the public. Shin Hye Sun was formerly in tvN‘s Mr. Queen, which is also a historic drama that took place back in the Joseon era. While the drama has been off the air for a month now, the actress is starting to receive backlash for her appearance in the production. Mr. Queenwas previously also at the center of controversy when netizens accused the drama of“mocking”South Korean history. While the production crew came out with a formal apology acknowledging their mistakes, netizens remained steadfast on their stance and continued on with their disappointment. The drama has been finished for over a month now, but due to the recent backlash regarding the history distortion found in Joseon Exorcist, Shin Hye Sun’s former statements about her decision to feature in the drama have made their way into the spotlight. She previously shared that after reading the script for the drama, she felt that she would regret her decision if she chose not to do the production. Similarly to the actors of Joseon Exorcist, netizens are claiming that Shin Hye Sun knew about the plot and the “mocking” of South Korea’s history in Mr. Queen, but failed to speak up against it. The actress is being accused of being a “sell out” to her own country by the public. Read More https://www.koreaboo.com/news/shin-hye-sun-backlash-appearance-mr-queen-joseon-exorcist/