Weird Things That Make Allergies Worse

Allergy season is no fun, but did you know that there are far more things that set off an allergy attack than just plants and their pollen? Here are a few odd things that can make your natural seasonal allergies worse! Some fruits like apples, tomatoes, and cantaloupe have a pollen-like protein that can trigger your seasonal allergies. Peeling or cooking these kinds of fruits or veggies can help break down that protein and help you avoid the itchy throat and mouth that they can cause. Contact lenses have the unfortunate trait of trapping things in your eyes. When pollen or dust gets in your eyes, the contact lenses can keep them there, making your symptoms worse that they normally would be. If you don't want to switch the lenses, try using disposables that you can change out more frequently during allergy season. Stress can mess a lot of things up, even allergies. Whether it's meditation or getting some shut-eye, find things to help you relax so your symptoms are more bearable. When you don't feel well and you're anxious, that's when your symptoms tend to be worse Anything with fragrance added can irritate the lining of the eyelids and nasal passages. This means perfume, candles, air fresheners, and incense! Swimming in a chlorinated pool—and even just sitting near one—can be just as bad for your allergies as candles and perfume. The chemical is a irritant and can set off an allergy attack (especially in indoor pools!)

You Need To Eat More Cherries

When I was a kid I couldn't even handle the smell of cherries let alone the taste, but I think I was just brainwashed by cherry flavored cough medicine. Now I can't get enough of the little guys, even though I usually get really frustrated by fruits that are more pit than actual edible fruit! I'm glad my taste buds have changed, because they're incredibly good for you! Here are a few reasons (other than the fact that they are delicious!!!) for you to start celebrating summer by chowing down on cherries. They reduce inflammation: Specifically, cherry juice can ease joint inflammation for people who suffer from arthritis and gout, according to a University of Vermont study. They're a good source of vitamin C and fiber: A one-cup serving of cherries contains 25 percent of your daily recommended amount of vitamin C and over two grams of fiber! They can improve brain function: If you make it a habit to snack on tart cherries, you could be improving your brain in the long run. Research has shown that cherries can even reduce symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. They prevent muscle damage: Cherries reduce muscle soreness after a workout, and they can prevent greater muscle damage in the long run.
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