Jikook/Vmin Fanfic

Soo I'm probably gonna post part by part of my fanfic every day since it will probably end up really long :) I post a part each day *Announcement* I had to edit my story on Wattpad to make it innocent because my friend's mom was asking about our fanfics, so this is really the only copy I have to the original haha. Part 1 It was a dark night, and Jimin was sitting at a nearby park in a swing. He was waiting for Taehyung, because they were supposed to have met up there. He was 10 minutes late already, but Jimin stayed still. He was thinking about BTS; about Jin and Namjoon and everyone else. But Jimin had felt lonely lately, him trying to get close to Jungkook failed numerous times. It wasn't like there was anything wrong with Jimin, he just wanted a good friend in BTS. Taehyung had been comforting him a lot, but it felt like he wasn't doing it as a friend. When Taehyung had finally arrived, 15 minutes late, he was wearing shorts and a black t-shirt. He sat down on the swing next to Jimin. After a few seconds of silence, he asked Jimin,"What are you thinking about?" Jimin took a while to answer, and when he did, it was slow. "How you're the only one who talks to me lately." He hesitated. "Have I told you about my girlfriend?" Tae looked surprised. "What girlfriend?" Jimin looked at the ground quietly. "I've been with her for almost a year now. But lately I can't even talk to her. She says we need to meet soon, to talk." He winced. "I think she wants to break up." Tae looked at him pitifully and stood up. "Let's go inside, it's cold." They walked slowly in silence, until Tae pulled Jimin to a bush on the side of the road and pushed him into the wall. "What the hell-" Jimin shouted as Taehyung covered his mouth. "Shut up!" he whispered. Jimin pushed away. Taehyung tripped and after he got up, grabbed Jimin's habd and ran. Jimin let go of him,but he still kept up with him. "Why the hell are we running?" he asked, out of breath. "Just shut up and follow me!" Taehyung hissed to him. They ran all the way down the road until Taehyung ran into an apartment. He opened the door with a key in his pocket. They went inside, and it was pitch black. Tae grabbed Jimin's hand again,but he didn't pull away this time. It was too dark for him too see. Taehyung pulled him into a room, and kept holding his hand. He stood still, and Jimin was confused. Taehyung turned around to look at Jimin, still holding his hand, and asked him what his girlfriend's name was. "Julie. But what-" Taehyung cut him off and stepped closer to him. "Does Jungkook know her?" "No, not that I know of." Taehyung threw Jimin onto a bed in the corner of the room. He closed the door and locked it. He closed the blinds on the window so that ut was dark enough so Jimin couldn't see a thing. "Hey, what are you doing?" Jimin said nervously. "Hyung, don't meet your girlfriend anymore. Jungkook does know her, and so do I." Jimin sat up on the bed. "What do you-" Taehyung sat next to him on the bed. "Taehyung, what are you doing...?" Taehyung sat there and just stared at him.