So, they don't make horror movies in Sweden

As I've mentioned before I have a swedish connection since my childhood, and I'm very fond of the country and their culture. As far as music goes, they have plenty of pioneers and terrific groups & artists. Regarding movies, they love crime and noir over there. As you may know, "Nordic Noir" is a thing. So, I was hoping to find a new exciting swedish horror pic, preferably one which is set in the snowy mountains. Whilst browsing the internet for "svensk skräckfilm" (swedish horror films – I won't charge you for that language lesson) I quickly found out that I couldn't find any new ones. They barely don't make them overthere anymore. I found it odd and called a few friends of mine hoping to get answers to why this is the case. After a few calls that didn't lead me anywhere I found someone who could give me an interesting answer... Apparently, the biggest swedish film schools have had the same influential profiles and tudors since around twenty years ago, and they prefer to develop movie makers who wants to tell drama stories that tells us something about the society we live in, rather than just a gory old fun slasher pic where a hunter stalks teenagers. In Norway, they have made several movies of such; Kallt byte and Död snö to mention a couple. The lack of swedish horror pics is also according to several writers at the Nordic outlet Filmtopp stupendous since horror films tend to be cheap to make and therefore a good box office deal. Especially during a period where the swedish movie market is on its knees. I don't know what to do with this information but I found it very interesting. What do you guys know about your countries, are there certain movie genres that gets swept under the rug? Do tell!