Is taking ashwagandha while breastfeeding safe?

The foods and drinks you can enjoy while breastfeeding are less limited than they were when Ashwagandha was used during pregnancy. Some foods, such as deli turkey sandwiches, fresh sushi, and even a glass of wine, are generally avoided by pregnant women but are readily consumed by breastfeeding mothers. Things can seem a little murkier, though, when it comes to the safety of supplements while breastfeeding. Not all herbal supplements that are offered over the counter are suitable for use while nursing. You might be wondering if taking ashwagandha while breastfeeding is safe during the challenging and even anxious postpartum period if this Ayurvedic herb has previously helped you reduce tension. It can be frustrating when the advice on things like vitamins and supplements while breastfeeding isn't always very obvious. Without contacting your OB-GYN, you might feel confused. We also talked to some experts about the general safety of ashwagandha while nursing, though it's always best to contact your doctor to be sure. is ashwagandha safe for breastfeeding Describe ashwagandha. You've probably heard of ashwagandha, particularly if you're involved in the health culture on social media sites like Instagram. This popular Ayurvedic herb is thought to have a wide range of advantages, but in reality, specialists know very little about it. A plant, ashwagandha is indigenous to the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and India. It yields berries that are red and yellow flowers. As an adaptogen, this plant's base, leaves, and berries can be used medicinally, according to naturopathic physician and delivery doula Kendra Clifford. "Herbal remedies that help your body cope with stress are known as adaptogens."
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