Chef Cooked Meals

I think I went to food for the theatre of it. The flowers, the tables, the music, the decor, the happiness. — Francis Mallmann, celebrity chef, author, and restaurateur “https://chefcookedmeals.qisofreshtohome.com/ Dining out is an experience. It is never only about eating good food but also about what happens around us while we dine. The ambience, that excitement of seeing the waiter walk towards the table with our order, and the merriment with our loved ones while we chit-chat. With the current situation, this experience is now hard to come by. We, at Qiso Café, miss the theatre. We miss our little guests, their happy smiles, and the chatter of families and friends. But more importantly, we miss being able to serve our customers. Our little nook here in Dubai Silicon Oasis has always been for coming together. But during these trying times, safety comes first. We stand together with the UAE government by adhering to necessary precautionary measures and social distancing norms to keep our family and friends away from harm. With all this said, we know you miss the theatre too. You crave for the fascinating experience of dining out. A way to break your usual routine & add a new flavour to your mundane day-to-day meals. Now that we all have been advised to stay at home, we have been somehow deprived of the option to experience food like before.
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