5 Signs You Should Be Eating More Carbs

Carbohydrates have gotten such a bad rep over the years because of their association with weight gain and empty calories, but we often forget that they are a part of a balanced meal! Of course, as with most things in life, they should be eaten in moderation, and from the right sources. This includes veggies, squash, beans, fruit, quinoa, and oatmeal. Try and find healthy sources of carbs rather than from sugars and flours. Here are 5 signs you need more (healthy) carbs in your diet from the HuffPost: 1. You have bad breath. The aim of low-carb diets, of course, is to burn the body’s stores of fat for energy instead of carbs, although most experts agree this does not lead to long-term weight loss. When the body burns fat, it does so by a process called ketosis, which releases chemicals called ketones. Ketones, unfortunately, have a less than pleasant smell, and are often released through the breath. The bad news for low-carb dieters is this isn't an oral hygiene issue, so “all the brushing, flossing, and scraping of the tongue that you can do is not possibly enough to overcome this,” Kenneth Burrell, DDS told WebMD. 2. Your workouts are slipping. When physically active people don't get enough carbs, the body can resort to using protein for necessary muscle function, including muscle building, which is why carbs are often called "protein sparing". Replenishing the body after workouts with the carbs burned during the workout can therefore speed recovery, better preparing you for tomorrow's routine.
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