BTS' Experiment -C11- Jin

Y/N's pov >Morning< *beep**beep**beep**beep* An alarm clock went off across the room and soon enough, the beeping stopped. I heard a few grunts and Jin's bed made a few sounds then his feet hit the floor. His footsteps came closer to me and stopped right beside me. Jin shook my shoulder until I finally got up. Without saying much, all of us did our morning routines then left for Big Hit. "Jeon Jungkook, Kim Taehyung, Park Jimin, Kim Namjoon, Jung Hoseok, Min Yoongi, Kim Seokjin, y/l/n y/f/n." A man in a suit was standing by the door as we entered. We all nodded when our names were said. "This is them." A group of about five other people came out from their hiding places and surrounded us. "Come." There were three behind us and one on either side of our group with the man who was at the door leading us. As we passed by the staff, they all looked at us with concern on their faces but looked away quickly. "Sit." A woman with a suit said who was sitting at the head of the table said. We did as we were told and the other five men stood against the wall. "Congratulations to Kim Seokjin and y/l/n y/f/n for their success yesterday. We understand that you were probably worried yesterday as to whether you could attack those people yesterday. If they weren't facility men and you hit them, you would be in trouble yourself. Here's the solution to that problem that will be in effect until the end of the experiment." She pointed her finger to the man who was by the door. He took a golf ball sized disk out of his breast pocket and handed it to her. "Allow me to explain. Any facility man on a work related job will wear one of these. It is required by us that it is worn on either the front of a hat, the cuff of a sleeve or coat, or the chest area." She handed it to Namjoon who was sitting closest to her. He turned it in his hands a few times then passed it down. When it finally reached me I took a close look at the image on it. It was a gray patch with a black border and against that was "F.A.C.I.L.I.T.Y. For the Better of the Future" in blue letters. In the center was a gold key with a black end and a string attached to the end circling the key. I passed the patch onto Jin. He stared at it for a few seconds then passed it on.

BTS' Experiment -C11- Hoseok

BTS' Experiment Collection Y/N's pov I woke up startled in Hosoek's arms as he carried me to the table to eat breakfast. In his defense, he didn't want to interrupt my sleep. I didn't want want to argue with him, so I just sat silently while I ate. After that, I got cleaned myself up and got dressed quickly. The boys were ready by the time I came out of my room and we left for the Big Hit building. "Y/N! Where did you go?! I was worried sick! I went to look for you in your office to look at something and you weren't there! I thought you were still at lunch but then the six boys came back shortly without you and Hoseok!" SooHei gripped my shoulders as soon as I walked in while panting. "I'll get those details later but right now all of you have a meeting to go to. It isn't supposed to take long so go now." He let go of my shoulders then walked over to someone and began talking to them. Jin led us to a meeting room and looked concerned. "Please, come in and take a seat." An unfamiliar voice said from inside the meeting room. Jin opened the door and walked in. A man with a fine suit sat near the head of the table while a woman in an officer uniform from the facility stood behind him. "Sit, please." We did as we were told and waited for him to say more. "We are messengers from the facility." He nodded to the woman behind him. "First, congratulations on your performance yesterday. Jung Hoseok and y/l/n y/f/n. We apologize for the damage we left on you yesterday." She took a few things out of a binder she was holding, most of it was paper. "We understand you were worried during their capture. We know that fighting an unknown person would leave a bad rep for you boys, so we have simplified it to make sure you know if it is a facility person or not." A patch was handed down to us.
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