"143" Pt.2

“143” Pt.2 After the rival at Tokyo’s Airport and after quietly being chased for fangirls, all the staff of EXO, finally, arrived at the hotel. Here is where your abilities finally came to the picture. After talking with the personnel of the hotel and finally getting the keys, you went back to the staff. “So, here are your keys, only four people per room, please”- you said as you were given the keys to the EXO members. “Very well, go ahead and sleep, tomorrow will be a long day.”-the manager said and everyone went their separate ways. As you were walking down the hall to catch the elevator, which would take you to your room, inside where five EXO members:Kai, Tao, D.O, Chanyeol and finally Xiumin. You were feeling agitated. The elevator was already small enough and more people were coming inside as the elevator made stops. Now you were sightly pressed against Kai. You recognized that he using cologne. A very strong one. Your legs were already feeling weak as you felt that the distance between you two was getting smaller. You were determined to look up at his face, pretty sure that his features would be the ones of disgusted. Saddly, the elevator had made the stop were you needed to get out. With a few “excuse me” you went out of the elevator without a problem. You didn’t know someone was behind you until he tapped on your shoulder and made you turn around. “Thanks for the blanket”-Chanyeol said as he handed the blanket to you. You weren’t expecting this. You only expected to get it back, but not in this situation. You grabbed the blanket and sightly touched his hand.
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