Benefits of Planck's quantum theory to the society

Planck's Quantum Theory and its benefits - As we know Maxwell explained to us the wave nature of electromagnetic radiation which is helpful for us to know about the interference, diffraction, refraction, deviations and etc of it. But that doesn't mean Maxwell succeeded to explain everything he wanted to there are concepts like natural emission of radiation from hot bodies, Photoelectric effect, electrons give out from the metal bodies when the electromagnetic wave hits it, and line spectra of atoms were left out of by the theory of Maxwell. The following all concepts were proved and fulfilled by Planck's Quantum theory. The Quantum Planckstar - As said above every object when struck by electromagnetic wave or heat it starts emitting a certain amount of radiation it is just like this, when a solid body is heated at a certain temperature starts changing color and emit certain radiation, and this changes every time as the temperature keeps on increasing. With that said according to the black body radiation principle by Planck, it is clear that the frequency of the radiation emitted by the black body totally depends on the intensity of the heat ( temperature ). The radiation is increased with the increase in wavelength and as time passes on there is a decrease in radiation with the increase in wavelength. These are some of the things that Maxwell failed to cover regarding radiations. Now according to Planck's quantum theory, it is clear that 1. Atoms and molecules emit and absorb a certain amount of energy. This absorption and emission of energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation is known as quantum. 2. The absorption and emission of the energy from the body are directly proportional to the frequency of the radiation. The following is being measured by using Planck's equation E = h v
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Generation means the advancement of technology in computer with time

Generation brings advancement of technology in computer time to time. Generation itself means passing on from time to time, then why advancement in technology?  That is because computers are the ones which coordinate the whole technology sector not only that but also nowadays every automated thing is made and controlled by computers and that to computers is not only useful for engineers and technicals but also for medical, architects, accountants and the list goes on. With growing AI, Machine Learning and Robotics computers grow too as the management of all these technologies are controlled by computers and programmed by computers so it becomes very much necessary to make computers more advanced. So with that said generation change is fully proportional to the rate of increase in technology over the time period. As it was said in Spider-Man ( 2002 )"With great powers comes great responsibilities" same as that it is with computers in real life. Till now you may have got to know why computers get tech pushes but do you know too much of automation can cause your physical disabilities. Not only AI and Machine Learningbut VR technology too is having the greatest capacity of impact. VR is also considered as the new computer technology which can take over the usage of mobile phones. So to build a VR application we again need to grow our computer technology site. That's why " generation means advancement of technology in computer "
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