Welcome to Haqeemi Herbs, the one stop organic shop for all your health and wellness related products. Buy organic mixed herbs, sports nutrition, gluten free vegan food, juices, essential vitamins and more. Get natural beauty and strength from today. We sell wide variety of famous branded and own brand herbal products covering several categories for you to choose from. We are a fairly new company established in the year 2021. However, within a span of just a year, we have been able to move forward in the right direction and make a name for our products and customer service. Haqeemi Herbs is an item shop where we sell various vitamins and nutrient products including Vitamin B, Vitamin C. Supplements like whey protein and other plant sourced supplements for sports nutrition. Omega 3 supplement, fish oils and natural beauty products for skin, hair, nails, natural face care, tea extracts, turmeric, curcumin, biotin products, vegan food and juices. Our products have the extra edge which not only revitalises your body naturally but also boost your inner strength to its highest level making you strong in your everyday activities. We hope to make a positive difference in your life our 100% pure, natural and organic herbs and products. Most of our products are gluten free. We use traditional Indian ingredients like Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Turmeric, Sandalwood, Neem, Moringa, Arjuna, Gotu Kola, etc which have tons of natural benefits for our body.
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