How to Make a Video Calling Application in 2021?

Let’s go back to the times when WhatsApp was introduced to us; how excitedly we used it remember? Back in those days, Viber also came into the picture and allowed free video calling around the globe, which was so fascinating for users, isn’t it? Video calling a person became no less than a fantasy for us. Gradually, WhatsApp also introduced video calling, and then in 2018, WhatsApp allowed video calling up to 8 persons! Then came the year 2020, where the Covid-19 induced fear made each and every one of us stays in lockdown. We wanted technological tools to work, communicate and keep in touch with our loved ones. And to combat that situation, eventually, video calls became a part of our lives. Either to work from home (WFH) or just to be connected with our family & friends, video calling became a preferable option for many of us. Video chat apps like Zoom, Teams, Skype, HouseParty, Discord witnessed a prominent spike amid the pandemic. The global downloads of skype and zoom increased by 100 folds from February to March 2020. So if you’ve ever wondered about how to make a video calling app, then now is the right time to hit the button. Unsurprisingly, the industry of video conferencing & video chat is encouraging. Nonetheless, the market to build video conferencing apps in 2021 is buzzing with names like Google Meet, Houseparty, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and many others. How can you build a video calling app that can stand against the already raging competition? We have curated this article to help you understand how to make a video call app, avoid costly mistakes and pave the way to a successful app more easily.

What Makes React Native Set A New Development Trend In 2020?

In late March 2015, Facebook launched React Native Technology to build native mobile apps, and in just 5 years it becomes the most widely used technology to develop native mobile apps from scratch, and that's only made React Native a New Development trend in 2020, and react native technology going to dominative native mobile app development market in 2021 & rest of the years as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozbHbR2mero Recently We wrote an extensive article on the same topic and wanted to make the article reach maximum numbers of native mobile app developers, so they can understand the benefits react-native offers and why this is the right time to shift their native mobile app development approach more react native centric. However, to make maximum numbers can see, we created a separate video on a similar topic and shared on youtube as well, and now I am sharing that similar article here so many designers & native app developers can see that and give their feedback, what they think, and why they needed to move their hands on React Native. I belong to the mobile app design & development sector, and daily, I create, share & help mobile app designers & developers to build prominent digital products for their personal or professional work. If any of you want me to cover any topic in a similar context I would love to cover them and see how I can help.