What Am I to You? (a bts fanfic) pt 12
well im a tad bit late on this chapter but i had a 6 page essay due this weekend that took uo a lot of my time so sorry everyone. but i finally give you part 12. i hope you all like it! this chapter is a bit short...but its pretty intense Just joining us? catch up on what you missed here at the beginning "This is none of your business hyung" he said the last part sarcastically. "this is between me and my girlfriend!" Normally i would be happy that he finally admitted i was his girlfriend but it felt wrong on his lips. "Anything you have to say to my WIFE does involve me" Jimin's jaw dropped. "Wife!!!!" I squealed Hobie turned to me and lifted my left hand to my face using his own left hand. On my hand sat a dainty but beautiful diamond ring. His own hand held a simple matching male version of the ring. It had a single diamond while mine had several, but you could tell it was a match. I yanked my hand from his to examine it closer as if it would disappear if i blinked. How had i not noticed this on my hand all morning. "Wait ....but you said we didn't!" I asked still staring at the ring. Hobie scratched the back of his head with his hand bashfully. "Well i said we didnt have sex..."he said. "You said you wouldn't take advantage of me!" I said glaring at him accusingly. "To me taking advantage is doing something that you might regret and cant be undone. While you couod possibly regret this.... sadly it can technically be undone, but i hope you dont." He said giving me his really sad puppy dog eyes. It was so hard to not cave in to him when he made that face. Jimin used the opportunity to snatch my hand and yank me towards the door. "See. It can be undone. Lets go." Hobie quickly reached out grabbing my other hand. "wait! I know we were pretty drunk last night when we got married, but this is definitely not a mistake to me. Just give me a year to show you, no not even a year. A month and if you still dont see iy i wont bother you about it any more." Jimin pulled on my wrist harder but hobie held his ground. "Why would she want to be married to you when she's dating me?!" He growled. My wrist that he was pukking was starting to hurt. "Jimin ...." I started but he just glared at me. "This is all your own fault you know?!" "I know" i sighed. "We have been dating for 3 years!" He said turning to hobie as if he had some self claim on me with those 3 years....in a way i felt he did. I had loved him for longer but i was his and he was mine for those 3 years. "I know" hobie said. What jimin said hadnt even phased him. "Wait.....you knew?! You knew i was dating jimin?!" I asked in shock. I thought we had kept tye secret so well. Even jimin seemed shocked at this news and loosened the grip on my arm. Hobie looked at me and smiled sadly. "How long have we known each other? I may act clueless but I'm not." "Then why did you..." I started but stopped unsure of which question i wanted to ask first. "Why did i ask you out? Why did i keep asking jimin if he liked you? Why did i ask you to marry me last night? " He said, saying all of them out loud for me. I just swallowed and nodded. "Thats simple. I thought you would have figured it out you silly girl." He said as he lightly knocked on my head with his free fist. "Because i love you. I always have, since the moment i first saw you." I felt my heart and my stomach begin to flip flop. "stay with me. Let me love you. I promise i can take care of you." He pleaded. "I ....um...." "Why would she do that? I love her and she loves me!" Jimin said stepping between hobie and i. He looked at me and i saw the same fiery passion he had when we first started dating. He may have had his days where he was distant and cold but the jimin who had called me names was not someone i knew. I could only blame it on how hurt and betrayed he must have been feeling. My heart pounded. In 3 years he had never said he loved me and now he was saying it. At the same time i had known hobie for the same amount of time and he was just now confessing?? "I ....um....." I began chewing on my lip. "Dont you love me anymore babe? " Jimin asked looking deeply hurt. "I do..." I started but was quickly cut off. "Well then lets go fix this." He said trying to sound calm. I could tell he was still freaking out though. "Just one month. Thats all im asking" hobie repeated again and i stopped dead in my tracks again. "I.....i need a minute! This is just too much" i said as a made a break for my room slamming the door shut on the 2 figures running after me. I quickly locked the door and let out a breathe. My chest felt tight. There was only one thing i could think of left to do. I quickly grabbed my phone and began to dial. To be continued?
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What Am I to You? (a bts fanfic) pt 11
i have been super inspired with the tour coming so im super happy to release chapter 11. thank you everyone who reads these. i appreciate your comments. hope you all are enjoying haven't read part1 yet? check it out: part1 "Good morning beautiful." He smiled at me so perfectly.....what did i do last night?! I laid back down and shut my eyes. I was still dreaming. That had to be it. I peaked my eyes open only to be met by hobie's beautiful smile. I grew bashful all of a sudden and drew the blankets even tighter around me. Hobie ignored my gesture, wrapping his arms around me and drawing me to his bare chest. He kissed my forehead, then my nose. He leaned in for my lips but i quickly covered them with my hand. "I have morning breathe" i squealed, thinking about how much i had to drink the night before. Hobie laughed and temporarily released me to roll over and grab something out of his pants pocket......" Oh....my.....God!!!" I began to panic. "Hes not wearing pants!!" I began to paint a mental picture of what could have possibly happened last night. I was interrupted when he rolled back over with a tick tack in hand. I reached out to take it only for him to take it back. "nuh uh" he said waving his finger on his free hand. He grinned. He was enjoying this way too much. "Say ah!" He smiled....i needed to get rid of my morning breathe if i planned to hide my body in bed until he left. I sighed, closed my eyes, and said "ahh!" Instead of a tick tack, i felt his lips encircle mine as his tongue slipped in to my vulnerable mouth. I gasped with his mouth still on mine catching a sweet minty flavor. After a few more seconds of exploring my mouth his tongue unfurled to release the tick tack onto my own tongue and then he pulled away. I was stunned. He had gotten a lot bolder since last night. The tension was killing me! I had to know if i was a low down terrible cheater or not!!! "Did we.....well umm you know.....last night?" I blurted out, unable to form my words into a proper sentence. Hobie was silent. I began to chew my lip until he burst out laughing. "No you crazy girl. Is that what youve been worried about? " He asked. "Drunk or not i would never take advantage of you in that way." I sighed in relief. "but wait....why am i wearing your shirt?" I asked narrowing my eyes at him. "Look down" he said still laughing at me. I looked and noticed that the flannel button up he had worn for our date was backwards but obviously buttoned up" "....but how did i..." I began to question. "I said i would never take advantage of you.....you on the other...." "Oh no! " I groaned trying to hide in the covers. "buttoning you up in back was the only was to keep you from completely stripping. You said you couldnt sleep with a bra or pants and i couldn't keep anything else on you." I held my heavy head in my hands completely embarrassed. I tried to jump my best friend.....while i was drunk, but that was no excuse. "Why don't you have any clothes on then?!" I asked trying to remember anything past the 4th bottle of soju last night but it was all hazy. I remember something about flowers, i remember going to a store, and i remember him carrying me to my apartment. I also think i remember saying something i shouldnt. Hobie laughed. "Dont hurt yourself." I looked at him confused. "You were concentrating really hard. I could almost see the smoke." I pushed his chest playfully. He caught my extended arm and pulled me closer, holding my hand to his heart. I could feel it quicken as he looked at me. "You....you never did answer my question" i said trying to change the subject while chewing my lip. He leaned in to my ear closing the distance between our bodies. I could feel his body heat through the button up. "Because....i dont have pajamas here" he whispered slowly backing away. I couldn't help but burst into laughter at how silly i was letting my imagination be. This was Hobie we were talking about. What could possibly happen. His face grew serious "there is something we need to talk about though." I sighed as my head started to pound. "Can we talk after some aspirin and some hangover soup?" I moaned as i burried my head back into the pillow. He chuckled. "Your wish is my command." He said stretching out of bed to go cook. "Wait for me. You cant cook" i sighed forcing myself up too. I thought about changing and putting on some clothes hobie obviously wasn't and he wasnt being awkward so why should i. Plus i kind of liked the way his shirt felt on me. It smelled like him. Immediately i shook my head. What was i thinking. We made our way to the kitchen when there was a banging at the door. I stumbled to the door wondering who it could possibly be this early when i heard a key insert into the lock. I froze panic welling up inside me. Hobie came from the kitchen, still in his boxer briefs, just in time for jimin to burst through the door. "What the hell?! Ive been calling you all night!" He said trailing off as his brain caught up with what he was seeing. His face darkened. "Its not what you think! " I said unsuccessfully trying to cover myself more. "Well.....i knew you were easy, but i didn't know you were such a whore." He sneered. "Jimin please listen...i" i began trying to explain. "Jimin....shut up before i make you." Hobie said injecting himself like a shield between me and jimin's verbal attack.
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What Am I to You (a bts fanfic) pt 9
warning this chapter isn't that long but there is more to come. Just joining us? catch up on what you missed here at the beginning. I made my way to a little souvenir stand where i found exactly what i was looking for. I thanked the lady an limped back to Hobie. He didn't hear me sneak up on him as i flopped a baseball cap over his head. Immediately he turned to look and see who was behind him. I grinned and pointed to the matching hat on my head. He grinned at me. "Already buying us couple clothing?" He asked whike pretending to be bashful. "Nice try, but nooo." I said laughing. "Its called im walking around with a very famous celebrity and im worried about what kind of damage that would do to his reputation." Hobie grew serious then he placed his hands on my waiste and drew me closer, injured foot and all. Lowering his head and getting his face as close as our hats would allow "I don't mind if it meant i get to be with you." I bit my lip and felt the butterflies begin again. "Jimin, jimin, jimin!" I mentally screamed to myself. "I can't feel this way for hobie. Ive loved jimin for years. He's loved me and stuck with me for 3 years!" I took the face mask i had bought out of the bag and quickly put it on his face as a distraction from what i was feeling. "There " i said stepping back with my good foot. "Your disguise is complete." I tried not to smile at how adorable he looked with a teddy bear nose and mouth. I heard him let out a sigh as he stepped back and turned away from me. I thought he was mad until he got down on for me to hop back up onto his back. I jumped on without any hesitation and we made our way to the pharmacy. Hobie set me down on a chair in the pharmacy and dramatically made his way to the counter.  He lowered his mask to his chin, "please sir! You have to help me! My beautiful girlfriend burned her foot on some sparklers! I need your best ointment! One that will prevent scarring so that her flawless feet will still match her flawless beautiful face!! Money is no option!" I felt my face begin to burn. I didnt know whether to be flattered or completely embarrassed. The little elderly man just smiled and left the counter. He returned a few minutes later with a small tube of ointment and some bandages. Hobie reached for his wallet, but the older man just shook his head and smiled. "Seeing young love like yours is enough for an old man like me. It reminds me of my wife and i at your age." "Really? But..." I began to protests, feeling as if some how we were conning the sweet old man." But i was cut off by hobie. "Thank you. I only hope that we can be like you and your wife when we are older. I really, truly love her." I knew hobie's joking voice and this was definitely not it. He sounded so serious. "Hoseok...i..." I said, but that was all i could think to say as he turned to look at me. He smiled a close lipped smile a and once again knelt down in front of me. He opened tge ointment and dabbed some on my foot, blowing lightly to ward off the sting. After he was finished he lightly placed the bandaid on my foot and slipped on my white flats gently to make sure they didnt rub the bandage the wrong way. I thanked the pharmacist as we made our way out. The streets were now full of people looking for things to do now that the fireworks show was over and the street lamps were on full blast. Even with his hat and his mask i noticed some people stare at hobie. A group of girls stopped to whisper to eachother as we passed them by. We had to get off the streets. It was at that moment i knew what we could do. "Hobie!" I whispered, grabbing his arm and dragging him down to ear level. "Why dont we go to a norebang like we used to!" He smiled. We hadnt been to one in a very long time and any time i would ask Jimin he would reject the idea without a second thought. "Lets go!" He smiled taking my hand in his and giving it a squeeze. I smiked back not realizing that a norebang could change your life! smooth hobie, smooth. well i hope you all enjoyed this chapter :) more to come. let me know what you think in the comments below. love feedback. also let me know if you would like yo be added or removed from the list
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What Am I to You? (A BTS fanfic) pt 8
I am back with another chapter....what will happen next of the date with hobie?! and whats a girl to do about Jimin?! Find out now! warning this chapter isn't that long but there is more to come. Just joining us? catch up on what you missed here at the beginning. I shouldn't be doing this! But why couldnt i stop myself. We were now nose to nose. He took his hand from my back and ran it through my hair, tilting his head. I found myself closing my eyes when suddenly .... i felt his lips on mine. His lips were warm and gentle just like him. I felt a fire start from my lips and spread through my entire body, burning down every imaginary wall i had built to not feel anything more than friendship for him. I relaxed onto his chest and used my arms to craddle his head bringing him closer to me. He deepened the kiss tangling his fingers into my hair. His tongue flickered across my lips asking permission for access and i let him in. He tasted sweet, it was intoxicating. This kiss was so perfect that i started to feel butterflies. I was also hearing and seeing "fireworks" i murmered against his lips as we paused for air. "Im seeing fireworks" i said again as another flash of light painted the sky. He smiled ...how did i never notice how beautiful his smile was. "You silly, beautiful, amazing girl. You really are seeing fireworks. This was the surprise." My eyes widened as i rolled off of him to look at the sky. I was amazed at how Hobie's kiss made everything disappear. I hadnt even noticed the sounds from the  firework explosions. I had forgotten that there were so many people on the beach. Thankfully it was dark because i had also forgotten that Hobie was a well known celebrity. I never felt this way with jimin.....Jimin!!! "Oh my God, I'm a terible girlfriend!!! What did i just do?!?" I mentally scolded myself. Hobie's face came into view breaking my daze by waving the box he had hidden behind his back in my face. He stopped letting my eyes focus. "Ta-dah!" He said enthusiastically.  As i sat up and took the box of sparklers from him. He truly knew me all too well. I ripped the box open jumping to my feet i looked to the basket expectantly, hoping for  matches or a lighter. Hobie definitely didnt disappoint. Reaching into his pocket he dug out a lighter. I pulled 3 out and he lit them for me. I waved them around in awe. I loved sparklers and he knew that. He reached for the box to get a few for himself but i dodged him. He gave me a confused look before i nudged him playfully and took off running towards the water's edge. "Thanks for the sparklers !" I called over my shoulder. It took forever for him to give them to me. Now he was going to have to work to get them back. It didnt take long for me to hear him coming up behind me. I really needed to get out more. Within seconds he had caught me, wrapping his arms around me in a back hug. "Hobie!" I yelled as i tried to move my arm out of the way. "The sparklers!!" But it was too late. It was either him or me and in that split second i braced myself as i let  the lit sparklers drop onto my bare feet. I bit my lip to stiffle a scream. "I am so sorry!!" He said releasing my arm and dropping down to look at my now blistered foot. "Its not as bad as it looks" i said trying to shuffle my foot from his view. In one swift move he swept me off my feet bridal style and started heading to the car only stopping at the blanket to try and grab our shoes. "Wait! Where are we going? " I asked squirming to try and get down. I shouldn't be enjoying myself this much but i definitely didnt want the night to end like this. "Im taking you to the hospital!" He said setting me down to switch me on to his back so that he could carry my shoes. "No way!" I said. "Its just a little burn. I just need some disinfectant and a bandage." "No way! That needs to get looked at!" " Please Hobie!" I pouted leaning my head over his shoulder from his back. "Fine..." He sighed giving in. "I think i saw a drugstore up along the boardwalk."  He said as he began the walk to the store. As we got closer inland there were more people. There were also more street lamps and they were starting to look at Hobie. I really started to worry someone would recognize him. "Hobie put me down please." He gave me a look that said "no way. " " just for a second" i promised. Slowly he put me down. "Ok. But anymore than a second and im picking you back up." He smiled. "Ok. Just wait here please." I said leaving Hobie at a  nearby bench just out of range of a street light. I made my way to a little souvenir stand where i found exactly what i was looking for. I thanked the lady an limped back to Hobie. so everyone how are you liking the date so far? was it what you expected after the last cliff hanger?! thoughts? suggestions?
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What Am I to You? (A BTS fanfic) Pt. 7
i have been super inspired to write both this story and the skool luv affair series but i decided to put the date out now. i just couldnt wait. Hope you all enjoy "Are you hungry?" He asked. I thought for a minute. I hadnt eaten since breakfast before dance practice. I was starving. "Actually i am pretty hungry!" "Great! Hope you like seafood!" He said as we pulled up to a beautiful beach. It had been forever since i had been to a beach. I couldn't help myself. .... I squealed, jumping out of the car before Hobie could reach my side to open the door. Kicking off my flats i took off running towards the shoreline leaving hobie behind to get something from the trunk of the car. The salty breeze was no doubt starting to curl my hair that i had just worked so hard to get flat but i didnt care. As i reached the edge of the sand where it met the waves i cautiously dipped a toe into an approaching wave. It was freezing! I quickly retreated before it took any more of my foot. I turned back looking for hobie to see him laughing as he attempted to set up what looked to be a picnic on a blanket he had set up. I skipped back to go help him. "What's so funny?" I asked as i made it to his side. "You." He laughed. "You're just too cute!" "Hey!" I said giving him a fake pout, but i really knew how ridiculous i must have looked. "Dont judge me! Its been forever since I've been to a beach!" His smile turned to a smirk as he came closer and tucked a wild curl behind my ear. "I know." He said matter of factly. "I know you better than anyone." He was too close now. I could feel my heart beating in the palms of my hands. I bit my lip. Quickly i dropped down to the blanket. Just in time my stomach let out a loud gurgle. "Saved my the stomach" i thought to myself as i looked at the spread of food he had set out. I saw a container of kimbap with bulgogi. Another one held eggrolls. There were also 4 thermoses separated into 2s. This looks great! I said as he dropped down next to me. "....bbbuuuuttt i thought you said we were having seafood" i questioned. "We are! We're having food and we are eating by the sea.....seafood" he laughed. I snorted as i tried to hold back my giggle causing him to laugh harder. "That was so corny." I giggled. "Please remind me why i am friends with you again?" The f word seemed to sober him up a bit seeing how he flinched very slightly when i said it. "For real though" he said grabbing 2 of the thermoses. "I had jin make spicy seafood stew" he grinned. I let out a fake sigh of relief and wiped the back of my hand across my forehead. He handed me the thermos. "Whats in the other 2?" I asked. "Thats for a bit later" he smiled knowing that i would be driven mad with curiosity until i found out, but for now we dug into our food, munching happily and having our usual conversations on upcoming tours, his songs and the choreography he was working on, the latest hobbies i picked up. To anyone else it might have seemed liked a dull conversation but hobie was always easy to talk to for me and i seemed to be the same for him as we could talk about anything and still enjoy each other's company. After we finished eating my eyes roamed to the other thermos. "Is it time for those yet?" I asked as the curiosity came back. "No but it is time for something else. He said as he stood taking my hands and helping me up. He covered my eyes with one hand as he spun me around pulling my back against his chest. I could feel his heart beating. It was growing faster just like my own was. "Are you ready?" He whispered in my ear sending electricity through my body. All i could do was nod. He slowly removed his hand but left his arms drapped around my shoulders. I was about to wiggle away when i realized what he was showing me. The sun was setting on the water creating a rainbow of reds, golds, oranges, pinks , and purples across the incoming waves. "Its so beautiful! " I murmered "you're beautiful."  He whispered back nuzzling his chin onto my shoulder. This was everything I wanted in my relationship with my boyfriend....jimin...i bit my lip as he popped back into my head. I had never felt so many mixed emotions at once. Guilt for not thinking about him this entire time. Sadness that we had never gotten to experience this sort of thing with him. Confusion because my best friend was making my heart race and making me blush with his comments. We stayed like that watching the sun set until it could no longer be seen and the first stars began to appear. We would have probably stayed a bit longer if i hadnt began to feel the temperature drop. I couldn't help but shiver a second. Hobie's arms were keeping mine warm but i had decided to wear a dress. My legs were now collateral damage. "Cold?" Hobie asked lifting his slightly to meet my eyes. His gaze was intense. I used another shiver as an excuse to break free. "Just a little" i said as i bent down to rub my legs. I was letting him get to me. He was not my boyfriend. He was my best friend. I loved jimin and he loved me. Plus its not like i had a lot of friends here in korea. .....actually i didnt have any now that i thought about it. I spent all of my time with the guys. I definitely couldnt afford to lose my best friend. "Serves me right for not asking what I should wear." I laughed hoping to distract him from my sudden mood change. It worked. "Well" he grinned. "Thats what this is for!" He said pulling out a blanket. He drapped it around my shoulders. He let his arms linger around me for a moment again before he went back to grab the other two thermoses. "And this" he said grinning even wider. I looked from him to the cup and raised an eyebrow. He unscrewed the lid and held it to my nose. I couldnt hide the smile that grew on my face as i smelled the loco hot cocoa from my favorite little cafe. I eagerly took a sip. It was still warm. I couldn't help but start my happy dance. I couldnt help myself. If i liked food or drinks i just started to bounce up and down. Jimin hated when i did it. He said i looked like a child when i started....so i usually tried to hold back. "I love when you do that" hobie laughed snapping me out of my thoughts. I felt my cheeks start to blush. He was definitely the complete opposite of jimin. I tried to distract myself by looking around the beach. There hadnt been that many people when we first got here but i noticed the darker it had gotten the more people started to show up. I also noticed many little bonfires springing up along the beach. I turned to hobie to see him pulling something out of the picnic basket. "Where are all of these people coming from?" "You'll see in a minute" he said keeping his hands behind his back and sitting back down on our blanket. "Aww come on." I whinned. "Thats your answer for everything today." I said as i sat down next to him and leaned over in an attempt to look behind him but he dodged and instead he fell onto his back. I used the opportunity to pounce on him. I knew all of his ticklish spots. I was going to see what he had for sure this time. He laughed but held his ground. He managed to wiggle one arm from underneath him and pull me even closer to him in an attempt to stop me. He looked into my eyes and i could feel his heart racing underneath me.....or was that my heart? I could feel the heat from his breath on my face now. Had we been this close only a second ago? This was wrong. I shouldn't be doing this! But why couldnt i stop myself. We were now nose to nose. He took his hand from my back and ran it through my hair, tilting his head. I found myself closing my eyes when suddenly...... To be continued? hope you all enjoyed this latest installment of what am i to you? i will continue soon....maybe lol hopefully. also i will be redoing my tag list for this story. i will be going through and adding the people who have commented or asked to be tagged to this story. if you would like to be added just let me know. feel free to leave comments and critiques :)
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What Am I to You? (A BTS fanfic) pt 6
well everyone. this chapter is short bit sweet. whats going to happen next?! "I just want you to be happy. I want to make you happy." I looked up again only to meet his eyes. They were so clear and honest. I knew he meant every word he said amd my heart began to do flips. All i could do was nod. He smiled and started the car. "First stop on operation date here we come!" I smiled not knowing exactly what i was in for...... As we drove down the road Hobie was all smiles and i became all nerves. I had never been on a date before. Its not that i didnt have the opportunity. I had just been so focused on school and work. I never paid any attention to any other guys besides BTS. That just made me sound semi pathetic but at the same time it kind of worked out for me because i was totally single when i met jimin. I glanced over at Hobie. Even though he was all smiles, he was quiet which was not like him at all. "Sooo where are we going?" I asked trying to get him to talk. He glanced back at me. "Its a surprise!" He grinned. "Well can i get hints?" He thought for a moment before shutting the idea down. "Nope!" He said enjoying my complete lack of knowledge. "I have managed to keep this from you for a week! Thats the longest i have kept a secret from you. Now you have to wait." He said bouncing in the drivers seat. "Hooobbbiiieee" i whinned before his words sunk in. "Wait....a week?! How did you know jimin wouldn't let me dance, or that he had promised a date if i learned it?" I asked. Did he know more?! I felt panicked. What would jimin do if he knew Hobie knew??? Would he leave?! "I didn't know" hobie chuckled. "I was going to ask you after you learned it anyway" he shrugged as if it was no big deal. "I felt bad about chugging your water so i was bringing you a new one when i overhead you mention a date if you learned." "What else did you hear?" I asked quizzically as i mentally review the conversation to see if our dating secret had been revealed. "Honestly nothing" i heard him start to turn you down with every excuse in the book and i stopped listening and started planning my move." "You dont think you surprised him by suddenly asking me out?" I asked thinking of how my poor boyfriend must be so blind sided right now. "Not really. I had been dropping hints to him all week" "really?!" I asked surprised by his boldness and honest. Curiosity was eating away at me. "How did you hint exactly?" I asked. Hobie laughed scratching the back of his head. "Well actually it was more telling everyone straight up that i wanted to take you out on a date amd less hinting." "You told them you wanted to take me out?! Everyone?!" "Yup!" He laughed. "What did they say?" I asked. I felt completely blindsided. Jimin knew this was going to happen and didnt tell me?! "Well they were all pretty supportive. Jimin even told me to go for it if i thought i had a shot!" He said side eyeing me. What was that supposed to mean? Did it mean that Jimin didnt think hobie had a shot because he knew i was his? That was the only logical explanation i could think of. I chewed my lip and looked ahead at the road. Hobie reached over and took my hand giving it a quick squeeze before letting it go. "What was that for?" I asked. "Youre chewing your lip. Dont worry. Youre in good hands. Or dont you trusy me?" I smiled humorlessly. How could he read me so well amd know every single one of my habits when i didnt even realize them. "Are you sure we arent lost?" I asked changing the subject. I didnt recognize the roads at all and we definitely werent in seoul anymore. The land was definitely getting more and more rural. "I definitely know the way to.....you almost got me." He laughed. I smiled. I was so close. Another 20 minutes of driving passed when our silence was broken. "Are you hungry?" He asked. I thought for a minute. I hadnt eaten since breakfast before dance practice. I was starving. "Actually i am pretty hungry!" "Great! Hope you like seafood!" He said as we pulled up to a beautiful beach. To be continued? i hope you all enjoyed this chapter. i still havent gotten to the date yet but i wanted to release this chapter to let you all know i am still working on this and i will be updating soon. please let me know what you think. i love to read your comments . if i double tag i apologize. if you would like to be removed or added let me know. tagging some awesome peeps:
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A Skool Luv Affair pt 14 A BTS screenshot fanfic
hello everyone!!!! i know its been ages since ive updated this fanfic but i have not abandoned it. ive just been extremely busy between work, school, mama voting, working on the what am i to you series.....ive just been unable to write for this one but with bts coming out with their short film for their seasons greetings and seeing notifications that people are still liking and clipping this story, i felt insfired again. so even though this one is a bit short. .... i welcome you back to skool. *Jin* If I knew Jungkook as well as i thought i did, i knew he would be waiting for me to leave my room so he could see her. I rounded the corner and waited. I watched him dart inside the room. I was right. I knew this was going to be hard but i was going to have to share her. At least until she was sure who she wanted, but we were all going to have to talk. The last thing i wanted was for her to feel overwhelmed. I stepped into our living room to make the call. After her ankle was checked and she was resting i would have to call a meeting. We all just needed to get our feelings for her out in the open and think of what was best for her. I sat on the couch in the living room amd waited for the doctor to get here. After what felt like an eternity , taehyung came in followed by the doctor. We both led him to my room. I tried to mentally prepare myself for what i was about to see, but it still was hard. I noticed Taehyung's jaw clench and i knew he felt the same way. *Present* After agreeing to let him help me, i noticed jungkook start to relax more. He climbed into the bed, rested his head on his hand , and stared at me. He looked adorable. "What are you doing?" I laughed. "Memorizing your face." He smiled. I felt my cheeks blush. "Why?" I asked suddenly feeling extremely self conscious. I had been sleeping all day, my hair was probably a mess. I hadn't washed my face or redone my makeup amd here he was staring at me. He looked like an angel. Not a single flaw anywhere. He smiled. "Why?! Because you're absolutely beautiful." I couldn't help but laugh. "Dont lie to me. I probably look like a train wreck." I said as i tried to cover my face. I felt his hand on mine as he grasped my fingers and peeled my hands away. He kept my hands in his but inched closer to my face. He bit his lip and i felt my heart skip several beats. I began to worry. What if my hands started to sweat? What if i had eye crust? Oh my God what was i doing just sitting here? "Nope." He said suddenly, bringing me out of my thoughts. "Nope?" I asked tilting my head in confusion. He used that opportunity to lean in and kiss me. This was different from the timid , shy jungkook that had started to show me he liked me. He let go of my hand and snaked his fingers through my hair, pulling me closer to him. I found myself clinging to his shirt and kissing him back. i was so caught up in the moment that i forgot everything and tried to turn to close the gap between us when i felt an extreme pain that left me gasping for air. Jungkook immediately shot up to tend to my ankle. He grabbed the pillow he had been leaning on and added that ti the pillows i already had. He also readjusted the ice pack that had fallen off my ankle amd onto the bed. He looked at me worried and unsure. I had lost the confident jungkook and gotten the timid, shy kookie all over again. "What do you need me to do?" He asked looking for any other way to help me. There really wasnt much that he could do, but i knew how bad he wanted to help. I tried to mask the pain as i sat up and inched further down on the bed. I patted the now empty spot behind me. "Just hold me." I whispered. Immediately he hopped back into the bed and carefully placed a leg on each side of me. As soon as he was in place i leaned my body back, resting my head on his chest. I could hear his heart beating. He wrapped his arms around me and began to hum. I was mesmorized by the sound of his voice. "Hey!" I asked suddenly remembering. "What did you mean when you said nope earlier?" I felt his chuckle vibrate through his chest. "You were doubting yourself. I was answering the questions in your eyes..... nope. There's not a single thing wrong with you." I smiled. This boy definitely knew how to get to me. I snuggled back into him and concentrated on the sound of his voice. I was so caught up in it that i didn't even hear the door open...... yes namjoon i know, i know.....its another cliff hanger
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