Why Saketa Migrator is the Perfect Office 365 Migration tool

SharePoint migration, as well as Microsoft Teams migration, are the need of the hour for every organization who wish to stay up in this competitive remote work environment. You just need to strategize it properly and improve the user experience to many folds. But we also need to be aware that if there is any mismanagement or planning error, it might lead to the risks of data corruption or data loss. Therefore, risk management becomes an obligatory measure. We must take up the complex task of making our system able enough, to identify, assess, and minimize risks, thus reducing losses. It might include processes such as accessing the severity, monitoring and mitigating risks whenever they arise. Turbo speed with custom mappings SharePoint migrations became much easier with the help of third-party tools available in the market. But when it comes to SharePoint online migrations, performance and throttling issues are always primary concerns no matter which tool we use. Because of this SharePoint throttling effect, sometimes SharePoint sites will also become unavailable and causes poor performance to the users accessing the sites. To address these issues, Microsoft came up with separate API for migrations named Office 365 Migration Tool API. This API leverages Azure and boosts the migration speed like ever before and throttling effect will be greatly reduced, so users can use SharePoint sites without any performance issues even at the time of heavy migrations. Saketa Migrator allows you to migrate either with the usual speed or go for turbo speed if the client has an azure storage account.
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Upgrade to Microsoft Teams – 5 Tips to Plan for Microsoft Teams Migration

Upgrade to Microsoft Teams Adopting a digital workplace solution goes beyond a global crisis. Shaping the digital future lies in the hands of those who will be a part of it and it always helps when you decide to go with the flow. As we have all witnessed the huge popularity of Microsoft Teams in the past few months of isolation, it will be considered a wise decision if an organization decides to Upgrade to Microsoft Teams for better Digital workplace experience. Deploy Microsoft Teams to your Systems to promote Collaboration and Productivity. Why Upgrade to Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams enhances the overall Digital workplace experience by extending the capabilities of your email and collaboration apps to give an all in one experience. Having chats, calls, virtual meetings, and file storage at a single place works wonders in enhancing user engagement and productivity. It helps the users get their work done conveniently which in turn escalates the user satisfaction and business growth. When remote work has become a necessity, the best action on our part is definitely to collaborate and communicate in the best way possible. Thus, Microsoft Teams is the best tool to streamline your business irrespective of all the organizational and geographical barriers and establish a well-organized remote workforce. Tips to plan a successful Upgrade to Microsoft Teams Identify the key challenges
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