Something's Brewing Up: What to look forward to in Hermosa COHO?

2021 is indeed the year of new discoveries. From learning new talent as we all joined the Tiktok community and started to try dance challenges, to trying out new food experiments during the quarantine period and discovering new places to go to that are Instagramable, comfy and most importantly safe for everyone. Even pandemic people are getting hooked up with the coffee craze and coffee shops are really in demand in the country today. Millennials are exploring and discovering new coffee shops because of either the work-from-home set up or just because they want a more peaceful and comfy place to be productive than home. Also, who would resist the smell of freshly brewed coffee beans while working? For all of us, it’s an energy booster and makes us more efficient when completing our job assignment. In fact, we are tagged as A nation of coffee drinkers according to comunicafe.com. Did you know that coffee remains as the crown drink of the Filipinos? After all, according to recent studies, 93% of the population buy coffee mixes at least once per week. Most of the buyers come from urban-based homes like Metro Manila, catering to an older, more mature demographic. With all of that information, let us get to know more about world-class coffee shops in the Philippines that offer an Instagramable ambiance, mouth- More in : https://www.crownasia.com.ph/news-and-blogs/lifestyle-blogs/selected/somethings-brewing-up-what-to-look-forward-to-in-hermosa-coho

Buying House and Lot vs. Condo for Sale Philippines - Important Factors to Consider

The real estate market in the Philippines is experiencing an optimistic future even after the global fight against COVID 19. And there is also an oversupply of properties across urban and metro areas in this country. As a result, more and more developers are working on offering promos, flexible interest rates, and other conditions to help the real estate market to revive and return back to its previous highs. When it comes to purchasing properties in the Philippines, you have to choose from the options between a condo for sale Philippines and a traditional house and lot. Apart from the location and amenities, the type of home is another important factor to consider here. The homeowners often buy the home and the land underneath whereas the owner of the condo includes just a part of the common area along with the living space inside the unit. Although owning both of these properties has some pros and cons, first, you should know why people prefer these properties. In recent times, more and more buyers choose to purchase condo for sale Philippines over house and lots for sale because of the impact of modern living. Usually, condos are located in the urban areas in the Philippines within the walking distance of restaurants, shops, and other major places of interest such as malls and lifestyle centers. So, choosing these condos is a convenient option for people, who work in those areas. Besides, condos mostly include amenities, which are not available in standard homes like gyms and swimming pools. On the other hand, purchasing a home is beneficial if you want to have complete control over the property for making changes or for remodeling without the other's consent. Here you will also have the advantage of having additional outdoor and indoor space for accommodating families, guests, kids, and pets. Besides, the homes have more storage space in the areas like basements and attics. Apart from that, the homeowners also have more privacy due to the farther proximity of the neighbors compared to living in the condo. More in : https://www.crownasia.com.ph/news-and-blogs/lifestyle-blogs/selected/buying-house-and-lot-vs-condo-for-sale-philippines-important-factors-to-consider