Yoga poses for Weight Loss

An age-old transcription from the Indus Valley gave birth to a new holistic approach towards a complete well- being. Yoga is derived from a Sanskrit word “Yug” meaning the union of our self with the universal self. Yoga is an age-old practice for physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It helps in making an individual more fit and agile. If practiced daily, it has the power to reverse or slow- down the aging process. Every yogi in the Indian subcontinent practice yoga to attain its maximum benefits and achieve a fuller and energetic life. It provides a direct link to the universal powers. Yoga also helps to align the body with the symmetry of nature. A yogi once said, “ If the physical dimensions of your body start making symmetry with nature, magic happens”. Hence, yoga is a magical tool that has the power to heal. According to research conducted, it is seen that people who practice yoga regularly have the least chances of strokes and other chronic ailments as compared to people who don’t. By practicing yoga daily 90% of the ailments can be cured in just three months, the rest 10% can be healed through medication. Yoga has many positive effects on the human body. Is Yoga good for weight loss? Apart from all other benefits, yoga helps in weight loss too. Performing different asanas along with pranayama has shown tremendous benefits and a reduction in the excess weight of many individuals. Doing it 6 days a week for 60 minutes has helped in the reduction of weight in just one month. Yoga indeed helps with weight reduction. But before starting you have to understand a few things about your body, lifestyle, and diet plan. Improvements in all these things contribute to faster recovery and better results.