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Bachelors of commerce a 3-year undergraduate course is one of the most preferred courses opted by many commerce group students post completion of their HSC education. This is a common degree program offered at various Government and deemed private commerce and management institutions all over the nation. Amongst the various cities of the northwestern region of India, Dehradun is considered to be the most recommended city for pursuing any commerce and management courses. Since Dehradun “the city of love” is the times' old antiquated tourist destination of India surrounded by various trade link centers and industries. In Dehradun, the CSR recommended the best educational institution for pursuing higher education is the Himalayan institute of technology Dehradun. Is commerce a good course? Commerce is the top third-highest enrolled UG degree program in pan-India. Every year Bachelor of Commerce degree program is chosen by 4 million students with 55% of aggregate marks in their HSC education with English as one of the major papers irrespective of their HSC stream. This is a course primarily focuses on 4 main subject matters Accountancy, Economics, Mathematics, and Commerce to improvise the theoretical and practical techniques of buying, selling, exporting, and importing of goods and products from buyers to sellers and commercial communities with a monetary aspect preferably known as a subset of business. In addition to B.com very other top-rated commerce degree programs offered at HIT DOON guided by the subject matter experts of commerce and accounting are, • B.com (HONS) • M.com • BBA

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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (B.Sc. IT) course is recommended to be the best computer application and technology course among any other computer science courses as the core subject of this 3-year B.Sc. IT program primarily focuses on programming languages, logical reasoning, Database, software development, and certain application-oriented computer knowledge. Additionally, the career scope of B.Sc. IT graduates increasing rapidly owing to the global necessity of this particular course. In India annually on average, this one particular bachelor’s degree program has been opted by 4 million computer science aspirants. Every year 1.28 billion graduates had been recruited as freshers and trainees in the top MNCs of the nation like Tata Consultancy Services, Wipro, HCL Technologies, IBM, Tech – Mahindra ltd., Cognizant, Larsen & Toubro limited, and Mphasis. Is it good to do a B.Sc. Information Technology degree from the north-western states of India? You would have been aware of the fact that the north-western states of India like Punjab, Haryana, and Uttarakhand were surrounded by various agriculture, science, and technology institutions owing to the geographical location, environmental conditions, atmosphere, and agricultural lands of this region. Furthermore, within 2 decades certain emerging cities like Dehradun, Ludhiana, Gurugram, Faridabad, and Sonipat had transformed to be the technical hubs of the north-western region. Dehradun the favorite tourist destination of India had been recognized as the top-tier technical hub of the north-western zone as most of the nation’s best computer science and IT institutions like the Himalayan Institute of Technology, Dehradun. Career scope and Job opportunities for B.Sc. IT graduates As we have mentioned earlier, the various above-mentioned nation’s top-rated MNCs offer good placements with a better package for B.Sc. IT freshers and experienced techies respective to their skills and year of experience. Additionally, the majority of the MNCs over the globe most preferably opt to recruit students from the best educational institutions via campus placements. One such CS and IT institute located in the city of Dehradun affiliated with a central university HNBG central university and bears lots of felicitation is the HIT Dehradun. The following are the premier MNCs tied in with HIT DOON as campus recruiting partners, offering a maximum package of 6 LPA for a B.Sc. Information Technology fresher from HIT. • CTS

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Dehradun one of the important tourist destinations of the country had been transformed into an educational hub in recent years. Owing to the increase in numbers of tourist destinations, agricultural development, and the establishment of numerous educational institutions this city emerged as a premier city in and around Uttarakhand for pursuing higher education. The extension of computer and Information technology industries had led to the development of various software-oriented web and mobile applications and hardware-oriented product development companies over the globe. If you are passionate about learning the emerging software technologies and have a keen interest in working for the betterment of CS and IT sectors then a BCA degree from the best BCA college in Dehradun – the Himalayan institute of Technology would help you out to reach your goals. What is BCA? BCA is the abbreviation of a 3-year, undergraduate level certified degree program in the field of computer science known as the Bachelors of Computer Application (BCA). At present, the need for computer application studies had been increasing rapidly owing to the employment and development scope of computer and technology sectors worldwide. It is recommended to be one of the top-tier courses opted by computer science aspirants post completion of their HSC from a recognized board with Maths and computer science as their core stream. Apart from this, science stream students and arts students with computer science as the main paper could also choose this course, as this course mainly concentrates on the following four core subject matters namely, • Mathematics • Networking • Programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, PYTHON, and PHP.

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The Himalayan Institute of Technology, Dehradun governed by the top-tier educational institutions in Uttarakhand the HIT Group of colleges is recognized to be the best college for practicing any of the agriculture science specialization programs in Dehradun. As you may know, Dehradun is one of the top 10 cities in north India situated in the North-western region of the country surrounded by acres of plantation lands, cattle farms, thousands of flora species, and most importantly this city of love of the nation is covered by the greenery of the Himalayas as it is geographically located at the foothills of the great Himalayan range. If you are interested in pursuing an Agriculture science course from Dehradun city then, the Himalayan Institute of Technology is recommended as the best college for agriculture science in Dehradun. Proficiencies of HIT DOON The Himalayan institute of technology, Dehradun is a prestigious college with plenty of proficiencies and honors, it is an HNBG central university and SDSU university-affiliated institute. The institute was established in the year 2001, presently with 20 years of excellence in teaching, HIT Group of institutions runs 5 different colleges in 3 different educational campuses situated at the foothills of the Himalayan range in and around Dehradun city. The HIT College of Agriculture science was recommended by the CSR as the best agriculture institution also, this institute was certified by the University Grants Commission, NAAC, and the ministry of HRD Government of India. Owing to the overall amenities and excellence in education provided by the HIT community the Uttarakhand state government honored the HIT group of institutions with the “Excellence in Higher education award for three consecutive years.

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The boon of computer science and technology led to the rapid growth of several IT solutions worldwide. Regardless of various developed cities in the nation’s northern and southern urban zones, at present, plenty of techies were sighting towards the suburban zones of the north-western region of our nation owing to the quality of education provided by various science and technology institutions situated at the north-western states like Uttarakhand. The forever fastest growing IT industry considers these institutes located at Dehradun is the top computer science colleges in and around Uttarakhand. Best computer science colleges in Dehradun To your notice, if you are a computer stream student aspiring to pursue a relevant computer course to obtain any of the highest paying job profiles, you must opt for any of the top-rated computer science colleges in Dehradun. Himalayan institute of technology: The pre-eminent institute situated in Dehradun and ranks first among the top computer science colleges in Dehradun is the Himalayan Institute of Technology predominantly known as HIT DOON or HIT Dehradun. It was a privately owned tier-one institution established in the year 2001, affiliated with HNBG central University and SDSU University, Uttarakhand. Within 20 years of experience this top computer science college in Dehradun received the “Excellence in higher education award” from the honourable former chief minister of the state Uttarakhand for 3 consecutive years. HIT DOON is a UGC and NAAC approved college that brings forth plenty of facilities, assistance, guidance, and world-class infrastructure with pollution less and a stress-free environment. Additionally, as this institute was supported and funded by the Ministry of HRD Government of India, various projects and ideas provided by HIT learners were converted into working models and start-ups by getting funds from MHRD. The HIT college of computer application and IT is one of the science and technology of HIT group of institutions which is to be developed into a research and development sooner.