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and there was us 2 || k.taehyung
You paced back and forth in the bathroom waiting for the results of the test. Your heart dropped the minute you laid eyes on the two red lines clearly on the stick. You were in no doubt pregnant. You fell on the floor thinking of your next move. "What do I do? Mom will kill me. Oh god." You began to cry fanning yourself from the sudden rise in temperature,"What will Taehyung say? Oh god." In a panicked state you wiped away your tears as you placed the stick in an envelope. Grabbing your bag and keys you headed to the bus stop. On the way to Taehyung's apartment you thought of what to say and how he can possibly deal with this. Finally standing infront of his apartment door you took a long deep breathe before opening the door to his apartment. "Y/N Are you okay? Why're you here so early?" You stepped back as you tightly gripped the envelope in your hands,"Taehyung I have something to tell you. Let's sit down first." Taehyung nodded holding your hand as he sat you down on the leather sofa,"Can I get you water or anything?" You shook your head,"Cake?" "Tae!" You were so easily irritated by the situation all of a sudden you knew he had no idea but somehow him acting so nonchalantly pissed you off. Surprised by your outburst Taehyung sat back,"What baby. Oh my god. Relax. You're just...you're so serious it's kind of scaring me a little." Taking a deep breath you opened the envelope pulling out the stick that still visibly displayed the two red lines. Some where inside you wished that you had just seen some type of illusion but reality had hit you a second time. "I'm..." Choking back on your words still somewhat in shock,"I'm pregnant. Taehyung." "Is it mine?"
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and there was us 1 || k. taehyung fanfic
Chapter 1: What's Best For You The baby's cry drowned the entire room causing anyone in range to cringe by the loud shrieks of the baby girl in your arms. Frustrated by her midnight fit you started to cry,"Please Yeorum stop crying," You sniffled as she seemed to have cried louder. Lacking sleep you placed the baby in the crib and covered your ears as you sat on the ground crying harder. In the midst of your mental breakdown your mother swoops in glancing your way with a pitiful look before cradling the baby in her arms. You watched as the baby was slowly lulled to sleep. You buried your face deep into your knees and arms,"I can't do this mom...not alone." "I'm here sweety you're not alone okay?" You nodded kissing the hand your mom had placed on your righh cheek.,"Thank you mom..." The older woman gave you a smile a lethargic look plastered on her face. You knew she was just as tired as you. She too had been up all day taking care of the baby teaching you the ropes of motherhood. You cried as you hugged her from behind,"Thank you for everything." You suddenly had all this respect for her that you didn't have before. Now that you yourself was a single mother you knew her pain. But her pain was definitely greater than yours. After having you so early in her life the disappointment your grandparents had felt left your mother in the streets. You remembered her once telling you that for a while she had lived with your father but not soon after he disappeared. He vanished like thin air. No news. Nothing. So once again my mother was alone. She took care of you all while working and trying to raise you so that you wont stray from an easy and successful path very far from her own path. But you failed her.

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