Tanner Hambly

Hi Victoria! My real name is Alice, not just Mom. A few years ago, your grandfather wrote me a story about how he met my mother. He wrote it in very explicate detail which was something I didn't understand at the time. After all, I had just turned nineteen and was about to start my sophomore year at the university where he's now a respected professor with a list of publications and books on his Vida. And I had just lost my mother in a traffic accident that nearly took his life, too. So, you'd think he would have used more discreetness in his method of telling the story. But, twenty-three years later, I now understand why he did that and want to pass on to you, my daughter, in the same manner, my story of how I met your father chan-foren First, a bit about me. I was not always the proper, well-mannered and well-dressed mother that you think I now am. And I wasn't nearly as judgmental as you think, either! I had a typical relationship with my parents throughout most of my childhood. Mother was a real queen in my eyes, both authoritative and loving, until about the age of fourteen. That's about the age when I started reaching puberty and all the emotional changes and uncertainty that goes with it. Along with it came a raging sex drive I was at a loss on how to handle. Instead of first turning to my hero mother for advice and guidance, I did what most girls do, I turned to my best friend for her opinions. That was a mistake. She didn't know either, but she filled me full of bullshit about boys, sex and pregnancy. It was scary stuff to my young teenage mind. The next year I had a sex education class and a lot of the bullshit information was cleared up. I think my mother had been waiting for me to have that class because she knew it would spark more questions than I would ever have thought of on my own. We had a long conversation about sex, boys, etc. It was more than one conversation that went on sporadically for over the next two and a half years. I came to learn that she was encouraging when it came to my developing sexuality and she laughed when I finally confessed my first experience with Steve, at least I think that was his name the freea dult cam. Anyway, by the age of eighteen I was on the pill at her insistence and could dress in whatever style of clothing my school's dress code would approve. By then we had moved back to Phoenix, which is always hotter than hell, as Dad had landed a full professorship back in the school where he got his undergraduate degree. We moved into a real nice house in the McCormack Ranch area of North Scottsdale at the beginning of that year and I was going to finish the last few months of my senior year at a new high school with a different dress code. I didn't worry about leaving my old school halfway through my senior year nearly as much as mother did. I had always been the top student there which meant making friends was always difficult. Sure, I missed my few friends, but I wasn't leaving any one special behind. As for the new school dress code, I wasn't worried. I was leaving a cold winter state for a hot winter state, which meant a new wardrobe. I mean, for wear on school days or when out in public. Mom was very strict about that. At home in the evenings, during the weekend or whenever I was away from public view, I could do whatever I felt like, and usually, depending on the weather, I felt like wearing as little as possible. As for school clothes, I usually wore skirts, shorts, a few sun dresses and the like. That was what the other girls in this new school wore and it was my last semester in the public education mill, anyway! I quickly found that I loved being out in the sun, letting it touch me as much as I could without getting burned. I had my eighteenth birthday in early January just before that last semester started and by the end of that month, I was well on my way to a golden tan not far from the color of a rotisserie chicken. In fact, the only parts of me not tanned were my pussy and the triangles on my tits. By February I had learned that I was about the only girl in my age group that still had white tits and a hairy crotch. I had started tanning my boobs by then and, after Mom came home early one day in February and saw me tanning naked by our backyard pool, I soon had a shaved pussy. That was thanks to Mom who shaved me bald down there and told me to not let my nipples or pussy get burned. "Trust me on this, I learned the hard way!" She admitted. She extracted a price from me for all of that! I had to swear that I would remain a virgin until I got married just like she did! I got to admit that, knowing how hot and heavy her and Dad got in the sack, I didn't believe her. When I confessed my doubt she just said, "Go ask your father if you think I'm not telling you the truth!" That was something I just never found the courage to do! Obviously, she told Dad about it and that was one of the reasons he wrote the story of how they got together!