hello google why youtube has change so much . comeback please

good morning everyone, a little reading to share on Monday morning 27/7/20 this morning the weather is really good. I hope all are positive and hopefully this article is useful. Google bought the site on 2006 ,Revenue until 2019 over 15. billion usd and of course American Online Video Sharing Platform address headquarters San Bruno , California , US. Everybody know YOUTUBE . Starting from plans for children up to all ages, includes a variety of video categories using YouTube for free but the latest YouTube has just launched , call ad-free YouTube app but is charged for subscription. YouTube also provides an opportunity for anyone who wants to find money by producing videos to share for general viewing. If we make a comparison, of course, this YouTube app greatly benefits if compared to harmful effects. Through visibility since the end can be seen too many ads that are being watched when the kite is watching a video but it's not la becoming an error and understanding with that ad YouTube generates finances. Something important for YouTube to remain as a one-to-go application is to make an assessment of the content or may add the requirements of the video criteria to be shared. Since this end is too many YouTuber or a video creator with a profit-earning purpose, even some also like wanting to cheat viewers who want to watch how to make a blog or how to invest stocks. Among other videos are more useful to promoting the product or its equipment. Due to the aim of searching for profit, the video is not quality, no lesson, no sad no roots. For the future for all, YouTube, YouTuber and consumers are taking advantage of the user's heart, most of the most important money, but need to be brought with a sincere heart in order to share on people we can benefit for all of us.
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