Solution to short, curly lashes

This is the exact product I used. I'm not sure if many others have this issue, but I have really short curly lashes. Most people seem to crave and envy curly lashes, bit since mine are so short, they curl I to themselves. Thus making eyeliner and false eyelash application a lot more difficult. I've been dealing with this issue for a long time - hoping to find a solution. Around a week ago, I Googled my problem and came across an article that described an issue similar to my own. The writer explained that since she wanted her eyelashes straighter, rather than perming them -another alternative- she bought a heated eyelash curler. I commented to ask what one she thought and she directed my to the amazing page so I could buy the product. It was cheap and given a good review from someone with the same issue, so I had to purchase it. The results were SO unexpected. It was amazing. I felt like I'd finally discovered the secret to applying eyeliner. First off, the curler does get warm but not too warm. And its a comb rather than a clamp, so the heat doesnt need to touch the eye directly. Anyway... my eye could totally take the heat. Initially when I felt how hot it got, I didn't think it was hot enough to straighten my lashes, but it did! Personally, I prefer this process over the heated clamping eyelash curler because when I tried using a regular eyelash curler and heating it, it was too hot for my eyelid and hurt a lot because it was hard to keep it from touching the lid. Usually when I apply eyeliner without the product, the line is WAY too thick and extremely far from the lash line. When I straightened them, I was able to apply it right on the lash line. It even made tightlining on the upper lash completely unnecessary. Also, when I used eyeliner without the curler, Id end up tearing up and my liner was never clean mainly because this and the discomfort. After using the "curler", and applying my liner, there was no discomfort at all. It came out perfectly. I'm very pleased with the product and I do recommend it for anyone with short, curly lashes or even someone who can't get a good curl.