Epik High (에픽하이) feat. 짐종완 (넬/Nell) - AMOR FATI

Ok, so some of you would have seen this one coming, but perhaps not this song! Epik High being the main influence for me in the types of hip-hop I like, I feel like I'm more critical with their music than any other group. This album was no different -- I've listened to over 20 times now, and I went and listened to some of their proper old (Swan Songs, High Society, etc) albums for comparison. At first, I didn't like this album at all. The first one or two times through, I was screaming, 'This still isn't the Epik High I fell in love with at all!' After '99' and in part 'Epilogue,' can you blame me? But I was wrong, Tablo kept his word when he said '99' was a temporary style and in this album I see a lot of the same powerful sounds, rhythms, vocals, lyrics, and overall patterns that you can find in their earlier albums. Some might say this is bad but is it? It's so enriching to see a group start in one place, see their music change as their lives changes, and once again come back together as they carve out a permanent place in the history of their respective genres, and music as a whole. On to this song, the reason I'm sharing this song in particular instead of one I gravitate to towards more like 부르즈 할리파 or BORN HATER is because...maybe unsurprisingly, these are some of the strongest lyrics in the album, and debatably between most of their songs. The narrative Tablo presents is really in line with what we've seen in other songs like Excuses, Maze, Mr. Doctor, etc. A lot of alluding to our hypocritical faults as humans, our lowest lows, our dirty, sinful selves, while remaining almost a celebration of those same things. On the sounds, and this is something I'm very critical of for any song, is the third party vocals. 김종완 does an EXCELLENT job and his lyrics, while fairly minimal, are the perfect compliment to Tablo's verses. Overall, just a great song and while it's not my total favorite on this album, I think it's a great example of the type of stuff that makes me love them.