Criteria for choosing effective industrial sludge treatment technology

Along with the increase in production and business activities, the amount of industrial sludge generated needs to increase accordingly. Industrial sludge treatment methods and technologies have become effective solutions for each specific case. So how to choose the right sludge treatment technology? The answer will be revealed in the content of this article. 3 criteria for choosing suitable and effective industrial sludge treatment technology It can be said that choosing the right technology determines most of the efficiency of the industrial sludge treatment process. However, among many popular solutions today, choosing the right one for the treatment needs and the nature of the sludge is not easy. The following 3 criteria will help you somewhat determine which technology is compatible with your business: Economic: Each sludge treatment technology will have different processes, machines, technology and human resource needs. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a technology that is suitable for the ability of the business to pay, but must ensure the ability to consume sludge in specific cases. Regarding technology: In addition to ensuring the capacity to handle the amount of sludge, when evaluating industrial sludge treatment technology, priority should be given to automation solutions with methodical and specific processes. The lines, machinery and equipment used are approved by competent authorities according to technical regulations and suitable for use conditions in Vietnam. In short, basically, the treatment of industrial sludge will greatly affect human life. If not handled properly and scientifically, it will negatively affect both human life and the natural environment in the long run. On the other hand, human society will suffer many negative influences in the future.