Bluetooth Barcode Scanner: No Hustle of Reading the Barcode Made Easy

Barcode scanners have come a long way from being those traditional in-counter scanners that you always see in grocery stores. These days, they are mostly handheld devices that are attached to a POS system. The market offers an even more innovative version called the Bluetooth barcode scanner (or simply a wireless scanner). How does this barcode scanner work and what new benefits can it bring to your business? Read further to find out. How does it work? Like any barcode scanning system, a Bluetooth barcode scanner is also used widely in retail and other industries. It can be used to scan codes for checking the price of an item as well as to keep track of inventory and monitor the progress of orders during distribution. What makes it different from its predecessors is that it is wireless. The handheld scanner device is connected to the POS system via Bluetooth. Some models offer an impressive transmission distance, ranging up to 400 meters (or even more) without interruption or interference. What are the benefits of using a Bluetooth barcode scanner? Work convenience - Bluetooth barcode scanners can bring a significant change in the way your staff works. These scanners are portable, so users more productive and comfortable handling them. Without cable wires restricting or limiting their movements, they can work faster and more conveniently. Compatibility - Another remarkable thing about a Bluetooth barcode scanning system is that it is compatible with any device. As long as it has Bluetooth technology, the scanner can communicate or connect with it. So whether your business is using an operating system like Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS, you will have no problem with compatibility.
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Bluetooth 2D Barcode Scanner: A Revolution That Makes Payments Easy!

Barcode scanners have greatly improved the checkout process, particularly since they eliminated the need to manually input product codes and prices. What started out as wired devices eventually gave way to wireless versions, like the Bluetooth 2D barcode scanner, which can be handy in warehouses, conventional POS counters, and other settings that require a more versatile way to scan and record product information. A Bluetooth barcode scanner further revolutionized how we make payments and speed up the checkout process. It is versatile for reading a wide variety of 1D and 2D barcodes, including screen or digital images on your laptop screen or phone. This way, it is convenient to use at mobile payment counters in retail establishments and supermarkets. There are different models of the Bluetooth 2D barcode scanner. If you need one, consider a unit that comes with a smart base. After connecting it to the computer via the USB cable, the base should recharge the scanner when idle. This can eliminate the need to worry about getting a separate charger or losing charge while in the middle of work. Moreover, the smart base can transmit the scanning results into your computer, so there is no need for a receiver. The Bluetooth barcode scanner supports three connecting methods. It can link wirelessly with the base, with your mobile phone or tablet using Bluetooth, or to a computer via a USB cable. Setting up the Bluetooth barcode scanner is easy. There is no need to install any special software when connecting it to your computer via USB. A built-in 2.4GHz adapter lets the scanner connect wirelessly and effortlessly. Advanced technology has greatly improved the system of the Bluetooth 2D barcode scanner to ensure superior decoding capability, even when dealing with high-density, blurry, or broken barcodes. It can also switch to an auto-induction mode. Bluetooth 2D barcode scanners are more convenient to use because of their versatility. They can read both 1D & 2D barcodes, they are compatible with all kinds of devices, and they operate longer, usually for up to 30 days with a 2.4GHz connection. This makes their battery life three times longer than their counterparts. Consider getting a Bluetooth barcode scanner from a reputable manufacturer that specializes in this kind of product, so it is easier to get support when needed. About the author: Inateck is a leading electronics company dedicated in the field of various high-quality niche electronic related products. With 7 years’ experience, they are particularly professional for cutting-edge barcode scanners, hard drive accessories like PCI-E card, HDD enclosures & docking station, laptop sleeves and more.