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BTS Reaction: You cook a special meal/snack for him
jin: You're first year anniversary. You wanted it to be special so you made namjoon,Yoongi,and their manager to keep him at the studio. You felt bad because he said he was going to cry if he didnt see you on youre anniversary. 3 hours later he finally came back to a table full of food. You told him to deess up and get ready for a romantic dinner. he sat down to the chair in front of you and took bite. jin-"Lets have a romantic date jagi i love you ♥~" Namjoon:you knew he was stressed at the studio preparing for run BTS's new comeback. so while he was gone alk day you cooked alot . When you noticed he was home you hurried up and ran to him and blindfolded him.You escorted a very nervous namjoon to a seat at the table and as soon as you unblindfolded him he was shocked. namjoon-"j......jagi you cooked this all or me!?!" suga: Yoongi texted saying he didnt eat anything all day. so you made him a bento box. It was the only thing you could think of. you drove to the studio and jin couldnt help but look jealous over the bento. yoongi-"jagi this delicous thank you" (i couldnt help it xD the girl in the back) Hobi: His parents was meeting yoh at your house. You cooked while getting a prep talk from Hoseok about his sister and parents. It seemed he was more nervous than you. so you let him try your food. Hobi was shocked you could actually cook so ofcourse he was going to show you off the whole night. hobi- "OH JAGI I DIDNT KNOW YOU WERE A PROFESSIONAL"(bonus youre reaction) you:*eating and then glares at him* just finish eating hobi V: It was a celebration dinner party for BTS. You insisted on bringing a side dish. The whole night youre side dish became the main dish everyone was eating it and you were shoved into a kitchen to make more. v-"yah jagi make some for all of us to have tenths!!" (he is so cute omergosh) jimin: you two were taking turns one night you would do dishes and he would cook dinner but tonight was youre night and jimin always played with his food. so he put a piece of chicken in his mouth only letting a little bit out kinda like a pocky. jimin-"jagi lets play the chicken game" you:doesnt even exist jimin:we can make it exist jungkook: filming for a music video and training before he didnt eat at alk that day. so you fried him up a burger and added everything he liked. He took a bite and he acted like it was a eneegy drink. jungkook-"oh yeah im pumped now my jagi can make me a hamburger anytime hyungs are going to be so jeaulous" Another one!!!!! yay!!!! i couldnt think up what they could react to until i looked up gifs on google so whew ......so tomorrow expect for A SCENARIO TO BLOW YOUR MIND I MEAN you might want to put plastic on your furniture. i have actually been working on part 1 for about a week with corrections and oh wait i should replace this with this. and its been hectic. Its will involve both BTS and SEVENTEEN!!! so look for that tomorrow if youre following my kpop reaction collection it will be easy but watch out for my scenario tomorrow but another note anyone seen the mama!?!? 2NE1 slayed me i literally haf to go to the bathroom and cry because i was in class and i almost screamed when i saw Park Bom gosh i missed her!! anyway i have to go now but look out for my scenario tomorrow.
NaShow - 원해 (I Wish) (Ft.Kang Jun of C-Clown) Making Clip
NaShow - 원해 (I Wish) (Ft.강준 Of C-CLOWN) Composed & Arranged by NaShow Lyric by NaShow Vocal by 강준 Of C-CLOWN Mixed by KK @청바지 STUDIO Mastered by KK @청바지 STUDIO SONG> 무엇을 원해도 뛰지 않고는 not okay 엘리베이터 같은 삶을 원해 i don’t know 그건 너를 만족해.. 주지 못 할 거야 매달은 추에 제 자리 걸음뿐 anything 너를 꾸미는 멋진 꿈. 꾸기 위해서 오늘도 running.. 나는 원해.. 나의 Runway.. VERSE 1> I wish Black Card 한 장의 지갑 I wish Black Car two-door 스포츠카 I wish Black Dice 새로운 시작? I wish (I wish) I wish (I wish) I wish I wish 나는 꿈꾸는 벌레 세상은 욕해 현실은 홀대 멀쩡한 허우대로 난 허우적대니 한심해 이내 잡고 싶던 것도 잊고 사는 게 맘 편해 사실 원하는 건 내일이 월요일이 아니었으면 새벽에 본 시계가 고작 세시도 안됐으면 더 애쓰면 눈앞의 길이 보였으면, 참았으면 참은 만큼 내 주머니도 살쪘으면 지금도 누군가는 턱시도를 입겠지 누군 간 멋있는 척 시도를 하겠지 그 남잔 성공하려 첫 시도를 하겠지 조급한 그 남자는 접고 술을 꺾겠지 SONG> 무엇을 원해도 뛰지 않고는 not okay 엘리베이터 같은 삶을 원해 i don’t know 그건 너를 만족해.. 주지 못 할 거야 매달은 추에 제 자리 걸음뿐 anything 너를 꾸미는 멋진 꿈. 꾸기 위해서 오늘도 running.. 나는 원해.. 나의 Runway.. VERSE 2> 남들 다 먹는 vitamin을 먹어도 내 눈가는 바들바들 완전 꼬여버린 발음 목마름 느끼며 내가 찾던 삶의 바늘 잘은 모르겠지만 고장 난 건 마음 반은 썩은 내 몸뚱아리가 내 bible 바른 삶 살고 싶은 전쟁터의 아이들 나이는 숫자라 너무 늦어 버린 Title 타이른 부모님 눈에 드리워진 나이들 차이는 그들에 비해 가난 한 것과 이른 싸인들 그 허울에 취해 버려버린 나의 Rhyme 들 사이는 더 벌어지고 혼자 남은 나임을 안 이는 꿈이란 가느다란 연기에 타 이름 다 잃은 이 순간에도 노래하는 마음을 다 이룬 그 들은 비웃을지도 내 가위를 바위를 두 주먹 힘 것 깨려 했던 Psycho는 아직도 파이팅을 여전히 무식하게 달리지 SONG> 무엇을 원해도 뛰지 않고는 not okay 엘리베이터 같은 삶을 원해 i don’t know 그건 너를 만족해.. 주지 못 할 거야 매달은 추에 제 자리 걸음뿐 anything 너를 꾸미는 멋진 꿈. 꾸기 위해서 오늘도 running.. 나는 원해.. 나의 Runway.. 난 원해.. 낡은 서랍의 꿈들과 난 running.. 이런 나를 사랑한 이들과 난 원해.. 이루지 못 할 거짓말 my runway 더 멋지게 all right 난 원해 I wish I wish I wish I wish 멜론 http://me2.do/GrV2IqPo 올레뮤직 http://tinyurl.com/o3flzhw 네이버뮤직 http://me2.do/FMsCm9HV 벅스 http://bugs.kr/VDF0 엠넷 http://mnet.interest.me/album/343477 지니 http://genie.co.kr/6DQ713 소리바다 http://sori.la/C0EmE