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[Talk with Pioneer, Klon] 📣 Introducing Klon, the first President! Klon is now the first President, called Pioneer, of the **^^2 community. 👏 1. Congratulations on becoming Pioneer! 🎉 2. Let's celebrate our Interest becoming a Community! When an Interest has a President, it is promoted to a Community. In a Community, members can make decisions together and give each other different roles. Let's celebrate! 💬 3. Cheer on and Support the Council! The community will be managed by the President along with the Council. The Council is a self-governing system made up of Vinglers like you! Let's help this community grow! - View Pioneer Profile: https://www.vingle.net/Klon - What is Community and Council?: https://www.vingle.net/community-guideline/en/community-system-guide
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[프레지던트 syeuty님과의 톡] 📣 프레지던트 syeuty님과 대화해 봐요! syeuty님이 #**^^2 커뮤니티의 프레지던트(President)가 되었습니다. 👏 1. 프레지던트가 된 걸 축하해주세요. 💬 2. 카운슬의 활동을 응원하고 참여해주세요! 커뮤니티는 프레지던트 뿐만 아니라, 이 관심사를 좋아하는 나와 같은 유저들로 구성된 자치 조직 ‘카운슬(Council)’을 통해 더욱 체계적으로 운영될 거예요. 카운슬 멤버들과 함께 우리만의 커뮤니티를 만들어봐요! - 프레지던트 프로필 보기: https://www.vingle.net/syeuty - 커뮤니티/카운슬이 무엇인가요?: https://www.vingle.net/community-guideline/ko/community-system-guide
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