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Vastu facts for home and other places
Vastu Facts You Should Try: A lady transforms a house into a home. She manages to find a balance between her social and religious obligations while juggling a range of sensitive chores at home. As a result, in Vastu Shastra, the lady of the house plays a significant role. Maintaining a place's Vastu, whether it's a house or a palace, is a delicate undertaking. Vastu Shastra is the study of directions, energy, and elements for the uninitiated. It is an ancient method that attempts to restore the normal flow of energy and was developed for the benefit of mankind by knowledgeable seers and sagas. It is possible to address a variety of business, financial, physical, and emotional problems with expertise. Vastu Tips: -Couples should avoid the bedroom in the northeast and instead choose the bedroom in the southern zone. -Sleeping with the head in the south fosters better communication and revitalizes relationships. -Spend time in the East of your house if you're feeling weak, weary, or sick. Indra, the God of War and Weather, is said to dominate the East. As a result, Indra wields authority over the rising sun, which is said to control the bones, eyes, heart, spinal cord, and blood circulation. -Sitting in the north-eastern corner of your home, meditate and do breathing exercises. The North-East is controlled by ‘Easanya' (Almighty God) according to Vastu, suggesting that it is a vital and spiritually exalted zone. -It is bad to have a toilet at the house's North-East, South-East (corner), or Center (Brahmasthan). -For greater harmony, place a family image towards the southwestern direction. -For prosperity, place a basil plant (tulsi patta), as well as pearls and crystals, in the Northern Direction. -Make sure there are no overhead beams going through the middle of the home since this might cause a problem. -Heavy furniture should not be stored in the center of the house, which is the Brahmasthan, and should be kept as empty as possible. -The color blue has a calming effect. A night lamp that emits a gentle blue light would be incredibly relaxing. For the walls, however, violet, indigo, and purple are suggested. In the bedroom, stay away from red. -Dragons, war, and other violent imagery are strictly prohibited. They elicit a sense of unease and dissatisfaction. Pictures that are harsh should be avoided. -If you're having problems sleeping, consider sleeping with your head in the South Direction to preserve your body's natural polarity and the health of both you and your unborn child. -During pregnancy, avoid sleeping with your head in the north direction. Always sleep in a bedroom with a southern orientation. -If the lady is working, try to avoid larger windows in the southwest and have larger windows in the north. -It is suggested that you utilize perfumes in your home. -Lord Kuber represents wealth and success, and he rules the northeast corner of your dwelling. It is here that a Kuber Yantra should be placed. Remove everything that collects bad energy from the northeast corner of your home as well. Toilets, heavy furniture, and shoe racks are examples of these items. -Vastu Shastra emphasizes the importance of keeping your home clean and clutter-free. Your home should be a repository for all good feelings, including financial, emotional, and general health. You may simply attract positive energy by embracing simplicity in your living area. -Place your lockers or safes at the southwest corner of your home if you want financial prosperity. The earth element is represented in this area, which ensures stability. Furthermore, your house's locker should never open towards the west or south directions. Ignoring this can result in a significant cash drain. I believe that following the above-stated Vastu guidelines can benefit all.
Jeff Bezos to fly to Space with Wally Funk and Oliver Daemen
Can there be anything more exciting than to watch the youngest and the oldest person reach space in the same flight? It is difficult to imagine. Jeff Bezos, on his first trip to Space scheduled for 20th July, will accompany both the youngest and the oldest people to fly to space with him. Blue Origin is an aerospace company owned by Amazon. The company made an announcement only yesterday (15th July 2021) that Oliver Daemen, an 18-year old boy, will fly aboard the vessel; Oliver Daemen will become the youngest person to fly to space ever. Also joining the flight is 82-years old Wally Funk, an american aviator. Funk was among the first 13 women trained to fly to space in 1960. Wally Funk will beat the record of the oldest human being to fly to space, which is currently held by John Glenn at the age of 77. New Shepard is a reusable rocket system designed to take people (astronauts) and research payloads past the International recognised Space boundary.  It is a dream come true for the space community as we witness the launch of space tourism in the month of July 2021. Earlier this month, we witnessed Virgin Galactic successfully take its founder Mr. Richard Branson and his crew, including Ms. Sireesha Bandla, a woman from India making above the altitude of 80 KM. This altitude is considered as a boundary for space by NASA.  The record breaking human space flight of Blue Origin is now only hours away, scheduled for launch on 20th July 2021. It will carry its first human passengers to space in the rocket ship named New Shephard.  With the trip of Blue Origin scheduled to follow in just a few days or Virgin Galactic flight. We are watching history in the making. Together, these two companies are ushering humankind into a new era of space tourism.  Earlier, a small group of Americans who were inspired to go to space had to undergo an isolation test. In this test, John Glenn, who was the first U.S. astronaut to orbit Earth, completed three orbits in 1962. For the test, John Glenn sat at a desk in a dark, soundproofed room. Wally Funk floated inside a tank of water in a dark, soundproofed room in this test. However, Funk was rejected by NASA when it stopped the “Women in Space” programme.  Funk was reportedly doing better than some of the men in a series of rigorous physical and mental testing conducted for the same, yet NASA rescinded its support for the program for women. The Oklahoma State University and its Flying Aggies team alumna, Ms Wally Funk had a lifelong dream for spaceflight and Sixty years later, she will be the oldest person to fly to space, as Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos’ “honored guest.” “I can’t tell people watching how fabulous I feel to have been picked by Blue Origin to go on this trip” Ms Funk says. She also added that she expects to “love every second” of the journey. What will Jeff Bezos’ space trip be like? New Shepard will be launched from a western desert in Texas, US and the trip will last around 11 minutes. Out of 11 minutes, the passengers will spend a few minutes above the Karman Line; the internationally recognised boundary between earth’s boundary and Space. The passengers will be able to float weightlessly and watch the curvature of Earth for a few minutes before returning back to Earth. The capsule to be launched will be backed by three large parachutes and retrorockets for braking assistance while landing back on Earth from Space. The Space Flight earlier carried out several test runs (uncrewed) from its facility in Texas’ Guadalupe Mountain. New Shepard New Shepard is an automated capsule with no pilots and six seats. New Shepard is named after Alan Shepard; the American to go to Space 60 years ago. New Shepard is especially manufactured by Blue Origin for space tourism. The rocket is designed to take astronauts to the suborbital space inside of a crew capsule. The capsule features six large observation windows i.e. one window per seat. In November 2015, New Shepard was the first reusable rocket to make a soft landing on the ground, beating the famous SpaceX Falcon 9 booster by several weeks. It is possible to achieve all your dreams Taking humans to space safely is hard and both founders, Mr. Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic and Mr. Jeff Bezon of Blue are showing us that with perseverance and commitment, any dream is possible. SPACE through its programs is fostering the future space leaders and the next generation of space explorers. Get more details about rocketry and Space flight from our experts from SPACE through our courses equipped with specially designed platforms for better learning experience. We wish all the success to Mr. Jeff Bezos and team and the crew for a safe and successful flight.  Cheers!
Celestial visitors placed best for observation
Until now, 2018 has been a great year for the stargazers. People have already witnessed the two total lunar eclipses, two partial solar eclipses, Perseids meteor showers, and many more celestial events. Now this time sky gazers have yet another visual feast in line for them. The remaining of the year will showcase two comets, Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner and Comet 47P/Wirtanen, in the skies. About Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner Comet Giacobini–Zinner commonly known amongst astronomers as comet 21P is a periodic comet in the Solar System with an orbital period of around 6.6 years. It was discovered by Michel Giacobini (from Nice, France), who observed the comet in the constellation of Aquarius on December 20, 1900. It was recovered two passages later by Ernst Zinner (from Bamberg, Germany) while observing some variable stars on October 23, 1913. The comet nucleus is estimated to be 2.0 kilometers in diameter. Closest approach to Earth Comet 21P is currently approaching the Earth and the Sun at incredible speed (about 14 miles/second, or 23 km/s). Its closest approach to both the Earth and the Sun will take place on the same day – September 10, 2018 – when this comet will sweep past the Earth at a completely safe distance of 36 million miles (58 million km) from our planet. It had already been sighted from some darker locations as shown in the picture. The above image was clicked on 22nd August 2018. This would be the closest approach of the comet 21P in 72 years. How to observe In late August, the comet glows at magnitude 7.5 and is expected to peak at around 7 next month. On its closest approach predictions peak at magnitude 6, so only just within the naked eye threshold. Through the summer months, comet 21p passes within close visual proximity to quite a few deep sky objects during its journey through Cygnus, Camelopardalis, Auriga, and Monoceros.  On its closest approach during 10-11 September, it will also be in the vicinity of M37, the richest and brightest open cluster in the Auriga constellation, in the sky. Parent of Draconids 21P/Giacobini-Zinner is the parent comet of the annual Draconids meteor shower, which peaks on October 9th, it’s normally a weak shower that generates only a handful of meteors per hour. Next approach The next approach of the comet 21P will be around the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025. So if you don’t want to wait till then to feast your eyes, now is the time to get out with your binoculars or small telescopes and look up! But if you do happen to miss the comet, there’s another one visiting our neighborhood in the next few months. Comet Wirtanen About 46P/ Wirtanen The comet Wirtanen commonly known as Comet 46P was discovered on January 17, 1948, by American Astronomer Carl A. Wirtanen. It is a short period comet with an orbital period of 5.4 years. Closest approach to Earth Comet 46P/Wirtanen had begun its apparition (magnitude 10.5) along with the Cetus–Fornax constellations border in the late September morning sky. About mid-November, 46P will be heading straight north with ever-increasing speed, rocketing in brightness and altitude until it towers in Taurus in all of its 4th-magnitude glory two weeks before Christmas. Its closest approach to Earth will be on 16th December 2018. Comet 46P’s exceptionally close approach to the Earth of 11.5 million km on December 16th could mean several weeks of naked-eye visibility from dark skies. Comet Wirtanen is intrinsically bright, comes closest to our planet just four days after perihelion, and remains visible all night, making this an exceptional apparition. How to observe The comet will be visible through naked eyes only from dark skies, else a binocular or small telescope can be used. Next approach The comet is approaching us during the end of this year in December, if you miss even this one, you will have to wait for 5.4 years more that is until mid-2024. So, get ready with your gears, and let’s welcome the celestial visitor in our skies, and don’t forget that it can be a good opportunity for the Astrophotographers to capture their visit.
The Importance of the Moon in Astrology
Mind is connected with the moon, and the moon is associated with the operation of the mind. The moon is said to be in charge of mental capacity and flexibility. It is also thought to enhance meditation, focus, and resistance to cold illnesses. In Vedic astrology, the Moon is known as CHANDRA. CHANDRA means "bright and brilliant". SOMA is another name for the Moon, and it refers to the intoxicating sacred wine used in Vedic sacrifice. Whereas all westerners are aware of their Sun sign, all Hindus are aware of their Moon sign, as the Moon and its birth sign are significant in Hindu astrology and culture. Moon's significance in Vedic astrology: Prior to British control, Hindus did not celebrate their birthdays on the calendar day they were born. Instead, they observe their birthdays in the month of their birth, when the Moon enters the sign in which they were born. Such is the Moon's significance in Vedic culture. The brilliant Moon is regarded as a supreme benefit, whereas the dark Moon is seen as a malefic. In Vedic tradition, the Moon is referred to be a hare or rabbit because he hops quicker than any of the other grahas. Cancer is the sidereal sign ruled by the Moon (Karka). He is exalted in Taurus (Vrish) and has fallen in Scorpio, the opposing sign. Characteristics of the Moon: The Moon is a karaka of many things. He is a sign of the mother and females in general, the general public, general pleasure and well-being, femininity and beauty, eyesight, memory, and the mind. Many western astrology students are surprised to learn that the Moon, not Mercury, represents the mind. The Sun is the soul's indication, and the Moon is the mind's vehicle for receiving the soul's light. Mercury is the next step in the process, which is the intellect, which assigns value to the information acquired by the mind. The Moon, as mind, represents all of the senses and their ability to experience life in all of its glory. Mercury is a further distillation and conceptualization of that process, as well as its ultimate intellectualization in making a decision. In the 4th House, the Moon is most at ease and strong; she also enjoys the angles. The Moon is very favorable to the ascendants of the aquatic signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Her nature is KAPHA, which means "watery." Moonstone and Natural Pearls are her precious stones. Her metal is silver, and her compass is set to the northwest. The Moon is in charge of an individual's mood or mentality. In Vedic astrology, the individual's Rashi is the house where the moon is located in the horoscope. A person is fascinated by the qualities of his or her horoscope home. In human friendships, Rashi plays a significant part. People with the same Rashi have a strong understanding of each other. Monday is the Moon's day. At the age of 24, the Moon reaches full maturity. The Moon, or CHANDRA, is portrayed as a male in Vedic mythology. CHANDRA is a loving and kind God. Children and the elderly alike find it charming, and it appeals to everyone regardless of the onlooker's religion. In Chandra, sages and followers pray to the Goddess Mother and meditate for hours. Worship of this graha is supposed to provide comfort from all grief, as well as aid in the treatment of mental illnesses. His calming beams spread joy across the room. He is enamored by Lord Siva's head. Cold, cough, fever, eye illnesses, insanity, paralysis, epilepsy, hysteria, colic pains, beriberi, intestinal disorders, throat difficulties, bronchitis, dysentery, neurosis, typhoid, and cancer are all caused by an afflicted, debilitated, banished, or weak Moon. Moon organs: The left nostril, vision, breasts, and brain are all ruled by the moon (memory). The Moon's natural allies are the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter, while its natural foes are Mercury, Venus, and Saturn.
Sunita Williams- A Star in Space
Sunita Williams, who holds the records for longest single space flight by a woman, maximum spacewalks by a woman and most spacewalk time for a woman will be celebrating her 52nd birthday on 19th September. She has proven to be a twinkling star on Earth. Let’s know her success story. About early life Sunita Lyn Williams is an American astronaut and United State Navy officer of Indian- Slovenian descent. She was born on September 19, 1965 in Euclid, Ohio in USA to an Indian American neuroanatomist Mr. Deepak Pandya and Mrs. Bonnie Pandya. Early Career Williams received her commission in the United States Navy in May 1987 as a Basic Diving Officer. In September 1992 she was the Officer-in-Charge of an H-46 detachment sent to Miami, Florida and from there she was selected for United States Naval Test Pilot School as an Instructor in the Rotary Wing Department and the school’s Safety Officer. There she flew the UH-60, OH-6 and the OH-58. From there she was assigned as the Aircraft Handler and the Assistant Air Boss. Williams was deployed on Saipan in June 1998 when she was selected by NASA for the astronaut program. Before getting selected by NASA she had logged more than 3000 flight hours in more than 30 aircraft types. Career at NASA Sunita Williams began her astronaut candidate training at the Johnson Space Center in August 1998. She was part of the following expeditions. Expedition 14 and 15 On December 9, 2006, she was launched to the International Space Station (ISS) with STS-116, aboard the space shuttle Discovery to join the Expedition 14 crew. In April 2007, the Russian members of the crew rotated, changing to Expedition 15. After launching aboard the Shuttle Discovery. She performed her first extra-vehicular activity on the eighth day of the STS-116 mission. On January 31, February 4, and February 9, 2007, she completed 3 more spacewalks from the ISS, and in her third spacewalk she was outside the station for 6 hours and 40 minutes. She logged 29 hours and 17 minutes in 4 spacewalks. On April 26, 2007, NASA decided to bring Williams back to Earth on an STS-117 mission aboard Atlantis. She served as a mission specialist and returned to Earth on June 22, 2007, and when the Atlantis touched the earth at 3:49 p.m. EDT in California, Williams was at home after a record 192 day stay in Space. She again took a spaceflight on July 15, 2012, as a part of Expedition 32/33. Her Russian spacecraft Soyuz docked with the ISS for a four-month stay. Williams became the commander of the ISS during her stay onboard ISS Expedition 33 on September 17, 2012, being only the 2nd woman to achieve the feat. She returned to the Earth on November 19, 2012. Commercial crew members In July 2015, NASA announced Williams as one of the first astronauts for the U.S. Commercial spaceflights. Subsequently, she had started working with Boeing CST-100 and SpaceX’s Dragon to train in their commercial crew vehicles, along with other three astronauts. Records In her two space missions, she has set numerous records and achieved several milestones. Some of them are following: Maximum number of spacewalks by woman astronaut – Seven Most spacewalk time for woman astronauts – 50 hours and 40 minutes Spent a total of 322 days in space on two missions and ranks 6th on the all-time U.S. endurance list and 2nd all-time for a female astronaut. Holds the record of longest spaceflight (195 days) for female space travelers. Awards and Honors Sunita Williams has also been awarded the following awards: Awarded Navy Commendation Medal (2) Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal Humanitarian Service Medal and various other service awards… Connection with India The paternal ancestry of Sunita Williams is from Jhulasan, Mehsana district in Gujarat. In September 2007, Williams visited India. She went to the Sabarmati Ashram and her ancestral village Jhulasan in Gujarat. She was awarded the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Vishwa Pratibha Award by the World Gujarati Society, the first person of Indian descent who was not an Indian citizen to be presented the award. Interaction with SPACE In 2015, Sunita Williams again visited India, and students from schools affiliated with SPACE got the incredible opportunity to interact with her on 20th April 2015 at the American Center, Delhi. Mr. Sachin Bahmba (CMD, SPACE) presented a gift from SPACE as a token of our collective respect to her. She expressed interest in STEM education in India and was happy to see the role that SPACE has been playing in encouraging science in education at the school level. Sunita Williams shared detailed experiences about her experiences in space with the students. She presented videos that showed her introducing different areas of the ISS and answered many questions that are popular with the students. She let the students glimpse many details of her experience which are not normally accessible to the public in general. So this year on her birthday let’s wish that she achieve more heights in her life and make India proud as she had already done in the past.
Asteroid Day- To Protect Earth From Asteroids
Asteroid Day, a day to know about the space bodies which can take us back to the origin of the solar system and can help us to solve many mysteries regarding the universe, a day to know about the space rocks which are millions in numbers with very small size but are capable enough to bring devastation on a large scale if they strike our planet. Although the probability for the same is very less it cannot be ignored. So, to make the people aware of the Asteroid, it is a day which is celebrated globally throughout the world on 30th June and this year it would be the 3rd anniversary of this after getting started in 2015. The main aim of this celebration is to learn about the asteroids, the threat that they present to our planet, and study these amazing celestial bodies. The other reasons for studying the asteroids can be following Because some asteroids orbit around the Sun in paths shaped like elongated ovals, they cross the Earth’s orbit every so often. And sometimes, they come very close to the Earth itself and can cause mass destruction if it strikes Earth. The asteroids can also be the source of many valuable metals and to investigate the feasibility of such operations, we need to know more about asteroid composition. This event is also celebrated to remind one of the very devastating tragedy that took place on 30th June 1908 at Tunguska, Siberia, the largest asteroid impact event recorded so far. How much dangerous an asteroid impact is? It can be thought off from the fact that in the Tunguska Tragedy an asteroid or other space rock of around 40 meters in diameter burst off in the air and due to the shockwave created 2000 square km of area, majorly consisting of forest, collapsed. According to Grigorji Richters, co-founder of Asteroid Day “This is not about fear-mongering.  It’s about being aware there is a potential threat, and understanding better where we are from.” The idea of asteroid day was conceptualized in February 2014 by Brian May and Grigorji Richters after the movie “51 degrees of North” which was the story of a fictional asteroid impact on London and the human condition resulting from such an event directed by Grigorji Richters. It was officially announced in a press conference in October 2014. The first asteroid day was celebrated on 30th June 2015. Over 600 events were conducted in global activities on June 30th in its first two years across 78 countries. 41 astronauts and cosmonauts participated in activities on the day and in its resolution the United Nations declared 30th June as the “International Asteroid Day” to observe each year at the international level to commemorate the anniversary of the Tunguska impact over Siberia. In the past 3 years, 72 new near Earth objects have been discovered. Of those, 8 are classified as potentially hazardous to our planet and could approach or hit Earth one day. Right now, NASA’s Near Earth-Object Program says there are no big asteroids at risk of hitting Earth anytime soon. But let’s take a moment to remember the damage caused by a small meteor back in Siberia. So let’s come up and learn about these millions of asteroids on this asteroid day and what we can do to protect our planet from their impact.
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