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[+18] Talking Body Chapter Two
Chapter Two He could not believe his luck when his eyes landed on hers the moment she stepped out into the hallway. He believed that morning when he woke up that the woman, he spent the night with was the only time that he would see or feel her. Jungkook watched as his brothers hugged her and say how sorry they were about her ex dumping her. Jungkook smirked at the thought of her not once thinking about her ex all night long. His smirk dropped when his brothers let go of her and she spotted him. This woman looked him up and down as if reminiscing the events that took place the night before. He watched her bite her bottom lip when she stepped in front of her. He raised his right hand and introduced himself. “Hi there, I’m Jeon Jungkook.” She took his hand and with a smile. “Nice to meet you, I’m Kim Ji Su.” Her hand was so small compared to his. His hand swallowed hers. Jungkook was amazed that he didn’t notice that last night. Granted he was under the influence and his mind was on one thing and one thing only. “Now that you two met can we please go inside where everyone is waiting?” Jimin complained. Taehyung just walked in between Jungkook and Ji Su with Jimin not far behind. Jungkook and Ji Su just stood there. He was waiting for her to go first, and he guessed that she was thinking the same thing. “Ladies first.” He gestured towards the door. “Treating me like a lady like you did last night.” She marked in remembering how he treated her last night. “You can go first since you are the guest of honor for coming home.” She was right about that, but he went back to thinking about her first comment. “You know that I will always treat you right even if we didn’t meet.” He stepped closer towards her. He heard her gasp. Jungkook looked more at her with a clear mind. Her hair was up in high ponytail, long wavey dark hair. Her face was normal with a round chin. Her eyes, those damn eyes of hers was the ocean itself. She was short enough that he would have to bend down just an inch or so to kiss her. She looked sexy as hell in the light blue hoodie and skinny jeans that had premade holes in them. “Dude, I know she is cute but get your ass in here for everyone. You too Ji Su.” Namjoon opened the door seeing the two souls staring into each other. Jungkook smirked and picked up his bag that he didn’t remember that he dropped. With another glance at Ji Su, he noticed a hint of pink on her cheeks. He let her go through first we both made their way into the apartment. Once through door way Jungkook wasn’t at all surprised to see everyone there with balloons and a welcome home sign. Everyone walked up to him welcoming him back with a hug, a fist bump, or a slap on the back. Conversing with everyone, Jungkook’s eyes traveled to find Ji Su talking with Yoongi who was in the kitchen making a drink. The drink he was making looked just like the one she had last night. Cheery Moon, he believed was the drinks name. Jungkook made small talk about his studies and that he was happy to be home while he watched her take the drink Yoongi just finished making. She turned and saw him looking at her. She gave him a questioning look and he just retuned a smirk as to answer her back. “Now that you are back, we all agreed to celebrate your coming of age.” Jin interrupted his silent conversation with Ji Su. “We don’t really have too.” Jungkook started to protest. That didn’t stop Jin from handing him the first and second gift which were cologne and flowers. “Oh, are we scared about the third gift? Are you still that like boy shy boy from 5 years ago?” Hoseok teased. “No. I have grown up and out of the shyness you all believe.” Jungkook defended himself. “Then we dare you to prove it.” Taehyung daring Jungkook. “Ji Su or one of us. Your pick.” Jungkook glanced at the corner of his eye watching Ji Su hesitate at the mention of her name. He could of swore that she down her drink and pour herself another one. So, we’re going to play this game. He thought. He made his way towards her. He watched her every movement. Drink left her lips and was placed down on the counter, biting her lower lip, and her eyes went dark as the darks deeps of the sea. When he was in front of her, he handed her the flowers he received. After that he wasted no time to cup her face in his overly large hand and kissed her. He wanted to kiss her deeply to taste more of that cherry flavor that seems make her exotic in his eyes. Jungkook just kissed her enough to consider fit for everyone. Jungkook stepped back to look at her. Her face was no longer a light shade of pink. She was red as a cherry. He leaned down with his lips next to ear. “Sorry about that but I was not going to kiss one of my brothers. Plus, I was dying to kiss you once more.” He leaned back and looked at everyone. The whole group erupted with cheer that the baby of the family was no longer boy and now a grown man. The party was lively after that as they played games, conversed, and enjoyed everyone’s company. Jungkook and Ji Su would catch one or the other looking at each other. He would every time raise he beer to acknowledge her and she in return to the same. When the evening move to the later hours, Jungkook made his way to Ji Su who was placing her glass in the sink. “So, we meet again.” He said leaning against the counter a crossed from her. “We meet again.” She repeated his line and sat on the counter top to be eye level with him. God above she was beautiful. He took the last swig of his beer and placed the empty bottle on the counter. “So, you are my neighbor who also happens to be Jin’s girlfriend’s sister.” He stated in the matter of fact way. “Correction, I am Mi Sun’s friend, but we do consider to be sisters.” She corrected him and was smug all about it too. “You sure look smug about it too.” He moved closer to her were his hands just happened to station themselves on either side of her, trapping her. “Of course, I do. Mostly likely the drinks making me all smug and sassy.” She giggled about it. “Blaming the drinks once again like last night.” “Last night was half and half. Mainly the drinks but I did have a clear enough head to know what we did last night.” He moved closer to her. Her hand moved to brush the hair out of face. “I don’t want anyone to -.” she began to say before he interrupted. “You don’t want anyone to know what happened between us.” He understood the request. She didn’t want others, especially the ones within this room to tease them about it. Along with the multiple questions that would soon to follow. She looked away from him a glanced over to see was what was happening in the living room. “As much I would like to chat more with you,” “You have to go.” She looked back at him. He once again finished what she was going to say. “I do.” “May I ask why?” “I took today off from work, and I need to go back tomorrow. I have projects that need to do before next week.” she shared with him. “What is it that you do for a living? Don’t think that I asked you this last night.” “No, you didn’t as we were both busy undressing one another.” Her cheeks turned a darker red and his memories of last night played like movie in his mind. “I own a business and design woman’s clothing line.” She answered his question, bring him back to her. “Mi Sun is in charge of the business part, and I design the product.” “How long have you been doing this?” he was stalling her from leaving. Jungkook wasn’t ready for her to leave. “I will have to answer that next time.” She gently push him away so she can jump down from the counter. He watched her straiten her hoodie and then tighten her ponytail. Jungkook reached over and took her hair out its ponytail. The look on her face was price less. “Sorry could not resist. You look prettier with your hair down.” He confessed and handed her the hair band. She closed her eyes in disbelief at what he just did and said to her. “Goodnight Jungkook and welcome back to the land of morning calm.” With that she made her way to Mi Sun, and she left. It was driving him crazy by just standing that waiting for her to just reappear. He wanted to disparately to go after her, but he knew there was a possibility of scaring her. So, he smiled to himself and joined in with the party. ~*~*~*~*~*~ The morning air was crisp with the hint of winter. Jungkook didn’t feel the bite of the cool air on him morning run. He was up before the sun had a chance to peek the horizon. He ran five miles before stopping and making his way back. A mile away he chose to walk and enjoy the view of the Han River. One of the perks of living in the apartment was a path near the river. Even though he missed running alongside the ocean nothing could out beat the Han River. There was just something about this river that he had always felt at peace with. Making his way down the path to home, Jungkook spotted Ji Su stretching out wear a lavender outfit, which seemed to fit every curve of her body. He made his way to her, which happened when she looked up to see him. “Good morning, beautiful.” He greeted her once he was standing in front of her. “Good morning, handsome.” She teased. “Getting back from your run?” Ji Su asked. “Sure am. Five miles.” He laughed when her expression was in awe with, the length of his run. “I take it you don’t run that far?” he asked in between giggles. “I was able to in the past, but past events made it to where I can only run three, or four miles on a good day.” She admitted to him. Before he could ask her way happened, Mi Sun was making her way towards them. “Well, I will see you later beautiful.” He leaned down and kissed her cheek before greeting Mi Sun. When he was a distance away, he turned to see the Mi Sun asked her what that was all about. Ji Su caught him before she shared her story. Jungkook was gone before Mi Sun had a chance to catch him staring. He wasted no time to shower and eat breakfast when the rest of his roommates started their morning routines. He was two bites away from being done when Namjoon walked into the kitchen asking if he ready to head out. “Hyung I am almost done.” Jungkook whined with his mouth full of cereal. If only Ji Su could see him now acting like a spoiled kid. “Well hurry up and grab you bag we leave in five.” Namjoon showed no sympathy as he spoke. Jungkook took one more bite and cleaned up. Namjoon was waiting for him at the door by the time he was ready. He followed Namjoon out the door and all the way to the parking garage. The plan for the day was to have Jungkook get his license updated to Korea and not LA. Then car shopping and then to the studio. Both men had no idea how long it would take but it did. Jungkook had to do a written exam and driving which took about two hours. Then getting a car nearly an hour more. Around one in the afternoon, the boys finally made it back to the studio. Only this time Jungkook was driving his White Jeep Wrangler two door with a soft top. He had this vehicle when he was in LA. He sold his knowing that he was coming back home. That money helped him buy one similar. The place that Jungkook remembered as the studio changes within in the 5 years that he was gone. There was two dance studios, now there was four. The front was opened to where a waiting room and a front desk was put in. Upstairs wasn’t even thought of until last year when Namjoon, Hoseok, and Yoongi bought the whole building and made the second floor into four studio’s and two office rooms. The third floor was a loft for the boys to rest. Namjoon told Jungkook that Taehyung was using the loft lately and he suspects a girl is involved. After the tour, they lead Jungkook to his own studio on the second floor. He was speechless and was overjoyed. Once they showed him where everything is, they left him. With the peace and quiet, Jungkook looked around some more to be acquainted with everything in the room. He went to school to study filmography and a dancing endorsement. He mainly wanted to make videos to promote the studio and other companies. Jungkook went right to work with the projects that he started back in LA. Most were for friends the others were for up coming business. Hours went by and the others peeked in to ask if he was ready. His reply was no and that he would meet them back at home. He stopped when he noticed the time. He got everything that he needed and left the building. Jungkook walked out through the front planning to head to the coffee shop that was just a block away. When he was looking around to be familiar with, he surroundings he spotted her. Paris Bouquet was written on the shop’s door and above the shop. She was in the window removing and adding clothing on the mannequins. Looking both ways, Jungkook crossed the street. He knocked on the window startling her. He waved at her and she waved back. Ji Su disappeared and the reappeared at the door. “What can I do for you Jungkook?” she asked him. “Coffee with me?” he gave her a smile in hopes she would agree. “I don’t know Jungkook I have a lot to get done in here and by the time that I finish it’ll be too late.” She sounded like she really wanted to but what ever she was working on seemed to keep her from saying yes. “What if I come in and help?” he stepped closer to her. He watched her take a deep breath. She let out her breath she was holding and nodded a ‘yes’. Ji Su held the door open for him. When he entered right at the entrance was a lite up sign that said ‘Hello gorgeous.’ With flowers all over. On his left was the window that she was at and at the end of the left side was a wall of clothes. On the right was a sitting area and changing rooms. The whole show room was in a verity of pastels. The shop looked like it was right from Paris. “Did you model the shop from one in Paris?” He asked still amazed by what he saw. “Well yes and no. I studied over in France for a year and there were shops that I really loved. However, this interior design was by someone Mi Sun and I hired. When she found out about my time in France, she knew what to do.” Ji Su walked past him back to where she was working at. “Since you’re helping me, you might as well share about yourself.” She told him about the clothes that she made for winter was on sale and the spring ones where in. So, she needed him to replace winter with spring and put winter on the clearance racks in the middle of the shop. “Well. What do you want to know?” He went right to work showing off his muscles. He glanced out of the corner of his eye to see her watching him. “What did you study in LA?” she asked after clearing her throat. She disappeared back into the window to finish up dressing the mannequins. “I got into the filmmaking program at UCLA. I went a yar early to work on general classes and then spent the next for years within the program. I even endorsed in dance.” He shared with her as he continued to move down that rows of clothing. “Doesn’t Mi Sun noona help you with this?” Jungkook curiously asked. “She does but she has a date with Jin. I think he is proposing tonight.” She made her way back and walked to where he was and grabbed three outfits to place on the other side. While she was picking what outfits to use, Jungkook liked to see the hard working face of hers. Like a different side of her than the one he met two nights ago. “Why do you think he will propose?” He finished a row and started hanging the clearance rack. “He came into my office today to get my permission. I of course agreed. He is perfect for her, like her very own price charming.” She took the outfits and once again disappeared. He continued to work his way around. He was on the last row when she came back with a clip board. He assumed it was inventory. “So, you got a degree in filmmaking, are you any good?” she wrote something and then placed it on the counter where the register was at. “I interned my last year at one of the best companies. I’m still working on a few projects that I wasn’t able to finish. My student visa was up, and I had to come home. So, to answer your question, yes, I am good.” Jungkook placed the last hanger and then looked at her. “What else is there?” “That is, it. I have few more things but that can wait until morning.” Ji Su walked towards him only to clean up the pile of boxes. He mimic what she was doing and followed her to the back of the store into the storage room. The placed the boxes in the recycle pile and then head back towards the offices. Jungkook continued to follow her into her office. He watched clean up her desk and then pack her bag. He didn’t notice before on what she was wearing. A black mosaic mini skirt and a black cami that had a deep v in front and back. Her hair was once again in a high pony. Her hair looked longer and different with waves making it look sexy. When she looked up him noticed him staring and her cheeks turned a shade of pink. “Coffee?” she whispered as she swallowed. He move towards her, blocking her exit. “How about a little fun before coffee?” he suggested, voice husky. He placed his hands on either side of her and bent down capturing her lips. There was something magical with he way he kissed her. He wasn’t sure if she felt it, but he did. His lips move slow and deep with his tongue creeping in. He moved her to the top on her desk and he made his way in between her legs, hiking up her skirt higher. She placed her arms around his neck, forcing him to her level. His hands started to roam down sliding her strap of her shoulder. As his hand moved to feel her breasts, both of their phones ring. Both froze as the phones went off. Jungkook stood back allowing her to fix herself and jump down to grab her phone. His phone was in his back pocket. Looking at the caller id he saw Jin calling. He stepped out to take the call. “Hey hyung.” He greeted Jin when he answered the call. “I wanted to share some news with you at home but noticed you weren’t home.” Jin said. “I’m on the way now just finished a few things.” Jungkook lied. “Alright when you get home, I will announce my news.” Jin hung up. Jungkook walked back into Ji Su’s office seeing her in the same outfit but with a blazer covering everything up. “Jin must of called you. Mi Sun called worried I wasn’t home yet.” She grabbed her bag and turned the lights off. “Yeah, Jin was worried too since he had some news to share.” Jungkook shared with her, as both waked out turning all the lights off and locking up. “Do you need a ride home?” he asked before making his way to his vehicle. “No, I have my own, thank you for the offer.” She opened her bag and fished out her car key. “I guess I will see you around.” She went on her tiptoes and kissed him on the cheek before making her way to her car. Author’s Note: Hello fellow readers here is the second installment of Talking Body. I will say that I am liking the version better. Seeing how this is coming to life once again in a different way really warms my heart. I hope everyone us enjoying this so far! Don’t forget to comment on what you like so far and what you think I should add in the next chapter. 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[+18] Talking Body Reboot Chapter One
Chapter One The soft music at the restaurant was playing while patrons waited on food and drink. One patron was on her second drink of cherry moon while waiting for her boyfriend who was two hours late. She made up her mind to get up and leave when she finished. Good thing she was sending him the bill. For the past two hours she was considering if she was going to keep things going with him or end it. She was leaning more on ending it due to events that happened over the past month. Her best friend was telling her to end the relationship only because she did not want to see her best friend back in the hospital like last time. Swinging back the last of her drink the late boyfriend walks in looking devilish and lipstick kisses all over his collar. She knew it and denied it before, but now she knew she could not hide that he was with someone else. He leaned in and gave a peck on the cheek and handed her an envelope. “For your birthday, my dear and also our 5-year anniversary.” He sat down and the server walked over asking right away what he wanted. He smirked and said to her just whiskey light on ice. With the order she was gone. With the envelope burning in her hands, she was itching to open it. Deep down with in her gut she felt that she was not going to be happy with what she was going to find within. He watched her hesitate, but then opened the envelope. He smirked when he saw her face drop upon reading the heavy white paper. “You’re getting married,” she stated, “to someone else.” She looked up at him hoping for an explanation. “For the past five years my fiancée was not ready to commit, and neither was I. So, we agree that in five years we would break any current relationship and get married. I told you that my father arranged this marriage when I was young. She is a Japanese woman whose father has a company that my father will now come to own when the marriage is final. Sorry that I had to break this to you on your birthday. I was only using you until the five years where up.” He continued to watch her. The expression on her face was readable. She felt hurt, pissed off, and confused all at once. The server came back with his drink, and he continued to watch her. To his surprise the look on her face changed. He was unable to read it. She stood up with placing the invitation back with its envelope before handing it to him. “Thank you for the gift sorry that I am unable to make it as you know I am a terribly busy person. Congrats on your upcoming marriage. Just be careful with her, woman are very delicate.” With that said she walked out. He was extremely glad that he hurt her. He smirked finishing his whiskey before getting up paying the bill. She did not notice that he left she was too busy on the phone with her best friend. “So, did you end it or did he?” her friend asked. “He did sadly, but I am glad he did because I really think that I would have caved in and married him if he asked.” she admitted. “Were you really considering that option?” “Sad to say that I was.” “Well, I am glad he did it first. You know I had a bad feeling about him when you two started dating.” Her friend continue to express her thoughts while she looked around only half listening. She stopped at the front desk spotting a handsome man with his back facing her. He had wide shoulders and from the looks of it very tall. She prayed to what god was listening that he was handsome. Her prayer remained answered, he looked behind him making her to quickly look away in embarrassment. Holy shit he was handsome. “Hey, are you even listening to me?” her friend yelled through the other end of the phone. “Sorry was distracted.” She admitted to her friend. “As I was saying I can come down and we can party it up until the sun comes up. Only this time it may kill us since we are no longer in our young adult age.” “As much as I would love too, I am going to go back into that bar and have more drinks. I will just see if there is a room available if past my limit.” With that said she hung up and made her way back into the restaurant that she was previously was in. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ He was tired from the long fourteen-hour flight from LA to Seoul. He was simply happy that he was back home after being gone for almost five years. He came a day early which he planned so he could have at least one day to himself before heading back to chaos. While he was checking in and could not help himself but look around to see anything that looked familiar to him. What he was not planning was a woman staring at him while on the phone. She looked away in embarrassment which he thought was cute. “A queen suite just for one night, correct?” the front desk employee asked. “Yes, if that is possible. I know that I came without calling ahead.” He admitted. “Oh no you are fine. You are in luck though we had a cancellation at the last minute. So, it is all yours.” The employee said. He handed his card to the employee to make a payment for just one night. The employee asked him if he was planning to head up to his room or going to the restaurant. He chose the restaurant before he headed up to his room so the employee told him his bags would be up in his room. He thanked them before making his way to the restaurant. His plan was to have a beer or two and then head up to rest. He did not plan to get his first beer and the woman who he caught staring was two bar stools away. It would have been simple if he did not think about how sexy she looked in the lobby. Even now with her drinking and sitting in a sexy way. He smirked as he took a swig of his beer. Only if his group of friends would see him now. They would not be able to recognize him. He who use to be afraid to be around girls at an early age had grown into a man who cannot help himself looking at the woman next him. In one move he scooted next to her and to his delight she was expecting, waiting for him to make a move. He finished his first beer and got another; the woman next to him order another round of her drink. Both sat there without saying a word. The atmosphere was comfortable, going to into something more as the time moved on. “So, do you come here often?” he finally asked. “No, today was supposed to be a celebration, but somehow it didn’t turn out that way.” She answered and then looked at him. “What about you? Do you come here often?” He looked at her finally, “No I just arrived from America. I finished studying over there.” “So why not go home to see your family? Why come here to be alone?” she asked leaning closer to him. “I needed an extra day away from my friends who tend to always be in my business. I needed a night of privacy, just one night.” He admitted while brushing his arm against hers. “Why were you here tonight?” he asked curiously. “I was here to celebrate my birthday and a five-year relationship that ended when he called me a toy.” She leaned more into his touch while sharing her sad story of the night. “No one should ever label you a toy or never use you for such a thing. You are exceptionally beautiful. Holy shit did he really say something like that? He was amazed that he spoke in a calm voice and admitted that she was so beautiful. “Well, are not you a smooth talker. Handsome too.” She smirked loving what he said about her. Even though she did not have the words to describe him like he did her. She was only able to use the word handsome. Reason was because he was sexy too. The two sat as the bar going back and forth about each other’s looks and about her ex. She felt relaxed around him, and he felt the same. Felt like they had known each other for years and that tonight was their only time to catch up. They both silently agreed to keep their names, jobs, and any other personal stuff to themselves. Sparks seemed to course through every touch. Deep down she hoped she would be brave enough to ask him to worship her. Something about him made her want him. She leaned in to speak softly in his ear as she asked. “Would you be willing to worship me now?” she could feel her cheek warm more from embarrassment from asking. He nodded to the bartender to pay for the bill for both tabs. Once paid they walked out with his hand on her back. She could tell his hands were big. The anticipation was driving her mad, but she held it in from surrounding eyes. He on the other end was struggling. His mind was surround with thoughts of what he would do to her. Thinking about nibbling on her ear or neck while standing here waiting for the lift. What he would do to her when they were on the lift. Only if the lift was like all the others and not clear for all to see his hands all over her. Both had thoughts of what would happen from now until they reached his room. They stood on the lift looking at each other. He was losing himself within her ocean blue eyes that turned dark as a sapphire. She stared at him seeing his brown eyes melt into a chocolate bar of a hot summer’s day. Oh yes both wanted each other so bad that if any guest of this hotel came aboard the lift, they would sense the sexual tension within. He kept glancing at her lips, and she bit the bottom one, daring him to kiss her in front of everyone. Time went fast as the lift stopped on his floor. Wasting no time, he took her hand and led her to his room. He never let go of her hand as he unlocked the door let her in first, being a gentleman of which she could only dream. Once the door closed, he led her to a wall and claimed her lips. She moaned in anticipation. The kiss just electrified her, like he woke her up from a deep slumber from a nightmare. His hands traveled all over her reaching for her zip on the back of her strapless dress. Once he found it, he wasted no time letting the dress fall to the floor. She felt his smirk when he come to realize that she was not wearing a bra under her dress. A moan escaped when his cold, yet warm hands devoured her breasts. His lips left hers to move to her neck up to her ear. Moving down to her chest making his way down south. She shivered knowing where he was going, excited. She felt her underwear slowly come off and tossed somewhere within the room. His lips kiss the inside of both her thighs. He made her jump when his lips touch her bare core. She lost all sense of thought as he worked his tongue and one finger pumping in and out of her. A quite moan escaped as he worked his magic and then her breath hitched when he added another finger. The more he worked on pumping in and out of her; she was seconds away from erupting into euphoria. Before she came, he stopped making her whine with anticipation. He stood in front of her and took her hand, leading her to the bed. She could not help but think what a gentleman he was. He took her in his arms when they approached the foot of the bed. The backs of her knees where hairs breath away from the bed to if he pushed her, she would safely fall onto the bed. They stood there for a minute just gazing into each other’s eyes, full of lust. She raised herself onto her tip toes to kiss him. In that moment he help her fall back fully spread out for him to see. “How unfair that I am naked, and you are still fully dressed.” She spoke. He smirked started to undress himself. She sat up to help him. His shirt came first, and she could not help herself feeling the strong muscles that defined him. She licked her lips liking what she saw more so when she noticed the tattoos that lines all over his right arm and hand. That made him even more attractive in her eyes. Last was his pants and she was willing to help him, but he stopped her. He gently pushed her down on the bed. “I want to treat you and pleasure you.” He whispered to her before he captured her lips once more and his hands worked on his pants. Pants off and both were equally naked, and both were willing to move on to the next movement. Reading her mind his member who was more than ready was at her entrance. Stopped kissing her and looked at her waiting on her permission to enter. With a nod he slowly entered, both moaning in unison. He moved slow to get into rhythm and then picked up the pace. She had her eyes close, amazed on how he was able to fit her without a problem. Her body was hot and on fire with his touch. She move with him as he moved. Faster and faster, he thrusted in her as each climax was building. Her eyes opened locking onto his as her climax was nearing. His was too as he picked up the pace shaking the bed making the headboard rock against the wall. With one, two, three thrust both climaxed. He collapsed on top of her both heavy breathing filled the room. He rolled off and laid on his back trying to refocus. She on the other hand climbed on him, straddling over his member. “Round two?’ She asked. His member sprang to life to answer for him. His hands found their way to her hips as she placed his member back inside her. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ She woke up first as the sun shined through the crack of the curtain. She wasted no time sliding out of the bed, looking for her clothes, and was out of the room reading unread messages. ‘I hope you’re not drink and dying somewhere.’ 'Are you fucking a stranger?’ ‘Is he at least cute? Hot?’ ‘Better call me when you see these messages.’ She smiled knowing her friend would be jealous to know that she did indeed fuck a hot, gorgeous stranger. That she also enjoyed every moment of it. She licked her lips in thought on what transpired last night into the early morning. Taking the lift down to the lobby, she continued to read the messages left unread. One made her stop to read once more once she made it to the lobby. ‘Wanted to inform you that you have today to get all of you things out of the apartment before the new tenants move in. Thank you, Jae. Eyes closed; she made her way out of the hotel to her car. She practically ran when the morning cool air had a bite to it hit her like a brick wall. Making it her car she found a jacket that she was glade she left. While waiting for her car to warm up she called her best friend. “You finally call after a whole night with no answer and my panicking that something happened to you. I swear I feel like I am your mother sometimes.” As her friend rambled on, she could not help but smile. “Mi Sun.” her friend stopped at the sound of her name. “I am a live and well. I also have a request well maybe a favor to ask of you.” “There is no way of me saying no. So where do I need to meet you? Also, I will have Jin and the boys clean up your old room for you.” Mi Sun could read her like a book at times. This time was one of those. “Mi Sun, you don’t have to you know that right?” she said but sounded more like a question. “Ji Su. After what you told me over the phone last night, I knew that you would be returning. I just wanted to wait until you asked me which surprising took longer then normal. Why is that may I ask?” Mi Sun was shifting topics trying to get answers out of Ji Su. “If you must know I was having my own celebration for my birthday.” She buckled up and put her car into drive and looked both ways before she made her exit towards her now old apartment. “Are you going to leave me hanging or are you going to tell me now?” Mi Sun asked as the sound of her moving out of the bed. There was another sounded that come a crossed the phone. “I will later when you are not busy. I am heading to my apartment. I am going to change while I am there and get things packed. I will meet you there.” Ji Su shared before to hang up. Mi Sun’s boyfriend was over, and Ji Su was going to wait to tell Mi Sun about her juicy night. At a red light, her phone pinged stating she received a new message. She glance over to read the first lines of Mi Sun stating she was making her way over when the light turned greened. Driving the familiar way allowed her to think on why? Why now did he have to just end things as if nothing that was between them meant anything. As if it was just a game, he was playing with her and the only person that did not know was her. Entering the parking lot, she prayed that he was not here, and he was at work. The place was fancy to some standards. There was a door man, a private gym, pool, and garden. That was what sold her was that damn garden that she spent numerous times thinking about any and everything. The door man greeted her, and she told him that Mi Sun was able to pass through when she arrived. He just nodded and watched her as she pasted him to the elevator and stepped in. Pressing the number of her floor, she opened her phone to make a list of things that was hers and that was his. Something that that both shared. There really was not that that both shared, everything that she had was her grandmothers. When she arrived on her floor, she took the short walk to her place. Walking in, she waited to see if Jae was her. After moments of waiting, she decided that he was not. So, she walked around the apartment to make note on what she missed when making her note on her phone. When she made a circle, she changed into clothes that would be more suitable to work in. Once done she meet Mi Sun, Jin, Yoongi, Hoseok, and Namjoon. All of them had boxes in hand ready to help her move. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ The move only took three hours and twenty-four minutes, according to Yoongi who was keeping track of time and who also chose to do half of the work. His excuse was that his hand were very delicate and worth money. There was no way to convince him, so the gang that it best to have him take the leading role of commander to keep them all on track. Packing up her things did not take long but moving it to the vehicles and to the old apartment that she was back to sharing with Mi Sun took the longest. Once everything was in Mi Sun left her to unpack. Mi Sun went to their neighbors that just happened to be Jin’s place with the boys. The youngest of the moss posh family was coming back today. They were putting together a celebration for him. A coming-of-age celebration since he was in the states when he became an adult. Ji Su was of coursed invited. To give her a break from unpacking. Putting her hair up in a high bun, Ji Su went to work to get half of the boxes done and her bed made. Few hours went by when she noticed the time. The sun was set for the evening and the party was about to start. Nothing like being fashionably late. Stopping what she was doing was move boxes to make a path to her bathroom to make sure she at least looked descent. Ji Su was not really planning to look cute. She knew the guys and they would not care what she looked like. Deming herself presentable enough, Ji Su made her way out of her room and into the hallway outside her apartment. As she made her way to the door a crossed the way, sounds of voices echoed through the hallway. She looked towards her left to see the rest of her neighbors with a new face whom she figured was the youngest member. They made there way towards her and smiled. Jimin and Taehyung walked up to her and wrapped her up in a big hug. “Sorry to hear what happened.” Jimin sympathetically said. “He was an ass who deserved to be ran over.” Taehyung angerly stated. Both made her chuckle a little before letting her go. When they stepped away the third person who was just standing there watching. He seemed familiar to her. The closer she looked she realized she knew him. Was not hard noticing the sleeve tattoo, long black shaggy hair that seemed to make him look hot as hell when in his eyes, and those damn piercings that she remembered running her tongue on them as she made her way south of him. Once his eyes locked onto hers, she knew that he was the mad that made her forget all that happened the evening before. He extended his hand towards hers. “Hi there, I’m Jeon Jungkook.” Taking his hand, she did the same. “Nice to meet you. I am Kim Ji Su. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Authors note Hi my fellow readers. Today I am here to bring you back to the world of Talking Body. Can you believe that 5 years ago was when I posted this story? I cannot believe the time that has gone by, and it was already 5 years. I wanted to do something with the fifth-year anniversary I am sure many authors do not do something like this. This story is one out of multiple that I have created. Some have yet to be finished, but this story to me has been different. I drafted this story within 6 months. I have never written anything like this within a brief period. Anywho, this time around I am rewriting the original and adding what I should have added and changing things up. Adding easter eggs for upcoming sequels and the prequal within the series. I hope that those who followed this story 5 years ago will show his or her support this time around once again. Also, any new readers who want to join in is welcome too. I also hope that you all with love this story all over again like I did. So, take the ride back into the Talking Body world and enjoy. Thank you, Choi Jiah. Talking Body Tag list (Let me know if you want you want to be tagged) @BAPSBABY @YessicCardenas @KeraDelatorre @BTSxEXO @MaritessSison @jiminakpop @GeniferEskue @divanicola05 @weendy @nydasm @JessicaFigueroa @MsLoyalHeart @MaggieHolm @CristinBarnes @chenisbaekasy @MelissaGarza
Talking Body 5-year Reboot Rated 18 for mature themes.
Hello, my fellow readers it that time of year again. This time I am rewriting Talking Body to make it more shall I say interesting. I have been wanted to rewrite this story after a year writing it. I will say that this story was probably one of my best. I am not joking or bragging about it, because it is the truth in my case. So, what is going to happen in this new version? Well thought you never would ask lol. Jungkook will be in away "redesigned" as my character within this story. He will have a different dream job, not an awful past, and his tattoos will defiantly make an appearance. As for Ji Su she will still have the same job, but her past is going to be different. When i was reading the older version i realized that her main character profile just didn’t make sense. She will still have that awful ex of hers, but it’ll be a little different. As for the other characters well let’s just say they maybe easter eggs that might pop up. I know that I have said this before that i would update on Jin's story and the others, but life got supper busy. I am working through it, and I believe with me releasing the new version of Talking Body may boost my creative side and get going on the other stories that I have plan for this series. My plan for this story is to go more into the relationship where both Ji Su and Jungkook go on dates, have it to where his past comes into play, and well more romance with both of them. Now will the story be longer? That has yet to be decided I am starting from scratch and some help from the older version. My goal is to have this new version to surpass the older one and to be better. I just hope that will happen. Best case it that it will still receive a lot of love regardless on what happens. So once this is posted I will be making my way to post chapter one and it will be rated +18 because it does have mature themes. If it doesn’t pan out, I’m sure most of you have Asianfanfics to read BTS and other KPOP fanfiction. I know that I do. I do not know if those on this tag list is still on here. If not please comment so that way I can take them off. If they are I'm happy to keep them on the list. Also comment if you would like to be added! Talking Body Tag list (Let me know if you want you want to be tagged) @BAPSBABY @YessicCardenas @KeraDelatorre @BTSxEXO @MaritessSison @jiminakpop @GeniferEskue @divanicola05 @weendy @nydasm @JessicaFigueroa @MsLoyalHeart @MaggieHolm @CristinBarnes @chenisbaekasy
BTS Jungkook Outfit
BTS is currently one of the most popular Korean boy bands in the world. From placing Korean music on such a massive scale in the international music market to throwing fans into a frenzy with their beautiful avatars in Run BTS episodes to their loving words for ARMY during these tough times of epidemic, they have done everything. Their idea of making the world a better place has resonated with the public, and in a big way. As much as BTS is famous as a group, the lads as individuals have become targets for many. Everyone in BTS has their own fandom, whether it’s RM as Kim Nam Joon, Jin or Kim Seok Jin, Suga aka Min Yoon Gi, J-Hope aka Jung Ho Seok, Jimin aka Park Ji Min, V aka Kim Tae Hyung, or Jungkook aka Jeon Jung Kook. However, being the youngest of the group, Jungkook receives a lot of affection not just from the ARMY but also from his Hyungs. The ARMY causes mayhem on Twitter every time Jungkook posts a selfie on social media. That’s exactly what occurred this time. Jungkook posted a mirror selfie, and fans are going crazy about it. In the snap, Jungkook is wearing an oversized sweatshirt and track pants. He is wearing a beanie with one blondish strand of hair snipped off of it. The ARMY’s hearts are in their mouths because of his comment that accompanied the selfie. “I want to see ARMY,” BTS’ Jungkook captioned the photo. Here’s a peek at his photo in case you missed it, Members of the K-pop band BTS held a V Live session on Saturday. The Live session saw Jungkook, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, RM, and V interacting with the fans. Jin had to skip the live session since he was undergoing surgery for his finger injury. The live session was held after the exhilarating Permission To Dance on Stage concert in Seoul a week before. Fans were quite eager to know one thing from the youngest member of the group, Jungkook. The golden maknae of the group had his jacket unbuttoned during the recent concert. It was on the last day of the Permission To Dance on Stage concert when the 24-year-old was seen struggling with his blazer button which had popped open. During the Fake Love performance, Jungkook was seen struggling and chuckling as the button kept on opening. The conversation that unfolded among the BTS members was translated by Twitter user @btsbaragi_jk on the microblogging site. A fan brought up this incident during the V Live session and asked, “What happened to Jungkook’s shirt during Fake Love?” Fellow BTS members found the chance to tease their golden maknae, as Suga responded, “What was it? Did it really pop off?” Jungkook explained to the rapper that the button had fallen off, to which Suga said, “You didn’t do that on purpose?” Jimin teased Jungkook as he said, “You seemed to be continuously laughing and smiling as you performed though.” BTS leader and rapper, RM shared what he knew as he said that he saw Jungkook pulling at the thread of the button quite a lot before they went on the stage. Suga also added another information as he said, “I was told you put oil on before going up.” The group burst out laughing as Suga revealed the details. However, Jungkook in his defence said that he did that since he had to lift his shirt during the Fake Love performance. Jungkook later added, “The reason I laughed is because I buttoned it up once but it got undone again so I was dumbfounded.”