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Talking Body Chapter Fourteen [+18]
Chapter Fourteen Jungkook walked Ji Su into her apartment and then he went back to grab her ‘gift’ from whom she calls ‘Nightmare.’ He went to the kitchen with the intention to throw it all away but was stopped by Ji Su. She place a hand on his, shaking, but moved her other to hand to grab the letter addressed to her. “Are you sure you want to read that? And why won’t you let me throw this all way?” he questioned her. He knew that he should not but with this new status of their relationship he felt the need to protect her. It was over powering his rational thinking. “I am sure that I want to read this letter even if it brings back memories. The other stuff I want to bag it up. There are gloves and trash bags in the left middle drawer over by the stove.” She said and went into the living room. Jungkook went over to grab a bag along with the gloves and started to put the creepy eyeless bear, dead flowers, and balloon. This had Jae written all over it, but only if he could find the proof that it was him. Once that was all done. He made his way to Ji Su. She was sitting down on the couch, the letter on the coffee table opened. He made his way to sit next to her and grabbed the letter. Happy Anniversary Do you remember that morning you were running? You looked so beautiful. I hope to one day recreate that day. The day that I finally finished what I started. I should have not let you live. You have tormented me for years. Just promise me that you will keep your dog in the kennel. I do not want anyone to intervene with what I plan for you. Say your goodbyes now. Today, tomorrow, a week, month, could be your last. Yours truly This guy was a sick bastard. Was he planning to rape her and then kill her? All because he could not do that the first time. He put the letter back down and looked at her. Ji Su was shaking. He knew it was not due to the cold, it was the fear this man had over her. Jungkook wrapped his arms around her and held her. “I am not going anywhere. I will find out more evidence and have him taken care of.” He felt her shake more and tears fall from her face. He hated when she cried. Not because it was annoying, no it was because of how scared she was. They stayed like that until Mi Sun come home announcing her arrival stating she hope they were dressed. She stopped short when she saw Jungkook whisper that Ji Su was asleep. He was in the kitchen making some tea. Mi Sun walked over to Ji Su to make sure she was not sick. She stopped when she saw the letter. Making her way to the kitchen and sat down on one of the island chairs. “He sent her another one?” she asked in a low whisper. “How many has he sent to her?” he asked pouring tea into his cup and then one for Mi Sun. “One every year on the anniversary and only on random times. She has them saved saying that once she finds out who she will hand it all over to the police.” She let out a heavy sigh. “I think she does it to torment herself.” Jungkook nodded his agreement. “I think we need to hand this over, but I could have Yoongi take a look.” That got Mi Sun’s attention. “A few weeks ago, when Ji Su and I were on a break I had Yoongi look up somethings about Ji Su and Jae. Something that I found tells me that Jae has been the guy who raped her and now is tormenting her. I do not know the reason for dating her, but I am sure it is twisted and sick.” “You dug into his past and Ji Su’s?” she asked. He leaned against the counter with the mug in his hand. “See I did not with Ji Su only about the assaults that happened this year. Jae was the one into which I was looking.” He took a sip letting what he said sink. “What did you find about that bastard?” Mi Sun finally took her mug and started to add sugar to her tea and then stood up to grab the milk. Once she was done with that, she gave her attention to Jungkook. “We found out that he did not show up until the year after. He was a student at the University, but he was nonexistent the previous year. However, his photo the spend of those two years changed.” Jungkook pulled out his phone and fidget with it before handing it over to Mi Sun. “We don’t know if he had cosmetic surgery to change into a handsome man or the other possibility is that he could have a brother that he is protecting.” Mi Sun looked at the photos that Jungkook pulled up to show her. She looked at the difference of the photos. Both had the same face structure, but the hair, nose, and eye arrangement has changed. “Ji Su in her police report said that she saw who it was but did not know who. The did a composite sketch. This photo,” Mi Sun pointed to. “Looks a lot like the sketch. However, this man was well known for a series of assaults and was never caught. Ji Su was his last one and the one that he intended to kill. However, she fought her way out and made it to campus police.” Mi Sun glanced over her shoulder. “She was bad, Jungkook. He had beat her, ripped her clothes, damaged her knees and hip. She was so bloody that I broke down when I got the call.” She looked back at him. “I stayed with her through all the tests. They were unable to collect a DNA sample because she fought her way from him before he could ejaculate in her.” Jungkook set his now empty mug on the counter taking what Mi Sun just shared. “What did the police do?” he asked. “Nothing. They did absolutely nothing. They took her statement and the rape kit, but that is all. I went to the station asking about her case when she was still in the hospital. I was told there was nothing more they could do since there was no DNA.” She slammed her mug on the counter expressing her irritation with the police. “I know they are doing his or her job, but in a way to blame Ji Su for not securing a DNA example for her rapist. It pisses me off.” Jungkook knew that feeling. “In the morning I will talk with Yoongi and see what we can come up with. For now, let us just call it a night.” He made his way to Ji Su when Mi Sun spoke. “You are good for her, you know. Out of all the guys she has dated you are the winner. Just do not break her. She is already fragile as it is.” Mi Sun stood up and made her way to her room leaving Jungkook and Ji Su. Jungkook lean down and slide his arms under her picking her up in a bridal style. Once she was secure in his arms, he made his way to her room. ~*~*~*~*~*~ He did not sleep at all. He was on the phone with Yoongi and looking up what he could about Jae and the ‘Nightmare.’ He did not noticed that dawn broke and Ji Su stirred in sleep only to wake up. “Please tell you at least got some sleep.” She greeted him with and rolled out of bed. “My mind was to wire that I couldn’t sleep.” He felt her hands on him and kissed him cheek. “You need a break.” He turned to her as if she were telling him that what he was doing was important and needed to be done asap. “I know what you are thinking, but it is morning, and you are on my list for fitting today along with Jin. After that I just have a few changes and then I am down until the August 5th.” She slide into his lap. “But this is important. Not just for me, but for you and your safety.” He wrapped his arms around and leaned his hand on her shoulder. “I just got you and I don’t want to lose you with the bastard roaming around.” “Well, after today I have nothing to do. I could ask Mi Sun about my schedule. If there is nothing, then we can head to Busan a few weeks earlier.” He gave her questioning look. “Mi Sun and I bought a beach house a few years ago. With the store bring a good amount of money and the inheritance from my grandmother, we chose to buy a beach house in Busan.” He picked up his head as to look at her. She brushed the hair that was covering his eyes to the side. “It would be ideal to stay somewhere that is safe and that is the only place that I am thinking about that is safe. Plus, you will be there.” She taped him on the nose before getting up from his lap, but his grip was too tight around her. She looked at him and that was when he leaned in to kiss her. Short and simple. “I never give you enough credit for how brilliant you are.” “Don’t falter me Casanova.” She teased him and she got out of his grip and ran to the bathroom. He leaned back into the chair and rubbed his face. He was exhausted from working all night. From all that work with Yoongi nothing came up. Yoongi expressed that maybe taking a break and waiting may helped. He was not going to that not with his girl’s life was on the line. But with what Ji Su told him and where they could go was not a bad idea. Going to Busan was close enough for him to bring her home. Plus, he needed to go home since he has not been home since he got back from the states. His parents knew he was home and did not pressure him to come home. So, he closed the lap top, put his phone on the charger before he made his way to the bed. The thought of closing his eyes for a few minutes would do the trick. Once his eyes were closed sleep took over. He was still aware of his surroundings when he would hear Ji Su walked around getting dress. Walking out the door and then back in. he felt the bed sink in by him. “I am heading to work, try and be there by one. I will do Jin’s fitting first since he has more then you.” He felt her lean down and kissed his head and whispered that she loved him. The last sound he heard was her walking out and muffled voices. He slept for what felt like an hour, but when he woke up it was 11:30. He rolled out of bed and left the girls place and back into his place to shower and change. Once he was done, he walked back out to head to Paris Boutique. He made a stop to grab coffee for himself and Ji Su, along with Jin and Mi Sun. once he arrived, he carried the drinks and made his way to Mi Sun’s office and then Jin’s handing them their drinks. Then he made his way to Ji Su. When he walked in, she was on the phone. “Quintin, are you trying to tell me that I need to personally invite you to the upcoming Busan show here in two weeks? I thought you were already invited.” She paused while Quintin spoke. “Quintin I am sure you can contact whom ever is in charge and you will be invited. I cannot invite unless you were one of my models, but you are not.” Another pause. “No, I am only showcasing 21 outfits, and I have seven men that will be walking the runway.” She looked annoyed and then finally looked up at Jungkook who hand her coffee. He sat down and drank his coffee while he waited. “Quintin I am sorry, but I must go. I have a clint waiting.” Before she hung up, he said something to make her blush. “Quintin he is one of the models. We are not going to do that. Have a wonderful day.” She hung up before he could get another word in. “Quintin trying to sneak in for the show?” She let out a breath. “Yes, because he wants to see my showcase since this would be first one at the Busan show. I told him that I could not because all the tickets that I was given to went to some of the workers here. Since I am the designer, Mi Sun the manager, and then all seven of you men modeling there was no need to keep the five tickets.” “Makes since and so he is all upset about it?” “Yes, but his name is pretty well known that he could just say who he was and be on the list.” She stood up and walked around her desk. Leaning against it. “This show is like fashion week in Paris. This is just our show for all the local and surrounding areas fashion designers. Mi Sun and I have been invited to about three and this is the year that I have been asked to showcase. So, this is important to me.” She express to him. His hand took hers. “I know and it is important to me as well. I am here to support you and help you with this dream and I am willing to continue to help you fulfill all the dreams you if you let me.” That brought a smile to her face, the one that lights up the room. “So, what do have to do? Are you going to poke me only to make me feel better later?” he asked wiggling his eyebrows. She shook her head, and she made her way to the rank. “All you do is put on each of the outfits, and then each time step on the fitting platform. From there I will look and make sure each outfit works and fits. If there some alterations that I must do I will be pinning in the areas that needs the alterations. So, if I poke you, I will kiss it better for you.” She instructed and pulled out his garment bag. He placed his coffee on the desk and walked over to her. Taking the garment bag and stealing a kiss from her before going into the changing room. Taehyung was the eighties bad boy, Jungkook was the modern bad boy. She was influenced by his tattoos, his hair, and piercings. His outfits were mainly jeans, fitted shirts, sweaters, and there was one outfit that she created based of the butterfly tattoo. It was not a consider as modern bad boy vibe, but she visioned it as a bad boy transitioning into a handsome butterfly. Jungkook in the changing room, opened the garment bag to see a lot of jeans, a black sweater, and a plaid jacket. There were some fitted shirts, but it seem that was not really that highlight of his outfits. The last one was a suit. He was confused about his outfits, but he was sure his girl knew what she was doing. So, he dressed in the first outfit. Light blue jeans with premade holes and a black sweatshirt. There was a black shirt wear underneath. He walked out once dressed and smirked. “So, I looked that good?” he teased Ji Su who frozen with her mouth opened. He made his way to her with the intention of kissing her deep and slow, but her mouth closed and pointed to the platform. “That will have to wait we have work to do.” She stammered out getting to work. ~*~*~*~*~*~ When the were down and Ji Su was working on a few things he sat down to wait until she was done. Once she was, she went to Mi Sun to asked her a few things and then she came back. Jotting down a few things and then she finally looked up at him. “We are a go to the beach house.” She told him looking away to clean up her desk. “Mi Sun said that she will bring everything a few days before the show. She even told me she will call before she that way we are dressed.” A little giggle escaped her lips. She moved to stand in front of him. Jungkook leaned forward and grabbed her hand making her sit on his lap. “While we are there, I want to do something.” She gave him a questioning look. “My parents live in Busan, and I was thinking that maybe I could introduce you to them.” “If that is want you want to do then. Just call them and have a day set so that way I can be prepared. Plus ask your parents what the like so I do not come empty handed.” He brush a strand of hair out of her face and placed it behind her ear. “I will ask because I know better than to tell you to not worry about it.” She smiled and then told him. “We should head back home and pack. Once we are pack, we can head out.” He helped her off his lap and then stood up taking her hand. “We can take my Jeep and Noona can take you car home.” He suggested. “Yeah, it might be better since it might know what car I drive. He could know yours too, but I doubt it.” They walked out hand in hand. Stopping one last time in Mi Sun’s office to give her Ji Su’s car keys. “He would be an idiot if he followed.” He told her opening the door for her. “A major idiot.” She said in agreement. He walked around to get in and once he was in, they drove off to pack for two weeks. Jungkook had one bag and Ji Su had three. She told him that one is daily wear, the second was for the fashion show, and the third was everything else. He shook his head and grabbed her bags along with his one. When they got back to the Jeep, his phone pinged. He grabbed his phone out of his pocket to see it was from Yoongi. Yoongi: a sick twist of fate. He has a whole list of charges that have been cleaned off his record. He could be the guy. I will look more into it. Jungkook read that over and over. Ji Su touched his arm to see if he was ok. He put his phone back his pocket after sending a quick message back to Yoongi. “You ready?” he asked her once they were settled in the Jeep. “I am. Let us enjoy this vacation.” She took his hand and held it. “Alright four and a half hours here we go.” ~*~*~*~*~ Authors note: Another day and another chapter. I hope you enjoyed this one and sorry if it seems a little creepy. I shared with my mom about that letter and my mom thought it was creepy and asked me if I was going to kill off any of my characters. I told her no just the keep stalker. I do not think I asked any of you this but what are your thoughts? Do you think Jae is ‘Nightmare’ or could it be someone else? Please comment below and I ask not links or promoting. 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Talking Body Chapter Thirteen [+18]
Chapter Thirteen Few weeks went by, and things were busy as ever. Ji Su was running around making the final preparations for each outfit she made for the men’s line. The seven men that lived across from her all said yes on the last night of the camping trip. So, each week she had one or two of the men to try on each outfit to see which style fits and the size needed to be changed. Surprisingly, only Namjoon and Hoseok were the only ones that the style she chose for them worked. As for the size it was the same, no change needed. Yoongi style worked but his size had to be change a few times. Ji Su made a comment to him that he was like a bride the either gain or lost the weight. He laughed at her when he walked out. Today she was working on Jimin and Taehyung. She really hoped nothing would change with them. “You give of the boy next door vibe. What do you think?” Ji Su took a step back to look at her work on him. This was his last outfit he was trying on. So far, the other two worked with style and size. Jimin looked in the mirror. “I would say that I agree with you. Man, I make all those ladies swoon over me.” He joked looking back and Ji Su. “Glad you agree. Everything seems too good with this one. You are good to change.” With that said Jimin step down from the fitting platform and went behind the screen to change back into his street clothes. Ji Su went to her desk to make a note to put Jimin’s outfits the ‘done’ section. Jimin walked out once he was dressed and handed his outfit, he had on to her. “Have you by chance know what is going on with Tae?” he asked her. She looked up at him seeing the defeat and worry for his best friend, brother. “No, I have not but I am seeing him sometime today. If you want, I could speak with him. If what he says is something that needs to be addressed, I will let you know, but if it is nothing, I just message you that everything all good with him.” “I do not care how serious it is I just want to know if he is sleeping and eating all right. That is all I care about.” Jimin admitted. “I will give it my best shot so just be patient.” “I will.” A knock on her door drew their attention to Mi Sun walking in. She was in her ‘all business’ walk. Something must have come up to have Mi Sun walking in. “I hope you are not planning to leave early today. You have a meeting with Dan Bi, the maknae of XOXO. She is needing a sponsor and we need someone to promote our clothes, so I agreed. We sign contracts and then go over a few details.” Mi Sun handed her a file with everything she needed to know. Ji Su took and placed on her desk. “Also, Tae is here.” With that Mi Sun walked out. Seconds passed and Jimin turned to look at Ji Su. “What the hell is her problem?” he asked. “Well, if could be her mother, could be that Jin isn’t you know doing the deed, could be me when she caught me doing the deed with someone on the kitchen counter, or it could just be work.” “Hold up she caught you having sex with some random dude in your kitchen?” Ji Su sighed seeing that was the only piece of information he caught. Yes, Ji Su and Jungkook had a sex marathon for the remaining days in the cabin. When there were two days left Mi Sun chose to walk in with Jungkook and Ji Su in an intimate position. On the kitchen counter and Jungkook’s head between her legs. To be honest that morning he told her was hungry but not for food. Mi Sun just happened to walk in when Ji Su orgasmed for the third time that morning. She was just embarrassed as Mi Sun. “Yeah, in the cabin, our yearly trip that we call camping. She just happened to come and check up on me after getting back and yes, she has not spoken to me since. I do not blame her; I would be scarred if I walked in on her and Jin. I would have an eye replacement.” That made Jimin laugh as he walked out telling her to have good day. Ji Su walked over to the rack and grab Taehyung’s clothes when he walked in. Ji Su took a double take when she saw him. His hair was all disoriented, clothes all wrinkled with stains, and his face there were no words to explain how haggard he looked. Something was going on and that would explain Jimin’s worry for his friend. Ji Su made her way to him and handed him the clothes. Told him to change into one and then come back so she could look to see if there were any changes. He said nothing and went to change into the first outfit. Fifteen minutes went by as they worked on changes on the last outfit. The other two worked and fit, except this one. This outfit gives out the eighty’s bad boy vibe, which fits him perfectly for style, but a tad too big for him. Ji Su was pinning the pants pulling it in some and the writing it down. Then she moved to his shirt. She stared at it trying to figure out how to pull it in some without disrupting the image she was trying to portray. “You could just leave the shirt. I usually wear my shirts this way when I head to the clubs at night.” Taehyung suggested in that deep voice of his. His voice seemed to always throw her off with how deep it was. “But it is really lose on you. As if it will fall off when you walk.” Ji Su counter with him. “Did you lose weight recently?” she asked him, concern in her voice. “No just a lot of sex.” He wiggled his eyebrows at her making her chuckle. “What? You lose calories but just having sex. I dare you to check you weight when you get home to see how much you lost from all the sex you been having.” That stopped in her tracks. “How would you know about all sex I am supposedly having?” she leaned against her desk looking at him. “Oh, please you think you and Jungkook could hide the fact that you both sneaking around. I know something was up that night he came back. The way he looked at you and you Ji Su trying to hide the fact you were looking at him too. And one morning I was making my way home when I caught Jungkook leaving your apartment. He was shirtless and you were wearing his shirt. So, I was not hard to guess.” Ji Su’s mouth gapped open and then closed. Taehyung gave her smug look like her won the trivia jackpot. Well, if we are being opened about our sex lives maybe I could ask him about what is wrong with him. “What about you? Who is this girl that has taken all your time?” that smug look dropped. “There is not much to take about it. She and I just have sex and that is it.” He looked away from her, but something was wrong. “Tae you can talk to me. If there is something that is bothering you, talking with someone can help with a solution.” That got him to step down from the fitting stage and sitting down with his forearms resting on his thighs, hands in his hair. “She wants to end it. End out non committed relationship. Apparently, I am not ready to settle down and making our relationship into something more.” Taehyung hung his head in defeat as he confessed to Ji Su. She moved over to him, squatting down while she listened. “I met her a year ago at a club and one thing led to another. From there we kept meeting up to have sex. It was wild and exciting. Last night though she told me it was the last time because she wants more, and I cannot give it to her.” Ji Su put a hand on his knee. “Have you expressed this to her?” He looked up at her, there were tears in his eyes. Seeing that broke her heart. He really was heartbroken about it. “Well, if you count the sex that was the only way I able to express it. I had no words to share with her. When she wants something, I drop everything to get what she wants. If this is what she wants, then I will give it to her. I just do not know why if hurts so much.” The tears started to flow, and he took a hand to pound at his chest. Ji Su reached up to hold his hand. “It hurts because you may love her. Being with her for a year can change those feelings that you denied yourself from feeling. Maybe go to her and ask her if she is willing to wait. If she asks for a timeline, then tell her one. Then use that timeline to really work on what she wants from you.” Taehyung wiped his tears and gipped Ji Su’s hand. “If that doesn’t work then what?” Ji Su got up to grab a Kleenex for him. He took and wiped his nose. “Well, we will get to that part when the times comes.” She gave him a reassuring smile that everything was going to work. She just prayed to whatever god that would listen those things would turn out. ~*~*~*~*~*~ Ji Su was sitting at her desk going over some emails when Jungkook walked in with food. The smell of what was in the bags made her stomach grumble. The sound made him laugh so hard he almost dropped the food. She cleared her desk as he composed himself, well tried to. He brought the food over and took out the contents of each bag. Burgers and fries with tea. They sat there and ate without talking. She was hungry out her mind to even think of words to say. Jungkook was busy messing with his phone to even eat. “New rule, when we eat phones are put aside.” She said taking one of his fries. He gapped at her and then took one of hers. “Fine we can make that a rule you fry thief.” He put his phone in his pocket and at his burger in four bites. “You pig.” She grumbled looking at hers seeing she was half way down with hers. “I am your pig who likes to eat, and I am not saying food.” She looked up and his eyes twinkled at the challenge. “You are one wicked man.” She took a bite of her burger, handing of the rest of it to him. She started to nibble on her fries. “So, found out that out little secret wasn’t really a secret.” Jungkook nearly choked and swallowed so he did not spit across her desk. “Who told you?” he reach out for his drink and took a long sip. She waited until there was nothing in his mouth before she shared her information. “Well, we know about Mi Sun when she walked in on us.” “That will never happen again by the way.” He pointed out. “Tae also knows.” Jungkook raised his eyebrows. “He was coming home one morning when he witnessed you running across the hall with no shirt to the apartment. He even saw me in that shirt that just happened to no be on you.” “Oh well, we do not have to keep it a secret any more. Speaking of which, do you want to tell them all together or go around individually telling them?” “I do not know. I would say all but with wedding coming up I do not what to take the spot light from them.” Ji Su took a sip of her tea. “Then we will wait until after Noona and Hyung’s wedding.” He took another fry of hers. She smack him. Making him choke on it. “Hey, I bought this lunch for you at least you could share.” Ji Su just shrugged as her answer to him. They finished eating and Jungkook stood up telling her he needed to head back. “What time will you be done today?” he asked her as she walked him to her door. “I have an appointment with a client, and I should be free after that. Why?” Ji Su leaned against her door frame. “I want to take you out tonight. Do not worry about your outfit what you have on will work.” She looked down seeing high waisted skinny jeans with premade holes in them and one of her t-shirt’s that was dyed a coral color. “Ok I will let you know when I am done.” She stood on her tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek. Those he moved enough to have the kiss touch his lips. She smiled and started laughing. Someone cleared their throats the made the love birds break apart. Mi Sun stood there glaring at them. “Sorry to interrupt but you client is here.” “Noona do not glare at us. Maybe ask Hyung to spicy it up for you.” Jungkook teased Mi Sun. “I already do Jungkook.” Jin walked into the hall way making his way to Mi Sun’s office. “Thank you, Mi Sun, I will get her you go and have lunch.” Mi Sun handed Ji Su the file with all the paperwork and walked in to her office closing the door behind her. Ji Su kissed Jungkook once more. “I think you should go. Do not worry about Mi Sun. I will talk with her to see what is going on.” He kissed her and then walked out. Ji Su waited a few minutes before walking out to greet Dan Bi. She spotted her looking at a rack of clothes. Ji Su walked over to her thinking how she does not look like an idol or part of a kpop girl group. Dan Bi sensed she Ji Su was on the way because she stopped and bowed as her greeting. “No need to bow, we already know each other, and I see you as a friend.” Ji Su said to her giving her a hug. “I know but you are my unnie and I have to show my respect to you regardless.” She whispered. “Alright then but this is the last time. Any ways lets head back into my office.” Ji Su led Dan Bi to the back and entered her office. “Go ahead and have seat. How many more days until you new album is released?” Ji Su asked to make small talk. “We have until February for the release. So, now it is all about finishing touches without recordings, jacket cover shoots, and plans to promote the new album.” Dan Bi was looking down at her hands as she spoke. “Sounds lie you’ll be busy up till that day, but I am sure you will get busier once the album and MV is out.” Ji Su stated, grabbing the folder in front of her. “So, you would like to sponsor Paris Boutique?” “Yes, I was talking with Mr. Choi about finding another job to do while we work on the new album. He thought it was a clever idea and thought about getting a sponsorship. Something that I could advertise for, and they help when I need something for a gala or an award show. You know like the American award shows how some of those stars when dress for a sponsor.” Dan Bi shared with Ji Su using her hands as she spoke. “Why did you pick Paris Boutique?” “Because I have been busying clothes from her since I was seventeen and I love them. In fact, I am wearing a pair of jeans that you designed a few years back/ They are my go-to jeans for anything.” Dan Bi’s eyes seem to light up at the mention of the jeans. “Well, you do not have to worry I already agreed and so does Mi Sun, my partner. She has some paper work for you to go over and sign. I would do this with Mr. Choi and make sure everything that we wrote down works. If there is somethings that needs to be added or taking out, he can contact us through Mi Sun. Her email and extension for the phone are on this business card. My information is on the other card.” Ji Su handed her the folder and Dan Bi took it. “What wasn’t you partner in here with us?” Dan Bi asked. “Her wedding is coming up and so things are strenuous. She has a look on her mind, and she thought if would be best if I spoke with you.” Ji Su lied with a straight face. She honestly had no idea why Mi Sun was not in here with them. “I understand. My sister got married last year and when the wedding rapidly approaches things get hectic. I am surprised my mother did not kill my sister from all the changing up to the day before the wedding.” A small smile played on Dan Bi’s lips. “Hard to be away from family?” “It is but I am doing this for them anyway. I am also doing this for myself but mostly for them.” Dan Bi stood up and Ji Su followed suit. “I should be going now. It was nice seeing you again Unnie.” “It was nice talking with you Dan Bi. Do not be a stranger when you come back to shop.” Ji Su told her and walked Dan Bi out the door. Ji Su made her way back to her office but stopped and knocked on Mi Sun’s. Her door was opened. “You can come in.” Mi Sun said with the sounds of typing. “Just checking up on you seeing if everything is, ok?” Ji Su said taking a seat across Mi Sun. Mi Sun looked up at Ji Su. “Everything is ok just the wedding.” She sat back in her chair, taking her glasses off and running a hand through her hair. “My father told me that he will not be able to walk me down the aisle because he would not be able to make the ceremony. So, I spoke to Jin’s dad and see if he could. He said he would be delighted to walk me down.” A sigh escaped before she could continue. “My father found out and is upset about it. He suggested to push the wedding back two hours so that way he can make it on time. I can not push the damn ceremony back just because his dumbass is out of the country for work that week and returning the day of the wedding.” Ji Su sat there processing what was said before she spoke. “How I see it Mi Sun. our father in a sense, abandoned you when he left. He really has no right to walk you down. I would say your mother could, but I know how rocky that relationship is.” “Thank you, my dear best friend. Words that I can not express to my parents.” Mi Sun clapped and then stopped when and idea popped into her head. “I think I know who can walk me down. You Ji Su. You are more family than my blood. I know you are my maid of honor, but would you be the person by my side and walk me down to my future?” “What about Jin’s father?” “I can tell him changes of plans. Plus, he only told me he would if I did not find any one to fill in.” “Then Mi Sun, my sister, I will take that place and walk you down.” Mi Sun jumped up from her chair and ran around to embrace Ji Su. “I am glad you are happy. I do not know why I worried about you being mad at me.” “Oh no I am mad at you but that is for another time. I think you have a date to get to. I will schedule a meeting with you and set up guidelines for the future. I really do not want to walk in on you and Jungkook.” Mi Sun shivered in disgust. In between giggles, Ji Su told her she would look forward to it and walked out. ~*~*~*~*~*~ Jungkook waited for Ji Su by his car. He opened the door for her and then go into her side. He even helped her buckle up. She asked him where they were going, and he told her she would find out soon enough. The drive to where they were going was not long. They went to an art gallery. An artist was displaying his art work and Jungkook wanted to check it out. Ji Su found out that Jungkook wanted to come to the gallery because the artist was his favorite. They walked hand in hand as the walked around looking at all the art pieces on display. Ji Su had to admit the works were amazing. All the art pieces were in traditional Japanese art. However, everything painted was in Korean. Ji Su was mesmerized, and it was hard to peel her eyes away. When they were finished walking around Jungkook told her he was hungry and asked if she was. Her stomach grumbled her answer. He took her hand and led them to a food tent not far from the art gallery. They sat down and ordered. When the food came the two of them shared about the rest of their day. She even shared about Jimin being concerned for Tae and what was going on with Tae. Jungkook told her that things would work out eventually for Tae even if it takes time. The date was perfect when it ended with them heading home and parking. Instead of heading up to the apartment, they chose to walk in the path for a bit. “Mi Sun apparently wants to talk to me about some guidelines so what happened last time wont happened next time.” Ji Su shared with him. Jungkook huffed a laugh. “Now she should have knocked or called before walking in on us.” “To be far we were in a trans that her knocking or calling would be in the void. Though you are right though.” She buried her face in his sleeve mumbling. “I cannot believe she walked in when I came. So embarrassing.” “But yet so sexy.” He teased. They laughed none stopped when the started to head back. Jungkook was not going to make her walk any further. Not when she started to lean more into him. As they headed back into the apartment complex things could not be any more perfect. A little thought told Jungkook something was going to happen. He kept pushing it further back in his mind, trying to not ruin this happy bubble Ji Su and he were in. That happy bubble was popped when the were at her door. A teddy bear with missing eyes, dead roses, balloons that read ‘I miss you,’ and a note address to Ji Su. ~*~*~*~*~ Authors note: So, this chapter was simple. I gave you some easter eggs can you find them. If you do feel free to comment on which ones. This chapter was also long. I wanted to give you a simple day at the office and a date. I think this chapter flowed out well except for the creepy bear and flowers. I wonder what the note will say. I guess you’ll have to figure that out next time. Thank you again for all your support. 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Talking Body Chapter Twelve [+18]
Chapter 12 She believed him. Believed what he said was true. That he would do anything in his power to protect her. Ji Su realized that she was holding herself back from asking for any help in fear what may happen to those that helped her. He was watching her waiting on a response. Before she could a flash of lighting and the lights went out as the thunder rumbled. Ji Su froze. She felt Jungkook back away from her, and she reached out to grab him. He let out a chuckle. “I am going to find some flash lights and candles. Just stay there I will be back.” She felt a kiss on her forehead before disappearing. She stayed there hearing him move around the kitchen opening cabinets. She felt him by her to place what she believed would be candles. With a flick of a lighter, Jungkook lite up a candle. “Have you always carried a lighter?” the question she asked complete opposite of the serious conversation they paused. “When I lived in the states some things were not going as planned so I picked up the habit of smoking. 6 months before I was to return, I quit. I have been smoke free for a year now. I just carry the lighter with me as remembrance of the time in my life.” He shared with her while he lite the four candles that he found. “Have you had an urge to smoke again?” She asked. “The day I found out about your past and Jae.” He glanced up at her, the flames shadow dancing on her face. Ji Su looked away. “If we are going to play the truth game, then answer my question. Why did you stay with him for so long?” She looked back at him with wide eyes. No one, not even Mi Sun had the nerve to ask her this. “I really don’t know.” That was the truth right there. She had no idea why she stay with him for long. “I think I stayed with him for the safety that seemed to radiate off him. Jae was never violated until this year. I really do not know what would make him turn out this way. He was a sweet caring guy that I saw my future with. Though that started to crack back in March with him nearly trying to kill me.” She was shaking remembering that day. “That night I found out that I was pregnant. I was cooking his favorite meal and planned to tell him the happy news. However, I had my back towards him when he come home the last thing I remember before blacking out with him throwing the pregnancy tests at me and then pushing me up against the stove burning me. I blacked out when he lifted me and throw me into the coffee table.” Ji Su did not notice the Jungkook was in front of her that same way before the lights when out. She was shaking that Jungkook took her hands and placed them inside his. “I have scars from that night. I just hide them with makeup.” She confessed holding her gaze on their hands intwined. Silence took over for a moment as both were processing on what was said. Ji Su was amazed that she was able to share about that night, with what little she remembered of it. She was still looking down at their hands when she felt Jungkook place his head on hers. She watched his hands leave hers and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close to him. Something wet fell on his shirt. It took Ji Su some time to realize that she was crying. She started to pull away from embarrassment of ruining his shirt even though he had multiple of the same color and shirt. “I am not letting you go. Just cry and let it out. I will hold you until you are done.” She buried herself with in his chest and cried. Jungkook held on to her tighter. An hour went by and Jungkook carried her to the couch still holding on to her while she let out endless tears. When she stopped, she laid next him, feeling embarrassed. “Sorry for ruining your shirt.” She sat up rubbing her eyes, the were puffy and swollen from the hour of crying. “I am a mess. She whispered to herself. She felt him sit up next to her, “You may look like a mess but it’s a beautiful mess.” He kissed her cheek. “As for my shirt I have another one just like it. So, no worries about it.” The storm seemed to drift away, but the lights in the cabin were still off. “Looks like we’ll be sleeping in the dark.” Jungkook stood up to stretched, exposing his v the was peeking out on his waist line. Ji Su stood up giving the excused that was going to change into pajamas. He just shrugged and sat back down. She disappeared in the room that she was using. With the door closed something in her told her that wanted what he was willing to give her. Taking a deep breath, Ji Su changing into one of his damn oversize t-shirts. She went into her bathroom to make sure she was not a complete mess that would ruin this urge inside. With everything all good, she took a step and then another as she made her way out to him. He found more candles and lite up the fire place. Pillows and blankets spread out on the floor. It seemed very romantic. Jungkook must have sensed her behind him. He turned to face her and that damn smirk of his was displayed on his face. “Baby girl you’re going to kill me every time I see you in one of my shirts.” He spoke to her in a whisper. “This is a nice set up you got here.” She stated ignoring what he said as she walked by him brushing a hand across his chest. “All for my girl.” Man, he was a sweet talker and she liked that about him, maybe even loved that about him. “Figured we could chill out in front of the fire until the lights come back on. Though I doubt it because another storm in on the way.” Ji Su nodded sitting down in front of the fire. Jungkook sat down and embraced her from behind. This is what she wanted. Him holding her in front of the fire while a storm rages on in the distance. This was real. “I want this,” she used her hand to wave around in a circle. “To be real. You and me doing this right. No more urges to satisfy. We have dove to deep to swim back to the surface.” There she confessed. “Are you saying that we can dive deeper into the abyss as long as make it real?” he asked. Ji Su turned around to face him sitting on her knees. “I want you. I am willing to give you all of me. Would you be willing to the same?” she asked him to look down at her hands. Jungkook cupped her face lifting her head to make her look at him. “I am willing to do the same.” He leaned in and kissed her. A sweet innocent kiss. Something about that kiss told her that this relationship was new, fresh. As if she was that teenager falling in love for the first time. Ji Su sat up on her knees to move closer to him. Wrapping her arms around his neck as he pulled her closer against him. She broke that kiss and hugged him. Held him tight with a small thought that he would disappear. “I’m not going any where Ji Su.” He breathed hugging her back. She squeezed him tighter and then let him go. “What are you thinking about?” he asked her, brushing her hair out of her face. “Well, if we plan to be honest, I am thinking about you undressing me and I displayed before as the flames shadows dance across my bare skin.” After she said that she felt embarrassed right away. “My baby girl is turning into a bad girl with those thoughts.” He commented. “I am thinking about doing some naughty things do you right here on the floor. Must be the lack of physical touch on both ends.” Ji Su took a deep breath. “I know this may be overrated, but I…I…love you Jungkook. I think I have been in love with you since that night.” There she said it. Told him how see felt and she knew he felt the same way, but she hoped he would say it aloud for her. “Well, my love, I love you too. I knew that i would that night you walked in the bar.” He let go of her and started to dig into his left jean pocket. “The day of movie night, I went to the store to grab things and I happened to walk by the jewelry counter. I saw this,” he pulls out a necklace, “and thought of you. It is a dream catcher for all the dreams you want to achieve in this life time.” She lifted a hand to touch it in a delicate manner, in fear it may break. There was small dream catcher with nothing else with it. It was simple and glamorous at the same time. “I love it.” She breathed. Jungkook motion for her the turn around that way he could put it on her. His fingers were warm to the touch, but the necklace was cool. Once the necklace was clasped into place, he kissed her neck. She felt his lips trace from the column of her neck up to her ear and then back down to her shoulder. She turned back around to face him. She made the move to straddle him, and he welcome it. The over large shirt she was wearing hiked up exposing her thighs. His hands seem to find a home there with his thumbs lazily rubbing up and down. Her hands were around his neck and her fingers were playing within his hair. She watched as his eyes went from a sold brown to melted chocolate. “You keep doing that sweet girl I will combust before I have a chance to plug into you.” He growled at her in a deep voice. Ji Su smirked, “So I should keep doing this then.” Her fingers went from his hair down to his neck. She felt him shuddered under her touch. His thumbs traveled up the hem of the shirt, traveling up, up, and up exposing her lacey underwear, in his favorite color: black. “I am doing my best to hold onto myself control to not lay you on the floor and have my way with you.” “Well, let go of that control and take me, it’s been three four weeks since we did anything physical.” She counted with him. Feeling those hands of his tug on her waist band. “Or did you forget how to do things? If so I, could you know help.” She started to tease him as her hands ran down the front of his shirt and stopping at his hem. He lean forward a kissed each side of her cheeks, travel along her jawline, nibbling on each earlobe, and doing this once more before stopping at an ear to whisper, “Tell me what you want Ji Su.” “You, all of you.” She whispered back. In one swift motion her shirt was off exposing that bareness of her chest as her nipples peeked when the cool air brushed against them. She did not give him much time to ogle her as she ripped his shirt off. Throwing his shirt somewhere like he did with hers. Her hands landed on his chest as she traced every line and muscle that was displayed. She knew he was watching her, and he was enjoying. Jungkook had this obsession when it came to her touching him. However, he did not want to watch her. He lifted her up and laid her on the floor. He hovered over her kissing her lips, down her neck, to her collarbone, between her breast, and moving further south. Every kiss he placed on her felt like a brand on her skin. He seemed to know what he was doing because she felt him smirk. Ji Su felt his fingers at the hem of her underwear slowly come off. Soon his lips marked both of her hips and then moved to her inner thighs. While he did this, he brushed his tongue across her core. A moan escape her and with that seemed to be his undoing. He sat up to undo his pants and slide them off, exposing his length. Every time Ji Su saw his length the power of it inside her sparked. “Baby girl I want to make this memorable and go slow, but I don’t know if I can.” He admitted lowing himself. “I don’t want you to.” As if she gave him permission, he settled his length against her opening. Ji Su wrapped her legs around him right when he plunged into her. One hard thrust and then another and the another. Teasing her with each thrust. Each hard, powerful, slow. He was doing this to bring her the to edge and then stopping before her release. She wanted more, more, more, and he was being wicked on watching her unravel before him. “More.” She breathed. “More of me inside or more this torment?” he asked as dipped head to bring his lips to her breast. His teeth gazed her nipple making her catch her breath. He was enjoying this way too much, it excited him. “You, I want more of you.” She pleaded with him. All his self-control seem to escape his grasp as his hips thrusted into her harder and faster. Her hands wrapped around his neck dragging her nails along his back. She could feel that she was close, she could feel it as her core wrapped around his length. He grunted as if he knew she would come at any moment with each thrust he plunged into her. He slowed his thrusting and he shifted positions. He on his back and Ji Su riding him. Now she was in control. She rode him slow at first to get familiar with this new position. Once she was comfortable, she bounce up and down with the wet sounds on him inside her echo with in the room. Something about that sound aroused her and Jungkook. It was not long before he stopped her and rolled both to the side as he wasted no time to plug deep within her. He quickened his speed and grunted and moaned. He was going to come and instead of him pulling out she wanted him inside her. “Come in me.” Was all she said when he thrust in her one last time inside her, making her come along with him. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ The fire was diming down where the room was almost swallowed within the darkness shadow. Ji Su and Jungkook laid there drawing lazy circles on each other. Down her spine and around his chest. Ji Su found it entertaining for herself when she trace around his chest tattoo down to his impressive six pack. Ji Su sat up and glanced at the fire dying down. “I guess we could put more wood into the fire since its dying.” She whispered. She felt him move as the blanket that was covering both fall to her waist. His lips met her shoulder. “There is no need. Sunrise is maybe an hour away maybe more.” He traveled with his lips up from her shoulder to the base of her neck and then spoke. “If you are cold, I am sure I could find ways to warm you up.” Ji Su turned to face him seeing the gleam in his eye in hopes she would take his offer. She said nothing but kissed him on his lips. A sweet deep kiss that left them breathless when they pulled away. “I want to go and watch the sunrise. I have wanting to do that the past few days, but I am always late on getting up to go see.” She blushed from her confession of being lazy. “There is nothing wrong with wanting to sleep in. We could go and stay out there if you like. However, when we get back, I have many plans for you that you will be begging me for sleep.” She kissed him and again and stood up. “I will take that challenge. Who is to say you will be the one begging me?” She started to her room before he had the chance to chase after her. Jungkook leaned back rubbing at his face. He felt like the luckiest guy in the world right now. He finally got the girl of his dreams. She was not perfect nor was she innocent. She had her flaws, talents, and dreams. That is what made Ji Su unique to him and she was him. The only struggle that she had was sharing all the things she would bottle inside, but that has never stopped him from loving her. While he waited, Jungkook stood up and went treasure hunting for his clothes. Once his pants were on and he found his shirt, Ji Su walked out in black leggings, a crop top tank, and his plaid long sleeve that he brought with him yesterday. Her hair was up in a high ponytail showing off all those calming marks of his on her skin. She wore no makeup and that is what he like most of all. She was beautiful standing there. “I think that is my shirt.” He started putting his on and smirked. The shirt he grab was his, but it was the one that she wore. It smelt like her. “I’m sure you could spare it for a few minutes.” She met him half way, wrapping her arms around him. “I guess but I may have to start charging you for all the shirts that you have captured for your own.” He teased her. She struggled her shoulders. “I could just make duplicates and clam them as yours and you would know it.” She stood on her tip toes and kissed him. Her intention was a swift sweet kiss, but he deepen the kiss making her moan in his mouth. She pulled away, breathless, “We will miss the sunrise if we continue to kiss like that. Hell, I do not think we will make out of this cabin before its time to leave.” She commented with a small giggle. “I guess we should go and not keep the sun waiting.” He took her hand and led the way to the beach. The darkness in the sky started to recede when the sun was just peeking from the horizon. They sat down with her in his lap and him wrapped around her keeping her warm. Though he was the one cold which made her laugh. She did not know how she would be able to go back to her life in Seoul when where she was at right now was where she wanted to be. Ji Su realized this was home. He was her home that she could go to no matter where the two of them were at on this Earth. She snuggled in closer to him as the sun was slowly working its way up to make an appearance. He nestled his nose at the base of her shoulder and neck. Placing gentle kisses there. “A penny for your thoughts?” he asked. “Home, you are my home.” She confessed. “I’m glad we both think the same.” He stated holding her tighter. “I wanted to ask you this. So, do not answer if you do not want to. When you found out you were pregnant what were your thoughts?” Ji Su sat there compiling her thoughts. What did see feel when she saw the positive signs on all three sticks. Was it joy? Sadness? Anger? Or fear? She was not quite sure how to answer him. “You do not have to share. I was just being curious.” He told her. “No, I want to share but in truth I do not know how I truly felt or really thought. I know for one thing was that if he chose to not support me and the child then I would have left then to raise the child. Mi Sun told me after the whole ordeal that if I were still with child then she would have helped me raise the child. We would do it together.” She took a deep breath and then said. “That night has not stopped me from wanting children in the future. When that day comes, I will accept it. And love that child unconditionally.” “I hope I will be the father of these future children.” “You are but right now I just want you and you only. I do not want to share you with anybody right now.” She turned her head to face him as she spoke. He smirked and leaned down to kiss her right when the sun rose from the horizon. ~*~*~*~*~ Authers note: Here is chapter twelve. The chapter that was a struggle to write and finding time to do so. I hope you all enjoyed it and I hope everyone’s summer is wonderful and hot. Here where I live it is hot and dry. We haven’t had much rain. My summer has been filled with work, work, and more work. What a great life lol. Thank you again for all the support. Talking Body Tag list (Let me know if you want you want to be tagged) @MelissaGarza @YessicCardenas @KeraDelatorre @BTSxEXO @MaritessSison @jiminakpop @GeniferEskue @divanicola05 @weendy @nydasm @JessicaFigueroa @MsLoyalHeart @SHINee4ever @CristinBarnes @chenisbaekasy @Mochiroon
Talking Body Chapter Eleven [+18]
Chapter 11 There was something about being away from city life and enjoying nature that just seemed to make the world stop. Ji Su felt this every time they went camping. For the past two days since they arrived, Ji Su made a habit of waking up every morning to walk along the beach of the lake with her shoes in hand. She collected her thoughts about the upcoming summer show, her stalker, and Jungkook. He has been so sweet not pushing her into revealing the real reason for the pause in their relationship. He has been more of a friend that was waiting to listen when she was ready to talk. Ji Su defiantly wanted to run up to him and just give him her heart, but she was scared yet again if he would judge her about her past. She knows that he can manage it but with his life being threatened she was not going to take any chances. When he showed up that morning with bruises and cuts all over his face, she thought that threat became real. Taking a deep breath, Ji Su sat down on the sand as the wind gently blew waves onto the shore. The sun was slowly rising when a figure sat down next to her. Glancing over to her right to see who it was, a smile quirked up seeing Mi Sun. “Figured I could join you with your morning walk and maybe chat about anything and everything.” Mi Sun nudged her while she spoke. “I’ll take it.” Ji Su agreed and both women were up and walking. “So, I figured I would tell you know that I will not be here tonight. Jin’s parents want to go out to a celebratory dinner and talk wedding stuff.” Mi Sun shared. Ji Su nodded, “Isn’t there a storm coming in tonight though?” she questioned. “That is another thing, Jin and will be spending the night someplace else. As far that I know the only people, from our little group that will be here on our camp site, are you and Jungkook.” Mi Su glanced over at Ji Su in hopes she did not stop at the mention of Jungkook’s name. “I hope that is fine. Jungkook and you can keep each other company while everyone else is away.” Mi Sun teased her. “If you are suggesting that I tell him about the threat on his life and about the other letters you guessed wrong.” Two more letters showed up before they left for the camping trip. More threats on Jungkook’s life and reminders of what he did to her. Her list of suspects was just one, Jae. Deep down she was hoping that he was not the one. In her heart she told herself it is not him. Her mind said the opposite. “No just have dinner, play some games, maybe release some of that stress.” Mi Sun suggested. Ji Su looked at her and then away shaking her head. When she looked back up, she spotted him. The shirt in his waist of his shorts. His chest glistened with sweat and his tattoos shown with pride. Sub contently she licked her lips at the sight of him and then stopped realizing what she did. “Don’t say anything about what you just saw.” She threatened Mi Sun. Mi Sun just giggled and mumbled. “Sure thing.” They continued with their walk when Jungkook rugged past them, “Good morning beautiful ladies!” he shouted running backwards winking at them. “Shameless flirt!” Mi Sun shouted back at him, and his reply was a thumbs up as he continued with his morning run. Both women giggled and continued with their morning walk. ~*~*~*~*~ Mi Sun walked Ji Su back to her cabin telling her that Jin put some fresh ingredients in her refrigerator and that Jungkook was notified to be over for dinner. Ji Su closed her eyes irradiated but proud that her friend decided to make Ji Su’s love life her main task. “Thanks, I guess I have to go and figure out what to make for dinner tonight.” Ji Su walked up the steps to the cabin’s porch. “Just make dinner and enjoy each other’s company. I know you are not ready to tell him, but I know with him around you, you feel safe.” Mi Sun stated before waving goodbye and heading down the path to her cabin. Ji Su walked in and put her shoes by the door and her jacket on the hook. She took her time to shower, change into black leggings and a coral t shirt with a sweater cardigan. She did not bother with makeup and accessories besides her ring from her grandmother. Putting her hair up she went into the kitchen to see what Jin brought over for her. Opening the fridge, she smiled seeing that his mother made kimchi and other side dishes. There was pork, garlic, anchovy stock, zucchini, carrots, onions, mussels, shrimp, scallops, and a few more things to make Jjamppong. A spicy seafood noodle soup. Looking at the time, Ji Su made a metal note to start making the soup around 5:30. Should be enough time to make and be done by the time Jungkook shows up. So, Ji Su went over to the living room and worked on future designs. When she got bored of that, she walked over to the bookcases that lined the southside of the living room wall and looked for a book to read. She found one but once she opened it, she could not bring herself to read it. Sighing, she placed the book back and walked to the door to look outside. As if he knew she was waiting for him, he appeared in her line of vision. Ji Su’s heart thundered at the sight of him wearing a simple gray t-shirt with a plaid shirt in one hand, and jeans with premade holes. He was even carrying flowers in his other hand. Just the sight of him was making her fall for him. When he walked up the steps, she opened the door. “You’re early.” She stated. “Well, there was no specific time set and I figured you were bored.” He was now standing in front of her, giving her enough space to breathe. “You thought I was bored?” she asked. She watched him take a step closer. “Well, I was just taking a guess at it, but if you weren’t I know that I was.” He then handed her the flowers. “I also figured since you and I are spending an evening together I should bring a gift. Did you know there was a flower shop just down the way on the beach?” Ji Su shook her head no as she took the flowers and brought them to her nose to smell them. They were lovely and it did not overpower in scent, especially his. She moved out of the way to allow him in. Once he was in, she went to the kitchen to look for a vase or something the resembled one. She knew he was watching her, and it made her skin tingle. “So, what do you want to do?” She asked him to find a vase. She took the flowers, cut an angle at the ends, and placed them in before adding water. Jungkook leaned on one of the bar stools and spoke. “Are there board games?” “I think so. Might be in that closet there.” She put the flowers on the counter and rearranged them until she was satisfied. Ji Su felt his presence disappear and then returned with a handle full of games. One by one he placed them on the counter. Scrabble, Cards Against Humanity, Guess Who, Battleship, and Yahtzee. “That is a lot of games for just two people.” Ji Su stated. “Yes, but it is a variety to choose from and we do not have to play all of them just some for us to play. Plus, we cannot go to the lake a swim with the storm on the way.” Jungkook explained. So, Ji Su walked around the counter and chose the first game, Scrabble. Jungkook then chose the second game, Battleship. Both picked the order of the games and time they would cook dinner. Ji Su took Scrabble and set it up in the living room, clearing up her mess. Jungkook followed with the stack of games in order of play and helped her set up the first game. Once the game was set and ready, they settled down on the floor opposite each other. “Just so you know I am a queen at this game.” Ji Su said in a matter-of-fact way. “Hate to break it to you but I may have to dethrone you. I am just as good.” Jungkook bragged cracking his knuckles. “We’ll let the best win.” And the game with words began. After an hour of play, Jungkook placed his last letter giving him the score of 230. He hung his head when Ji Su announced her score, 231. She made the comment that it looked like she was still the queen of scrabble. He told me she was lucky this time as they cleaned up the game to move onto the next one, Battleship. Time went by and as they finished the game of Yahtzee, Ji Su stood up stretching and walking into the kitchen to start cooking. It was early but she was getting hungry and Jungkook mumbled that he was hungry. While she was grabbing everything Jungkook cleaned up the games they played and put them away. Then he put music on before walking into the kitchen to help cook. The only sound that was shared between them was the music and the sounds of cooking. Ji Su allowed herself to think how nice it was. Just the two of them cooking and the comfortable atmosphere, the bubble within her cabin. She kept looking at him working hard on the meal. Every time she would glance up at him, she would notice that the bruises from two days ago were now green and fading away. “You seem to heal pretty quick.” She started walking over to the table setting out the side dishes and rice while he tasted tested the soup. Jungkook looked up at her and swallowed. “Oh, these bruises were really nothing. I knew they would fade within a day or two.” He was being modest. “Soups done.” He turned the burner off and carried the pot to the table placing it on the potholder in the middle of everything. When he sat down, they dug in and ate in silence. Ji Su started to think about how nice it was to eat a meal with him. Why didn’t she think about doing his with him over the course of the two months they knew each other? One answer popped in her head. There would be no way when all they did was work and sleep with one another. There was that one night in Jeju that did not lead to sex. “What are you thinking about?” he asked, taking a bite of kimchi. “Just thinking about why we did not do this. Having a meal with no strings attached.” She spoke gesturing to the food on the table and the two of them. “Because we were sex crazy teenagers who needed to do something to busy ourselves before jumping one another.” He answered with humor and the truth. “Are you saying that when we press play there is a possibility to just have a meal with no strings attached?” He looked at her with hope in his eyes. She looked away and took a bite of her food. When she swallowed and spoke. “There is a possibility. Just do not get your hopes up.” She heard his chair slide out from the table and he walked over to her. Put his hand out he asked, “Dance with me?” She looked at him and then his hand waiting patiently. “The song that is playing is my favorite at this moment. So, please this just once dance with me.” Her body moved on its own when she reached out to take his hand. He led her to the open space the separated the dining and living room. He spun her around and then grabbed her other hand as he started swaying. Ji Su placed her head on his chest listening to his heartbeat. The sound of his heart and the slow beat of the song relaxed her, made her feel safe. He always seemed to make feel this way. Every time he did, she could not help but compare him with the other men in her life. Jungkook just seemed to outdo every single one of them. As they swayed and turned around in one spot as the song played. When the song was over and an upbeat song came on, Jungkook continued to hold her and sway in that spot. She did not want him to let go. In truth she wanted to stay like that with the warmth radiating from him. When he stopped, she looked up at him, he was looking down at her searching for something. Her body acting its own once more she stood on her tip toes and kissed him. Jungkook kissed her back but pulled away letting go of her when he took a step back. “We should clean up.” He said quietly and moved around her to clean up. Taking a deep breath, she followed him doing the same. Cleaning up the table and food seemed to move slowly but when Jungkook was putting the food away and Ji Su washing the dishes time moved faster. It did not help that she had a lot on her mind. Did she do something wrong? Will telling him make sense on what she feeling? Was she in love with him or just in love with what he offers, security, warmth, his understanding? Lost in her thoughts, she did not notice that he was helping her with dishes. Drying them and putting them away. When that task was done, Ji Su cleaned out the sink and wiped down the counters. She turned around and leaned back against the counter, building the courage to tell him. About the threats and that she was falling deep for him. She was putting a shield up to protect her heart if this determination failed. “Ji Su, I have something to tell you and I don’t know how to go about telling you.” Jungkook moved to stand in front of her. She moved to sit up on the counter to be eye level with him. If what he was going to share was bad, then she needed to sit and be ready for it. “What do you need to tell me?” she asked in a small voice. He moved closer to her. “I ask Yoongi to look up about a few things in your past. Your most resent with your ex.” He placed his hands on either side of her. “I know it was wrong but not knowing on what the true reason for putting us on pause I needed to know. I even looked up information on Jae and Ji Su there is something you need to know. I do believe Jae is the one that rapped you and then changed his appearance to get close to you.” Her hands gripped the counter with what he shared. “He wasn’t able to finish what he started with you, and he may have fallen in love with you, but something must have snapped over the last few years.” What he said became what she started to believe. He just beat her to it. Jungkook was waiting to see what she was going to say. She just looked away from him holding tears back that she had no idea were forming. Whipping her eyes, Ji Su looked up at him. “I paused us to save your life.” She searched in his face, his eyes to see something of shock but there was none. So, she continued looking away from him. “The day that the shop was broken into there was a note threatening your life. I have received notes like this from one person whom I call ‘Nightmare.’ When I received this one, I started to plan. Plan to protect you. I wanted to end things with you, but you would see through my lies. If I told you I was putting us on pause, maybe you would agree without questions asked.” Her voice cracked as she shared her reasons with him. “For a few days now, I started to come to terms that Jae could be ‘Nightmare’ and that it could be possible that he would look different since I don’t remember meeting him the previous year.” Lightning flashed as she spoke. Thunder rumbled the distance making her jump. She felt her hands being covered with his overly huge hands. There was something about him that made her reveal everything, making her strip naked of all her secrets. She laughed at herself thinking she should have tried better to hide everything from him. However, in the end she couldn’t. He had that power of her. Ji Su waited for him to say something, to yell at her for being so stupid. She felt stupid, thinking how she could protect him but couldn’t protect herself. She felt one of his hands leave hers and touch her chin. He lifted her chin to lock her eyes with his. Ji Su was unable to read his expression. “I’m happy that you want to protect me, but I am upset that you believed you couldn’t trust me to tell me.” He spoke in a calm voice as the rain started to pour outside. “I was trying to protect you and the other day when you showed up with bruises, I thought it was my fault.” She started to argue with him hoping he would see her reason for not telling him. “Baby, if someone can after me, I could hold my own. It's you that needs to trust me and believe in me.” He leaned in a kissed her forehead. “We can work this out and do it together. No more secrets. I care about you way too much.” He stepped back to promise this to her. Ji Su could see that very promise. ~*~*~*~*~ Author’s note: I hit writers block trying to write this chapter. I knew I needed to update the story as fast as possible, but every time I started to write nothing made sense. So, I hope this chapter does because I feel that it does, and I have read it aloud to make sure. The next chapter is a continuation of Chapter 11. The night is not over for our love birds. Hope you enjoy and again I am sorry for the late update. Also feel free to comment your thoughts so fair within the story. Also who else is excited for BTS Comeback?? Talking Body Tag list (Let me know if you want you want to be tagged) @MelissaGarza @YessicCardenas @KeraDelatorre @BTSxEXO @MaritessSison @jiminakpop @GeniferEskue @divanicola05 @weendy @nydasm @JessicaFigueroa @MsLoyalHeart @SHINee4ever @CristinBarnes @chenisbaekasy @Mochiroon
Talking Body Chapter 10 [+18] *possible trigger alert*
*This chapter may contains triggers to some readers. Please take caution when reading. You have been warned. * Chapter Ten A knock on the door alerted Jungkook within his studio. He turned in his chair to see Yoongi peeking his head in. Jungkook waved him in and turned to save his work before giving Yoongi his full attention. “Did you find anything?” Jungkook asked breaking the silence. Yoongi handed him a flash drive. “I found what I could, but not the year pervious to meeting Ji Su.” Jungkook took the flash driver and plugged into his computer. “You do know she is bound to find out that you are searching about her ex.” Yoongi stated. “I know but I know there is something that she is hiding, and I want to know what. Plus, she is too stubborn to even ask for help.” Jungkook clicked on the files while he spoke. He chose to do something of his own investigation to help Ji Su. He started this after she told him she want to put a pause on their relationship. That was a week ago. Jungkook opened the first file that had who Jae was before he meet Ji Su. When he opened it, Jungkook read on who this man was. Apparently, Jae was a Koran Japanese. His father was a Korean chaebol whose business was mainly in Japan. His mother was the daughter of a Japanese Yakuza boss. Jae spent most of his time in Japan until a year before he meet Ji Su. There wasn’t mush else besides a few photos and what his profession was. “When I was looking for information about him and I came across his photos, I realized something. That photo there,” Yoongi stood behind Jungkook with his finger pointing to the photo on the left. “I remember meeting him and he did not look like that. He received plastic sugary. For what I don’t know. I looked to see way but there was nothing.” Jungkook looked closely at both photos. He one on the left was before and the one on the right was the current photo. There was a possibility of plastic surgery, but something didn’t sit right with Jungkook. Before he could look further into it another knock singled another visitor. Jungkook quickly closed out and Yoongi went to his couch. The door opened and Namjoon came in. He look at both Jungkook and Yoongi as if they were hiding something. Which they did, they just didn’t want to share. “I hope you weren’t watching porn.” Was Namjoon’s way of saying hi. Yoongi glanced at Jungkook with disgust. “No that is you not me.” Yoongi stated. “Do you need something?” “The others and I are heading to the store to grab the last few things before tomorrow’s camping trip.” Namjoon said then looked at Jungkook. “Is there anything you guys need anything?” Jungkook looked at Yoongi who looked back. “Nope if we do we do, we’ll stop at the store on our way back home.” Jungkook told Namjoon. Namjoon continued to stare at both. He knew something was up but wasn’t going to pry it out of them. He gave them a salute and left Jungkook’s studio. Yoongi stood up and headed to the door. “Far warning, the next two flies please keep an open mind. You have to remember, Ji Su loved this man no matter the cost. I will be back an hour and we can get some drinks before heading home.” Yoongi walked out closing the door behind him. Jungkook closed out of Jae’s profile. And opened up the other flies. The first one labeled with the date 02/18. Taking a deep breath Jungkook clicked on it. There were two documents, one being a police report and other a hospital report. Clicking on the police report, Jungkook’s heart sank a little. The report read: On February 18th there was a call about a noise complaint in apartment 506. The caller believed the female resident was being hit by the male partner. When police arrived, the male stated nothing happened and that he and the female partner was having a light argument. However, one officer noticed marking around the females neck. Medical was called and the female was transported for further investigation. The male was take in being charged for domestic abuse. Jungkook minimized the police report and clicking on the hospital labeled with the same date. When he began to read, he could not believe what he was reading. Ji Su was being choked and when she was asked what happened she just told the police and the doctors that he was upset about her being late and nothing really happened. She that night didn’t process charges. He didn’t understand why she didn’t, but what Yoongi said before he left. She loved him no matter what it was the cost. Taking a deep breath, he moved on to the next folder labels 03/10. Without hesitation, Jungkook opened it and saw the similar setup like that last one. From there he clicked on the police report. Police were called to apartment 506 by the resident’s sister. The sister stated over the phone that her sister was in a pool of her own blood. The sister didn’t give anymore information just a plea to hurry and save her sister. When Police and Medical arrived on scene the female was laying in the glass coffee table with blood all around her. Medical acted quickly and took her straight to the hospital. The sister went with them promising to talk to the police at the hospital. CSI was called and investigated the apartment. The kitchen looked like a bomb went through it. Pots and pan with food everywhere. Pregnancy tests scattered throughout the kitchen. The most damage was the coffee table as if the female was thrown on top of it. There was an object that is believed to be a fetus. The male in question was nowhere to be found on scene. Jungkook rubbed his face in disbelief that this happened. There was no markings on the even happening on her body. However, would he have noticed with his mind full of lust and passion for her? Plus, she was pregnant! Shaking his head, Jungkook continued to read the follow up of the report days later stating that the male in question was not charged due to the female in a coma. His lawyer stepped in, and his father paid a huge sum of money to sweep this under the rug. The damn cops were bribed with money to forget this ever happen. Furious, Jungkook closed out and went to the medical report. Female name Kim Ji Su. Age: 25. Came in unconscious and blood all over. Doctor on call came in and investigated her body. There were lacerations all over her back, a minor burn on the left arm, a minor head injury. When they looked further to figure out way so much blood, they found out she had a miscarriage. She was place in a medical induce coma to decrease the swelling. The lacerations and burn would leave little scaring. Jungkook could not believe she went through all that and never once said anything. Sure, she told him about her rape eight years ago, but this was worse. She was abused by the man she believed she was in love with. A man that showed her security and a stable life to live. The more he read and looked at Jae’s photos he started to believe in his theory he shared with Ji Su back in Jeju. That Jae could be the man that raped her all those years ago. 1) He didn’t meet her until a year later 2) He looks different 3) He tried to kill her. Twice Frustrated, Jungkook closed out of all the files and unplugged the flash drive. He turned all his computers off and packed his bag. He was going to need a drink and maybe Yoongi would be in the mood to discuss when he just learned. He knew one thing and that was Yoongi knew who Ji Su was before Jungkook. ~*~*~*~*~ Jungkook and Yoongi were at one the food tents a block away from the apartment. They were finishing the second bottle of Soju. Jungkook poured another glass and handed it to Yoongi. This was a sign to show repeat to those older than you. “What was she like, Ji Su?” Jungkook asked Yoongi. He was curious on who she was before. Yoongi took he glass and down his Soju. “She is a great listener, would listen to my mixes and she loved to party. She wasn’t a party animal. Ji Su and Mi Sun are opposite when it comes to parties. However, it all changed when Ji Su was with Jae.” Yoongi put his glass down and Jungkook refilled it. “She was quiet, stood by him and said little. Mi Sun was worried about her, and Ji Su’s grandmothers’ health was going downhill. Just try and imagine Mi Sun. Believe or not, Mi Sun is just like Jin in that aspect worried about her family.” Yoongi drank his liquid and raised his hands to order a third bottle. Jungkook processed what he learned. There was so much of Ji Su that he didn’t know. He should be asking her, but a part of him wasn’t sure if she would answer him. “Do you think Jae has something to do with what happen to her in college?” Jungkook asked when the third bottle of Soju arrived. Both men thanked the elderly lady who smiled at them commenting how handsome they were. Both thanked her while Jungkook finished the second bottle and opening the third one. “After looking back on his past and seeing the difference in photos, there is a possibility.” Yoongi took his glass once again and down the alcohol. “I never did ask how you were able find all of this information.” Jungkook asked downing the contents of his glass. Yoongi smirked bring his glass to his lips.” Let’s just say I was really good with looking for someone during my time in the service.” “So, you were a ‘programmer’ in a way.” Jungkook leaned back in his chair bring his glass to his lips. “You could say that.” Taking the soju bottle filling his glass Yoongi asked, “I never did ask you what do you gain from learning about what I found?” He glanced up at Jungkook. Putting his glass down Jungkook and sighed. “I for the must part want to understand. There is something that she is hiding from me and as much I want to ask and push her into telling me, I won’t. I want her to tell me, but I have a feeling that she wont until she takes care of it. If that is the case, it may kill her.” Yoongi took the bottle again, this time filling Jungkook’s to the rim. “I don’t think it will kill her, maybe hurt her. Ji Su is a fighter.” Jungkook took his glass and downed the contents only for Yoongi to fill it up once more. “I have seen a change in her. Whatever you did she is almost to her old self.” Yoongi confessed and clinked his glass with Jungkook. Filling their glasses once more the finishing the bottle. Yoongi go up and to pay while Jungkook gathered his things. When he stood up, he felt liquid on his back when he turned around to see what the hell happened, he saw a guy his size but built bigger. This guy looked mad and Jungkook could only guess that he was the one that pissed him off. “Sorry man didn’t see you there.” Jungkook apologized. The guy glared at him. “Do you know how expensive this suit is?” Jungkook just closed his eyes not wanting to deal with this man. “Did you just close your eyes and sigh?!” when Jungkook opened his eyes he didn’t have time to dodge the mans fist. Jungkook fell back against the table he was at. He wiped his lips knowing that he was bleeding. Jungkook stood back up. “Look man I am sorry got ruining your suit. I am sure if you tell me how much the dry cleaning would be I will pay for it.” He tried to reason with this man. The man again swung his fist like a mad man. Jungkook was able to doge some but fell back when the man landed a blow to his gut. Apparently, this man wasn’t in the mood to settle things with words. When the mans fist stopped, Jungkook stood up and noticed Yoongi next to him. “You good?” Yoongi asked and Jungkook nodded. “If he hits you again just hit him back.” As soon Yoongi said that the man swung once more and this time Jungkook land hit knocking the man flat on the ground. Red and blue lights lit up the food tent. ~*~*~*~*~ Dawn was breaking through when Yoongi and Jungkook made it home. When the arrived on their floor the two men walked down the hall when a door opened and closed. Jungkook looked up to see Mi Sun and Ji Su in workout gear. Ji Su had her nose in her phone. Mi Sun went up to her and said something. Ji Su looked up to see Jungkook and Yoongi. She looked back down and the backup. Looking eyes with Jungkook. Yoongi mumbled that he would meet him inside when Mi Sun walked by leaving Jungkook and Ji Su alone in the hallway. A few minutes went by, and Ji Su was standing in from of him. Raising her hand barley touching him, “What happened?” She whispered. “Just a little fight over a simple spill.” He joked leaning into her touch. “Did you get this cleaned?” she brush a finger across his cheek where a cut was at. He hissed and Ji Su yanked her hand back to her chest. “Sorry.” She whispered. “Its fine love just forgot it was there.” He smirked when he saw her cheeks turned a shade of pink. “I should go. Getting a run in before we leave for the camping trip.” She stepped back. “And I should go and finish packing.” He stepped closer to her. “I still miss you.” He whispered and kissed her cheek before walking into his apartment. He wasted no time to pack and shower before it was time to leave. He took everything down to the parking garage to load up his bag. Ji Su was there on the phone and pacing. Before he could walk up to her to ask what was going on, everyone else showed up to put their belongs in the one or the other vehicles. Sighing, Jungkook climbed into the vehicle that he placed his things in and closed his eyes. He was still awake just wanting to rest his eyes. He felt the SUV move as everyone entered and settled themselves in the seats. He was barley awake to hear mumbles asking if he was asleep. He smirked when he heard Ji Su state that he was just resting his eyes. ~*~*~*~*~ Authors note: Finally, chapter 10 is done. I will admit that this chapter was hard to write. With information about Ji Su needed to be shared and I chose Chapter 10 to do that. However, I struggle to write it out to have it flow. I really hope that the information that I shared flows nicely and you are able to understand it. I want to thank you all for your patience’s while I was with family last week. With my brother graduating and my school job ending for the year it was crazy busy. So, thank you. Chapter 11 will be post sometime this coming week and as always thank you for your support. 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Talking Body Q&A Questions Answered
Talking Body Q&A So, after a week of family and school finishing up, I am back. First with my Q&A and then off to finish chapter 10. With summer break I am now able to sit and write to my hearts content. Without further ado I present the TB Q&A. I was hoping for more questions, but I only got one. So, the nine other questions I found and felt like I could answer them. If you didn’t get the chance, you can comment below, and I will answer them. Again, the questions can be about the story, characters, or personal but not to personal I may not answer. Q: My first and only question was from @MelissaGarza My question is where did you get your inspiration for this story? A: I got my inspiration from watching a BTS FMV by datjimilly. In was the year 2017 and I was packing up my apartment and one night out of the blue I watched one of their videos and it clicked. I opened my computer and started to write. From there I wrote the ideas that popped in my head. Q: My second question is about my characters did I base them off my personal experience? A: Yes and no. the only thing that was personal was Ji Su’s job. When I was a kid, I dreamt to be a fashion designer. I used to draw outfits; I still do for fun. Reason for not pursuing it, well I was good a drawing but sewing them together was a struggle. Q: Third question Do I visualize what I write? A: Well, I don’t want to sound like pervert, but I do see images in my head while I write. Within the first chapter I imagined Ji Su sitting at the bar thinking of ways Jae could die from breaking up with her and Jungkook just happens to be sitting near her. Yes, that scene plays in my head just thinking about it. Q: Fourth question What resources did I use? A: For one music just sitting down and listening to the lyrics help place ideas. Two I am an avid reader if I’m not writing I am reading and some of those scenes within books help me play out some of those steamy scenes that I write. Third would be dramas or movies that I watch. Lastly Pinterest and all the ideas that pop up and in need to look and share. Q: Fifth question How long have I been writing Fan fiction? A: I have been writing and reading fan fiction since 2010. So about 12 years and counting. My first fan fiction that I wrote and achieved some success was I Don’t Need Anyone starring Kim Woo Bin. I wrote this story 13 years ago. Rereading it now shows how amateurish when it comes to writing. I think I am better now. Q: Sixth question Are there easter eggs within Talking Body? A: I can only tell you there is some. Like why is Taehyung disappearing all the time??? Or is this girl group that I created could of the members be a love interest for a future story??? I guess you’ll find out as the Talking Body Universe plays out. Q: Seventh question How do I put each chapter together? A: I will be honest I talk to myself and write down ideas that I want to add. I even take walks just to process how to put the chapters together. Q: Eighth question How does music play within Talking Body? A: Music has always been a part of any story that I write. With TB I try to have music to set the mood of each scene. Q: Ninth question Did I ever have a dream that ties into the story? A: Yes, chapter 10 in the original version. In the dream it was Jungkook and Ji Su confessing that what they have is more then a physical thing. Q: Tenth and final question Have I had any though of making a trailer for Talking Body? A: Yes, I have thought about it and reason for not making one is pretty simple really can’t make one. I don’t have the right programs to make one. However, I do wise for one to be made. I know wishful thinking. I hope you enjoyed this little Q&A. Again, if there is any more questions you would like to ask comment and if you just want to share what you like so far go ahead and comment. Also thank you @MelissaGarza for participating! Talking Body Tag list (Let me know if you want you want to be tagged) @MelissaGarza @YessicCardenas @KeraDelatorre @BTSxEXO @MaritessSison @jiminakpop @GeniferEskue @divanicola05 @weendy @nydasm @JessicaFigueroa @MsLoyalHeart @SHINee4ever @CristinBarnes @chenisbaekasy @Mochiroon
Talking Body Chapter Nine [+18]
Chapter Nine Three hours. Only three hours is what it took to straighten the Shop and Ji Su’s office. Ji Su sat there worried that all that she worked for was crashing down into ash. This attack on her store, in her life’s work. Questions ran through her mind. Why did they do this? Why was I the target? Could it be someone who was curious about my new line? She didn’t know what, who, or why she was targeted. One thing she did know she was determined to figure it out. Taking a deep sigh, Ji Su stood up from her desk when Mi Sun walked in. “I wanted to bring this to you.” Mi Sun handed her an envelope. “I found this when we were cleaning. I wanted to see if it was from him like last time.” She admitted. Ji Su took the envelope, hesitated just a little before opening it. Unfolding the paper, she froze. Did you miss me? I miss you my little bitch. I still haven’t forgotten what you did to me. Maybe I will do the same to your boy toy? Sincerely yours. Her hands shook. He was back and Mi Sun confirmed it. The man that raped and for a year after, taunted her was back. The nightmare she believed was gone while with Jae was now back to torment her once more. Ji Su looked up was Mi Sun whose face show empathy and worry for her friend. “Did you show this to anyone.?” Ji Su asked, voice a whisper. “No.” Mi Sun stepped closer to Ji Su. “Who is he referring to as ‘boy toy’?” Ji Su looked way and started to move to the closet that held her men’s line and wedding dress. A smile played on her lips thinking about how she made Jungkook wear some one that outfits. Those late nights were hot and electric. Now being in this office felt violated. “Jungkook.” She answered Mi Sun’s question. She didn’t look at her friend and didn’t want to reveal it. However, now that he was being threatened, she didn’t seem to have a choice in the matter. “How long has this been going on?” Ji Su heard Mi Sun walk over to the door closing it and the chair in front of her desk slide out. “A month and a half.” Ji Su finally turned to face Mi Sun. “It started the night that Jae ended things.” She watched Mi Sun who was processing what she was told. “That night when you called me about the break up, that as when you stopped talking to me all because of him.” Mi Sun stated leaning back in the chair. “Well, I am not surprised. He is a great catch and honestly perfect for you.” Ji Su continued to watch her friend noticing that Mi Sun wasn’t sharing something with her. “Mi Sun, do you know something that you are not telling me?” Ji Su sat down in her chair and looked at Mi Sun. Mi Sun looked away feeling guilty. “Well last night I may or may not have noticed how close you two were and a shared kissed was seen. Also, I may have told him not to hurt you.” Mi Sun finally glanced at Ji Su waiting for Ji Su to yell or say something on the lines. “I can’t believe you were spying on me?!” However, the who thing turned over in a different way. “Did you tell Jin?” “Why would I tell him?” “Mi Sun, I know you are lying. Why? Because you tell him everything.” Mi Sun pierced her lips forward. “Fine I told him, and he promised to not say anything. Plus, he already knew something was going on between you two.” Jin must have been listening because he walked right in when his name was said. “Ji Su, I won’t say anything scouts honor.” Jin held up his right hand giving a scout’s salute. That brought a smile to Ji Su’s face, but she knew it would light up like all the others. She knew Mi Sun and Jin were looking at her another face full of worry. “Maybe we need a week away. We could see if we could move the camping trip a week ahead.” Jin suggested. The annual camping trip with his parents was coming up. His parents every year rented out cabins for everyone for a week trip away from everything. This tradition started up five years ago. The girls really enjoyed taking a break from the real world. Especially the year when the store was about to open. That was when Jin suggested a team exercise with the staff. Since then, the camping week turned into a family event with Jin and the boys along with Mi Sun and Ji Su. “No let’s just stick with the same week without having to move things around. Plus, I have a client to meet in an hour.” Ji Su stood up and grabbed her portfolio of sketches before walking out. She ignored the worried looks from Mi Sun. if anything Ji Su would just stay busy with work in hopes that her nightmare would disappear once more. ~*~*~*~*~ Ji Su arrived at MBC to meet with her clients’ XOXO. A new comer KPOP girl group the composed of four girls. Echo, Nyx, Bin Na, and Dan Bi. Ji Su was asked a week ago to put some styles together for the new MV that was being filmed this week. When she stepped out of her car, she noticed Jungkook’s Jeep was parked. Ji Su swallowed her excitement and forced herself to be more professional. She worked with other well-known kpop artiest, she needed to show it. She went through the motions of going to the front desk stating who and why she was there. From there she was led to where the meeting was taking place. When she arrived at the room, Jungkook looked up from his computer and gave her his infamous smirk. She smiled in return, and she was positive that it didn’t reach her eyes. He patted to the seat next to him. She wanted to so bad, but the note repeated in her mind that she sat away from him. He gave her a puzzling look and glanced away when XOXO walked in. Ji Su and Jungkook stood up and greeted them and the manager. The director of Sunshine Entertainment, Mr. Choi, sat at the head of the table and wasted no time to get the meeting underway. “Thank you all for coming on such a short notice. The girls are gearing up for another comeback this year and the director for the music video quiet. Mr. Jeon, I have seen you work from the states and knew that I needed you when the other director fell through. Ms. Kim, I have seen you work as well with the other artiest that you have worked for and plus the girls her love each line you come out with.” He glanced at Ji Su and Jungkook praising them for the work that have achieved over the years. “This time I want the concept to be simple and in love. Pastel colors and flowers. Each of the girls is sitting somewhere thinking about a boy they love.” Mr. Choi shared his vision. Ji Su stood up and handed him her portfolio of styles she envisioned for each of the girls. “For the girls I came up with four different outfits.” Ji Su started to hand out copies of her sketches to everyone. “With Echo I thought about soft blues. Her style would mainly be in jeans or shorts, but with the soft spring look to it.” She glances at Echo whose face lite up liking the style choice. “Nyx, I thought about lilacs, soft purples. She would have two dresses and then a purple top with jeans.” Ji Su moved her eyes to Nyx who looked up and gave Ji Su a thumbs up in an agreement. “Bin Na has the cottage look with skirts, jean shorts, a dress, and overalls. To me she seems to like the cottage out in the country type.” Bin Na nodded in an agreement. “Dan Bi has the soft pinks and yellow. She has the simple but ready for spring.” With one final look at all the girls, Ji Su was stratified that they all loved what she designed. Mr. Choi looked through each style, looking up at Ji Su. “You nailed. Each one seems to be impressed with what you have done.” He then turned to Jungkook. “No, I know you were asked today, but what envision do you have?” Jungkook stood up and spoke. “The song, ‘Goddess of Love’ since the styles that Ji Su shared, why not have a modern aesthetic with a hint of the god of love. Where each of the girls has goddess of love aura. We would keep it simple and full of love.” Sweet and simple was Jungkook. Ji Su and the others liked the idea. They just waited for Mr. Choi to say something. “I like the idea, but why not have it to where one of them as the goddess of love while the others are walking around shops thinking about love. We keep the video light, romantic, and again simple.” Everyone at the table agreed and the continued with the meeting on when to start shooting the music video and where. Then they started to discuss who would be the goddess of love. Everyone shouted names and who they all wanted. Dan Bi seemed to be favored, but she politely declined. When no one suggested anyone else, Jungkook spoke. “Ji Su could be the goddess of love. That way no one gets upset on who what’s to be what. Plus, it would be easier then having to hire someone.” Ji Su just looked at him. Collaborating with him was enough having him film her that was something different. Her mind returned to the note she read this morning. On her way to this meeting, she thought about ending their business relationship. If this nightmare was back, then she was going to do everything in her power to protect him. If she ended things now and just dealt with working with him, she would do it. “Ji Su?” Mr. Choi called her name. “Sorry about that my mind was somewhere else.” She apologized and gave him her full attention. “Would you be ok with playing that part?” she was about to ask what part, but she quickly remembered. “If that saves the time that we don’t have then I will.” The smile on Mr. Choi’s face lifted with excitement. After that the meeting was over and Jungkook would notify them where the MV would be shot. He hoped by the end of the week he would know something. With that everyone left leaving Ji Su alone in the room. She hoped she missed Jungkook, and he would leave before she made her way to her car. She made the decision. She was going to tell Jungkook whatever was between them wasn’t going to work no more. Ji Su kept telling herself that it was to protect him. He wasn’t her boyfriend, if he was then she would tell him about what was going on. However, he was just a friend, and she didn’t want him to be involved if he was being targeted. Time went by and Ji Su stood up thinking enough time has pasted by and she really was hoping that he was gone and not waiting. Sadly, when she made to her car, there he was waiting for her. He looked up when she was making her way. “Hey, are you feeling, ok? You seemed fine thought out most of the meeting but towards the end of it you seemed to be somewhere else.” He took her hand dragged her closing the distance. Ji Su let go of his hand and step back. “I’m fine just a lot on my mind.” Half true half a lie. “You want to go and get coffee to talk about it?” he asked her, taking a step towards her. She took a step back. He stopped noticing. “Did I do something wrong?” She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She opened them again when she spoke. “Since we are working together on this project, I think its best if we put a pause on things.” What she was saying was mostly empty words and she knew it. Ji Su thought it was the best for both. She didn’t need the idea of him being hurt or worse on her hands. “So, you’re saying when the project is over then we can pick up where we left of?” She wanted to say yes, but hesitated. “We will see where things are.” She looked up at him to see what his emotion was. She couldn’t read him. She watched his shoulder rise and then fall. He looked at her, “I hope it won’t be too long.” He gave his famous smirk that made her weak in the knees. He walked up to her and kiss her forehead. “Just promise me this isn’t a goodbye.” He pleaded with her. “I can’t promise you that.” She felt tears pooling. He backed away from her and without a second glance, he walked away. Ji Su heard his car door open and close. The jeep started and from the corner of her eye, he drove off. She stood there for a moment before clearing her throat and whipping away the tears before they fell. She was going to make it her mission to figure out this man was. Take care of it and maybe just maybe she could go up to Jungkook and tell him that she was falling for him. She just hoped he felt the same way too. ~*~*~*~*~ Few days went by in a blur. Ji Su turned into a workaholic. She had all XOXO’s outfits ready to go, her outfit for the music video, the men’s line 85% done, and Mi Sun’s wedding dress was nearly completed. When the day arrived for the music video, Ji Su was on the verge of a panic attack. Reason behind it: Jungkook. Why? Simple she was ready to take back what she said. What stopped her from doing so? Finding nothing about the man she called nightmare. Of course, ask for any help thinking she could do it all on her own. Now she was really regretting it. Push her personal investigation, Ji Su walked up to Jungkook who was in charge. “I am here with the outfits. Where do you need me?” she asked upon walking up to him. He turned and looked at her. “Go and style the girls and then once they are down get dressed. I want to have todays shot to be done no more then seven hours.” He was a whole different person. Granted he was the director and in charge. Ji Su was shock on how different he was when he was with her, filming. “Alright thank you.” Was all she said to him, breaking the eye contact with him. She made her way to the trailer where the members of XOXO were sitting down getting their makeup done. Ji Su from there went to work starting with Nyx. Out of the four outfits, Ji Su instructed her assistant the order of each outfit. Nyx started with the purple sweater and black floral skirt. Next would be her purple polo dress and then the same sweater with pair of jeans. From there they worked in a line for each of the girls with Bin Na second, followed by Echo, and then Dan Bi as the last one. Ji Su was working with Dan Bi who seemed nervous. “You ok Dan Bi?” she asked. “Yeah, I am fine, just have a been busy on practicing.” Dan Bi surpassed a yawn that didn’t go unnoticed. “Hopefully you’ll be able to take a break once you are done with this.” Ji Su encouraged her. “Not likely. I am the main dancer and vocal. I have no choice but to practice without stopping.” Dan Bi finished putting on the wedges and grabbing the pink cardigan. “Plus, unnie I am the maknae I can’t slow them down.” With that said, Dan Bi walked out leaving Ji Su to get dress and makeup down. When she emerged from the trailer, she could feel Jungkook’s eyes. Ji Su didn’t know why. Was it because she was wearing a pale pink chiffon, cross back, deep V-neck dress. Her makeup was exotic. With pinks and purples highlighting her eyes and then rimstones lined up all over her face. Hair was in soft curls with flowers spread out. Someone cleared his or her throat grabbing everyone attention. Everyone move to his or her places. Ji Su was second to last to be filmed. All she had to do was at like she was sending love to each of the girls. Jungkook had the camera and got close to Ji Su. She did freeze or acknowledge him. When he was down filming her, everyone on site clapped saying how amazing her acting was. She told them that it was nothing and went back to the trailer to change. When she returned, Jungkook was filming the dance part and Ji Su spotted Lizzy. A thought passed through her mind. Thinking that maybe Lizzy would be good for Jungkook if Ji Su doesn’t find who the nightmare was. As the day ticked by things seemed to move faster and when fives hours went by, everything was done. XOXO changed and thanked everyone for the help and support. They left soon after that needing to head to the next schedule appointment. Ji Su was packing everything when someone entered the trailer. She glance up to see Jungkook. Before so could say anything to him, he took no time to stand in front of her. She stopped breathing. “I don’t know the real reason is for pausing what we have. I hope you find it that you can trust me.” He didn’t give her chance to say anything when he leaned down and kissed her. Her eyes were still closed when she felt his lips leave. She opened her eyes when the trailer door closed. Authors note. Well, something is brewing and what will come of Jungkook and Ji Su? Nothing really much to say besides how much I like this version better. Don’t forget to comment on what you like so far. Talking Body Tag list (Let me know if you want you want to be tagged) @MelissaGarza @YessicCardenas @KeraDelatorre @BTSxEXO @MaritessSison @jiminakpop @GeniferEskue @divanicola05 @weendy @nydasm @JessicaFigueroa @MsLoyalHeart @SHINee4ever @CristinBarnes @chenisbaekasy @Mochiroon
Talking Body Chapter Eight [+18]
Chapter Eight “Is that her?” a feminine voice said behind him. Jungkook turned from the computer screen to see Lizzy standing in the doorway of his studio. “She is a client and in return I am helping her out with her project.” Jungkook clarified turning back around to continue to work. Lizzy walked into his studio and sat down on his couch watching him. She arrived two weeks ago when he, Ji Su, Jin, and Mi Sun were coming back from Jeju. Lizzy chose to arrive earlier than planned. This was not his plan. No, he planned to take Ji Su out for dinner that night just a simple outing nothing more than that. But Lizzy showed up and Ji Su has not spoken to him in the past two weeks. As for the movie day, was pushed back do to wedding plans. So, Tonight, was the night that everyone would be over to the neighbor’s apartment and Lizzy was invited. That was the message he received from Mi Sun. He started to think that Ji Su was jealous of Lizzy. For one he was not involved with Lizzy. In the past he was, but that was it. Even if that is the problem, he would hope she would still talk with him. “She is pretty.” Lizzy commented behind him. Jungkook continued to work on the footage he was editing. Ji Su was on the screen working hard on sketching out another outfit with him in mind. He smirked remembering that day and how cute she looked working. He admitted to her that if her men’s line is a success, he would be her first buyer. That comment rewarded him a kiss. “She is but she is also my clint that I am working with.” Jungkook stated and then turned to Lizzy once more. “How did the audition go?” he asked. Lizzy was here for auditioning for a chance to be in a music video for a KPOP girl group called XOXO. The group was just starting out and debuted a year ago. Lizzy has been following the group since they debuted. “Good I was able to meet some of the members and I really believe I got a spot in the latest music video.” Lizzy’s eyes seem to brighten as she spoke. “That is good. How many members are there again?” he asked. “They have four members. Binna is the leader and lead dancer, Nyx is the main rapper, Echo is the main vocalist, and the maknae Dan Bi is the main dancer and vocalist. They are so sweet and cool to be around. Nyx is the one that came up to me and started telling me that I was a shoe in with the way I danced. Gods above Jungkook if I get this I could move here and start the next chapter in my life.” Lizzy gushed about her future. Jungkook was happy for her but the downside of her being here could bring out their history of which he was not proud. Lizzy continued to talk when Jungkook got a text. Jungkook’s heart sank when he saw it was not from Ji Su. Jin: can you stop by the store to pick up some things for movie night? I was planning to, but I have a workload that may take longer than planned. Jungkook: I can do that was planning to stop by the store anyway. Jungkook put his phone away after sending his reply. He turned back around to save his work and then shut down his computer. “Are we going somewhere? Are you finally taking me on a grand tour of Seoul?” Lizzy questioned as Jungkook stood up to grab his bag. “No to the tour, and sorry that I haven’t been able to I have project deadlines that I have to focus on.” Jungkook apologized to her. “Its fine I’m here for a month and a half unless something happens and I’m here for longer.” Lizzy stood up with her bag in hand following behind him. Jungkook knocked on Yoongi’s door and then made his way down the line to see if there was anything that his brothers wanted to for movie night. Each of them told him what they wanted and then he made his way down to the lobby where Taehyung was supposed to be but was not. Instead, he found Jimin. “Where’s Tae?” he asked Jimin. “I do not know he just walked into my studio and told me to watch the front and then left. I think he is seeing someone and not telling us.” Jimin shared. Jungkook just nodded and asked Jimin what he wanted for the movie night. Once her got everyone’s order Lizzy and him left for the store. ~*~*~*~*~ Jungkook went through the store and got everything while Lizzy went off to gather what she needed. When he walked past the jewelry counter he stopped. He was just looking while a thought about getting something for Ji Su grew within his mind. He never bought something for woman one besides his mother. As he gazed through the display he stopped when he saw what he wanted. “Did you see what you wanted?” Jungkook looked up to see an older man standing behind the counter. “I do. That necklace right there.” Jungkook pointed to the one he was looking at. The older man unlocked the display box and pulled out the necklace. “She must be a lucky lady if you are looking at this one for her.” Commented the older man. “Well, I guess you could say she is.” Jungkook smirked and looked at the necklace closer.” Prefect just for her. Jungkook thought. “I’m going to take a stab at it and say you’re getting this?” “Yes, and if you could gift wrap, it as well, thank you.” The older man took the necklace and went to box it up and bag it. He handed it to Jungkook. “Thank you again.” Jungkook thanked him when the bag was handed to Jungkook. “Whoever she is, she must have won your heart.” “There is a possibility.” Jungkook smiled and head to check out when Lizzy caught up with him. He paid for her along with his things. Once paid and everything was in the car, Jungkook did not waste time to head home. When they arrived at the apartment complex, Jimin and Taehyung got home at the same time and helped unload the car. Lizzy and Taehyung chatted the whole way up. Jimin and Jungkook looked at each other thinking that Taehyung had the hots for Lizzy. There was a guarantee that Jimin would be questioning Taehyung sometime tonight. Jimin suggested that they just head to Mi Sun and Ji Su place since most of the groceries that Jungkook got was going to go over there any ways. So, they did that, Jimin rang the doorbell and Mi Sun answered. She ushered them in and helped take a few of the bags that Taehyung had since he was heading to the boys’ home to shower before the movie. Lizzy just went to the boys’ place to unload what she got. That just left Jimin and Jungkook with Mi Sun and Ji Su who was in the kitchen washing dishes. “Noona I’ll unload everything while you finish what you were working on.” Jungkook offered and Mi Sun placed the bags down and disappeared to her room. Jimin left once he placed the bags he had in hand on the counter. When the cost was clear Jungkook walked up to Ji Su. “You’ve been ignoring me.” He whispered in her ear. Ji Su jumped splashing water onto the counter and on him. “No, I have not. I have been working on the men’s line and Mi Sun’s wedding dress.” Ji Su confessed to him. “Plus, you have been busy as well. So, I do not want to hear you whining.” She finished washing one plate and then moved on to the next one. Jungkook grabbed a towel and started to help. “How see it if once of us replied to text messages that we sent to each other. That way we did not think someone was jealous of someone else.” Jungkook rinsed the dishes and started to dry them. “If you are implying that I’m jealous of someone then you are mistaken.” She washed the last dish and drained the sink. She finally turned to face him. “I was giving you space since your friend is here. I am sure she missed you and wanted to have some time to have you all to herself.” Ji Su walked over to put some dishes away. Jungkook watched her while he finished drying the dishes. She was standing on her tip toes to put some plates away. Her shirt was rising exposing that delicious skin of hers. He put the towel and dish he was drying down and walked over to help her. He felt her freeze and shiver at his touch. Once the dishes were safely put away, Ji Su stepped down from her tip toes and with what room he gave her, she turned around to face him. “If you don’t move, Mi Sun is going to catch us.” Ji Su whispered. He leaned down where he was eye level with her. “I am to the point I willing to take the risk of her finding out.” He leaned in and kissed her. He felt her melt into the kiss bracing the counter behind her for support. He trapped her between his arms when he broke the kiss. “I missed you.” He confessed. “To where I was taking cold showers every morning, I would wake up from having a dream about you.” “Sorry, about that.” She smiled as she apologized. “We needed to have a break we cannot just you know fuck like rabbits all the time. What are we horny ass teenagers?” “For you I would be the horny teenager lusting after his teacher.” “Are you saying that if I was your teacher, you would seduce me?” “You bet.” That made her laugh and he joined her with laughter of his own. Their happy bubble was short lived when they heard feet shuffling towards them. Both Jungkook and Ji Su stepped away from each other. Mi Sun peeked around the corner to see Jungkook leaning against the counter and Ji Su going through the bag contents. Jungkook was sure that Mi Sun was thinking how suspicious they looked. “Jungkook sense you are already here how about you go a pick the movies.” Mi Sun suggested while pointing out where the movies were located. “Ji Su, could I borrow that gray cardigan of yours?” “Sure, let me go get that.” Ji Su walked past Jungkook, and her hand brushed up against his, hidden from Mi Sun to see. When Ji Su was inside her room Jungkook walked over to the entertainment center to browse through the movies. While he was looking, Mi Sun appeared next to him. “I don’t know what relationship you have with Ji Su but promise me you won’t hurt her.” She whispered to him. “I promise.” His answer must have been good enough, because she stood up when Ji Su walked back out with the cardiganed. Mi Sun thanked Ji Su and disappeared back into her room. Picking three movies, Jungkook placed them on the entertainment center and then cleaned up his mess. Once that was done, he turned to see the Ji Su turned the living room into a movie goers paradise. Well, it was more like pillows and blankets were added. The couch was moved, and the lights were dimmed. He grabbed the movies and walked into the kitchen once more where Ji Su was. She took out all the contents of the bags and started to set them up for everyone. This was the Ji Su he liked the most. The industrious woman that he had come to know for a month and a half now. With that high ponytail of hers he loved but he loved it more when her hair was down. Being who he was, Jungkook walked up to her and pulled her ponytail out. He received a glare like he always did. He leaned down and quickly kissed her before walking away with her hair tie on his wrist. She did not saw anything and continued to work. Mi Sun walked out when the door opened for everyone to walked in. The peace and quiet was interrupted by laughter as his brothers and Lizzy walked in. Mi Sun being the host she had told them they had food and refreshments in the kitchen, and they were welcome to grab food while Jungkook put on the first move. With that everyone moved to grab food some went straight to the living to get a spot before anyone else. Jungkook walked over and grabbed the first movie, Twenty starring Kim Woo Bin, Lee Juho, and Kang Ha-neul. Everyone cheered for a comedy to start out with instead of a horror one. Last time Yoongi chose the movies and all three were horror movies. Jungkook smirked keeping a secret that he picked one horror movie, The Wailing and then an action pack The Villainess. He sat down on the floor with his back against the couch, next to Ji Su who brushed her leg against his shoulder. Lizzy sat on the other side of him. As the first movie play the room was full of laughs and shouts when one of the main characters did something stupid. Jungkook was not really paying attention. Ji Su’s leg was touching his shoulder and he just happen to prop his leg up to brace his elbow and touch Ji Su without anyone really knowing, expect Mi Sun. He did not think much into Mi Sun knowing. If she asked him to promise her to not hurt Ji Su, then Mi Sun was fine with it. However, he knew that one of these days, Mi Sun would want to meet up and talk. Either way, Jungkook was willing to do that. He would not have bought that necklace for Ji Su if he were not thinking about turning the ‘Business contract’ and making it into something real. Though he wanted to wait for the right moment to give it to her and confess his true feelings towards her. ~*~*~*~*~ By the time it was the last movie everyone was rearranged. Ji Su was sitting next to Jungkook with Lizzy still on the other side of him. Mi Sun and Jin took of the couch, with Mi Sun slowly falling asleep. Taehyung left after the second movie. Hoseok was seated near the door for a quick exit if the movie was too scary for him. Yoongi was already sound asleep, and Namjoon was playing with his phone. Jimin was in the kitchen cleaning up and finished when the movie started. The movie was not really that scary, but it surely made everyone jump. Ji Su would jump a little by him and Lizzy would wrap her arms around his. Gods above he have Ji Su do that instead of Lizzy. Hoseok stood up in the middle of the movie and told everyone good night before he left. Namjoon soon did the same having no interest in the movie. Yoongi woke up at the end of the movie and left. Jimin stood up and ask Lizzy if she was ready to go. Lizzy stood up and left with Jimin. That left Jin with Mi Sun and Jungkook with Ji Su. “I am going to stay with Mi Sun tonight.” Jin stated helping Mi Sun up from the couch and both walked to Mi Sun’s room. Ji Su stood up from where she was sitting and started cleaning up. “Would you like some help?” Jungkook asked and picked up some pillows. “You don’t have too.” She fold a blanket and then moved to the next one. “I’m sure your friend is waiting for you.” She sounded jealous. “I’m sure Lizzy will be fine with the guys.” Which was the truth. Lizzy always found her place among those she did not know. “If someone would hear you or see how you are acting, they may say you are jealous.” Jungkook took the blanket she was working on out of her hands. “I am not jealous. She is you friend who traveled to see you. If I were in your place, I would spend time with the friend that spent money to flyout this way.” Ji Su walked up to him and took the blanket out of his hands. Jungkook smirked and took it back. She glared at him and ripped it out of hands. Oh, she was jealous and pissed. He grabbed the blanket once more pulling it towards him. She fell up against him. He dropped his end of the blanket and wrapped his long arms around her. “One she is here for a job opportunity. Two I rather spend time with you. Three I have been wanting to do this for the past two weeks.” He leaned down and kissed her. He felt her relax in his arms as their lips dance against each other’s. He picked her up forgetting the mess of blankets and made his way to her room. Her legs wrapped around his waist and arms around his neck while her fingers played with his hair at the nape of his neck. He growled with her delicate touch. Jungkook placed her on the bed, and she broke the kiss telling him to lock the door. He went and locked the door. When he made his way back, he took off his shirt and threw it some where within her room. He crawled on top of her, a giggle escaping. He brushed his nose against her jaw, making his way to her ear lope. His teeth grazed he ear causing Ji Su to suck in a breath. He nibbled her ear and then made his way to her neck. He loved the way she tasted. A sweet citrus scent seemed to radiate off her. His lips went to the collar of her shirt. He mumbled that her shirt needed to go. With the motions of touching, lips and tongues meeting, and clothes off, they did not waste time to start the dance of flesh connecting. He moved slowly in her, torturing her with the need to move fast. He was not willing to give that to her, no matter that he was struggling to force himself to move slow. “Damn you just fuck me already.” Ji Su said with clinch teeth. He felt her core clinch him with each move he made. That tighter she griped him the closer he was. She moved to turn him around where she was on top. He took her arms and placed them above her, thrusting his length a tad quicker. With each thrust he would go faster and then slow making this last a little longer. When he sensed that the next thrust would be her undoing and his stopped pulling out and turned her around to where she was on all fours. He entered her once more making her gasp with the sensitivity of how close she was. This time his hand griped her waist, and his thrust lost all sense as he drove himself deeper in her. He did not know how and what strength she had, but she sat up on her knees, sitting on his lap making him go even deeper. He wrapped his arms around brushing both of her breasts as both exploded with euphoria. He held her as both breathed heavily. Soon she climb off him and made her way to the bathroom to clean up. After a few minutes he made his way to the bathroom too. She handed him the wash rag she used. “I will admit that I was jealous.” She told him and then walked back into her room. All cleaned up, he walked back to see she was wearing his shirt. Smirking he looked for his underwear and put that one before her climbed in next to her. Wrapping her in his arms Jungkook whispered. “I should make you jealous often.” He kissed her temple and closed his eyes. ~*~*~*~*~ There was a knock-on Ji Su’s door, he felt Ji Su stir in his arms. He snuggled her closer as the knocking continued. “Ji Su I will break this door down if you do not answer in 5…4…3…2…” He felt Ji Su jump out bed and to the door opening it. She peaked her head out while moving her hand signaling Jungkook to hide. A low groan came out and he made his way to her bathroom. He leaned against the wall next to the door to hear the conversation. “Good morning, Mi Sun what can I help you with–” Ji Su started to talk when he heard Mi Sun push her way in. “Come on in.” “I have no time to play sarcasm with you right now. I received a call from the police. The shop been broken into. I am making my way there; you get dressed and meet me there.” He heard Mi Sun walk out and the door closing. Jungkook took that as his que to walk out. He did not say anything as he searched for the rest of his clothes and dressed. Ji Su was in her closet and back out dressed, with his shirt still on. She looked down realizing the same thing. She took it off exposing herself and handing the shirt to him before grabbing a shirt out of her closet. “I have to go but I will contact you later.” She said kissing his cheek. With just his shirt to put on, Jungkook followed her out. “I’ll go with you.” He told her and she did not argue with him. In matter of minutes there were at the shop with police and CSI walking around. Most of the damage was minor but the worst was in Ji Su’s office. Jungkook followed Ji Su to see the damage. Her office looked like a tornado went through it with her desk turned over, chair thrown, all her papers with her designs scattered like confetti. He watch Ji Su as she scrabbled over to the closet were her deigns, she put together were located. When she opened it, he saw her shoulders drop with relief. Everything was still there. The men’s line she was working on and Mi Sun’s weeding dress. “Excuse me but I have to ask, do you know who would have done this?” a detective walked in asking. Ji Su turned to face him. “No, I do not.” Ji Su looked over at Jungkook. Her eyes told him that something was not adding up. Deep down something told him that someone broke in thinking she would be there and scare her. She did not show it, but she was shaking with fear. ~*~*~*~*~ Authors note: Chapter eight may seem to move slow, and things were added but it was what I could do keep the story going. If you have not noticed that I placed some easter eggs within this chapter. Hint: possibility of more stories within the Talking Body Universe. I am sure you are asking, when will that happen? Well, it will happen but in time. I do not know if I shared with you but back in 2018, I stopped writing. My grandmother passed away and she was one of my biggest cheerleaders when it came to my writing. So, after four years I told myself I needed to get back to writing. So, here I am writing. Starting with rewriting Talking Body and eventually working my way to write more within this universe. So, I hope you all enjoy the chapter, and I will keep updating as soon as I can to keep you all on your toes. Talking Body Tag list (Let me know if you want you want to be tagged) @MelissaGarza @YessicCardenas @KeraDelatorre @BTSxEXO @MaritessSison @jiminakpop @GeniferEskue @divanicola05 @weendy @nydasm @JessicaFigueroa @MsLoyalHeart @SHINee4ever @CristinBarnes @chenisbaekasy @Mochiroon
Talking Body Chapter Seven [+18]
Chapter Seven Ji Su was siting on her balcony watching the sun set. She couldn’t help but think how scared she was when Jae showed up at the end of the show. Something was in his eyes that told her he was out for blood. When Jae walked up to her, he grabbed her wrist and demanded why she wasn’t crying or mad at him. She was confused why he would care for her wellbeing. She asked him why it matter to him. “Because you in pain or heartbroken brings me joy.” Just thinking about it made her shiver. He reminded her of the time she was in college. That one day she went for a run only to be sitting in a police station a few hours later after being found. Ji Su closed her eyes shaking her head at the horrible memories. Hugging the blanket, she had wrapped around her tighter. Those memories were pushed back in the forbidden box that was to never open. Taking a deep breath, she continued to watch the sun sink further down. “Ji?” a soft voice called for her. She turned to see Mi Sun walking out to the balcony holding a wine bottled and glasses. “I’m fine, nothing to worry about.” Ji Su turned away from Mi Sun as her friend sat down on the empty chair next to hers. “I wasn’t worried thought we need to just drink.” Mi Sun opened the wine and poured some in each glass. Red wine that tasted of sweet berries. Ji Su’s favorite. “I am fine.” “And I am here to drink with my soul sister.” Mi Sun handed Ji Su a glass before leaning back with in the chair. Both women sat there in silence as they sipped their wine. Ji Su sat there trying to not think about the silence and how loud it was. She just sipped her wine doing her best deal with the silence, but it didn’t last long as she thought. “Mi Sun.” Ji Su spoke. “Have you been going to your sessions?” Ji Su closed her eyes and sighed at the question. Those damn therapy sessions that Mi Sun thought she needed 4 years ago. When her grandmother died, and Ji Su was depressed. Depressed that her one and only family was gone, and on the same day was told that the police put her case away since there was nothing they could do. Being depressed just seemed to help her cope with everything. Those two years were hell for her. She was able to find comfort with her designs, but that could only do so much. Jae well he showed no sympathy whatsoever. “You know that I stopped those when they deemed me ‘healed’.” Ji Su looked over at Mi Sun who was sitting there sipping her wine. “They didn’t deem you healed. You stopped going.” Mi Sun finally looked at her. “If you don’t want to go back then find something that will work for you.” Ji Su looked away knowing what Mi Sun said was true. “Fine what do you suggest?” Ji Su asked curious on what her friend would say. “Find a guy that will help you forget about crazy ass? Tell someone that doesn’t know what you went through that morning of second year collage. Yoga, I hear that can do more than help center you.” First off, she didn’t want to use Jungkook as someone to forget. Jungkook would more than likely see through it. Telling him about what happened, she thought about it, and as for Yoga, well maybe. “Listen I think you need to tell someone that is not me or Jin or anyone that knows you. You need someone that doesn’t but is willing to hear you out. Not therapist just someone you can trust.” Mi Sun shared while finishing her glass. “I am off to have dinner with Jin. Maybe you can talk to Jungkook. Not saying you should tell him, but just hangout put in a good word for me.” Ji Su looked at Mi Sun who gave her a wink. “You do know that he approves and gives his permission. You don’t need to go pled or beg for it.” Mi Sun had this idea that she need to receive everyone’s permission to date or now marry Jin. She only met Jungkook once when he was leaving for the states. “Fine but hangout with him so he isn’t lonely.” Only if Mi Sun knew that once she leaves Jungkook was probably going to appear minutes later. When Mi Sun was gone, Ji Su grabbed the wine and poured another glass. ~*~*~*~*~ She wasn’t drunk just hot. Ji Su after an hour finished the bottle of wine. She took the blanket off and her shorts. All she had on was Jungkook’s gray t-shirt that was off one shoulder and her black lacey panties. Hair was in a messy bun. Again, she wasn’t drunk, just hot and bothered. When a knock echo through the room, Ji Su got up and staggered to the door. Maybe the wine did hit her, maybe little hard since she had no food in her stomach. When the knock echoed again, she made it to the door and opened it. Jungkook stood there with another bottle of wine and food. “You came bearing gifts how thoughtful of you.” She smiled enlighten at the sight of the food and wine. “And you seem a bit tipsy.” He stated walking in. “I am that plus hot.” She closed the door and waled back out to the balcony to retrieve her glass. She notice he was watching her and glancing at the other glass. “Don’t worry only Mi Sun was here not another guy.” She walked back in to where he was at. “I wasn’t going to question why, figured you were double fisting it.” He set the food on the table and opened the bottle of wine. He then walked out to the balcony to grab the other glass to rinse it out and use it for himself. Ji Su sat down watching his every move. Then she blurted out, “I need to tell you something.” “Alright what is it?” he sat down poured the wine in each of their glasses and started to eat waiting for her to share. “Well first off did you hear anything the Jae said before you interrupted?” she asked. “No, I just noticed how uncomfortable you were and on instinct jumped in the middle.” He more food in his mouth and then spoke. “What did he tell you?” Ji Su took a sip of her wine and popped a grape in her mouth. “That he enjoys seeing me in pain.” She shuttered once more. She watched Jungkook process what she just said. “Well, he is insane for one but why did he just happened to be here to tell you that?” Jungkook sharing his thoughts. Ji Su leaned back in the chair putting her knees closer to her chest. “I don’t know why he was here. He has only been to one show and that one show was my first one when I introduced the shop to everyone. He told me that time he would never go to fashion show again stating it was boring that he could being doing something else then watching models walk.” Ji Su looked out the window. “As for saying that to me. It stirred up old memories, nightmares of mind.” She looked at Jungkook who was watching her. “If you’re not ready to share then don’t. I will not force you to do so.” Jungkook grabbed the bottle of wine and refilled her glass that was empty. “Thanks, and I feel like I need to. Mi Sun told me to tell someone that doesn’t really know me but knows me enough that I can share my secrets.” She lifted the glass to her lips and drank her wine. “Well, when you are ready, I will listen.” He popped more food in his mouth and encourages her to do the same. She did as they sat there in silence. Ji Su ate and drank while she thought about that morning. If she and Jungkook were going to be friends with a hint of benefits but willing to trust each other, she knew she could trust him. “I was raped 8 years ago during my second year of college.” She watch Jungkook stop mid bite as she continued. “I suffered for three years with the fear of being touched and of sex. After a year of my attack, I met Jae. He became a friend and then boyfriend. He at the time was sweet and understanding. We didn’t have sex until our second anniversary. I struggle to this day running in the morning without someone with me. When I run to far, my body stops working like that one morning you found me. Mi Sun and I don’t know what that is, my therapist thinks it’s a trigger for what happened to me. So, when Jae said that he enjoyed seeing me in pain brought back the memory of that day.” She stopped worried what Jungkook was thinking or going to say. She drank her wine in one shot and then poured another. She waited and he yet didn’t say anything. Again, she drank her wine in one shot and reached for the bottle when Jungkook took it from her. “One, you need to slow down and enjoy the wine.” He poured her one more glass. “Two, do you think since he told you that, somehow, he could be the man that raped you 8 years ago?” he asked. “The thought of him being the man never crossed my mind.” She stated. “Well, something tells me there is a possibility. What about the police? Aer they still looking for him?” “They stopped the day my grandmother died, four years ago.” She nibbled on the food. Silence again filled the room as both where in deep thought. Ji Su nibbled some more on the food before pushing it away. She finished her glass of wine and pushed that away too. She took a deep breath waiting to hear or see what Jungkook was going to do or say. She was nervous and started to think that maybe she shouldn’t have told him. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said anything.” Ji Su stood up and stumbled to the balcony door way. She was embarrassed and started to question on why she told him. He was in a way her lover not a friend or a boyfriend. She stood in the door way and his arms hugged her from the back. “I’m glad you told me. I may not have said anything right away but know I know what you’ve been hiding.” He squeezed her tighter. “Mi Sun told me that I need to tell some one and that maybe after eight years I may forget about it. I have but there is somethings that is hard to forget.” She turned around within his arms and looked up at him. “Thank you for listening, I know it wasn’t easy.” She whispered. “It wasn’t, but I think we should head to bed since you have another long day ahead of you.” Jungkook took her hand a lead her to the bed. She crawled in and then asked. “Will you join me?” “I wasn’t planning on leaving you.” She watched him crawl next to her and turn the lights off. His arms found her once again and pulled her close. She felt safe and fell fast asleep. ~*~*~*~*~ The sun came through brighter than Ji Su wished for. She turned around and smiled when she spotted the man beside her. His arms draped over her and hair in his face. She was falling for him that was a fact. Was she going to tell him? No not until the time was right. She didn’t want to tell him and then things didn’t work out and both end up hurt. For now, she just wanted to enjoy what they were doing. She brushed his hair out his eyes and kiss him lightly before crawling out of the bed. She wasn’t off the bed when his arms reach out and pulled her back in. Ji Su let out a squeal in surprise and then laughed against his chest. “Where you think your going?” he asked voice husky. “To shower and dress for the day.” She giggle as his lips travels up and down from her exposed shoulder to her ear. His lips nibbled at her ear making a moan escape her lips. “Some one is hungry.” She stated breathlessly. “Only hungry for you at the moment.” He mumbled against her neck. His big hand went under her shirt and landed on her bare stomach teasing her. She turned around and planted a kiss on the base of his throat. Her hands brushed against his bare chest. “We have to stop before Mi Sun plans to walk in.” she suggested but yet not stopping the travel of kisses from the base of his throat to his lips. God, she loved those lips of his. “Then we will just have to make it quick.” He rolled over laying on top of her. He braced himself high enough to look at her. She knew she looked like shit, but she also knew he loved how devilish she looked. “When you opened to the door last night do you know how bad I wanted to you? Wearing my grey shirt and those lacey black panties.” He moved down between her legs. His fingers touched the hem of her underwear. He looked up at her and she knew he was asking for permission. Ji Su loved that about him too. She nodded and with out a second thought he pulled them off and threw them somewhere within the room. He pushed her shirt up and kissed her middle slowly making his way down. Ji Su was squirming at the thought of those lips on her. He kiss her folds and then licked them sending shocks of pleasure down to her toes. Anther moan escaped her as his tongue went in between her folds to her bud. He sucked and lick making her ache and moan. She felt his thumb hover her entrance and played with his before entering her. She close her eyes loving the feeling of his tongue and thumb playing with her. She gasped when his thumb entered her. She looked at him seeing his eyes black as coal. She brushed the hair away from his face. She pushed her shirt up more exposing her breasts to him. His free hand gravitate to her right breast and teased her nipple. Her breathing grew quick he moaned sending vibrations through her. She could feel the buildup of her orgasm as she played with his hair. The faster he ate her, and finger fucked her, she was going to come and come hard. She was so close to coming when a knock on her door made her freeze. “Ji Su, are you ok in there?” Mi Sun asked through the door. “Are you masturbating in there? If you are just tell me and I’ll leave.” Ji Su could hear the embarrassment in Mi Sun’s voice. Jungkook continued to eat her out causing her to moan. “Yes I am.” She breathlessly moan to her friend on the other side of the door. There wasn’t another sound from her friend as Jungkook’s tongue left her bud and looked up at her as he added another finger fucking her faster. She loved how he would watch. Seeing what he was doing to her moan more. She could feel that she was close, and she knew that he could feel it too. He crawled up enough to kiss her as she came. Her body twitched and then relaxed. Jungkook got up and looked for his shirt. Ji Su sat up. “Would you like my help?” she asked pointing to the tent in his pants. “No, I can take care of it. I don’t like it when women go down on me. I had a bad experience with one and ever since then I just take care of it on my own.” He leaned down and kissed her before walking out. Ji Su sat on the bed for a few minutes before getting up and getting dressed. When she was dress another knock on her door and Mi Sun asking to enter. Ji Su laughed silently to herself and opened the door. Mi Sun entered, cheeks red. “I am so sorry for interrupting yourself love time.” Mi Sun apologized. “No need to apologize. I was just embarrassed as you are. Any who, what do you need?” Ji Su walked over to finish her look of the day. Same style as yesterday just different colors. Darker shade of blue jeans, coral color t-shirt, with a cream colored cardigan, and the same wedges. The hair this time was in a high ponytail with lose waves and makeup was the same. The accessories wear the same earrings, necklace, bracelet with her watch and a ring. Her grandmother ring. “One of the models for you last piece, got sick last night. Quintin wanted to know if you wanted to model your last piece. He knows that you have done it before.” Ji Su turned to face Mi Sun as she spoke. Something didn’t sit well with her hearing about one the models for her last piece ended up sick. Something about that made her think Jae had something to do with it. “I’ll do it plus it is one of my favorite pieces.” Mi Suns eyes lit up with relief. “Then if you’re ready let’s head down and get you ready.” Mi Sun stood up when Ji Su grabbed her bag and phone. Both women walked out of Ji Su’s room and made there way to the make shift back stage. Ji Su found Quintin to tell him that she would model her last piece, but before she would get ready, she would get her other pieces the models would be wearing ready to go before her. Quintin didn’t care what she was going to do he was just happy that the small problem was fix. The whole morning Ji Su worked on the models, adjusting the sized of each piece and worked with the make-up and hair stylist. Things were running smoothly and with an hour before the show, Ji Su was replacing her outfit from this morning into a simple thin strapped white dress. The dress went past her knees and the neckline was a crossed between a spaghetti strap and a V-neck. The dress Ji Su envisioned was a simple but yet elegant. Her shoes were black stilettos. Her hair was put in a half up half down style letting her lose waves show off. Her accessories were her own. Once she was ready the show started. Even though she was modeling one of her pieces, Ji Su still worked in the back making sure the other two pieces went out and came back without a scratch on them. Her creations were her babies. When it was her turn, she walked out with confidence. One hand on her hip and smiled. She would stop on one marker to turn around and then continued down to the end to repeated the same motion. She spotted Jungkook next to Mi Sun and Jin. She gave him a wink before she disappeared to the back. With that the show was down and so was the weekend. Quintin was leaving that night and whined that he wished he could stay longer. “You could always travel back this summer when Ji Su shows off her new line.” Mi Sun told him with Jin’s arms wrapped around her. “Would be great if you could. It would only be right since Mi Sun, and I were there for you first showcase.” Ji Su stated while putting her hair back into the high ponytail she had before. She changed back into her jeans and t-shirt once she was off the stage. “I will have to see what my schedule looks like. Who should I contact if I am able to make?” Quinin asked looking at all of them. “Me since I schedule everything for the girls.” Jin said. He was the general manager of the store, but he was also the sectary for the girls too. Ji Su stood there as the socialized. She knew Jungkook was behind her with hints of a small touch here and there. When it was time to leave for everyone, Ji Su. Jungkook, Mi Sun, and Jin all boarded the same plane and fly back to Seoul. Mi Sun and Jin sat in front of Ji Su and Jungkook talking about wedding plans and what they wanted to do. Ji Su sat there and took Jungkook’s hand in hers. He gave her a questioning look but didn’t do anything. When the landed Jungkook and Jin took care of all the luggage for the girls. Making both of them giggle and praise the boys for how strong they were. Ji Su felt as if the heavy weight she shared with Jungkook was gone. She was happy and couldn’t wait to see what the summer would bring. That’s what she thought when she saw a female running up to Jungkook. ~*~*~*~*~ Authors note I know that I said Friday, but this chapter was long with secrets, crazy ex-boyfriend, and of course the rest of the fashion show. Chapter eight will be in the works and hopefully posted by the end of the week. Graduation is coming up for my younger brother and so is family so in the next week are so I will be crazy busy. I hoping to have at least chapter eight through ten done and post. No promises though. What are you thoughts on this mysterious lady showing up? Feel free to comment below on what you thoughts are. For me I am happy how this version, again, is turning out. ***Here are the dress that Ji Su showcased and that one that she wore.*** This is the one that Ji Su wore Talking Body Tag list (Let me know if you want you want to be tagged) @MelissaGarza @YessicCardenas @KeraDelatorre @BTSxEXO @MaritessSison @jiminakpop @GeniferEskue @divanicola05 @weendy @nydasm @JessicaFigueroa @MsLoyalHeart @SHINee4ever @CristinBarnes @chenisbaekasy @Mochiroon
Talking Body Chapter Six [+18]
Chapter Six “Thank you for choosing Jeju-do Air. If you are in row A-17 through B-17, you may board the plane.” Jungkook stood up from where he was and made his way to the counter for them to check him in. once through Jungkook walked down to the plane and quickly found his sit once inside. He grabbed his phone to see if any new messages arrived. None did. Something happened last night, and he didn’t like it. Ji Su hung up with him abruptly and when he tried to call her back the call went to voice mail. He was up all night worried. He wanted to call her more than once, but he didn’t think they were in that type of relationship. So, before the plane took off, Jungkook called her once more and again got voice mail. “I just wanted you know that I boarded the plane and heading your way. I hope everything is ok and that you are safe. See you in an hour.” With that he put his phone on airplane mode and closed his eyes. Only to open them when an elderly lady was next to him struggling to out her bag in the overhead compartments. Jungkook stood up and helped her. She thanked him when both sat down next to each other. “Thank you so much. I used to be able to reach but I guess I shrunk.” She said with a chuckle. “It’s fine I am happy to help.” He gave her a small smile and then looked out the window as the plane started to take off, the elderly lady grabbed ahold of Jungkook. He took her hand and held it as the plane climbed further with each passing minute. When the plane was settled in the air the elderly lady released her grip and thanked him once again. When twenty minutes passed Jungkook knew sleep would never come, he pulled out his phone reading through the messages between him and Ji Su. He smiled bigger with each message and sighed with memories of last night before she hung up. That damn dress of hers made his mind think of things he would do to her. “Is that your girlfriend?” that elderly lady asked. Jungkook damn near dropped his phone. “I guess you could say that.” Jungkook replied and put his phone away. “Then I guess I should ask, are you in a friend with benefits relationship?” Jungkook looked at her in astonishment. “Oh, don’t give me that look. I may be old, but I know what’s what. I was young once.” She said with a smirk. “Our relationship is more like a business contract.” Jungkook stated looking out the plane window. “I’m sure what you two have with become more.” The elderly lady took her handkerchief and wiped her nose. “Are you going to see her once we landed?” He looked back at her like she could read his mind. “I am. I was planning to, but something happened last night. I really don’t know what, but I am hoping to find out and hope she is ok.” Jungkook looked down at his hands. “Well, whatever it is I hope you will show her how much you care for her.” She didn’t say much after that and Jungkook went back to looking out the window. What was he going to say to Ji Su? They planed for him to come down all because of the damn phone sex they had last night. He couldn’t get enough of her. He was going obsessed with her but in a sexy way not a ‘no one can have you’ way. He knew that if he fell for her, Jungkook would hope that she was too. If not, then he would support her either way. Jungkook tried to stay positive as the plane started to descent to land. He wanted to be positive to show her he was there for her. He just hoped that he would successes. When the plane landed, he help the elderly lady and walked with her, so she was lonely on her way to meet with her family. “Remember if she is worth it, you’ll know what to do.” Was her final words of wisdom before he told her goodbye. Jungkook called Ji Su and again got voice mail. He didn’t leave a message and made his way to the hotel. She sent him a message with her room number sometime yesterday. So, he by pasted the front desk and found his way to her room. He knocked once, twice, and no answer. He knock once more when the door opened. There she was in one his shirts that she just happened to take one night, and shorts. Her hair was in a messy bun with a few strains all over the place. “Jungkook?” she voiced sounded groggy, as if she been crying all night. He pushed his way in and dropped his bag. When he knew the door was closed, he picked her up and embraced her. He didn’t know what happened and he wasn’t going to push it. He just wanted to hold her. “I don’t know what happened last night, but I am here for you when you are ready to talk.” He felt her squeeze him and buried her face in the crook of his neck. He held her a few minutes before moving to the bed. He sat down with her in his lap. He brushed her hair back and rubbed her back in circle motions. Jungkook felt her clam down and moved to look at his face. “I’m sorry for hanging up on you last night. Jae showed up and something about him screamed dangerous. I don’t think I told you how he sent me to the hospital a month ago, but I was never really scared of him until now.” She looked away. “I hung up with you in hoped to hide you, maybe protect you. Somehow, he knew. He didn’t say anything but the way he was looking at me told me he knew.” She sighed and continued. “Maybe I am just seeing things but the look in his eye scared me.” Jungkook looked at her, brushed the stray hairs out of her face. “You know that I would protect you no matter what.” He embraced her once more and they stayed in that position until they both fell back on the back holding each other and Ji Su falling asleep. He watched her sleep. Moving stay hairs that kept falling in her face. He just started at her coming to realization that he was falling for her. Falling hard through an endless black hole. A knock at her door drew him away as he slide his arms out from under neither her. He started to think about why he was here if it was Mi Sun. He was coming up with blanks on what to say. Shit what was Ji Su going to do if Mi Sun found out? When he opened the door, he wasn’t expecting a man. “Hello gorgeous. What are you doing in JiJi’s room?” Jungkook watched him look Jungkook up and down. Like he was a meal to devour. “Hello and who are you?” Jungkook asked felling uncomfortable. “I’m Quintin Francis here to see the far maiden Ji Su who left the party early.” Quintin enthusiastically said with his arms moving with every word he spoke. Jungkook knew Quintin swung for the same team, he met and saw plenty of them in LA. “I’m Jungkook who is taking care of her at the moment.” Jungkook leaned against the door frame. “Oh, so you’re the man she refuses to tell Mi Sun about. You must be the youngest that I heard so much about from Mi Sun.” Quintin gave a wicked smile to Jungkook. “Please don’t saw anything. Right now, Ji Su are just having fun. Who knows what will happen in the next week or month? We are just figuring it out right now.” Jungkook started to pled with Quintin. “I will keep your secret if you do something for me.” Of course, there was something. Jungkook gave him the look to continue. “I am the host for this year’s show, and I need to model some of my works to start todays show. You look about the size as one of my pieces. You model for me today and your secret is safe with me.” “Deal.” Jungkook didn’t hesitate to agree. He would do anything to protect Ji Su and the relationship that had. “Glad to hear it. Be in the lobby in an hour. That should give you two some time to well you know.” Quintin gave Jungkook a wink before leaving. Jungkook shock his head and went back to Ji Su who was no longer on the bed. He heard the water running and the bathroom door open. He stepped in undressing. He had no intention of having sex with her. He wanted her to relax. If she felt the need to the he would, but only if she wanted it. He stepped in wrapping his arms around her hold her against him. They said nothing as he started to wash her hair and then her body. When he was done with her, Ji Su turned around to do the same to him. Once they were done in the shower, both stepped out, Jungkook getting dressed in the same outfit. Ji Su walked into the room looking around for an outfit. She grabbed his shirt, blue jeans and a pair of wedges. Once she was dressed, he stop dead in his tracks. Something about her in his shirts made him like, no love it on her. She grabbed a gray blazer to make the outfit complete and layer that on the bed as she finished getting ready. He sat on the bed and watched her. She dried her hair allowing it to dry into loose waves. Makeup was simple. Natural tones that made her look all natural. He couldn’t help but think she looked even more beautiful then the first night. With he last touches she put earrings in, add a necklace, and then a bracelet with her watch. She put on a ring and then turned to look at him. “So have you modeled before?” He gave her questioning look. “I heard the conversation between you and Quintin.” She admitted walking over to put on her blazer. “Don’t be afraid he is that only one beside Mi Sun that can keep a secret though he is also know to reveal them with drunk.” “That’s always nice to hear.” He stood up, towering over her. “To answer your question, I have modeled before back in LA. The gig was a job, and I needed the money.” He explained walking over the balcony she had in her room that looked over the beach. “I guess hearing that doesn’t surprise me. You seem the be the “Golden Maknae.” She put her fingers making air quotes as she followed him out. “Just wanted to let you know that Quintin’s fashion tends to be a little weird. He likes to cross the lines with male and female fashion. So, don’t be alarm if you walk out in a skirt.” “Good to know. What pieces are you showing today?” He asked facing her. “Well todays theme is spring like colors. I usually go with pastel, but this year I went with marigold yellow and one with pale yellow. Everyone is going to have the same thing, pale boring colors.” She shared with him. “So, what do you do during the time things are being set up?” “Well, I usually am in the back with the models. Making sure the outfits fit them and tailor them if need be. Then I share what hair and makeup style would like to see with the outfit. While the hair and makeup are getting done, I pick out accessories.” “Are the models together or separated?” she looked at him when he asked her. Jungkook had a smirk that screamed evil. “Sorry but they have male models on one side and the females on the other. Before you ask designers on the exception.” “It doesn’t hurt to ask.” He pouted and looked away from her. Ji Su chuckled and moved closer to him. “There is no such thing as a stupid question.” Her hand touched his cheek and then brushed hair out of his eyes. She stood on her tip toes and kissed him. It started out sweet and innocent. When he wrapped his arms around her waist the kiss deepened. There was something different with this kiss. There was comfort within the kiss. There wasn’t anything desperate or craving for one another. This was ‘I care for you, and I won’t let you go.’ Ji Su stepped down from her tip toes breaking the kiss first. She touched her lips as if they tingled. Jungkook’s did, and he didn’t want the tingling to stop. “We should go before Mi Sun or Quintin come looking.” Ji Su stepped out of his hold and walked back inside. Jungkook would pay anything for her thoughts. “Good thing I brought my camera so we can say I come to work on a new project.” He followed her. “One less thing to explain to Mi Sun.” Ji Su had her things in her hand waiting for him at the door. “As for the modeling we will just saw Quintin saw you and wanted you to model for him today.” She opened the door, and both made there way to the venue for today’s fashion show. ~*~*~*~*~ Like Ji Su promised he would likely wear a skirt, but when he put it on, Quintin looked at him and said no. His outfit changed five times before they settled on a red and black strapped sweater that was ripped in places. Black pants with patches in various placed. Black dress shoes and a black knitted scarf. His hair was parted and brushed to the side. Some makeup was applied but when he looked in the mirror, he couldn’t tell he was wearing any. When he was done, they told him to just stay put and not move. He was eager to disobey and look for Ji Su, but before he could make that move, Quintin showed up. Quintin was all decked out in silver that could blind someone. He was wearing a silver blazer with a black dress shirt under neither, silver skirt with knee high boots. Quintin’s hair decorated with jeweled accessories. His make up had a shadow like design with a wing on the corner of his eyes. “How long have you two been fucking?” Quintin asked without hesitation. “Not long.” Jungkook could tell that Quintin would be able to tell if he was lying. “All I have to sat is that you better be treating her well and don’t break her. The monster before almost broke her. Whatever you did to fix fifty percent of her, keep doing it. That girl needs it after what she went through.” “Sounds like you didn’t like her ex that much.” Jungkook watched Quintin’s body language. Quintin’s body showed disgusts’. “I didn’t like him when she brought him to fashion week in Paris two years ago. He was uptight and snubbed everyone he spoke with. On top of it, I caught him with another woman and when I caught him, that monster threaten me. I was scared for my life.” Quintin looked away from Jungkook and watched the other models. “She was in love with him, and he showed her the safety net after her attack. Though I did always found it weird when he started to date her was two days after her attack.” Jungkook was still. Ji Su was attacked years ago and never once said anything to him. Sure, he knew she had reasons, but he was curious. “Sorry I said to much. Ji Su I’m sure once she trusts you, you’ll know the full story. From the looks of it, she already does.” Quintin then walked away. Jungkook was lost in thought with what was shared with him. From the time he was told up to the start of the show. He wanted to know and didn’t know if he could wait for her to tell him. When the show was over with and he changed back in his clothes from before, his goal was to find her. When he spotted Ji Su, he noticed the look on her face. She was pissed and the closer Jungkook got, he saw why. Jae was there blocking her way from exiting. He was monstrous in size. He was a few inches taller and his built was muscle but not full of muscle that screamed bodybuilder. Jungkook took a deep breath and stepped in-between them. The look that Jae gave Jungkook could kill, if looks could kill. “I don’t think this matter involves you boy.” Jae sneered at Jungkook. “Sorry but it does. Anything that involves her, involves me.” Jungkook felt Ji Su hand on his forearm and squeezed. She was scared. “Ji Su want is he talking about? Is he a toy that you using to get back at me?” Ji Su sighed and spoke. “Last I checked you are the one that ended things. I don’t know what you are here to begin with.” Ji Su’s grip on Jungkook grew tighter. “Really you are going to play that card. He much fuck you really good if you forgot your place sweet heart. You ended things with me. I am flattered that you want to blame me and use him. But you have no chance of getting me back. I am a married man now.” Jae smiled bragging about himself. “Just leave Jae. I don’t care what you say or think. I want you out of my life and for good.” Ji Su stepped just a bit to tell Jae in the face how she truly felt. The looked on Jae’s face looked murderous. Jungkook stood his ground. “I think you need to leave.” Jungkook suggested. “This won’t be the last time you’ve seen of me Ji Su.” Jae walked out. Ji Su stayed behind Jungkook and started to shake. Whatever took place before he interfered must of shook her up. Jungkook turned around and embraced her. He held her, didn’t care who’s preying eyes saw. He wanted her to see that she was safe, and nothing was going to hurt her. ~*~*~*~*~ Authors note: Oh, seems like Jae is stirring things up. I don’t know if I have thanked everyone for the support of this new version of Talking Body. So. thank you and continue to show the support. 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