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ParcelPath is a stand-alone shipping platform known as a Freemium SaaS (Software as a Service). Our platform allows our clients to ship from any phone/computer/tablet, no matter where they are located. ParcelPath works with UPS and USPS to provide substantial discounts over what you would pay by walking into a FedEx Office/UPS Store or Post Office. ParcelPath works with over 10,000 businesses in the US to save them money on direct-to-consumer fulfillment. We are now branching out to work with individuals and families. Since our platform is 100% free to use, there is very little friction to keep someone from trying ParcelPath. Businesses: For businesses, we provide a single location for them to manage their different storefronts like Etsy, Shopify, eBay, etc. By integrating their stores with ParcelPath, they can handle all shipments in one place. ParcelPath also offers analytical insights about their shipping and provides reporting that can enhance their overall effectiveness. (Example: Shipping to the West Coast gives us 10% of additional margin based on our location, so let’s focus our marketing efforts in that area.) Individuals and Families: For individuals and families, it is very straightforward. Our platform is free, and you will save 50-89% by printing your label at home and dropping it off at the Post Office or UPS Store. You can also schedule a pick-up on our platform and have UPS or your mail carrier pick it up. With ParcelPath, there is no more standing in line at the post office when you can drop off your package and avoid the hassle.
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