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Hugo Martinez has changed his life thanks to the kitten
This kitten has many fans: over 90,000 subscribers follow the Instagram account of Princess Cheeto, a cat from New York. The black and white patterned stubentiger is regularly photographed by his master Hugo Martinez in all possible and impossible situations. Princess Cheeto with a piece of toast bread on her head, Princess Cheeto with wig, Princess Cheeto as a hot dog - there is nothing the photographer has not tried. And surprisingly whole lace human hair wigs, the cat loves the camera and posing. New York, New York - lonely, successful thanks to cat Hugo Martinez has changed his life thanks to the kitten - nothing is as before, he says. "I've just moved from California to New York, I did not know anyone, and when I got it, it all came suddenly, it's the symbol of my new beginning and really helped me build a life here," he says. Since 2012 Princess Cheeto lives with him - at the time she was two years old - and is now his daily muse. "It's not only me who is taking pleasure, but also our online friends around the world." It's the greatest gift Cheeto made to me that I can make someone smile and forget about everyday stress. " Princess Cheeto - a life like that of Choupette Lagerfeld Meanwhile, Princess Cheeto is also booked for advertising campaigns long hair wigs for women, has similar to Karl Lagerfelds Choupette her own contracts and brings money home. From a cat food producer to the cool Modemarke - they all want Princess Cheeto. Animal protectionists, by the way, do not have to worry about the kitten - all pictures are processed afterwards so that Cheeto remains healthy and lively. And can continue to give good paws - meow! The most beautiful pictures from Cheetos Instagram account can be found in our picture gallery.
celebrity barber is a white wig strung backwards
Where Klaas Heufer's circulation is right, he is right: Udo Walz looks very similar to the famous Berghain-siren, Sven Marquardt. At least, when the celebrity barber is a white wig strung backwards and sunglasses and leather jacket snaps. And that's exactly what he did: for one night, "Circus HalliGalli", Walz gave the nasty doorman - with the help of moderator Klaas Heufer, of course, of course. He presented the new action "On Inlet Udo" on Monday. And explained the unsuspecting roll once, which makes a good doorman. The fact that no one is allowed to go in, looks like he has to get up early the next morning, for example. Or is already too drunk and can not order much beer. Furthermore, it is important that drugs are consumed only in the club, not before. And there is an exception: Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht must always be let in Berlin. "Otherwise it was not a party," Klaas Heufer circulation sharpened the disguised Udo Walz. "Calm down first!" But the famous hairdresser did his thing as a doorman well: with his button in his ear wig uk, he whispered falsely from Klaas Heufer circulation - and turned off one guest after another. "Calm down," he pretended, for example, a visibly irritated young man before sending him home. Even if he regretted it afterwards: "I'm sorry for now." He let other guests dance for himself ("You did not come in, did not dance properly"), or tried to bribe them bribes of 20 euros. Klaas Heufer circulation got a laugh after the other when it was observed - this is not the last action with Udo Walz.
10 Times Kim and Kanye Killed the Couple's Fashion Game
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may be many things, but no one can deny that they're a fashionable couple. Since the fame and fashion-hungry couple teamed up, Kanye seems to be influencing Kim's sartorial choices for the better, and they've nailed down a sleek and edgy couple's style to beat. 1 When they both wore head-to-toe Balmain like high-fashionistas. They truly love Balmain, and what's more high fashion than wearing looks with matching designer prints covering both bodies? They're forcing their way into the fashion world, one couple's look at a time. 2 When they kept it all covered up in black at the BET Awards. It's rare to see them both so buttoned-up, but Kim and Kanye looked polished and cooler-than-you in matching satiny looks. 3 When Kim was Kanye's accent color. When Kanye wears black on black, what's a more effective accent color, his shoes, or a dressed-in-red partner? 4 When they featured the same peekaboo cleavage front row at the Lanvin show. His and hers underboob is a thing apparently, according to Kimye. Both let their respective tops hang drape down over their shoulders and hang open, with mixed results. 5 When between the two of them, they wore every "neutral" color. While this is one of their least matchy matchy looks, between Kim and Kanye, they're wearing navy, black, brown, white, taupe, and blush, and if that's not downright admirable, I don't know what is. 6 When they matched black and white and denim all over. They definitely coordinate which neutrals go where in their respective ensembles, and I don't hate it. Do you think they borrow each other's coats? 7 When they used their baby to complete their front-row monochrome fashion. We can't forget the importance of baby North as a fashion accessory, and how she completed their familial fashion. 8 When Kanye's sweatshirt somehow went with Kim's Balmain pearl-covered dress. I don't know how they look coordinated despite the obvious mix of high and low going on here, but they do. Notice how Kanye's sneakers subtly match Kim's dress. 9 When they looked regal in navy velvet. Though Kim's brief stint as a blonde was questionable, it does wonders to offset their head-to-toe navy looks. 10 When they rocked American sportswear. If Kim and Kanye's casualwear involves a canadian tuxedo and high heels, I still don't hate it. Oh yeah, and their Balmain ads that show more Kim and Kanye than Balmain.