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A Luxurious Bathing Experience With Glass
Designing your home can be a difficult task, not just for those who are not specifically trained for the job, but also for architects and designers themselves! It is often due to the abundance of choices that leave us confused and at times overwhelmed. While we pay a lot of attention to the design of both living room and the bedroom, bathrooms are rapidly becoming as important as any other feature of the home. These days we profoundly see a lot of amazing variations in the designs of bathroom. Both innovative thinking and technological feasibility offered to you by Glasxperts, has successfully brought the dream bathrooms in your own home. There are endless decisions to be made while remodeling a bathroom. A good amount of your decisions used to get finalised on using conventional tiles in your bathroom. There is no dearth of products, not to mention the vast amount of colours, patterns, and designs available, it can be difficult to figure out exactly which type of bathroom tile is going to work best for your needs. That’s why we, GlasXperts, decided to make your life a little easier by introducing brand new innovations of glass in bathroom space, keeping in mind all your needs and requirements. Advantages of using glass in the bathroom: 1. Glass offers a unique visual appeal to your bathroom with 2. Glass reflects light, making your space appear brighter and oftentimes, larger. 3. One of our favourite features is that glass is relatively low maintenance; all you need to keep it clean is window cleaner and a cloth. Because of its low maintenance factor, we suggest using glass in the shower cubical where you will experience soap build up that can be removed easily. 4. Glass is available in various textures and colours, therefore, unlike any other surface material, that beautiful colour you picked out will show all the way through the glass wall , providing an additional sense of depth and dimension. Glass shower doors are fast turning out to be very popular choice when it comes to designing a smart, sleek and functional contemporary bathroom that fits in seamlessly with the modern theme of the rest of the home. With the wide range of creative solutions we offer for your bathroom space, you can do a lot more to add opulence to your bathing experience. Indulge in a luxurious bathing experience with Frosted shower partitions to ensure your privacy. The biggest advantage or appeal of the glass shower doors and glass shower cubicles is obviously the form factor that they bring to the table. The addition of sleek and stylish glass doors brings in a sense of modern minimalism to every bathroom and with the right use of both wood stone in the remainder of the design; one can also create the perfect balance of textures as well. To know more, visit us on:
Designing Your Ideal Bathroom From Scratch
If you are lucky enough to be redecorating your home to your own exact requirements, then you really have a great opportunity to create your ideal home, complete with your own design of every single room in the house. The bathroom can be one of the most interesting and challenging rooms to design and if you are going to undertake this task, then it is really vital that you put proper effort into your bathroom plans. Bathroom plans outline the layout and design of your bathroom so that you can get the best use of the space available and get a bathroom that is designed the way you like it. While most people should be able to think about their bathroom plans and come up with a rough sketch of what it is they have in mind, there are a couple of things that can make bathroom plans slightly more complicated if you are trying to create the plan yourself. Because of all of the water piping and the need for most bathroom items to be plumbed to your central water system, you may have to look at the current piping locations as this may put a limit on where you can place each item. However, it is generally possible to put the items you need where ever you want them as the plumbing can always be added in later without too much trouble. This really depends on the circumstances but it is definitely something that is worth looking into when you are drawing up your bathroom plans. The first thing to think about is what are the elements that you are going to incorporate into your bathroom. For example, not every bathroom has to have a bath and you can, for example, choose a traditional shaped bath, just have a shower, or have a corner bath or whirlpool in your bathroom. This is something that will be up to you but you should be thinking about while you are at the stage of drawing up your bathroom plans. Another thing to think about is whether you are going to have one sink or two. While traditionally, it has been considered sufficient to have just the one sink, increasingly, people are finding, especially when they share a bathroom with their partner, that it can be a great luxury to have two separate sinks, or one sink each. This is also something that you should consider if your kids are going to be sharing a bathroom. Whatever kind of bathroom plans you come up with, try to make sure that you are using efficient and logical use of the space available at all times.
Ideas On How To Personalise Your Bathroom
We, Brits spend an average of 40 minutes a day in our bathroom. This room should be pretty and comfortable as it’s used so regularly. Regardless of whether it is a classic bathroom, wellness oasis or innovative high-tech bathroom: we will present you with wonderful bathroom ideas and find you the right partner for the realisation of your new dream bathroom. The Classic Bathroom Discreet in design, functional in furnishings: bathrooms in the classic style are enjoying great popularity. This is due in particular to their timeless appearance – once renovated, refurbished or newly furnished, a classic bathroom is still up to date even after 10 or 15 years. Contours and light colours dominate the design of this bathroom idea. We recommend wall surfaces in pure white with pastel, large-format tiles in cream, brown or beige shades as a colour nuance. Light bathroom furniture, like a vanity unit, rounds off the discreet and imperishable overall impression. The Simple & Modern Bathroom Functionality and functionality are the leitmotifs for simple and modern bathrooms. Large-format tiles in cool and muted colours in combination with white or grey painted walls form the basis of this style. Visually eye-catching accents are set by modern elements made of glass, wood or steel surfaces – for example in bathroom furniture with preferably closed fronts. In addition, there are sanitary objects with clear edges and defined shapes. Classic washbasins are a thing of the past with this style. When modernising your bathroom, use cuboids instead as matching geometric figures. Bathroom fittings should also have corners and edges and come to the fore with glossy surfaces. Less is more, is the motto for decorative articles. Limit yourself to the essentials and leave it at towels and a few accessories in strong colours. The Wellness Oasis Cosiness, recreation and relaxation are, in the foreground here. How about a bath with a steam bath, an infrared cabin or a whirlpool? If you have enough space and money at your disposal, nothing speaks against a high-quality wellness oasis at home with amenities that you otherwise only know from public baths and saunas. Sufficient open spaces are ideal for the feel-good factor. Consider this aspect during planning by focusing on a few highlights. A freestanding bathtub conveys generosity and elegance, and with it, you can also avoid the typical, traditional bathroom look. Natural materials such as dark wood or stone as well as textiles made of cotton or linen are conducive to the atmosphere. Soft colours such as sand yellow or cream as basic tones radiate harmony. With a suitable lighting concept, you complete the style. Rely on a balanced mixture of bright working light and cosy feel-good light. Dimmable and colour-changing LED strips are a good choice. The Living Bathroom With the concept of the living bathroom, you say goodbye completely to the classic bathroom and instead focus on an innovative and comfortable living comfort. A living bathroom is a room in which the bathroom, bedroom and dressing area merge seamlessly. Accordingly, a lot of space is a basic requirement for this bathroom idea. How about a free-standing bathtub or a rain shower in the middle of the room, for example? Especially in older buildings, it may be necessary to remove walls and merge two rooms. Bathroom modernization offers the perfect reason for this. If in doubt, consult a structural engineer or architect. Design highlights such as wooden wardrobes, upholstered armchairs and decorative houseplants can create a cosy atmosphere. The Family Bathroom If you want to furnish a functional family bathroom, you need one thing above all else: a lot of space, even in the shower area. A washstand with several basins is a first measure to ensure that family members do not queue up in front of the bathroom door in the morning. Furthermore, such a bathroom should be equally adapted to the needs of children, parents and perhaps grandparents. Our bathroom ideas for this concept: a tilting mirror non-slip stools at the washbasin a height-adjustable WC robust and easy-care materials at best accessibility for seniors If space is limited, a combined shower bath is also a good compromise. In addition, plan plenty of storage space, for example with bathroom furniture such as a vanity unit. Custom-made furniture for all free walls and corners is recommended so that there is sufficient freedom of movement even in smaller bathrooms. The Feng-Shui Bathroom With the “Chinese Teaching of Harmonious Living and Dwelling Design,” you create harmony between people and their environment through the interplay of Feng (wind) and Shui (water) – the perfect prerequisite for a high feel-good factor in the bathroom at home. A Feng Shui consultant will help you to receive advice that is individually tailored to you and your living situation. The basic principle is to create peace and intimacy, for example through windows with privacy protection and a lockable bathroom door. In addition, use blue and red colours sparingly and use light and calm colours such as cream-white or beige instead. Closed cupboards, plants and rounded edges complete your Feng Shui bathroom. The Mediterranean Bathroom Do you like the Mediterranean lifestyle and would you like to remember your wonderful holidays in the Mediterranean area during every bathroom stay? Then you will like this idea! Warm, earthy colours and organic natural materials bring Roman thermal baths, Greek baths or Spanish haciendas very close to you. Untreated woods, rough natural stones or a shower wall made of glass set suitable accents with this style. Earthy colours such as ochre, terracotta or carmine red can be used as wall colours. With the wall tiles, you set best on natural stone or mosaic. A cubically shaped washbasin, Mediterranean plants and warm lighting round off the design. The High Tech Bathroom The digitalization of everyday life does not stop at the bathroom as a place of retreat. Intelligent bathroom technology makes your stay in the bathroom as comfortable and as convenient as possible. Our ideas for this bathroom concept: An intelligent shower toilet with a shower jet and warm air hairdryer ensures maximum hygiene. Digital fittings on the mixer taps enable you to set the water temperature precisely to the degree and to regulate the strength of the water jet at the sink or in the shower. The mirror incorporates high-tech functions such as Bluetooth connection, smartphone holder, LED lighting and built-in monitors for retrieving weather data, time and news. App-controlled electronic towel heaters and smart lighting complete the high-tech bathroom. Accessible Bathroom Design Make your bathroom fit for your own future: so that you or your parents can enjoy as much quality of life as possible within your own four walls, even in old age, it is best to design your bathroom directly barrier-free. This starts with sanitary objects such as washbasins and toilets. These should be at least 20 centimetres apart and 30 centimetres to the next sidewall. In front of the washbasin, WC, shower and bathtub, an open area of 120×120 centimetres is advisable – for a wheelchair user even 150×150 centimetres. In addition, a wheelchair accessible door has a width of at least 90 centimetres and should open outwards. Other important aspects are a washstand that can be driven under, a shower at ground level, barrier-free fittings, a height-adjustable toilet and support-handles on the walls. The Small Bathroom Even a small bathroom can be turned into a real gem with a high feel-good factor with well-thought-out bathroom design. If, for example, you do not want to do without a bathtub, a so-called space-saving bathtub can be your solution. Corner bathtubs can also be accommodated in smaller bathrooms. Our tip: Do without a shower tray. Instead, lay your shower at floor level and equip it with a glass shower cubicle. This makes the small room look more spacious. In addition, pre-wall installations provide further design options: With newly laid pipes and plasterboard claddings, you can install washbasins and WCs in the corners of the room, for example. The Oriental Bathroom When you think of the Orient, you have playful elements and elaborate decorations before your eyes. In your bathroom, you get this oriental atmosphere through playful fittings and decorated wooden furniture. Turquoise blue, ruby red and emerald green are suitable colours for this concept. Sand and ochre tones on the walls round off the design. Patterned tiles also fit well into this room concept. You can set accents with silk or velvet curtains. Prices And Costs For Your New Dream Bathroom The prices and costs that arise from the implementation of your bathroom ideas usually depend on the scope and size of the project. A rather small bathroom can be redesigned or furnished more cheaply than a 25 square metre room with a free-standing bathtub and other special features.
4 Bathroom Trends In 2019
Wooden Finish To start off these bathroom trends is wood. Wood has always been a no-go when it came to bathrooms, however, it’s made an appearance and it looks great! This trend is great because brings warmth and comfort to the bathroom. Andrew Crawshaw, Director of design at Smarter Bathrooms says that “timber will continue to flourish in the bathroom”. Natural Green This design could also go hand in hand with the wood design. Plants around the bathroom not only creates decor to brighten up the place but can also create a whole new room design. Both can be applied to create a jungle vibe that is quite unique and tranquil. However, plants can be placed in the bathroom no matter what design you have, it prevents having a dull basic bathroom and really brings a peaceful aura to your bathroom. Big Tile Big, oversized tiles. They have been popular for many years now, whether its the hardy exterior of a huge skyscraper or the sleek interior of a bathroom. Large tiles are popular and they give off a very modern look especially if they are in rooms or buildings that have a lot of glass. The large tiles go very well with the natural lighting that the glass gives off. For those who want to have a modern-looking bathroom this year, big tiles would fit perfect for your vision. Simple And Practical This bathroom trend is for the functionality more than the aesthetics but can look great if it’s done right. This entails spacious areas so the bathroom never looks cluttered and messy. Instead, the design is more simple, straightforward and isn’t too over-complicated with decor. This bathroom design is definitely a more modern, streamlined and cleaner look than the others. It also goes very well with the large tiles as it adds to the modern vibe that the bathroom gives off.
Buying A Toilet – What You Should Know In Advance
Buying a toilet does not happen too often in life. This makes it all the more important to get a good grasp of the quality features and the latest technologies now available in toilets before making a purchase. Although it may be a trivial object, it also has many advantageous innovations. Anyone who has perhaps not dealt with the subject for 20 years should know that deep rinsers have many advantages over flat washers. The fact that everything lands directly in the water when the WC is washdown means less odour is generated and less flushing water is required than when the WC is washdown flat. As far as the appearance of toilets is concerned, the focus is increasingly on design in addition to functionality. Nevertheless, the classic stand toilets with cisterns still look relatively similar to older models. There is no question that modern hanging toilets are much more stylish. These also have the advantage that they are absolutely space-saving and dreamlike for any cleaning lady. Because the toilet is completely suspended in the air, the floor can be cleaned much more easily. Also, the cistern disappears almost completely in the wall, which looks much nicer and above all also means much easier cleaning. What is also a very fine innovation are the flush-less toilets. This means that there is no longer a cavity under which unpleasant-smelling dirt can collect. A nanocoating also guarantees that urine scale, for example, is less trapped. This happens through the so-called lotus effect. This also means that much less cleaning is required. If you read the information about the toilet lid “Duroplast”, this is always a very good quality feature, because this is very hard plastic with very high longevity. A toilet lid should also have the Softclose function for low-noise sliding of the toilet lid. So-called Japanese toilets are also becoming more and more popular. In Japan itself, these are complete toilet systems. In Germany one usually understands a special combination of toilet lid and toilet seat, with which an additional water tank is present. A retractable water jet, called a rectal shower enables a hygienic cleaning of the intimate area. In the next step, the hairdryer function ensures that you do not have to use toilet paper. Japanese toilets are often also equipped with a seat heater. If you have further questions about toilets, such as where to dispose of the old toilet, how to clean the toilet really easily and effectively or what you can do against the frequent urge to urinate, read on here.
The Spa Bathroom: Tips for Saving Energy
When it comes to saving energy at home, many first think of their living room or kitchen. But even in smaller rooms such as the bathroom, there are a number of ways to optimize your wallet and the environment. Proper Ventilation What is the biggest energy consumer in every apartment and every home? Right, the heating. So if you want to save energy in your bathroom and avoid unnecessary costs, you should start with heating. To keep the bathroom pleasantly warm, the average room temperature is usually slightly higher than in the rest of the rooms. However, showering, washing hands, bathing, etc. also result in higher humidity than in the rest of the apartment. Therefore, a bathroom should be ventilated frequently and intensively. In order to prevent unnecessary loss of energy due to air exchange, it is important to avoid tilted windows. It is much better to ventilate the windows regularly with them wide open for a short period of time. Thus, the room air is completely exchanged within a few minutes without the walls cooling down too much. Of course, this is not possible with an indoor bathroom without windows. This is why fans are usually installed in such bathrooms. For ventilation, you should let the fan run briefly with the room door open. In this way, the moisture is blown out of the bathroom via the fan blower - either directly through the outside wall or via an exhaust shaft. Small Electrical Appliances Do not run in standby mode What is there for electrical appliances around hygiene, health, wellness & Co. to buy: From the electric toothbrush and hairdryer to the foot bubble bath, facial solarium, heat lamp and much more. So it's no wonder that a wellness oasis that is used extensively has its price. Because not everything that is pleasant for the body and well-being is also for the wallet. If you want to consume less energy in your bathroom and thus protect your wallet and the environment at the same time, you should keep an eye on your small electrical appliances. Avoid running them in standby mode all the time. Is the shaver fully charged? Then disconnect the charger and also disconnect the charger from the mains. All devices with lithium-ion batteries, such as electric toothbrushes, should not be recharged for the first four times until they are completely discharged. This is the only way for the battery cells to offer their full storage capacity and make it available. Socket strips with toggle switches are also suitable for using several electrical appliances. This way you have a better view of whether standby mode is really not running anywhere, as all devices are connected to the same power supply. Replacing Light Bulbs With LEDs Good and sufficiently bright lighting is particularly important in the bathroom because shaving or make-up cannot really work well in a room with dim light. That's why I recommend the use of LEDs. Because light bulbs consume most of their energy for unused heat. LEDs not only consume much less energy than light bulbs, but they also have a much longer service life. Who would like to know more about the different light sources, in particular, the LEDs, can read the Blog contribution of my colleague Tim Krause, which this wrote some time ago in addition. Doing Without Electric Towel Dryers Anyone who has an electric towel dryer in their bathroom often does not even know that it is very energy-intensive. So why not simply hang the towels on a warm radiator or outside on the open window, on the balcony or in the (communal) garden? When the weather is fine, they dry much faster there and are more ventilated than in a damp bathroom. Read more: Bathroom Ideas - Planning A Bathroom Cruelty-Free Bathroom Products Quick Guide To Bathroom Heating Ideas For My Dream Bathroom Wellness At Home Bathroom Inspiration - Tips And Ideas For Your Dream Bathroom Top Tips For A Clutter Free Bathroom 10 Photos Of Freestanding Baths: Ideas For Your Bathroom Design Bathroom Costs: How Much Does A New Bathroom Cost?
When Mirrors Are Not Just For Viewing
In earlier days, dormant water surfaces were used to look at oneself. Later, in Mesopotamia, the first mirrors were made of bronze - but they distorted the view because they reproduced completely different colours. Once polished, almost every metal produces a mirror. In our modern times, we use aluminium or silver in wafer-thin coatings and thus obtain a mirror image of ourselves that is mirror-inverted but realistic. But are mirrors only made for self-reflection? Mirror cabinets are much more than these modern facilities. Functionality And Visuals They create storage space, are elegantly designed and create appealing accents for the home bathroom. Mirror cabinets - and also mirror panels - manage to bring functionality and subtlety into one's own four walls beyond pure self-reflection. Why is self-reflection not all that important? Although we spend hundreds of hours of our entire life in front of the mirror - but not always. The feeling of well-being is determined by spatial aesthetics. And this is formed by suitable furniture, suitable wall coverings and elements that stimulate the feeling of cosiness. So we see the mirror as a component that influences the overall feeling in one's own rooms. The producers make every effort of the highest quality to satisfy individual needs. Although the quality of workmanship and appearance are of course absolute core factors for production, the functional also determines the manufacturing process. Where and how can shelves be installed? Or are shelves even used? Where are LED's and Co. installed? How do they influence the overall picture? These are questions that every designer of bathroom furniture has to ask himself. After all, mirror cabinets and panels are the first objects that catch the eye of the fine mind. And thus also the most important furnishings for the feel-good bathroom. Lighting as a decisive factor influencing the feeling of well-being Lighting plays a decisive role in the perception of space. The temperature and direction of light are not negligible factors. Whether lighting elements are mounted as external elements on the mirrors (cornice floors, top luminaires, etc.) or integrated into mirror surfaces, or whether they even illuminate the wash place, is therefore enormously important in order to be able to tie up the entire package to complete satisfaction. Diffuse light is generated by integrated, semi-transparent surfaces that allow the light to shine through in a refracted way. Direct light knows no distractions or barriers - it resembles daylight and creates a direct mirror image. Diffuse light, on the other hand, envelops the room atmosphere in moods that correspond to individual and momentary needs. Bathing corridors can thus become a very special experience at night. Read more: Seven Of The Best Bathroom Mirrors Bathroom Mirrors How To Choose Mirrors For Your Bathroom Decor?
Cleaning natural stone is no witchcraft, only one thing applies: Depending on the type of stone, different remedies are appropriate! Naturalness, very individual patterns, colour variety and seamless laying possibilities - its special attributes make natural stone a permanent feature in the bathroom. But, natural stone is not always robust and insensitive. As versatile as it can be used, as sensitive it can sometimes react. The right care to match your natural stone is therefore indispensable if you want to enjoy it for years to come. We have taken a close look at the most popular natural stones in the bathroom and have summarised their care and cleaning requirements for you. Protecting natural stone Basically, every untreated natural stone is open-pored, which means that liquids and smaller dirt particles can be absorbed by the stone. Depending on the origin and age of the stone or the type of processing, this absorption capacity can be stronger or weaker. During polishing, the pores of the stone are further opened on the surface, which increases its sensitivity. Prevention through impregnation Impregnations penetrate through the stone surface completely into the material. The open pores of the stone are often soaked with oil-containing agents, which makes it impossible to absorb other substances. However, impregnations do not last a lifetime: especially when used in damp rooms or in direct contact with water or cleaning agents, they are gradually dissolved and rinsed out of the material and should, therefore, be renewed regularly. Tip: If the stone is impregnated immediately after laying before grouting, this greatly facilitates the removal of excess grouting material. Prevention through sealing In comparison to impregnations, sealants lay like a second skin over the stone surface and protect the material from external influences and dirt. However, a sealant must be applied professionally - the slightest damage to the protective surface can lead to the penetration of moisture, dirt and cleaning agents and permanently damage the natural stone Frequent errors when cleaning natural stone in the bathroom Keep your hands away from film-forming cleaning agents Hand soaps, shampoos or detergents are completely unsuitable for the cleaning of natural stone, as they can severely affect the appearance of the stone due to the colours it contains and often leave behind an oily film, which on the one hand makes the stone look greasy and on the other reduces its slip resistance. Keep your fingers away from the high-pressure cleaner Water that acts with high pressure on the pores of a natural stone surface does not dissolve dirt, contrary to popular belief, but pushes it deeper into the stone. Immediately after cleaning, it may look better on the surface, but little by little impurities migrate back to the surface. Hands off all-purpose cleaners The indiscriminate use of chemical cleaners can cause considerable damage to natural stone. While acid cleaners literally dissolve the substance of some types of natural stone, alkaline cleaners also clog the stone: The pores are completely closed, which can make the surface appear dull or greasy. Damage caused in this way cannot be repaired or can only be repaired with great effort. Clean & Care For Granite Granite is a so-called hard rock, which is usually not particularly acid-sensitive. However, some of the most popular types, such as Blue Pearl, react to acid with discolouration or blunting on the surface, which is why cleaning agents should always be checked for their effects in an inconspicuous place before they are applied over the entire surface. As a rule, however, it is sufficient to clean granite in the bath with water and a root brush. Cleaning & Caring For Slate Slate is a rather uncomplicated floor covering. Commercially available cleaners cannot harm it as much as their more sensitive colleagues. However, acidic cleaning agents should also be avoided when cleaning slate in the bathroom, as this can lead to burns with some types. Slate is a relatively soft stone, so scratches are not uncommon. Such superficial signs of wear are no cause for concern and usually level off again after some time. More severe damage, deeper scratches or chipping can be repaired with so-called colour deepening. Read More: Bathroom: 10 ideas with pictures Beautiful Bathrooms: 20 Ideas For The Dream Bathroom AVOIDING RUBBISH IN THE BATHROOM: 6 EASY TIPS Bathroom Furniture: A Manifesto For The Beautiful Spa Holidays At Home
Inspirations And Furnishing Trends For The Bathroom 2019
From accessibility and smart homes to custom-made products - the 2019 bathroom furnishing trends are all about individuality. Prefabricated standard solutions are no longer contemporary. Adapted to different requirements and needs, the bathroom of the future is tailored precisely to the respective user. For all those who are still looking for inspiration for their own four walls, we have just the right thing: we reveal the latest trends with which you can transform your bathroom into a private wellness oasis for body and soul. BARRIER-FREE BATHROOM Accessibility will play a major role in bathroom furnishing trends in 2019. Owners should, therefore, think about the future right from the planning stage and take appropriate measures. In addition to aesthetics and elegance, functionality is not neglected. It is no longer possible to imagine a modern bathroom without a floor-level shower. A generous design and plenty of space for movement allow unrestricted access to the toilet, washbasin and the like. INDIVIDUALITY: MADE TO MEASURE The typical standard bathroom has long since gone out of fashion - just as in the living area, individuality is also in demand in the bathroom. The wet room is increasingly becoming a living area and thus a place for relaxation. A combination of high-quality materials and made-to-measure furniture give every bathroom a unique character. There is not much left of the classic bathroom. Through the integration of extravagant designs, fine textiles, trendy decorative elements and green plants, the once purely functional room is given a homely atmosphere that complements the living area in a variety of ways. SMART-HOME IN THE BATHROOM With the current furnishing trends for the bathroom, intelligent smart home solutions are a must. New technologies have already established themselves in the living area. Now high-tech functions are also conquering the bathroom. Even before the alarm clock rings, the automated radiator starts and ensures a pleasant room temperature. Slightly dimmed or would you rather have bright lighting to wake you up? When you walk into the bathroom in the morning, the light can be controlled via voice control and the blinds open automatically. With a small hand movement, the sensor of the fittings is activated and the water begins to flow at the desired temperature. On the mirror, for example, you can play your favourite series with an integrated screen or play music thanks to an integrated sound system. Modern technology leaves nothing to be desired. Individually adapted to the user's needs, Smart Home solutions make everyday life easier. Thanks to height-adjustable sanitary ceramics and intelligent emergency call systems, older people will be able to live longer in their own homes in the future. EXTRAVAGANT ATMOSPHERE THROUGH COLOURED HIGHLIGHTS From soft pastel shades to unusual flower patterns - everything is permitted when it comes to colour. Optical highlights are indispensable for the latest bathroom furnishing trends. No matter whether washbasin, shower or bathtub - with matching ceramic elements in bright colours, accents can be set that lends the bathroom an extravagant character. The whole thing is complemented by matching accessories and bathroom textiles. To create a contrast, the wall and tile design, on the other hand, uses subtle tones. This results in numerous combination possibilities that can be changed quickly if you have had enough of them at some point. FURNISHING TRENDS FOR BATHROOM 2019: COMBINATION OF ELEGANCE AND FUNCTIONALITY Always up to date, the family business FEILER offers exclusive bathroom textiles and accessories for every taste. The luxurious products are a must-have and therefore - when it comes to furnishing trends for the bathroom - should not be missed under any circumstances. KLATSCHMOHN from the PASSION category, the design of the year 2019, combines fashionable patterns with first-class quality and is therefore perfectly suited as a colour accent: with an impressive deep red it takes up the colour of passion and combines it with lightness and elegance. FEILER-Luxus-Chenille is a worldwide speciality: The fabric with identical patterns on both sides and a cuddly soft surface is produced in an extremely elaborate process, still in Germany. Unsurpassed colour diversity, a pleasantly soft pile and high absorbency are its distinguishing features. FEILER takes care to use only high-quality materials made of pure cotton according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. 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