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꧁Hello CandY꧂ Cross Gene is a group from Amuse Korea that consists of 4 remaining members. They Debuted June 11, 2012♡ ╭⊱Lee Seyoung {February 8, 1990} ╭⊱Shin Wonho {October 23, 1991} ╭⊱Kim Sangmin {July 7, 1992} ╭⊱Kim Yongseok {January 8, 1993} Former Members: Takuya Terada {March 18, 1992} Casper (Chu Xiao-Xiang) {March 20,1991} J.G (Gao Jia Ning) {January 12, 1993} I hope you Will Join us in the Community to support these 4 throughout their career and Support Cross Gene!