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Job Portal Mobile App Development Cost And Key Features
In today’s era, finding the right job for the right candidates is not an easy task anymore. Gone are the days when you could go from office to office dropping your job queries and applications. There are high chances that your query may not even go pass the main gate of the office. Similar is the scenario with employers who don’t have enough time to screen through the pile of CVs of applicants and cannot go for the physical search of candidates. With the penetration of the internet, this problem is greatly resolved by online job boards or job portals. But, due to increasing use of smartphones, people are shifting from web-based job boards to Mobile apps, which enables a lot of convenience to both job seekers and employers. Every job board software is trying to get a maximum number of users by providing many distinctive features compared to others, which resulted in many PHP job board software with unique features to help developers. They can now create mobile job apps with new features and options for users in low cost. Basic features of job finder mobile app For Job Applicants Resume writing : Enabling job seekers to write or upload resume supporting various formats, and import options with the local source or online. Job search and job alert : Applicants can search for desired job advertisements based on the keyboards. They can also set a custom job post alert based on their profile and desired profile. It helps them updated whenever there is a job posted matching their experience and requirements and never miss the opportunity. Apply for job : Candidate can apply for a job with our without registration on the site by giving the details and uploading resume. Profile view alert : This feature notifies users whenever a prospective employer visits their profile or downloads their resume. Bookmark or save job : This is also an important feature by which applicants can save the job for applying later or searching jobs in the future with similar keywords. Share : By this feature, a job post can be shared with a more suitable candidate who can encash the opportunity. For Recruiters Job posting : This works best as recruitment software. Users can post their jobs under this section for the number of vacancies and can specify the requirements related to profile including experience, qualification, pay package, etc. Job editing : Allows recruiters to edit details related to job post like the number of positions left, add or edit requirements, etc. Email Job notifications : Apart from displaying the post on the web app, enables automatic email of the same to suitable candidates to inform them about it. Shortlist candidates : Recruiters can shortlist the candidates which suits their requirement best and proceed with them for next step. Resume search from the database : Since the number of job seekers is huge, it is not practical to screen every resume to check the suitability of the applicant, this feature helps automatic filtering of candidates as per requirement and contact them. Resume download : Recruits can download the resume of the candidates which matches their requirement best. job portal software For Admin Job ad management : All the jobs posted by recruiters on various platforms are linked and managed by admin. Employer and candidate profile : All the information related to employer, company and job seeker are saved, managed and, verified by admin to keep fake profiles away. Job seeker and Employer statistics : Automatic publishing and notification of job posts, applications and job search are monitored and analysed within the app. Data publish based on trends : On a regular basis trends like most searched jobs, companies, type of education, average salary etc., are analysed and published to both employers and job seekers. This helps in the modification of search words and a refined recruitment process. Cost of Job Portal app development Though the cost of app development depends on various factors like the number of features, type of interface and storage capacity, OS platform etc., the cost cannot be estimated fully by developers in the beginning since it increases with increase in features. Therefore, most of the mobile app developers charge on hourly basis. The average cost ranges approximately from $25 to $45 an hour. This generally includes the cost of UI/ UX development. There may be additional costs depending on data to be stored depending on physical or cloud servers, payment gateway charges, analytics, affiliation, etc. So, if you are looking to get an effective job boarding software, then contact the expert team of Logicspice. We have years of experience in providing some of the best solutions to our clients, depending on their vivid requirements.  
Can I uninstall BullGuard internet Security completely?
BullGuard Internet Security cannot be uninstalled easily because of many other issues. Where there is an incomplete un-installation there will be so many problems occur while installing a new one. Hence, it is very much necessary to uninstall BullGuard Internet Security and remove all of the files. Table Of Content: Consequences of Uninstalling Antivirus Uninstall BullGuard Internet Security Programs & Features Un-installation with BullGuard uninstaller.exe Uninstall via System Restore Uninstall via Internet Security with Antivirus Conclusion- Consequences of Uninstalling Antivirus Well, it is never suggested to uninstall any security software because it is the only thing that is into the PC’s security to keep everything safe and secure. When your PC is running without antivirus, it will go into danger. Hence, it is always trying to fix the bugs instead of uninstalling the BullGuard antivirus. Follow the below-given methods to Uninstall BullGuard Internet Security completely from your device. Uninstall BullGuard Internet Security Programs & Features Once a new software program is installed on the system, that program will be added to the Programs and Features list. And while uninstalling that program, you can take the help of such a list and for that, go to that list to uninstall it. Let’s move ahead with the first fixing to uninstall it through Programs and Features. Open Programs and Features- On Windows 7- Click on Start, type uninstall a program in the Search programs and files box, and click on the appeared result On Windows 8/10- Open WinX Menu by pressing Windows and X key simultaneously and click on Programs and Features Now, navigate the BullGuard Internet Security from appeared list and after that, choose it and click on Uninstall to start the Un-installation procedure. Un-installation with BullGuard uninstaller.exe Most of the PC programs have an executable file with the name uninst000.exe or uninstall.exe or ailed like this. You will get these files in the Internet Security installation folder. To uninstall it- Navigate the installation folder of BullGuard Internet Security Now, locate the uninstall.exe or unins000.exe After that, double-click on the uninstaller and follow the wizard for un-installing BullGuard Internet Security Uninstall via System Restore Windows operating systems have System Restore and it helps the PC users to restore the system to the previous state and uninstall programs that interfere with the OS of the PC. If you have created a system restore point before installing a program and after that, you can take the help of System Restore to restore the system, and remove unwanted programs which you no longer want to have. Back up the personal files and data before restoring the system. First of all, close all opened files and programs in the background Right-click on the PC appears on the desktop and, then choose Properties and the system window will be there Click on the System Protection on the left side of the System Window. The System Properties window will appear Click on the System Restore and the window will be then appeared Now, go to Select a different restore point and click on Next and you will know that all the drivers and programs installed after the chosen time and date might not work and might be reinstalled Click on Finish when the window appears that says ‘Confirm your restore point’ After that, click on Yes to confirm again Uninstall via Internet Security with Antivirus PC malware appears like common PC apps but they are tough to remove from the PC. Such malware gets into PC with the help of spyware and Trojans. They commonly get installed on the PC by packaging with freeware software like video games, recording, or PDF convertors. They easily can bypass the antivirus programs detect on the system. Conclusion- There are a lot of ways to uninstall BullGuard Internet Security and all of them are mentioned above. Choose the one which suits you and uninstall this software program completely from your device and you are all set with the un-installation. Source Url:
Hur migrerar jag EML -filer till PST -format?
Användare kan enkelt migrera sina EML -filer till PST -format med hjälp av denna fantastiska Toolsbaer EML till PST Migrator -applikation. Det är ett fantastiskt verktyg som kan användas av alla användare utan någon form av hinder. Dessutom är det en professionellt testad applikation som kan användas av alla användare. Tillförlitliga och smidiga användare kan följa migreringsprocessen. Effektivt och enkelt kan filer migreras till PST -format. Obligatoriska migrerade filer tillhandahålls av detta fantastiska EML till PST Migrator -verktyg. Användare som använder detta verktyg står inte inför några skyldigheter. Varför behöver användare migrera EML -filer till PST -format? Användare måste migrera sina EML -filer till PST -format eftersom PST -formatet stöds av fler e -postklienter medan EML -filen stöder en enda e -postklient. LADDA NER NU Sätt att migrera EML -filer till PST -format Användare kan migrera sina EML -filer till PST -format genom att följa någon av de två metoderna: • Manuell metod • Professionell metod Migrerar EML -filer till PST -format manuellt Användare måste följa stegen nedan för att migrera sina EML-filer till PST-format manuellt: Steg 1- För det första, starta applikationerna MS Outlook och Windows Live Mail på ditt Windows operativsystem. Steg 2- I Windows Live Mail, högerklicka på alternativet "Arkiv" och välj alternativet E-postmeddelanden från exportalternativet. Steg 3- Välj alternativet Microsoft Exchange som exportalternativ och högerklicka på alternativet "Nästa". Steg 4- Ett popup-fönster visas på din skärm och sedan exporteras alla e-postmeddelanden till Microsoft Outlook/Microsoft Exchange. Steg 5- Högerklicka sedan på "OK" -knappen. Steg 6- Med alternativet Välj mappar kan du till och med välja en fil att migrera eller välja en mapp för att migrera EML-filerna. Steg 7- Högerklicka sedan på "OK" -knappen. Steg 8- Efter att ha slutförts framgångsrikt kommer migrationsprocessen att slutföras och en guide kommer Steg 9- Klicka slutligen på knappen ”Slutför”. Varför inte välja den manuella metoden? Användare behöver inte den manuella metoden för att migrera sina EML -filer till PST -format eftersom det finns olika hinder för den manuella metoden: • Användare står inför många hinder som användarna står inför • Noggrannhet ges inte av applikationen • Tar mycket tid för användarna när de migrerar EML -filerna till PST -format • Komplexiteten möter användarna när de migrerar EML -filerna Migrerar EML -filer med en professionell metod Nedan följer stegen som diskuteras när du migrerar EML -filerna till PST -format professionellt: Steg 1- Ladda ner och installera denna EML till PST Migrater Steg 2- Välj nu de EML-filer som du vill migrera Steg 3- Få en förhandsvisning av de valda EML-filerna Steg 4- Bläddra igenom sökvägen för att spara de migrerade EML-filerna Steg 5- Slutligen trycker du på knappen "konvertera nu" Användare kan enkelt migrera sina EML -filer till PST -format pålitligt och smidigt utan någon form av hinder. Någon form av skyldigheter står inte användarna inför när de följer den professionella metoden. Användare behöver inte teknisk assistans när de följer ovanstående steg. Varför välja den professionella metoden? Användare måste välja denna professionella metod för att migrera EML -filer till PST -format eftersom appen ger användarna en: • Stor noggrannhet för användarna, vilket innebär att inga fel möter användarna. • Bekväm migrering av EML -filer görs av denna EML till PST -migrerare. • En effektiv och enkel migrering av EML -filer görs • Inga hinder möter användarna när de följer migreringsuppgiften • Skanning och förhandsgranskning av EML -filer görs också med det här verktyget Om verktyget Användare måste testa detta fantastiska EML till PST Migrator -verktyg. Med olika avancerade funktioner hjälper programmet till en bekväm migrering av EML -filer. Enkelt och pålitligt kan användare migrera sina EML -filer. Dessutom är applikationens kompatibilitet också fantastisk, så i något av Windows operativsystem kan detta verktyg från gammalt till nytt användas. Filernas integritet bibehålls också som den är av applikationen. På bara några få steg kan användare migrera sina EML -filer till PST -format. Slutliga ord Med denna fantastiska EML till PST -migrerare kan en användare enkelt och smidigt migrera sina EML -filer till PST -format. Om användarna vill lära sig mer om programmet kan de använda den kostnadsfria demoversionen av detta EML till PST Migrator -verktyg. Det finns också en licensierad version av programmet för att migrera en obegränsad mängd EML -filer till PST -format. Kundtjänst på heltid tillhandahålls också så att alla frågor som användarna står inför kan lösas med detta fantastiska verktyg.
Significant COVID-19 Impact on Predictive Maintenance in ICT Industry
COVID-19 Impact on Predictive Maintenance in the Information and Communication Technology Industry The pandemic began with its epicenter in China in 2019 and has been continuously spreading by then to all over the globe. So far, 216 countries and territories have been affected by COVID-19. The COVID-19 cases reached various countries that have strong dominance in the worldwide market and have adversely affected economic growth globally. The spread of coronavirus has led to severe disruption such as global recession. Many organizations are being forced to take stringent actions for their employees and staffs, as small and medium businesses are being shut down, and manufacturing and production facilities are being put on hold for a longer period of time. However, the demand for food and beverages witnessed huge growth, but this has also, increased the shortage of supply chain owing to the panic among people. Similarly, the demand for the pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and healthcare industry also increased as new solutions and medicines are introduced for preventive measures. There has been disruption in the supply chain of many industries due to restrictions in logistics and closing of manufacturing facilities. In addition, the slowdowns in the economy have lowered the spending capability of individuals, and people are saving money for emergencies. Predictive maintenance refers to the data-driven, pro-active maintenance methods to analyze the condition of equipment and help predict when maintenance should be performed. The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on the technological sector as well. The disruptions in the production and supply in the hardware sector have significantly impacted the developments in the IT industry. The pandemic has resulted in health threats for humans in the manufacturing sector which incurs severe disruptions and complex issues to industrial networks. The initial part of the pandemic witnessed the slowdown in the businesses providing solutions and services. But the latter part saw increasing investments in analytics, collaborative applications, security solutions, and AI by many players in the market to sketch out a sustainable way of carrying on business activities amidst the pandemic threat. The pandemic has disrupted the industrial networks and manufacturing, including supply disruptions and demand-side shocks. Quarantines and health risks impacted the suppliers and global transportation, which affected the manufacturing sector. For instance, For the year 2020, manufacturing, and production was affected in 938 of the Fortune 1000 companies in China due to the disruptions faced by the tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers. This has affected the abilities of many companies to ramp up production. This created the need in the market to enhance manufacturing processes to make them robust and sustainable to the market anomalies. These factors increased the demand for analytics professionals, business intelligence professionals, and applications of technologies such as AI and ML for predictive maintenance to make the manufacturing system agile and increase the production capacity. IMPACT ON DEMAND AND SUPPLY CHAIN AND LONG-TERM STRATEGIES ADOPTED BY MANUFACTURERS Digital transformation has been the area of focus for a long time now for businesses. The COVID-19 pandemic has led many manufacturers and organizations to intensively invest in technologies across multiple business lines to sustain themselves in the disruptive market. For instance, a 2020 Deloitte Industry 4.0 survey states that out of the 361 executives surveyed across 11 countries, 94% report digital transformation as their organization’s top strategic initiative. With the easing regulations and life coming back to normalcy, the manufacturing sector is witnessing growing demand to ramp up production around the globe. Businesses are looking to maximizing throughout and increasing efficiency. Industries are increasingly adopting analytics to make manufacturing more resilient. Preventive maintenance is one of the important processes helping businesses to optimize efficiency. To meet the growing demands and to make up for losses, the industries are looking to produce in 9 months what they earlier did in 12 months. This has made it important to reduce downtimes in manufacturing plants, and the adoption of predictive maintenance is believed to play an important role in the direction. For instance, according to an ITIF research report, manufacturing productivity increases by 10-25% with IoT applications for monitoring machine utilization and maintenance. The increasing adoption of this technology will produce up to USD 1.8 Trillion global economic value by 2025. Industrial automation had been the focus of many manufacturers around the globe. The incorporation of IoT and technologies such as AI, Big data, and ML has been at the forefront for business owners and organizations to transform their business digitally. Manufacturers are gaining a strategic edge in the market in uncertain pandemic times, and are increasingly adopting predictive maintenance technologies to reduce the company’s maintenance costs, reduce unplanned outages, and extend machinery life by years. For instance, according to a 2020 survey by Deloitte, factory equipment maintenance costs can be reduced by 40% using IIoT based predictive maintenance technologies. This will help generate an economic value of USD 630 billion annually by 2025. 55% of the businesses surveyed have already implemented pilot predictive maintenance projects. The pandemic has forced employees to work from remote sites complying with social distancing norms. The manufacturers are intensively implementing IoT devices and digital transformation for providing the employees the ability to share and receive data and insights of the manufacturing floor in real-time to handle operations and monitor machine conditions. This has enabled agile decision-making, efficient operations, and avoiding unnecessary human presence on the site. The manufacturers are continuously developing new products, partnerships, collaborations for the predictive maintenance market. The initial stages of the pandemic saw a disturbance in the global supply chain. Limited manufacturing capacity and congested transport routes disturbed the supply ecosystem and impacted the costs of the end products. The disturbance has also been due to the restrictions imposed on logistics by various governments which affect raw material supply. The trade war between the U.S. and China has put a strain on the supply chain of electronics in the market, which is an important raw material for the home automation product manufacturers. For instance, In 2020, according to a survey by IPC, a trade organization dedicated to advocacy, education, and support for the electronics industry, around 69% of survey respondents had received warnings from their suppliers about shipment delays. The average delay between February to March 2020 was about three weeks. PRICE IMPACT The COVID-19 lockdown imposed by the government of the world had impacted the prices of predictive maintenance services. The increase in supply chain costs automatically increased the hardware cost around the world, in the beginning of the pandemic due to congested shipment routes and other factors. The lack of workforce and restriction on travel impacted the service sector and hence impacted the prices. The increased demand for the predictive maintenance in multiple sectors of the industry will impact the prices of the service. CONCLUSION The COVID-19 has not only attacked the health of human lives but has adversely affected the economy globally. There is a recession worldwide, and various industries have been affected due to it. Many manufacturing industries are being temporarily closed, and workers are being advised to work from home. Organizations and enterprises had to make a difficult decision in regards to staff, which are often unavoidable if businesses need to reduce costs quickly. Machine maintenance became harder in the manufacturing sector due to lack of staff in the pandemic, travel restrictions, and the shift to working from home as a standard procedure, making it difficult to have routine inspections and on-site maintenance. This forced the organizations to move towards technologies such as predictive maintenance and develop a more resilient manufacturing unit. The focus was diverted majorly towards remote maintenance, manufacturing cost efficiency, and preventing unplanned downtime. This boosted the adoption of preventive maintenance practices in industries. For instance, according to the UpKeep 2021 report, maintenance and reliability teams have remained financially stable during the COVID-19 period. Of all the maintenance teams surveyed, 66% say their budget is either staying the same or increasing in 2021.
How COVID-19 Impacted on Data Center Accelerators in the ICT Industry ?
COVID-19 Impact on Data Center Accelerators in the Information and Communication Technology Industry ANALYSIS ON IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON THE MARKET The spread of COVID-19 has entirely changed people's life. COVID-19 which was originated in the city of Wuhan, China, in 2019 and had been continuously spreading all over the world since then. It has been spread to more than 180, and the U.S. tops the list, followed by India, Brazil, France, Turkey, among others. As of 10 August 2021, WHO reported 204.21 million positive cases worldwide, of which 4.31 million patient has lost their life to the virus. On a positive note, 183.39 million patients have recovered, and 4.46 billion doses have been administrated globally. The pandemic has put the lockdown, travel ban, and business shutdown in most of the countries, which has highly impacted the global economy. All the major industries are facing serious disruption such as a break in the supply chain, shut down of offices and manufacturing units, and many more due to the pandemic. However, the demand for cloud-based services and the use of Artificial intelligence has increased tremendously. The burgeoning application of A.I. in different sectors like automobile, consumer electronics, medical, education, and others have enhanced consumer perception and expectations from A.I. technologies. Also, for cloud server inference applications, numerous FPGAs are being developed to perform different tasks such as enhancing security and fast computing. STRATEGIC DECISION BY MANUFACTURERS AND GOVERNMENT INITIATIVES AFTER COVID-19 Post-COVID manufacturers are taking many strategic decisions to get back their original business place in the market. The companies are conducting many research and development activities to improve the technology involved in the data center accelerators. Thus the companies are bringing more advanced technology in the market to increase their market share and being recognized by the clients. Also, companies are acquiring other I.T. companies to expand their business in the market. For instances, · In March 2021, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. released a new data center chip to grab more market share from its rival company Intel Corp. The company's "Milan" data center processor is faster than Intel's current best data center chips. The chip and its predecessor have both outperformed Intel's chips, helping AMD gain more market share and land customers such as Alphabet Inc's Google. Thus by bringing advanced technology, the company is increasing its market share · To expand the portfolio of data and hybrid cloud consulting services, IBM announced in July 2021 that it had acquired Bluetab Solutions Group, S.L., an I.T. service providing company. Bluetab will help the company to further advance its hybrid cloud and A.I. strategy. Also, Bluetab has expertise in data and cloud migration services which includes specialized data strategy, data fabric, and advanced analytics, which will further help in the company's growth The advancement in technology and its use in the government sector have also made the government take the initiative to boost the growth of the market. For instance, · Chinese government has issued a Three Year Plan for new data centers, demanding that the new facilities should become more efficient, should have a PUE of 1.3, and have a utilization of 60 percent by the end of 2023. This Plan for the Development of New Data Centers will also limit the growth of data centers to 20 percent and sets out a national architecture supporting national cloud hubs, provincial data centers, and edge data centers. The Plan is designed to support digital transformation in the country IMPACT ON PRICE COVID-19 pandemic has pushed all businesses to make immediate transitions into digital functioning. For this transformation, the firms have to adopt cloud technology. Thus due to the rise in the demand for the same, there has been a major impact on the price of the technology. For instance, · Research done by ANALYTICS INDIA MAGAZINE PVT LTD shows that, on average, the price of 1 T.B. of on-premises storage with exceptional performance could cost over USD 3,000 for a year, and hybrid cloud cost more than this. Also, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure are considered to be the major competitors in the space of cloud platforms. The cost of their platform differs based on customized and discounting models that combine to create a highly personalized cloud deployment. IMPACT ON DEMAND AND SUPPLY CHAIN The manufacturing sector is enhancing its manufacturing processes by using A.I., IoT, and blockchain technologies. With the help of these technologies, companies are cutting costs, increase their process efficiency, and reduce human contact. A.I. is also used for predictive maintenance and will further be implemented to forecast demand and returns in the supply chain. Also, educational firms have deployed A.I. tools to enhance online learning and virtual classroom experience for students. As the use of data centers is increasing, its demand in the market is also growing. To cater to this rising demand, the companies are coming forward with new modern data center solutions in the market. For instance, · In Sept 2020, Marvell announced that the company's custom application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) offering would enable the next generation of artificial intelligence (A.I.) accelerator solutions for the data center and automotive markets. The ASICs provide turnkey design and verification, as well as custom mesh; interconnect network-on-chip communication. Also, it provides features such as adaptive voltage supplies for power reduction along with custom hierarchical test methodology, logic redundancy, and a custom memory BIST solution for enhanced reliability · In Feb 2021, Xilinx, Inc. released a new range of data center products and solutions, including a new family of Alveo SmartNICs. The company has also introduced smart world A.I. video analytics solutions that provide deterministic low latency performance for the most demanding A.I. video applications. Thus this new accelerated algorithmic trading framework will help software developers to create trading solutions that break the microsecond latency barrier CONCLUSION Post-COVID inception, the demand for cloud services and advanced technology has tremendously increased, leading to the growth of the market. The use of A.I., IoT, and other technology in different sectors like medical, education, automobile, and others has further raised its demand in the market. Also, the use of this technology can help the manufacturing firms to work more efficiently and accurately has raised the demand for A.I. technology in the market. The technology also helps in predictive maintenance and helps to forecast demand and return in the supply chain. Also, due to the shift to work from the home scheme and to secure a remote workforce, the demand for cloud-based services has increased. Thus due to the rise in demand, the sending of the firms on cloud platforms has also increased in the market.