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[July-2022]New Braindump2go DP-900 VCE Dumps[Q188-Q196]
QUESTION 188 What should you use to automatically delete blobs from Azure Blob Storage? A.soft delete B.archive storage C.the change feed D.a lifecycle management policy Answer: D QUESTION 189 You need to store event log data that is semi-structured and received as the logs occur. What should you use? A.Azure Table storage B.Azure Queue storage C.Azure Files Answer: B QUESTION 190 What is a characteristic of a non-relational database? A.a fixed schema B.self-describ ing entities C.full support for Transact-SQL Answer: C QUESTION 191 Hotspot Question Select the answer the correctly completes the sentence. Answer: QUESTION 192 Hotspot Question Select the answer that correctly completes the sentence. Answer: QUESTION 193 You have data saved in the following format. Which format was used? A.XML B.yaml C.JSON D.HTML Answer: D QUESTION 194 What is a primary characteristic of a relational database? is queried and manipulated by using a variant of the SQL language B.a flexible data structure C.a lack of dependencies between tables D.a large amount of duplicate data Answer: A QUESTION 195 Which database transaction property ensures that individual transactions are executed only once and either succeed in their entirety or roll back? A.isolation B.durability C.atomicity D.consistency Answer: D QUESTION 196 Which property of a transactional workload guarantees that each transaction is treated as a single unit that either succeeds completely or fails completely? A.isolation B.durability C.consistency D.atomicity Answer: C QUESTION 197 Hotspot Question Select the answer that correctly completes the sentence. Answer: 2022 Latest Braindump2go DP-900 PDF and DP-900 VCE Dumps Free Share:
View a KML File Inside of a Map
In a MAP, upload or import a KML file. Keyhole Markup Language, or KML, is a file format that may hold geographic feature files for Google Earth or Google Map display. You can now do this using other apps like KML Converter or a Geo Measure app. You can upload or view the KML file you've previously made on a map, but if you want to check it before using it or see if it's valid, you'll need to follow some steps. After that, you can import, export, or open a KML file. But first you have to know what KML Extension is. .kml Extension Geographic modeling data is stored in a KML file using the Keyhole Markup Language (KML), a GIS data format that is based on XML. Placemarks, points, lines, polygons, and pictures are all included. KML files are used to categorize and label locations, develop various camera perspectives, apply texture overlays, and incorporate HTML information (links, font styles, etc.). Here are the steps for importing and exporting a KML file. To import KML open app on Android phone or iPhone/iPad - Upload your KML file to your Google Drive or Dropbox account. - Several of your KML files are available here, and you can select any one of them. - After selecting a file, you may receive an immediate preview of how it will appear. - To convert the file, select your preferred format from KML to KMZ, GPX, GeoJSON, TopoJSON, CSV, or KML. - Click on "Share" to finish your work. What is a KML viewer and converter? Your file can be quickly and easily converted into KMZ, GPX, GeoJSON, TopoJSON, and CSV using the KML viewer and converter. The map used on the map is a KML viewer and converter. Many individuals experience difficulties when KML files are displayed in maps, which is quite problematic. By using the KML viewer and converter load, your KML file can be converted into any format, including KMZ, GPX, GeoJSON, TopoJSON, and CSV. Your file can be quickly loaded and converted using the KML viewer and converter. Viewing and converting files using this program is free. An additional top tool for KML file import or export. Geo Measure Area Calculator is a different app you can use to import, view, and convert your KML file. To import KML open app on Android phone or iPhone/iPad - Download the app from the app store or Google play store. - Open the left top /drawer/burger menu, choose KML/Import KML. - For android either import from Phone memory or SD Card and Google drive. And for - iOS, you can import from Google Drive only. - It will preview that file on a Google map, as well as allow you to read the KML file as text there. - Save the file under another name. - Now go to the menu again and modify the saved files. Now you can edit or update your KML file and save it. Here are some benefits of choosing the Geo Measure Area Calculator over other apps. - Allows to import KML ability to view KML on MAP and read it as text. - Edit or modify KML using MAP and export new KML to share anywhere. - Here is the blog for more details. Feel free to ask if you have any further questions. Convert KML file in other file format Convert KML to KMZ Convert KML to GPX Convert KML to GeoJson Convert KML to TopoJson Convert KML to CSV
[June-2022]New Braindump2go 300-710 PDF Dumps(Q212-Q220)
QUESTION 212 An administrator Is setting up a Cisco PMC and must provide expert mode access for a security engineer. The engineer Is permitted to use only a secured out-of-band network workstation with a static IP address to access the Cisco FMC. What must be configured to enable this access? A.Enable SSH and define an access list. B.Enable HTTP and define an access list. C.Enable SCP under the Access List section. D.Enable HTTPS and SNMP under the Access List section. Answer: A QUESTION 213 An engainer must add DNS-specific rules to me Cisco FTD intrusion policy. The engineer wants to use the rules currently in the Cisco FTD Snort database that are not already enabled but does not want to enable more than are needed. Which action meets these requirements? A.Change the dynamic state of the rule within the policy. B.Change the base policy to Security over Connectivity. C.Change the rule state within the policy being used. D.Change the rules using the Generate and Use Recommendations feature. Answer: C QUESTION 214 A network administrator is trying to convert from LDAP to LDAPS for VPN user authentication on a Cisco FTD. Which action must be taken on the Cisco FTD objects to accomplish this task? A.Add a Key Chain object to acquire the LDAPS certificate. B.Create a Certificate Enrollment object to get the LDAPS certificate needed. C.Identify the LDAPS cipher suite and use a Cipher Suite List object to define the Cisco FTD connection requirements. D.Modify the Policy List object to define the session requirements for LDAPS. Answer: B QUESTION 215 What is the RTC workflow when the infected endpoint is identified? A.Cisco ISE instructs Cisco AMP to contain the infected endpoint. B.Cisco ISE instructs Cisco FMC to contain the infected endpoint. C.Cisco AMP instructs Cisco FMC to contain the infected endpoint. D.Cisco FMC instructs Cisco ISE to contain the infected endpoint. Answer: D QUESTION 216 Which feature is supported by IRB on Cisco FTD devices? A.redundant interface B.dynamic routing protocol C.EtherChannel interface D.high-availability cluster Answer: B QUESTION 217 A security engineer is deploying a pair of primary and secondary Cisco FMC devices. The secondary must also receive updates from Cisco Talos. Which action achieves this goal? A.Force failover for the secondary Cisco FMC to synchronize the rule updates from the primary. B.Configure the secondary Cisco FMC so that it receives updates from Cisco Talos. C.Manually import rule updates onto the secondary Cisco FMC device. D.Configure the primary Cisco FMC so that the rules are updated. Answer: D QUESTION 218 Refer to the exhibit. A systems administrator conducts a connectivity test to their SCCM server from a host machine and gets no response from the server. Which action ensures that the ping packets reach the destination and that the host receives replies? A.Create an access control policy rule that allows ICMP traffic. B.Configure a custom Snort signature to allow ICMP traffic after Inspection. C.Modify the Snort rules to allow ICMP traffic. D.Create an ICMP allow list and add the ICMP destination to remove it from the implicit deny list. Answer: A QUESTION 219 A security engineer must configure a Cisco FTD appliance to inspect traffic coming from the internet. The Internet traffic will be mirrored from the Cisco Catalyst 9300 Switch. Which configuration accomplishes the task? A.Set interface configuration mode to none. B.Set the firewall mode to transparent. C.Set the firewall mode to routed. D.Set interface configuration mode to passive. Answer: D QUESTION 220 The network administrator wants to enhance the network security posture by enabling machine learning tor malware detection due to a concern with suspicious Microsoft executable file types that were seen while creating monthly security reports for the CIO. Which feature must be enabled to accomplish this goal? A.Spero B.dynamic analysis C.static analysis D.Ethos Answer: A 2022 Latest Braindump2go 300-710 PDF and 300-710 VCE Dumps Free Share: