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[The Sports Guru] SAINTS vs. Lions
Monday Night Football is back to finish up Week 15 in the NFL! It's the Saints vs. the Lions and I'm picking New Orleans to win it! These two teams have struggled for much of the season, as both are eliminated from the playoffs. The Saints are 5-8 and the Lions are 4-9. It's strange to have a game between two losing teams on Monday Night Football but it'll be an enjoyable game either way. I'm picking the Saints for one reason, primarily: the game is being played in the SuperDome. The Saints are tough as nails at home. While this season hasn't gone to plan for Drew Brees and company, I still believe that they can beat the lowly Lions, who have showed almost no quality throughout the season. True - the Lions have MegaTron, who will almost surely feast on the Saints' defense, which is the worst in the league. But the Saints can put up points of their own, as Drew Brees is used to playing from behind and being forced to put up tons of points. I think he's capable of doing it, and I just don't trust Matt Stafford for even one minute. I've never liked him as a QB and I think he's constantly overrated. The Lions' defense is also terrible and I think Brees will find holes all around the field. I don't like either of these teams, but my pick goes to the team with the home crowd behind them and the veteran All Star QB chucking the ball around the field. I think Brees and New Orleans get it done. It'll be a shootout - not much defense in this one. Saints 35, Lions 24. Who are you picking for the game? @Starbell808 @karencorchado @BrookieyElba @ValerieAlissaPa @Link4TW @sanazsanaz @TravisBeck @Shippudenguy21 @gatorchick96 @MatthewBoughton @MarcusJiles @BrandonMcNeil @KyleBerke @DerekGumtow @havic @Straightshooter @yaakattackk @RodneyYoung @DreJones @JonathanKerns @TravisManning @GalacticChakra @smothgreen @afxs @johnnolastname @ChristopherKenn @ChasePage @coreywriley91 @MrTenThirty @JasonNilsson @addri @ChrisStephens @AniBreo @VeronicaArtino @TomasVasquez @oct6eg10 @Darlin972 @ALEXCAMACHO @GabrielaAlvarez @strawhatblakley @Silver925 @RyanGraham96 @brolyxxrborn @martinesquivel @TiffanyPerez @PASCUASIO @ShoMoPayton @mackenzieorr186 @EvanYannetti @RaulGamboa @in4mtoxic006 @PaulFotiadis @sanRico @BlakeKaler @lilleonz
Thanksgiving turns into day of blowouts
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Mine was perfect - family, drinks, food and lots of football! It was a pretty crazy day in the NFL, with two of the three games turning out to be total blowouts. The Panthers and the Lions ran rampant on the Cowboys and Eagles, respectively. Here's how it went down. Lions QB Matt Stafford had a huge day on Thursday, as the veteran threw 5 TD passes - including 3 to veteran WR Calvin Johnson - en route to a huge 45-14 beat down of Philadelphia. The Lions, who always have the honor of playing on Thanksgiving, made good on their tradition this year by smacking around the Eagles. This one was close in the first half, but Calvin Johnson caught 3 TDs in the third quarter and made it a blowout (also, how amazing is that photo? It almost looks fake!). The Eagles have now completely fallen apart, and have given up 45 points in consecutive games. Their defense has to be one of the worst in the league, and it looks like the offseason move of paying CB Byron Maxwell a huge contract was the wrong decision, as he was torched all afternoon. Meanwhile, the Lions suddenly have a breath of life in the NFC playoff picture. They're still on the outside looking in, but they have lots of momentum after a huge Thanksgiving win. The Cowboys suffered a similar fate to their NFC East rivals in Philadelphia, as they got absolutely hammered by the still-perfect Panthers. This one ended 33-14 in favor of Carolina, who moves to 11-0. Dallas, on the other hand, slips to 3-8, effectively ending their playoff hopes. The Panthers returned two Tony Romo INTs for touchdowns, including one within the first minute of play, and it was never close. The Panthers offense stuttered for much of the night but it didn't matter, as their defense - especially cornerback Josh Norman, who shut down Dez Bryant all game - put in a huge performance and defined the game. The 'Boys lost Romo for the season toward the end of the game as the QB broke is collarbone and will be shut down with the playoffs basically out of the question. A very disappointing season for Dallas, while Carolina on the other hand continues to fly as high as any team in the league. I didn't watch the third game, but the Bears shocked the Packers by beating them 17-13 in Green Bay. The Bears move to 5-6 and the Packers are now 7-4. Green Bay has been struggling for a few weeks in a row now and something may be wrong with Aaron Rodgers, who is having his worst season in a while. They've got to figure it out quickly in order to save their season. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving - enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend! @Starbell808 @karencorchado @BrookieyElba @ValerieAlissaPa @Link4TW @sanazsanaz @TravisBeck @Shippudenguy21 @gatorchick96 @MatthewBoughton @MarcusJiles @BrandonMcNeil @KyleBerke @DerekGumtow @havic @Straightshooter @yaakattackk @RodneyYoung @DreJones @JonathanKerns @TravisManning @GalacticChakra @smothgreen @afxs @johnnolastname @ChristopherKenn @ChasePage @coreywriley91 @MrTenThirty @JasonNilsson @addri @ChrisStephens @AniBreo @VeronicaArtino @TomasVasquez @oct6eg10 @Darlin972