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Cancer Treatment New hope - Immunotherapy
There is a new hope of cancer treatment in India called Immunotherapy treatment. Immunotherapy is a cancer treatment that helps the immune system fight cancer. It is the most promising area in oncology right now. While it offers some new hope for the patients, this therapy comes with a cost, and merely 5-10% of people can afford it. Your immune system can help your body fight infections and other harmful diseases. It is made up of white blood cells called platelets that fight infection in the body and tissue of the lymph system. The function of the immune system is to detect and destroy tumor cells and also prevent and curb the growth of abnormal cells in the body. For instance, mostly immune cells are found in and around the cancerous cells. These cells called tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) are assigned that the immune cells are responding to the tumor. People with TILs in their tumors have a better prognosis than those without them. Your doctor will be able to tell if the immunotherapy is working on your body with the help of a few scans and tests. Tata Memorial hospital is one of the best cancer hospital in India considered to be the immunotherapy hospital in India which is the most promising area in oncology right now. Original Resource: Immunotherapy treatment - New Hope for cancer patients #cancer treatment in India #immunotherapy #leukemia treatment cost #latest cancer cure news 2021 #new cancer treatment #immunotherapy, #immunotherapy hospitals in India #health
5 Essential Roles of a Family Practitioner Doctor
Introduction: - In today's 21st century, people suffer from thousands of physical problems. In today's daily life, people who are accustomed to modern life are rapidly admitting various diseases. So, there is no doubt that the need for doctors has become essential today. When you have a disease, you must go to a doctor who gives a work permit renewal medical check-up. But not every doctor knows you personally. So they may not know if there is a genetic cause as the cause of the disease. So it can be said for sure that the importance of a caring family doctor in your life is immense. 1. The ability to diagnose diseases quickly: - A family practitioner can check symptoms and diagnose diseases immediately. Certain diseases may have mild symptoms and they may be difficult to diagnose. A caring family doctor or practitioner, who knows the medical history of the family, is extremely adept at this work. He can check every family member, has a work permit check-up clinic and understands even the mildest symptoms. A family practitioner thus is quickly able to diagnose a disease and prescribe the necessary medication. Going to a hospital instead would have made the process of diagnoses extremely complicated. 2. General medical observation of the family: - For a family practitioner writing general prescriptions, advising vaccination and other regular medical procedure is a must. A family practitioner is generally aware of a particular family's medical needs and thus can take care of the same. For mild medical needs like vitamin supplements, tonics, polio and other vaccinations, the prescription of the family doctor is a necessity. Without proper prescription and advice, one should not expose themselves to any kind of medical procedures. Therefore, the family practitioner's role in maintaining the overall health of a family is of optimum importance. 3. Easier to get admitted to hospitals: - In case of more severe maladies, a family doctor is an easier way to get referred to any hospital. A reference letter written by a family practitioner ensures that a family will get quick addition in any good hospital. Without a family doctor's reference, it is a difficult haunt for good doctors during times of crisis. Also, hospitals overflowing with patients are often disinterested in admitting new patients. A reference letter from a family doctor to another doctor or hospital stating the details of his patient can quickly gain access to a good hospital. 4. Reference to a specialist: - During the initial stages of an illness, the family practitioner’s role is of extreme importance. However, in case the illness persists, a family practitioner may feel the need to refer his patient to a specialist. Through preliminary checkups and observations, a family doctor can understand the condition of his patient and therefore may decide to refer his patient to one or more specialist. The since the specialist are well known to the family practitioner, good care of the patient is taken at a later stage. The specialist, as well as the family practitioner, keep in touch with each other and exchange notes regarding the improvement of their common patient. Thus the best way to get in touch with a specialist doctor is through one's family practitioner. This assures the reliability and trustworthiness of the specialist doctor. Conclusion: - In conclusion, it must be understood that a caring family doctor or practitioner is of immense importance to any modem day family. Not only does the family doctor keeps an eye over the family's health in general, but also prescribes their medicine at the earliest. Further, in case of complicated diseases, a family doctor is the best person who can refer to specialist doctors and the best hospitals possible.
Why city trees need a doctor- forest hill forestry
Arborists not only treat trees, they also help you understand which species suit the environment Over a year ago, when storm drains were being laid in a forest hill forestry large gulmohar toppled over — after construction exposed its roots. Members of the residents’ association alerted the Greater Chennai Corporation and the tree was hoisted back up, with iron girders to support it. Today, it is thriving, with new growth and cheery flame-red flowers. Unfortunately, such happy endings are rare. In July this year, yet another storm drain project in toronto left a tree’s roots so unstable it fell, killing a woman. Incidents like this can be prevented if an arborist oversees the work, says Andrew simms, of canada-based tree doctor. “We specialise in assessing construction impact on trees, identifying structural and physiological defects, diagnosing internal health, and much more,” he says, adding, “Just like an architect helps plan, design and monitor a project, arborists help manage trees in an urban environment.” What is an Arborist? An arborist studies the structure and function of trees. Things like growth, cultivation, reactions to pruning, diseases, de-compartmentalization of decay, and all the various aspects of tree service Arborists are also interested in the management and study of individual trees, shrubs, vines, and other woody plants. Their job is more generalized than a tree service technician, as arborists care for the health of the entire tree, much like that of a family doctor. What does an Arborist do? Trees are everywhere and provide people with many benefits. They offer shade, produce oxygen, and provide food. They keep streets and cities cool and prevent soil erosion. They are also very pleasing to look at - people love having trees around them. And just like a person, trees need proper care and nutrients to stay healthy. An arborist provides this kind of care. While trees provide a lot of benefits to people, if left untouched they could cause damage. They may overgrow onto power lines or people's homes. They could also cause damage in severe weather which can lead to power outages and harmful collapses. Tree Pruning - Arborists can determine what type of pruning is needed for individual trees. Pruning promotes healthy growth, rids the tree of any dead wood, and naturally protects the tree from insects.  Tree Removal - As a last resort, an arborist may recommend that a tree is removed, though it is always carefully considered. An arborist has the proper skills and equipment to remove a tree safely and efficiently.  Tree Planting - Planting a tree in the right place is important for the tree's long term health. An arborist can determine the appropriate location for a tree and assist with planting.  Emergency Tree Care - Storms and heavy winds can cause major damage to trees or individual limbs. If a tree is felled, or its branches cause damage to houses or power lines, an arborist is called to make sure the situation is handled properly.  An arborist provides other services such as insect control, fertilization, cabling, aeration, and lightning protection. They can also identify any diseases or parasites, ensure trees have sufficient support, and remove any damaging plants. An arborist can give consultations that will help determine when these services are necessary. Are you suited to be an arborist? Arborists have distinct personalities. They tend to be realistic individuals, which means they’re independent, stable, persistent, genuine, practical, and thrifty. They like tasks that are tactile, physical, athletic, or mechanical. Some of them are also enterprising, meaning they’re adventurous, ambitious, assertive, extroverted, energetic, enthusiastic, confident, and optimistic. Does this sound like you? Take our free career test to find out if arborist is one of your top career matches. What is the workplace of an Arborist like? Arborists spend most of their time outside, working in all all kinds of weather conditions. They are sometimes called out to emergency situations which can result in long working hours, for example, when storms knock down trees, causing transportation blockages or power outages.stump removal Working as an arborist is not a seasonal job. In fact, there is a lot of work to do in the colder months when trees go dormant, as that can be the ideal time to prune or cut back trees. Being physically fit and enjoying physical work is an important part of the job.
What are the advantages of normal delivery in pregnancy?
Every woman has their own choices. Whenever we make choices in every aspect, it influences our life. It also includes childbirth too! What is the connection between choice and baby here? In women’s life, the choice of giving birth to a baby is a crucial factor. It does not mean, what she chooses to get a baby or not. The main reason is that how she wants to give birth to her child. There is various best Fertility Centre in Chennai available, who specializes in women’s respiratory system, fertility, normal delivery, C-section, etc. Advantages of Normal Delivery: The following are the advantages of normal delivery: Fast Recovery: The main reason is that Normal delivery helps in fast recovery. The body of a woman heals very fast and you will be back on your feet very soon. After 1 hour of delivery, you can walk. You will feel better after delivery. Less Hospital Stay: If you choose vaginal delivery, then you will be discharged within 24 hours. but in C-section, you have to stay there for 6-7 days. Early Breast Feeding: You can start breastfeeding your baby within one hour, after delivery and you can contact with baby very soon. But according to C-section, the woman has abdomen pain so it occurs difficult to feed and takes time 7-24 hours to breastfeeding. Natural Method: This method of delivery has no major surgery and no other complication. You don’t need to face anesthesia-related complications. Normal delivery has less bleeding according to C-section delivery. Conclusion: Normal Delivery is a natural delivery for a woman if everything is in control, fine, the baby is in the right position and normal labor is going in progress growth. Then, there is no need to afraid of vaginal delivery. These tips are given by the best Gynecologist In Medavakkam, the doctors are very good and experienced. They properly check and consult their patients. Make a good choice for delivery. Stay healthy!
Pelvic & Acetabular Trauma Treatment in Hyderabad | Best Orthopedic Doctor - fractures related to pelvis and acetabulam are the most serious injuries treated by orthopeadic doctors. This traumatic accident causes fractures that are less common and happens due to a bad vehicle accident or fall. Pelvic and acetabulam fractures need specialized treatments and one or more surgical procedures. Elderly people with fragile bones develop pelvic fractures and acetabular fracture due to osteoporosis. Pelvic Fractures Pelvic Fractures- the pelvis is the strong ring of bones located at the base of the spine. Most pelvic fractures happen due to some type of traumatic incident. Pelvis is near to major blood vessels and organs because of that pelvic fracture may cause extensive bleeding and other injuries that may need an immediate treatment. Due to a minor fall, pelvic fracture may happen to elderly people who have weak bones. Acetabulum fractures Acetabulum fractures- it is a break in the socket portion of the ball – and- socket hip joint. These types of hip joint fractures are very rare. These acetabulur fractures are caused because of some major accident like car collision. Many of these incidents will have additional injuries that may require immediate attention. Treatment for these fractures involves surgery to restore the normal anatomy of the hip. When the acetabulum is fractured, the femoral head will not fit properly into the socket and cartilage surface of both the bones might have damaged. If the joints are unstable, it may lead to arthritis. Polytrauma Polytrauma means multiple complex injuries of the brain and body due to major accidents or blasts etc. this condition is life threatening because of head injuries, loss of vision, hearing problem, nerve damage, multiple bone fractures, severe body wounds and infections. Other injuries may include spinal cord damage and many patients experience traumatic brain injury. Multiple bone fractures Multiple bone fractures in the infant can be associated with trauma, metabolic bone disease, or hereditary bone dysplasia. Identification of this problem is very difficult, therefore, radiological, clinical evaluations, genetic studies are done properly. The most common cause of multiple fractures in infants is osteogenesis imperfect (OI). Opening Hours Monday - Friday10.00 AM- 5.00 PM Saturday10.00 AM- 5.00 PM Sunday9.30 AM- 6.00 PM View Hospital Details Image gallery Pelvic and acetabular trauma Pelvic ring injuries Polytrauma Acetabulum fractures Pelvic and acetabular trauma Pelvic ring injuries Polytrauma Acetabulum fractures Pelvic ring injuries Pelvic ring injuries occur due to falls from height or vehicle accidents. A pelvic fracture is a break of the bony structure of the pelvis, which includes break of the sacrum, hip bones or tailbone. The injured person experience severe pain when he tries to move. This injury may cause internal bleeding, injury to the bladder or vaginal trauma. A Sacrum is a large triangular bone which is at the end of the spine and attaches to the pelvis bone. This may be caused due to stress or weakened bones. It is mostly observed in athletes, certain diseases which cause mineral loss such as abnormal menstrual cycles, who have osteoporosis, arthritis, if you are under radiation therapy. The main symptom is lower back pain, pain in the pelvis or hip area. Pelvic external fixation Pelvic external fixation is indicated for temporary or definitive stabilization of unstable pelvic ring injury. This is done to reduce internal hemorrhage and stop the blood loss to save the life. Pelvis bleeding is caused mainly by tearing of pelvis veins which continue to bleed till the lost blood fills the space in it. Pelvic fixator is applied under local anesthesia through small skin puncture wounds. As soon as the patient is haemodynamically stable the external fixation may be converted to internal fixation. It is done because prolonged external fixation may cause discomfort, skin problems and infections. Shock is condition where the person organs are not getting enough blood or oxygen. It may result from trauma, heat stroke, blood loss, infections. This condition needs to be treated soon otherwise it may cause permanent damage to multiple organs and also life threatening. There are 4 types of shocks – obstructive shock, cardiogenic shock, distributive shock, hypovolemic shock. Hypotension is a medical term for low blood pressure; if the person is healthy with no symptoms of low blood pressure then it is not a concern and doesn’t need any treatment. For elderly people, this may cause problems such as improper blood flow to the heart, brain, and other vital organs.