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Top 10 Korean Dramas You Should Watch Before You Die
Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Korean Dramas You Should Watch Before You Die. Thank TV gods for video streaming apps, we are blessed with so many viewing options coming from all over the world! Our top pick is so well-loved in the far east that it’s just a matter of time before it takes over the world. So let’s get started. 10. Kingdom.  Rampaging zombies taking over an ancient palace? Shut up and hold my popcorn! Hailed by The New York Times as one of “the Best International Shows of 2020,” Kingdom—which is Netflix’s first original Korean series—is set during the Joseon era when a mysterious plague starts spreading, and it’s up to the Crown Prince Lee Chang to save his people from the undead! The show successfully marries the plot’s main premise of the kingdom’s power struggle, together with disturbing imagery of blood, gore, and yep, super-agitated zombies that can scare the bejeezus out of horror fans! 9. Boys Over Flowers.  This 2009 K-drama hit was based on the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango, which has been adapted for TV in Japan, China and Taiwan. But the Korean version starring Korean heartthrob Lee Min Ho has become one of the more popular adaptations. Woman: So many stars. Man: They’re satellites, stupid. It has all the elements of a perfect young adult Korean drama–– a plot that centers on the war of the classes, angsty young love, and a hip soundtrack. The show also started the trend of metrosexual or “pretty boy” image in South Korea, and made Lee Min Ho a household name.  8. Full House.  In the early 2000s, Korean romcoms took not just the country, but the entire Asia by storm. And if you wanna know what all the fuss is about, then Full House is a worthy intro to the Korean romcom invasion. The story revolves around an aspiring scriptwriter and a popular actor who were forced to live together due to some outlandish circumstances. At first, they got on each other’s nerves but eventually, they learned more than just to live with each other harmoniously. Oh, and did I mention it stars one of Korea’s biggest K-Pop superstars, Rain? It’s hilarious and heartwarming all at the same time, that I dare you to watch it and not get butterflies.  7. Coffee Prince.  Long before Korean actor Gong Yoo became famous for smacking zombies in the 2016 blockbuster hit “Train to Busan,” he was popular among K-drama fans as a young food empire mogul Han Kyul in the 2007 TV series Coffee Prince. In this gender-bending drama, Han Kyul makes the tomboyish waiter Eun Chan his fake gay lover to avoid arranged dates set up by his family. But complications ensue when Han Kyul starts to develop feelings for Eun Chan despite not knowing that she’s actually a girl and not a man as he thought she was all along! In a country where homosexuality is still highly regarded as taboo, Coffee Prince’s success in Korea was certainly a step in the right direction.  6. It’s Okay, That’s Love.  What’s exciting about k-dramas is how they tackle sensitive issues and make them more accessible to mainstream audiences, just as how this 2014 show bravely addressed the delicate topic of mental health. Man: Kang woo, please help Kang Woo… In a nutshell, “It’s Okay, That’s Love,” is about a man who came from a family that faced a murder case, trying to grapple with his guilt with the help of a female psychiatrist battling with her own psychological problems. Featuring award-winning actress Gong Hyo-Jin (HEEO-JIN), this drama will surely pull at the heartstrings of the most jaded of viewers.  For Full Article: Visit Here
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안녕하세요.  근래 들어 솔데의 오롯이 비추다 시리즈에서 솔데의 '오롯이 티비를 비추다'에 혼신의 힘을 다하고 있는, 저는 솔데입니다. 근래에 연이어 MBC의 두 편의 드라마를 리뷰를 드렸습니다. 그 가운데, 수목드라마 '내 뒤의 테리우스'는 처음 기대한대로 안정권에 접어든 반면에, 월화드라마 '배드파파'는 그 시청층이 한정되며 매니아 드라마로의 포지셔닝이 이루어지고 있는 것으로 보입니다.  아무튼 리뷰를 위해 첫 회부터 보기 시작했더니, 보지 않으려고 해도 어째 계속 보게 되었고 그래서 매주 두 편의 드라마 모두 매주 보고 있습니다.  내 뒤의 테리우스는, 일전에 리뷰 (https://antennagom.tistory.com/289, [솔데의 오티비] MBC 드라마 내 뒤에 테리우스 : 현실과 비현실의 바람직한 줄타기 )에서 썼듯이, 작품의 가장 큰 강점인 코미디와 배우들의 호연을 무기 삼아 거침없이  시청자 폭을 높이고 있습니다. 무엇보다 코미디와 배우들의 호연에 만족하지 않고, 이전 리뷰에서도 예상하였듯이 악역의 층위를 다양하게 두어, 스릴과 액션의 매력에 시청자들을 흠뻑 젖게할 준비를 하고 있는 것으로 보입니다. 반면에, 배드파파는 그 소재가 가진 무궁무진한 가능성 (https://antennagom.tistory.com/287, [솔데의 오티비] MBC 배드파파 : 무궁무진한 가능성, 어디까지 폭팔할까? )을 명확히 풀어내지 못하고 조금은 안타까운 행보를 보였습니다. 8회까지는 말입니다. https://antennagom.com/290