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4 Best Teams to Form in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
With 45 or more superheroes to choose from, check this page to see which of them work best together as a team. Believe it or not, but the world-renowned spy and founder of the Avengers, Nick Fury, needs your help. Supervillains Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil attacked the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier U.N.N. Alpha. Now that you are in charge, it’s up to you in which superheroes you want to include to form an alpha team. With more than 45 characters — and counting on the way in the future — the roster of The Black Order gets bigger, better, and more diverse. Although exciting, forming a team takes a lot longer than the actual playing time. So, whether you are new to the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 game or keen on trying out new team combinations, below are some of our four effective suggestions. That said, keep in mind that you are more than welcome to explore as many teams as you want, given that a few heroes on this list take a bit of extra work to unlock. 1. Captain America, Hulk, Hawkeye, and Thor This is, perhaps, the most obvious team on this page simply because they are among the original Avengers team. Then again, what can we do? They are the Earth’s mightiest heroes. Yet apart from that, here’s how their distinct abilities complement each other. First, the Captain is your mid-range fighter and buffer. With his Super Soldier power, it can boost the attack of your entire team, thus helping Hawkeye be more precise as he is your long-range expert. Secondly, which is another apparent advantage, both Thor and Hulk are your major tanks. 2. Nightcrawler, Star-Lord, Wolverine, and Black Panther We’re sorry Star-Lord, but we think you’re going to have to spend some time saving the Earth instead of the vast galaxy. In this unlikely team — two mutants, one Ego, and one king — you’d have the upper hand due to their piercing attacks enabled by Peter Quill’s elemental boosts. 3. Black Panther, Ghost Rider, Deadpool, and Magneto When we mentioned before that a few heroes have higher requirements to unlock, we actually refer to Magneto. While a playable character at first, he, later on, appears in the game as a super boss. When you still have the chance, make the most out of his abilities because his powers can bring together the enemies in an instant. For the rest of the team, Black Panther gives quick and deadly attacks from one enemy to the next. Ghost Rider is your guy in crowd control. Lastly, Deadpool’s synergy attacks work well with other heroes. 4. Wolverine, Magneto, Jean Grey, Psylocke A while ago, we suggested an Avengers team, but now, we couldn't leave out the extremely powerful potential of mutants in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 game. Their race is one of the greatest yet most complicated species in the Marvel Universe. Again, Wolverine has piercing attacks. Magneto helps draw enemies into the crowds. Lastly, which is a perfect duo, Jean Grey and Psylocke can unlock their full psionic potential against them.
5 Antagonists of Final Fantasy XV
Check out some of the villains of Final Fantasy XV that will test your bravery and skills. With the number of popular characters in Final Fantasy, you simply can’t ignore the villains that either made you scared out of your wits or tested your courage and skills. One of the most notable features of Final Fantasy is its high-quality graphics and interesting storyline. Not sure which franchise to play? Well, you should definitely give Final Fantasy XV a try. Final Fantasy XV is set in a fictional world controlled by the empire of Niflheim who plans to take control of the magic Crystal. What’s stopping them is that it is guarded by the Lucian royal family. Little did they know, the Niflheim already planned an attack to steal the Crystal. To know what’s next, you better play this Final Fantasy series. As you progress into the game, here are some of the antagonists you need to watch out for: Ardyn Izunia Ardyn is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy XV who is known as a humorous, intellectual, and charming man. He is also in charge of the Niflheim Empire’s political operations and is responsible for expanding Verstael’s Magitek Infantry. Be cautious when confronting Ardyn because he has exceptional manipulation and deception skills. With his strong charismatic capabilities, he can lead his subordinates effectively. Aranea Highwind She is popularly known as a guest party member and a boss of the franchise. Aranea also has outstanding aerial combat skills that make her difficult to defeat. She is not afraid to speak and can even confront her high ranking officials. Aranea has an intimidating personality that can scare her enemies at sight. She usually wears red and black leather armour with a long white cape that resembles the wings of a dragon. Ravus Nox Fleuret Ravus is the high commander of the Imperial Army of Niflheim and the former prince of Tenebrae. He is also popularly known for his heterochromia eyes with the right being blue and the left being purple. He does not have supernatural powers even though he is a member of the Oracle bloodline. Ravus also believes that his bloodline can grant him the old king’s blessings to become the True King. In combat, he is an expert swordsman who can defeat all of his enemies. Iedolas Aldercapt Iedolas is the emperor of the Niflheim Empire that is planning to dominate the world. This is by ousting the Kingdom of Lucis. He is also sometimes referred to as ‘Your Radiance’ and ‘Imperial Majesty’. He is one of the villains that you definitely need to watch out for because he will do anything just for power. Verstael Besithia Verstael, an imperial research minister, is a minor antagonist who dons a cape and metal uniform in black, purple, and red. He is in charge of maintaining the research laboratories to continuously produce ruthless demons, armour, and magitek troopers. Do not forget to equip yourself with powerful weapons because you might encounter one of these villains as you explore the world of Eos. Gather your courage and have fun playing this Final Fantasy series!