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Renewable Energies Are The Future
During the year 2021 it has been established that investments in green energy will exceed fossil fuels. The century of green energy is projected to begin and possibly millions of jobs will be created around the world. In the US, the wind and the sun represent almost 80% of the new generation energy sources that have been installed during the year 2020. If to this data we add that during the year 2019 the use of clean energy exceeded that of fossil energy, we are facing a revolution that will mark a before and after in our lives. Check: Expats Green Energy service Netherlands What is considered green energy? Green energy or renewable energy is characterized by being clean, inexhaustible and economical. The main objective is to protect the planet by achieving the minimum impact generated in the removal of energy. There are many types of green energy, but the most common are: - Wind renewable energy : it is that which is extracted from the wind - Hydraulic or hydroelectric renewable energy : it is obtained from rivers or streams - Biodiesel renewable energy : it is extracted from vegetable oils - Renewable tidal energy : it is achieved thanks to the tides - Solar renewable energy : for the moment the Sun is unlimited and thanks to it we get this energy clean In 2019, Netherlands was the country that installed the most photovoltaic solar energy. Along with wind power, it is the energy that has the most growth potential in the country. Lower costs in green energy Being already in the middle of the year 2020 we see that it is becoming easier to install solar panels at home, but above all it is cheaper. The cheapening of renewable facilities is striking compared to 2007 because prices have dropped a lot and one of the great promoters of this movement is China. If we analyze what it costs to build a wind farm compared to this year, we see that the price is reduced between 40% and 60%; If we talk about solar plants, they are almost 70% compared to 2010. The different investigations that have been carried out in recent years have shown that green energy is profitable. This situation has improved as the years go by and before the end of 2030 it will be the most used energy in Netherlands because it is cleaner, cheaper and more profitable. All our clients already know, and you? Anticipate and be part of the change. Calculate your personalized offer of 100% green energy. Previously, renewable energy sources were considered as one more competitive option, but now getting 1 kWh of electricity is close to 0.003 dollars, exceeding the cheapest price of electricity achieved so far. Therefore, it is the cheapest energy available on the market. Renewable energies in Netherlands are one of the keys to reduce the effects of climate change and to combat the high pollution caused by the creation of energy by other means. Advantages of contracting green energy There are many advantages of renewable energy, but as you can see the economic and environmental factor are the most striking. If you want to know more about this energy, make the necessary consultations with one of our energy advisers who will explain everything to you in detail. Its main advantages are: = Self-consumption : you will save money on electricity and can reduce your bill up to 70% - Helping the Planet : it is a more viable and cleaner solution to fight against climate change - Favorable policy : times are changing and right now all the countries of the world support the switch to renewable energy - Inexhaustible : at first they are inexhaustible since energy is extracted from the sun, the oceans, etc. - Accessible in sparsely populated areas : many African villages are already using solar panels to provide electricity for dozens of people Competitive : the light that comes from renewable energies will be cheaper and cheaper - Goodbye to energy dependence : few countries can survive today with their own resources and with fossil fuels it is the same. Thanks to green energy, the global situation will change Why green energy is cheaper than fossil energy At the beginning of 2017, solar energy became the cheapest energy to produce in more than 50 countries. Among the different options, within renewable sources, those that struggled to be considered the cheapest energies of the year were solar energy and wind energy. During 2018, we found that the costs of renewable energies were reduced in comparison to fossil sources, even more, and this has meant that more difference is reached during 2020. The latest report from the International Renewable Energy Agency ( Irena ) has shown that green energy is cheaper than ever, and if we compare it with fossil fuels we see that they have already been surpassed. An economical sample would quickly be seen with the substitution of the more expensive 500 GW obtained from coal. If these were replaced by solar and wind energy, the costs of the electrical system would be reduced by more than 20,000 million dollars each year. Just speaking of the economic factor, if we take into account the reduction in CO2 emissions, the reduction of 1.8 gigatons of carbon dioxide is also striking. It is clear that the future of renewable energy is to become the cheapest energy on the planet and the potential shown in recent years has managed to create millions of jobs, generate investments and obtain a long-term profitability that will give more benefits according to time goes by. Comparative renewable energy costs year 2010 - year 2020: - Photovoltaic solar energy : it has been reduced by 82% -Solar thermal energy : reduced by 47% - Solar thermal energyy : reduced by 39% - Offshore wind power : reduced by 29% Today, with the same investment in renewable energy, more new capacity is achieved than in 2010. If to this we add that 18% more investment was needed to install twice the renewable generation capacity, the numbers are making it clear that the future of energy in Netherlands is: green, cheap and simple.
5 Ways To Save Our Oceans
All the cards this week are making me and my mermaid feeling crinkle up and die. The Ocean Destruction is awful and if you wanna know more about that check out the amazing collection @nicolejb created!! But all hope is not lost. There are ways to not only stop the destruction but reverse some of its deadly effects. Chill With Your Carbon Footprint. One of the main reason the oceans are being destroyed is because of global warming so to help reduce the carbon foot print. Walk more, car pool, take shorter showers, and don't blast your heat in the winter! It really will make difference. Make Healthy and Sustainable Seafood Meals. Many fish species are rapidly depleting do to high demand and vanishing habitats. When eating seafood make sure to choose the options that are not being overexploited. Help Clean The Beach! When you're having a wonderful day at the beach and you stumble across litter, empty cans and plastic don't just leave it in the sand! Because every piece of trash that floats into the ocean ends up wrecking havoc on the animals that live there. Ocean Travel Responsibility Boating, kayaking, and sailing is the perfect way to spend the summer (and even winter for those brave enough). So make sure you travel the oceans respectfully. No throwing trash or chemicals over board. And if you want to take a cruise look for the one that is the most eco friendly! Educate For Change. The damage we are doing to our oceans is slowly becoming irreversible. The only way to make a change is if we are all working together! So educate your community, your friends and your family because our marine friends need our help, or else natural disasters will occur daily.
This French City Is (Literally) Powered By Cheese.
By now, you've heard of alternative electricity sources like wind, water, and solar power, but have you ever heard of using cheese? For one French city, cheese production is responsible for a considerable amount of their electricity. But how exactly do they do it? When Albertville, a city in Beaufort's dairy manufacturing region, makes its cheese, they use special equipment to convert the whey's methane gas emissions into pure energy that can be used to power 7% of the region's electricity. According to the Smithsonian, this is enough to power roughly 1,500 of 20,000 homes. That may not sound like much, but when you consider its potential, the city might just be onto a new avenue for renewable power sources. In the picture above, you can see the Valbio power plant that produces the aforementioned 'cheese power'. While it's the largest of the company's dairy-powered energy plants (and the largest of such plant on Earth), it's not the only dairy plant around. The same company began building the generators over a decade ago and set up similar plants in Europe and Canada - with more to come! In fact, those in the States might be surprised to know that the Fage brand's Greek yogurt also plays a part in powering the region from where it's produced. When Fage is made at its Albany-based plant, the whey used is later pumped to a wastewater plant to produce energy from its fermentation. Pretty cool, huh? So I hope that all of you who decided you'd like to cut down on the dairy going into the New Year re-embrace your love for all things covered in cheese. You're doing it for the greater good of the environment. It's your personal duty to eat tons of cheese. Let me know what you think about this new, cheesy fuel source in the comments below. And for more WTF news, follow my WTF Street Journal collection.