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[Live Recap] Answer to 1997 Korean Drama EP 16 (LAST EP)
LAST EP ! It will start at 22:55 KST(Sep 18). Please refresh this card for live update:) -------------------------------------- >In 2013 March, Shiwon's parents waited for Shiwon in front of the surgery room. One nurse came out and said, "Who is the husband? Baby's mother wants to see him." TaeWoong and Yoonjae showed their face! >> In 2005 September, Shiwon drank beer with her co-workers. She didn't go home for several days. OMG Yoonjae suddenly turned up! He took away her > Yoonjae sent her home. He really wanted to enter her But his wily scheme failed. Shiwon called a taxi for Yoonjae and went > He took a taxi but soon, he came back in front of Shiwon's home. In front of her door, he tried to guess her password. Yoonjae's birthday? No. Shiwon's birthday? No. It was Tony An's birtday.Hahaha - Shiwon : Go home ! - Yoonjae : Give me a cup of coffee, then I'll go home. But after drinking coffee, he didn't want to go home. - Shiwon : I know what you think! - Yoonjae : Kiss me, then I'll go home. She kissed to him lightly. -Yoonjae : Are you kidding? And a passionate kiss! > 2013 March again! - In front of the surgery room, a nurse ask to people. Who is the father? And our Yoonjae said, "I am the father" Yes Yes!!!!! He entered to the surgery room. OMG Shiwon seized Yoonjae by the hair and abused him > 2012 reunion. Hackchan,Sungjae, Yoojeong and Joonhee said : I can't imagine. If other people saw you, they couldn't imagine that you were a In 2005, they were very nice couple. But Shiwon like Tony more than > Shiwon visited Yoonjae's home. - Yoonjae : When we got married, is this house okay to live together? - Shiwon : .... - Yoonjae : Why..? - Shiwon : ... - Yoonjae : ,.You will not marry me???? - Shiwon : Is this a propose?? - Yoonjae : Yes! Do you want to something different? - Shiwon : No way! If you do some event, I'll kill you!!!!!! - Yoonjae : Then, answer me in 3 seconds, or I'll kiss you 10 times. - Shiwon : ... - Yoonjae : 1 - Shiwon : ... - Yoonjae : 2 - Shiwon : ...Okay Okay! Shiwon asked to Yoonjae the day Joonhee moved. Joonhee almost understood what Taewoong thought. - Yoonjae : Wow you're amazing! You really catch people's mind well. Be a psychiatrist ! - Joonhee : Well.. I know other's mind well but I don't know what I think. I want to make up my mind first... Today is your exam for promotion. Good job! - Yoonjae : Joonhee-ya... (And he hugged behind Yoonjae.) Let's have a dinner later. Like this, Joonhee's first love was over:-( > Taewoong went to DBSK(TVXQ) concert with his assistants. Oh he met DBSK fan club vice-president and it was his doctor ! (Jooyeon of afterschool. do you remember?)lol And Yes, they became a couple finally! Taewoong and she wanted to get married first. BUT Yoonjae used his head. Shiwon failed to avoid getting pregnant.!!!! > Again, 2012 reunion. Shiwon's parents came to the reunion with a girl. Who's she? It was Yoonjae&Shiwon's first daughter! Wow! She's so cute! So the embryo was Shiwon & Yoonjae's second! Almost finished. Hakchan & Yoojeong will get married soon. Joonhee met a person. After the reunion finished, he went back to the hospital. Someone took him but we couldn't see his/her face. I really hope that Yoonjae meet a nice girlfriend/boyfriend. He deserves it! Last scene, Yoonjae and Shiwon went home together. Shiwon rode the car. If someone saw them, it seemed a big fight but no, Just they expressed affection very unique style. In 1997, in the picnic, Sungjae, Joonhee, Yoonjae, Shiwon, Hakchan & Yoonjeong took a picture. They wanted to memorize their beautiful days. THE END ! ========================================= Oh..........It finished! I don't know what to say. It's just like our irrevocable youth. It was wonderful but we couldn't go back to that days. I'll always cherish this drama & this moment as a beautiful memory. I really enjoyed this a lot because of you :-) Even though my English is poor, you waited for me! hehe Thank you everyone!
Hey guys! So, for those of you who don't know who the Sechs Kies, aka 6kies are, they are a male group that were popular in the late 1990's. They were formed under Daesung Entertainment and debuted on April 15, 1997 with their first single "School Song". Their name "Sechs Kies" is supposed to mean "six crystals" each representing one member, but in German, "Kies" is actually translated as gravel.... They are popularly referred to as "Jekki" for short, their official fan club was called "Dear Sechskies Friend" and the group's official fan club color was yellow. They are also known for being the musical rival of H.O.T. the first kpop group to EVER become a "million seller" despite the financial crisis in South Korea at that time. They disbanded on May 20, 2000, however 16 years after their last performance, they held a reunino concert on April 14, 2016 at the Seould World Cup Stadium. On May 10, YG Entertainment officially announced that they signed a contract with Sechs Kies. YG stated, "We have officially established a contract with Sechs Kies. From now on Sechs Kies will resume promotions with YG's support. Member Go Ji Yong, who is now a business man, did not sign along with other members, but it is possible for him to still join us for various performances and album recordings." Their original group consisted of their leader Eun Ji Won, Lee Jae Jin, Kim Jae Deok, Kang Sung Hoon, Go Ji Yong, and Jang Su Won. What do you guys think? Hopefully, Go Ji Yong will sign with YG too, but if not, I hope they continue to make good music and gather all their fans again. Congratulations to Sches Kies! Writer: Shey💕 @ParkHwaYoung KPopINT Chairs: @bbyitskatie @MichelleIbarra @Sailynn KpopINT Fam: @amobigbang @daniimals @elaynethtrumpet @Gaarita100 @JohnEvans @Insfired @KpopBeat @krystalrikpop @LenaBlackRose @LexiMintkgtopty @ParkHwaYoung @reyestiny93 @Stefany17 @tayunnie KpopINT tag list: @krystalrikpop @DamarisCisneros @KDSnKJH @ortizwendy17 @MelissaGarza @FannyWard @StefaniTre @Kieuseru @GDsGF @Sammie99522 @izabelpillado @drummergirl691 @P1B2Bear @LizaNightshade @ScarletMermaid @AnaP @ArhenBurris @CallMeMsDragon @AyameTenchu @Pickles440 @VeronicaArtino @aliahwhbmida @ShinoYuki @ShyrllBorden @TiffanyBibian @Jasminep96 @ESwee @CloverShadows @mellyortiz @ekahjw @moonchild03 @NykeaKing @AubriePope @maldonadosonia1@monikad @mycreativename @AaliyahNewbell @Swhitta @Jasminep96 @xxkkarlah @jenjenkhreim @JessicaVang @SatinSkies @BluBear07 @ninjamidori @CamrynCherry Information received from: and and Credit to: Original owners of above photos/videos
My Top 12 of 2016
Hey you guys I know I usually have like 12 post for my top songs for each month of the year but I felt that this year was so huge for me that I needed to address specific songs that really had me motivated for this year. Rex.D -Once More (렉스디 -한번 봤는데) January is the beginning of the year. The month to start all of your New Year resolution (and also the month were some of you start to forget them). My New Year Resolution was to stay up to date with my posts and not go all incognito mode on people but that failed big time. But this song saved me. I mean I literally listened to this song and another song every chance I had whenever I was on YouTube. Reddy -Think (레디 -생삭해) I think it is safe to say that February is truly the month to love. And I fell in love with Reddy through this song. In all of my life and with all of the boyfriends I've had, I've never actually celebrated Valentines Day but I was feeling particularly only and this song was truly there for me. I mean I listened to it all month and basked in Reddy's lovely voice and Jay Parks silky smooth vocals pouring out into my soul. This song really helped me cleanse the loneliness I was feeling and just focus on my work. DEAN -Bonnie & Clyde Bonnie Clyde Bonnie Clyde, one night . Bonnie Clyde Bonnie Clyde one night Who cares who cares Who cares who cares chingu sai chingu sai Alright Just friends just friends Alright Who cares who cares Who cares who cares bbali naw bbali naw Alright Come quickly come quickly Alright Who cares who cares Who cares who cares Til we die til we die Til we die til we die Oh neowi naui majimagil jirado Oh even if this is our last day together Remember how I mentioned that February was my month to fall in love with Reddy, well I fell even deeper for Dean and his dreamy voice in March. Seriously Bonnie & Clyde is my favorite song from him. And I listen to that song the most even now. Twice -Cheer Up April was super fun for. I really did enjoy this song. Samuel Seo -BLUE (서사무엘 -BLUE) May brought me a new favorite from Samuel Seo, an artist I discovered last year with the help of another vingler. Drug Restaurant -Mistake (드럭레그토랑 -Mistake) In June I listened to Jung Joon Young and Drug Restaurant. Jung Joon Young always has a lot of fun in his songs and I needed this to uplift my spirits from my dreary routine. Khalil Fong -Que Sera (方大同 -無所謂) July Kirin x Jay Park -City Breeze (기린 x 박재범) August came with a cool 90's throwback from Kirin and Jay Park. I literally didn't even see this collab coming but I'm happy as hell that it did. I am seriously a huge 90's music fan and the fact that Kirin only makes music with a 90's vibe makes him one of my top artists and the fact that he worked with Jay Park oppa was a sealed deal for me. I was jamming to this like it was life. MINO -Body (MINO -몸) September had me on a sentimental flow cause it is my birth month and this song was released my birthday week. SECHSKIES -Three Words (젝스키스 -세 단어) October was the month I shed a lot of tears. I mean SECHSKIES is my ultimate favoirte 90's Kpop group and the came back with a new song. I seriously had a lot of feels with this group. SECHSKIES - Couple (젝스키스 -커플) November gave birth to SECHSKIES Re-Album. A remake of some of their most popular songs from the 90's. Although I still really love the orginal versions, these new ones have been on repeat since the album became available on iTunes. BIGBANG -GIRLFRIEND December introduced me to the full MADE album and two new mv's from BIGBANG but my ultimate favorite song has to be GIRLFRIEND. FXXK IT is a close second though. Tagging all of my lovelies @RobertMarsh @BBxGD @Mediamonster @KwonOfAKind @LocoForJiyong @Roxy1903 @lovetop @amobts @poojas @BORNHATER @aabxo @PrincessUnicorn @JiyongLeo @royalpandajedi @HanbinsWife @VeronicaArtino @JacksonWangxme @luna1171 @Helixx @Sailynn @InsfiR3DD @bigbang18 @QueenPandaBunny @KpopQueenaBee @catchyacrayon @MonAnnahiX @britneyamanda @jiggzy19 @MattK95 @LornaLu @MarrickeJ33 @DayDaySMDC @RihannaTiaMay @SugaOnTop @JaiiPanda @Lizzeh @ChelseaJay @hopesforsuga711 @kpopandkimchi @Lexxcisco @moonchild03 @nnatalieg @clandrea170 @SugaKookieV @andreaimnida @QiLin94 @JennieThor @JessWang90 @KristinaCaron @TerraToyaSi @AmbieB @LJoonie @LateashaChantae @Miichi @KaiLuhan4ever @destiny1419 @Cheti96 @SimplyAwkward @katiems @GukkieMonster @im1the1shiteu @parktaemi @DetkaN @AimeeH @EwSeungkwan @Cmpxo @Kamiamon @BluBear07 @SHINeeIngGirl @DestinyGLove @KhrystinaLee @GLegend @Mcloven @sugafree @AkeylaK @PricelessEyibio @MintKookie @Badtz @jgallegos222 @krin @momo143kao @CurrySoop @nell03 @Gabbyxy34 @caricakes @micahsaysnihao @veeyang5 @KpopJunkiesTV @Msrayray95 @TaehyungV @AbbyRamey @biancadanica98 @xsandos17 @monicacerroblan @StephanieDuong @Insfired @SunnaWalo @PolarStarr @KDSnKJH @JezziCrypt @kpopINT @bbyitskatie @Choijiah @sarangseoltang @gabbycheese23 @merryjayne13 @BTSxEXO @heidichiesa @EmilyPeacock @nakebakonadu @Vay754 @Kanekiiiken @Purplicious @sherrysahar @XxGummybear92xX @sarahdarwish @MarinaKarina @TaylorHill5 @aleciaLOVES @BridgetJara
Answer Me 1997 (Korean Drama) EP 15 LIVE RECAP
Answer Me 1997 Day ! Yeah !! It will start at 22:55 KST. Please refresh this card for live update:) ---------------------------------------------- In 2005, july, There were some women' profile list on Yoonjae's desk. What's this? Aha, people really wanted to introduce girls to Yoonjae but he said, I have a girlfriend:) >Taewoong called to Yoonjae. Taewoong : My teacher's daughter really want to meet you. Help me,please. Yoonjae : I have a girlfriend.. Taewoong : No lie! I know that you don't have ! I'll send you address, thank you. Yoonjae : ... > Taewoong went to the stairs and Joonhee came to there. OMG Shiwon called to Joonhee and they talked about Shiwon&Yoonjae's kiss and other things. Everytime, Yoonjae avoided to meet Shiwon and Shiwon knew it. Until then, Taewoong didn't realize that Yoonjae like Shiwon. > - Shiwon prepared to broadcast a program but a lecturer cancel the special lecture. Emergency!! But prince charming came to help Shiwon. Yoonjae came to the broadcasting station. As Yoonjae was a famous judge, people were surprised! An announcer wanted to seduce him but failed. - Shiwon's co-worker : Anyway, How do you know each other? Old friends? Relatives? - Shiwon : Just a frie.. - Yoonjae : Boyfriend. I'm Shiwon's boyfried. - Shiwon : ..!!.. (Shy) The announcer hurted her > - After finishing the broadcast, Yoonjae sended Shiwon home. Yoonjae also got out of the car. - Shiwon : Where are you going? - Yoonjae : Your home^^ Just want to drink a cup of coffee. - Shiwon : No lie! a wily scheme! - Yoonjae : I think you're exaggerating too much~. I just want to drink a coffee!! - Shiwon : Go home and sleep! - Yoonjae : A quick-witted ! Then, just give me a kiss! But Shiwon just hugged him. So cute XD > - Joonhee prepared to leave their home. - Joonhee : Are you that glad? Why don't you shake up with Shiwon ?! - Yoonjae : Hahaha.. I want to do that,too. But before that, I have to do something.. > - Taewoong sent a sms to Shiwon, "..Do you sleep..?" and called to Shiwon. - Taewoong : Are you free tomorrow's evening? Let's eat dinner together. - Shiwon : ....okay.. I also have something to tell you. - Taewoong : Okay then, let's meet at the japanese restaurant that I like. You know there, right? - Shiwon : .. Okay.. > Next afternoon,Yoonjae droped by Taewoong. - Taewoong : What happens? - Yoonjae : Just to see you.. - Taewoong : Are you sure? I think you have something to say to me. - Yoonjae : Yes, I have something to say to you. Hyung.. In fact.. - Taewoong : I know that you like Shiwon. I only recently discovered that you also like her. And also, you liked her before I like her. Why didn't you tell it to me? - Yoonjae : If I told it to you? Would you give up? Like? - Taewoong : ..No. Shiwon will make a decision. I've never gone all out for her. I'll confess my love to her for the last time. And if it will not work, I'll give up. Anyway, don't forget today's appointment that my teacher's daughter want to meet you. ( This appointment also in the same japanese restaurent!) > You know that Yoonjae really like his older brother. And also, he is in awe of his brother. Confused... Inner conflicts between his brother and his love. > Shiwon visited to Joonhee's hospital. They talked about Hakchan&Yoojeong couple, Seongjae and other simple things. - Joonhee : So, why do you meet Taewoong today? - Shiwon : He wanted to meet me and I also want to tell him about this situation. I don't know how to say... To me, he's like a family member. He's so precious and I don't want to lose him but at the other side, because he is precious, I have to say. - Joonhee : For me, he is like... - Shiwon : Like what?? - Joonhee : Hmm, nothing. Oh you have to go now or you'll be late. - Shiwon : Okay, let's meet next week~ Watching Shiwon's back, Joonhee talked to himself. - Joonhee : For me, he's not easy person.. > In the evening, Yoonjae went in front of the japanese restaurent. I saw that a girl( waited for him in the room. At the same time, Shiwon also waited for Taewoong. Taewoong arrived to the restaurent. Yoonjae called to his brother, Taewoong. - Yoonjae : Hyeong.. I know that you like Shiwon, but I can't give up her. I'll not give up her. Do you remember the college scholastic ability test day? I wanted to confess to her but you said that you like her. So I gave up because You liked her. But I can't... You're the most precious in the world to me. But I'll not give up. Today, it's the appointment and to save your face, I'll meet the girl. But next time, don't do this. > Now Taewoong felt that Yoonjae really liked Shiwon. When Yoonjae entered the room, there was Shiwon, not the girl! Oh... Taewoong entered to meet the girl(G.NA) replace for Yoonjae. Taewoong sent a sms to Yoonjae, "I'm sorry." Then, Yoonjae cried:-( Now, Yoonjae also felt that he is so precious to Taewoong. > In March, 2013 In front of the surgery room, Shiwon's parents waited for the baby! A nurse came out and said, "Where is the husband? Mother wants to see him." Then, Taewoong turned the corner and showed his face! -_- (Don't do this , screenwriter!!!!!) Just behind him, there was Yoonjae! So Who is the father of Shiwon's baby?????? ========================================== EP15 is over! Did you enjoy recaps? There are thousands of grammer mistakes but please understand it XD So the last EP is left! Can we see Shiwon's husband next week?XD Personally, I want to see their wedding scene! Will there this kind of romantic scenes? Please ~~~ (+)Oh, it is super difficult to explain, but the last scene, When Taewoong sent "I'm sorry" sms to Yoonjae. The scene overlapped with Shiwon's grand father& his brother story. It was so touching. If I explain the outline, Shiwon's grand father's younger brother didn't like his brother(Shiwon's grand father) because his gained everything. But at the end, he could feel that his brother liked him so much. This scene overlapped the situation between Yoonjae & Taewoong. So touching! EP 16 Preview here :