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Melanie: Chapter 2
The planes roar through the bright skies. Every car stopped and every head look in the air. Jonghyun looked closely and saw the North Korean flag. Then all of a sudden the emergency horns began to ring, warning the south to escape. "Jonghyun.. Jonghyun!??" "Quickly get everything ready. Im going to get Melanie. Ill be there in 8 minutes. " Jonghyun hangs up the phone and quickly began to drive towards Melanie's school. As he arrived to her school, he saw many parents trying to go inside the gate but the guard wont let no one in. "Open the gate!" "Our children!!" Parents began to bang and yell at the guard to open the gates. Jonghyun began to walk towards the front. "You need to open up the gate, sir" "I cant. The kids will be safe here." "Look man this is not a strom emergency. The kids wont be safe here and neither will you. So open the gate" The guard wouldn't listen and Jonghyun is trying not say anything about the northen, so the people wont panic. "Im going to ask nicely one more time. Open the gate" The guard shake his head no. Jonghyun's patients just went away. He quickly grabbed his gun from his back pocket and quickly pointed at the guard. Every parents backed up amd it was pure silent. "What ever you do. Dont panic. This is not a drill and this is not a strom emergency. Those planes are North Koreans military. So open the fucking gate, grab your children and leave away from here. Find a underground place. NOW!!" Everyone's face dropped and the guard's eyes popped open. Then the guard quickly ran to his stand and pushed the open. As the gate opened, Jonghyun turned around towards the parents. "Grab your kids and grab them tight. Go straight to Busan. Spread the news around through text or call to your friends and love ones. And..." Jonghyun looked at each of them and saw the fear. A fear which he thought he will never see. "And.... God protect us. Now Go!!" Every parent began to run towards the school. Yelling thier children's name. But the school is under lockdown. Jonghyun got towards the school door and is all locked. He quickly grabbed his gun and with it he banged it towards the glass of the door to break it, but nothing. Screaming from the inside began to grow. The young teens began to bang the windows and then towards the front door. "Sir, please we need our kids. They cant be there." A parent begged Jonghyun. "I promise you. You will have your kids free because mine is in there as well. " Jonghyun grabs his phone and began to call Sam. "Jonghyun are you alright?" "Sam, are you safe?" "My wife is safe. She left to Busan. Im just grabbing my stuff from the house for the mission." "Sam, im stuck here at Melanie's school. I need you to go to my house and grab my wife and get here now." "Got it!" Jonghyun hangs up and the calls someone else. It rings and rings and nothing. He tries again. But nothing. "Shit!" Jonghyun bangs on the door of the school and tried to get a student's attention. As he did got a few of them, Jonghyun began to yell through the glass so they can hear him. "I need you to find Melanie from class 2A. Quickly!" Three boy students got his message and began to run upstairs to the third floor towards class 2A. "Melanie? Is there a Melanie here??!!" Melanie stands from her chair. The boys quickly grabbed her hands and began to run downstairs towards the front door where Jonghyun is. But Melanie stopped and pushed the boys off of her. "What the hell you guys doing!?" "Someone is looking for you!" "Who?" "A guy." Melanie was taught very well from her dad to never fall from any trap. So she turned around and began to head towards her classroom. Then all of a sudden Melanie's friend began running towards her. "Melanie!! Your dad is at the front door of the school. He needs you now!!" Melanie turned around and the boys began to yell at her telling her that is a guy in a military clothes. She quickly began to run downstairs. As she got closer to the door, there she saw the image of her father standing in front of the door. "Dad!! Dad!! Dad what... what's happening?" "Calm down Melanie. Listen to me very carefully. I need you to call all children to go downstairs towards the back door where the field is. Im going to open the back door. This is not a drill Melanie. Understood!" "Yes!" "Go!!" Melanie and the three boys that was with her looked at eachother. "There's three floors. You two will go to the third floor and yell as hard as you can to tell everyone to go downstairs to the back door and that this is a real emergency. You will do the same in the second floor and i work from the first floor and entrance." The boys agreed and began to run towards the strairs. Melanie looks back at her dad and then she began yelling. "Everyone go to the backdoor. We will be released from there. This is a real emergency. Go!" All student's began to run towards the backdoor. Then Jonghyun began to run towards the backdoor with the parents. As he arrived at the backdoor, he began to look at the door. Then he quickly calls Sam. "Where are you, Sam?" "Im almost to the school." "When you get here, bring me my shotgun" "Yes, Sir!" Every student began to walk towards the backdoor. As Melanie stands next to the strairs, the boys run downstairs giving her the signal that all students and staffs are downstairs. Melanie then began to walk to the front door. There's no window and no light. So she gave three big knocks. Knock knock knock. Jonghyun quickly respond to the three knocks. He face the door and also gave Melanie back the three knocks. **The three knocks notifies then that they both safe** "Jonghyun!!" "Sam. Over here!!" As Sam walked towards Jonghyun. All the parents began to back up as Sam carries a big shotgun on his hands. He hands it to Jonghyun. Jonghyun checks the gun and turn off the safety. He points at the door, directly to the lock of the door. "EVERYONE BACK AWAY FROM THE DOOR!!" Melanie heard loud and clear and began to tell the kids to back off. Then Jonghyun fired. The lock broke free and the doors swings open. All the students began to run out to thier parents. "Everyone go!! Hug later and get to Busan!" Every parents grabbed thier kids and began to run out of the school. "Dad!" Melanie runs and hugs her dad. Jonghyun grabs her tightly. "You did awsome Melanie. Now let's go." Jonghyun, Sam and Melanie began to run towards the car. As they began to get near the exit. Jonghyun saw how happy his wife is to see him and Melanie. Then all of a sudden, bullets began to fire at the sky. Jonghyun saw a plane shooting down at the people, and it was heading towards his wife. "YONIA!! I hope you guys are enjoying the story so far. Dont forget to follow my fanfics collection. 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Seventeen minutes in heaven-Chapter 3: Mingyu
Hello fellow vinglers! Here is the next chapter of Seventeen minutes in heaven. This one was requested by @Tiffiedannie who suggested Mingyu. Be ready readers, cuz this one is very dirty! Warning! Smut Fluff For mature readers only Freaky kinky Nasty scenes Graphic fan fiction Scroll down at your own risk Chapter 3: Mingyu Wangshen sat down in front of the bottle as she got it and gave it a spin. “My turn!” She announced as the bottle was spinning. The bottle slowed down as it landed on... Mingyu and Mary. “Oh my goodness!” Mary said as she hid her face in her hands blushing to herself. Mingyu was all smiles and excited to be in the closet with his date. “Girl, I bet you’re going to be fine in there! Once he done pleasing you, you’re going to feel like bliss!” Veronica told Mary. “Ok, that makes me feel better.” Mary said as she got up and went to the closet with Mingyu close behind. Once the two are in the closet, they lock the door and wait for the cue to start. “Seventeen minutes!” Minghao announces as he started the timer. Mingyu grabbed Mary by the waist as he kissed her cheek, neck, shoulder and forehead and then he stood in front of her, held her head in his large hands and kissed her softly, but passionately as he deepened the kiss when she pulled him close to her as her hands were resting on his lower back. He finger combed her hair as she crawled her fingers under his shirt, slowly lifting it up to his neck when he stopped to pull it off his body. She looked at his torso as she felt his chest, moving her hands up and down from his neck, to his biceps and down to the v line as she traced it and slipped her hands in his pants. “Like what you see?” Mingyu asked. “Yes, I love your body!!!!!” She told him. He kissed her roughly as he undid his pants until they dropped to the floor. He pressed his body on hers as he rubbed his erection against her clothed lady bits which were soaking due to the pressure of his junk as she quickly pushed off her black pants and rosy panties and melted under his irresistible movements. “Someone’s excited.” Mingyu smirked. Mary lifted her shirt over her head as she threw it down next to Mingyu’s pants. He resumed kissing her lips as he undid her bra when she pulled down his thin underwear and pumped his hard rod which was leaking with precum all over the tip. She lowers herself down on her knees as she licked up the precum and sucked only his tip and pumped his rod from base to tip at a fast pace. Mingyu’s head was back as he let out lewd sounds which only made her speed up the pumps until he squirted his juices in her mouth as her hands moved to his hips as she sucked him whole and blowed on his pole, making sure all of his juices were swallowed in her throat. She moved her head away from his junk as she stood up with her hands on his shoulders and kissed him lightly until he pinned her body in the wall again as he rubbed his rod in between her buns, poking the tip at her hole. “Ugh! Mingyu, cut that out and enter me already!” Mary moaned as he gripped her thigh which made her jump onto his waist as he pushed his pole inside of her making her scream. She held onto Mingyu as he kissed her lips and smacked himself deep within her body, drilling his rod inside her, making her feel like her stomach popped until he found her sweet spot. Once he found that spot, he made sure to touch her there every time he snapped his hips making his rod stretch even further into her body. “Oh Mingyu, I feel like I’m gonna explode!” Mary said. “Hold on baby, Ugh! You feel amazing! Ugh!” Mingyu said as her walls were squeezing the base of his rod insanely hard, tightening the area so much, he could hardly handle the incredible pressure. “Ugh I’m cumming sweet heart!” Mingyu said as he felt himself about to squirt again. Mary felt her stomach in a knot until it untied as her walls released his rod and she released her liquids, milking his pole as he squirted his juices inside of her. Their juices mixed inside of her as they waited until they were done leaking. Mingyu slowly pulled out and once the tip came out it made a loud pop. “That was crazy wasn’t it?!” Mingyu said. “Absolutely. Worth doing it again at home.” Mary replied. “Time!” Minghao announces as he opened the door to find their clothes scattered all over the closet as Mary and Mingyu were still inside the closet just to the left of the door. “Okay, I’ll give you some time to put your clothes back on.” Minghao said as he closed the door. “We need to get dressed.” Mary said as she looked for her clothes and put them back on. Mingyu followed suit as he dressed himself. “Ready to go back out again?” Mingyu asked. “Yep. Let’s go.” Mary replied. Mingyu knocked the door as Minghao opened it back up for them. The couple walked out of the closet and to the bottle again. WOW! That was pretty wild! Alright now, who’s next? Let me know in the comments!!! 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His Sweet Side. part 5
Yey A chapter in Jimins view is up to view! Im starting to have a bit more fun with this story and really hoping that you readers are enjoying the read! Chapter Jimin’s view I walked the rest of the way back home thinking about how the both of us felt the same way. It wasn’t like we were even in the same kind of situation. My friends were always close at hand and since there was 6 of them there was always at least one person to talk to and have fun with, but when they paired up it did leave a person behind and sometimes that person was me. Were Tasha, she had two friends and if they got together who would she turn to. I started thinking that it would be nice if she did turn to me, talk more to me. I didn’t have as much time as I let on to actually be on the phone, but texting I could do periodically. “Hey your home, Good” Namjoon said as he passed by me at the door to head out. “I’m leaving early, as is Jin, Yoongi and Hoseok. Tae and Jungkook are out right now but they will be back soon” Namjoon said. “What?” I looked at him confused. “Jimin, you're running late, by a half hour, what took you so long?” Namjoon asked. “Oh I walked some of the miles today” I shrugged. “You feeling okay?” Jin asked. “Are you low on energy? There’s some left over food in the fridge if your hungry” he said. “Do we have any fruit or vegetables?” I asked. “Maybe a couple apples and oranges” Jin said peering around me to look in the direction of the kitchen. “Okay, I’ll find something. Should I wait for the others before coming to the studio?” I asked. “We have a  fan meeting today Jimin. When the guys get here have the driver get you over to the convention center to get ready. I’ll be a little later when they get here and you’ll have to skip the studio” Namjoon said. “We’re just finishing up the rap sections for the song,” Yoongi said. “Oh Okay” I nodded. “Okay buddy, we’ll see you three later than” Namjoon patted me on the shoulder before turning and the four of them headed out. Sometimes with the small age gap that it was they seemed to make it bigger, that the four of them had their own cliche, Kookie and Tae did the same thing. I sighed to myself. So maybe I did know how Tasha felt about really being left out. Thinking of her I pulled out my phone, her picture was of a cat. It was a ginger cat that looked like it had a striped tail. I wanted to send her a message but I didn’t know what to say to her. ‘The start of my day and I already am getting left behind’, that just sounded pathetic. I had it written but deleted the words. I must have been staring at my phone for longer than I thought because the door was opening, Tae and kookie were making a bunch of noise when they walked in. “Hey” I said to them. “Jiminie!” Tae said coming to sit next to me on the couch. “What are you two doing?” I asked looking at Tae “We were cruising” Tae let the last word linger. “Doing what?” I asked. “Making a video” Tae said. I stared at him. “Kookie was filming me dance by the river” Tae said. “Ah, are you posting it or is it just for you?” I asked looking at Jungkook. “Nah I don’t need to post, we were just doing something fun” Jungkook shrugged. “Did it come out good?” I asked “I think so” Jungkook shrugged it off. “Did you do it on your camera or phone?” I asked “Phone, you want to see?” He asked stepping forward. “Yes” I nodded grinning at him. Jungkook sat on the couch next to me and Tae sat on the other side. Jungkook played the video and I laughed. Tae was doing that challenge that Hoseok took apart of. It was the funniest thing cause it was like watching a parody of Hoseok’s video. Tae was being a goof ball and had worn the same gray clothes with a hat on. When he danced he put a few extra bits in and at the end he ran into a poll and I could hear Jungkook laughing before it stopped. “I saw that on a tweet and wanted to do it.” Tae said. “Did you hurt yourself running into a poll?” I asked him. “Nah, I got fast reflexes. I just made it look like it” Tae said. “You should post it, get in on the challenge” I said looking at Tae. “I’ll think about it” He shrugged. “Send it to me Kook?” I asked. “Sure” Kook said as he started forwarding the video to me. “Hey we have an event going on today right? Where are the others?” Tae asked looking around. “They already left” I said. “Are we going to be late?” Kook asked. “Not if we leave now” I said “Cool lets go” Tae said standing up. The three of us headed out and to the event to meet the rest of the group there. When we got there so many fans were already set up in lines to enter the fan meet. It was hours away but they were there waiting for us. When the 7 of us were all together inside we started setting up and getting ready. “Hey Jimin your alarm is going off” Namjoon said handing my phone to me. I didn’t think that I had set an alarm. I looked at me phone to see a couple messages from Kakao up. “Did you message me?” I asked looking at them all. “Bro, we’re with you, why would we message you?” Hoseok laughed. “True” I rolled my eyes and opened up the app. I had 3 messages from Tasha. I wrinkled my eyebrows. Why would she be messaging me. Opening up the chat I read the messages. ;Hey Min, its Tasha, wait you probably already know that :How’s your morning going? :Are you having a good day? That was nice of her to ask. I hadn’t known what to message before and was glad that she sent messages first. I sent a message back grinning as I did so. “You should tell her your lonely and want to hold her and cuddle and-” I turned to see Tae standing next to me looking over my phone and reading along. “Tae!” I exclaimed putting him in a headlock and ruffling his hair. “What's this about?” Namjoon questioned. “Jimin has a girl texting him” Tae got out as he laughed pulling away from me. “A girl? Jimin?” Namjoon was trying not to laugh but I could see that he was so close to breaking and laughing. “Unlike you boy I can actually talk to a girl” I said to Tae. “Your thinking of Kookie, not me!” Tae pointed a finger towards the youngest in the group. “Yea well have you talked to a girl without blushing like a tomato?” I raised a brow looking at Tae. “That was once!” Tae pouted about it. “Still happened” I shrugged smirking at my friend. “Stop teasing Tae” Jin said coming over. “ Alright come on. We have to get ready to go out there and greet ARMY’s that aren’t coming in for the meet and greet than we’ll do a sound check and let them come in” Namjoon said. “Don’t forget to text your girl really fast!” Tae got out before running away. With a smirk I started typing on my phone. :It’s going good so far, How about your day? After the message sent I headed out with the rest of the guys and went to greet ARMY. I hadnt gotten to check my messages throughout the meet and greet so was really anxious that she messaged and I never responded or the other way, she never responded to me. Keeping my smile plastered to my face was tiring but seeing how much support and fans we had made it easier to enjoy the time with ARMY. When it was over before heading to the car my phone was out and in my hands. I scrolled through kakao but there was no message. Tasha didnt reply to me. “Did she say something?” Kookie was the one hanging his arms around my neck and looking over my shoulder. “No” I grumbled. “Awe Jiminie you scared her off” He chuckled. “yea with one text” I rolled my eyes not believing that. Maybe she had just been really busy today. “lets head out” Namjoon called into the room. With a sigh I put my phone away and followed the rest of the guys out the back door. Fans were gathered there and we waved and smiled. I watched out the window as we drove away. My eyes popped out of my head when I spotted a girl I knew! What the hell was she doing at the fan meet? Did she know who I was now? I thought in silence but when we went around the block another time and she was walking away from the crowd I couldn't keep quiet. “let me out” I said. “what? No you'll be bombarded by fans Jimin” Jin said. “but-” I started. “why do you want out?” Our manager asked. I couldn't come up with a better reason than the truth. “Her” I pointed out the window. Every head swiveled to look out the window. She had just turned to walk down a side alley. “Is that the girl?” Tae asked. “wait she looked Familiar “ Namjoon said. “you met her on our morning Jog” I told Namjoon. “Thats it, Tasha “ he said. “Can I get out?” I asked.   Our manager looked uncomfortable at the idea “ Call the instant you get in trouble or need to be picked up” Namjoon said like a stern father. I hope your enjoying the chapter! Im getring ready ro finally get a vacation at the end of summer and go see some friends at long last, yey so hopefully while Im on the road I'll still be posting. Fam tag! 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Namjoon Rainy Days +19
Que tal peeps I am super rusty with these quick fanfictions. Back in the day I could spit one out within an hour lol. This one took me all day. Basically I found a naughty quote and based my story off it. Ah I love the rain. It is super magic to think how these wonderful clouds above your head can burst with tiny droplets that fall on to the earth. It is like the awakening of the cloud as it's first kiss from the sky. Call me a hopeless naïve romantic but I love the rain. Namjoon and I were running into the bedroom after bring chased by the water droplets after having lunch at this place that make the best knife noodles. I sit in the bed and throw a pillow at him. Namjoon laughs and makes a pouty face with that perfect bottom lip pushed out. I laughed and then he devilishly grinned and attempted to attack me. Namjoon lunged at me with the pillow but to his luck tripped. His head landing in between my legs. "Kim Namjoon!" I blush but open my legs wider. "No one informed we you were serving dessert baby girl." Namjoon said in a deep tone. "I knew you wanted something sweet." I said while smiling. As the rained poured harder Namjoon ripped up my dress and pinned my legs open. He made low moans as he kissed my thighs through my printed stockings. I bite my lip watching him. Then he ripped my stocking open. He smiled in approval to see I had no panties on. He slapped my though causing me to moan. "Naughty baby girl. I knew you ain't have any on. Perfect." Namjoon said in a deep sexy tone. I giggled. Namjoon began kidding the area that he slapped and then ran his lips across the outer part of my womanhood making loud smacking noises. I groaned softly. Namjoon continued kissing then dived right in. He pushed me open while swirling his tongue all over my bud. My back arched as I moaned louder. I could feel him grinning. Namjoon began licking from bottom to top. I could feel myself dripping. Then he inserted two long fingers inside me while softly sucking on my bud. I moaned louder as he curved his finger and dived deeper. The rain crashed as I moan out his name in perfect pitch. I could feel myself coming undone and then he stops. Namjoon smiler. He stood over me and sucked on his wet fingers. "Damn baby girl you thought I was gonna let you get off alone?" Namjoon unbuckled his belt. I stopped him and whined. "This is all mine I will take it out." "Yeah it sure is....take care of it belongings." Namjoon hissed. I unbuckled him and was satisfied to see some precum. Namjoon enjoyed hearing his baby girl moan. I quickly lick his shaft and began licking wildly on it. He threw his head back and groaned loudly. Namjoon softly pushed on my head asking for more. I made louder slurping sounds like he liked while moaning. He motion for me to look up at him. I do so knowing what my man likes. Namjoon bites his lip. "Fuck baby...Daddy has to reward you." He groaned. He pulled out my mouth and threw me on all four. I faced the window. He entered me without mercy. I moaned as I felt his stretch me. Namjoon began pounding deep and hard hitting my G spot. I gasped as he rotated from pulling my hair and slapping my ass. His grunts changing from English to Korean. I loved it when he did that. He pushed me up against the bed and the window. The rain looked super cool and refreshing. I created fog on the window from my hot breath. Namjoon was hissing and groaning as the bed made loud noises. I could feel a fire burning inside as he roughly yanked my right breast while pounding me from behind. Namjoon and I were literally one as he whispered naughty stuff to me. Suddenly I couldn't hold it. I began squirting all over and Namjoon exploded inside me. Namjoon and I kissed exchanging I love you. After cleaning up the scene of rainy seduction. We curled in bed listening to the rain fall. "What do you love so much about the rain?" Namjoon asks while holding me. "Oh I love spending rainy afternoons in bed getting wet." I said while kissing him. Namjoon shook his head and laughed. "You would say that."
His sweet side. part 4
Hi Hi! I got another chapter. Chapter 4 Tasha I was running late this morning. Nothing was going right! My hair was in a messy bun since I forgot to brush it before leaving for work, My makeup was still on from last night, taken the smudges off my eyes but I felt a mess. If it wasn’t for the fact that I knew no one would be seeing me for another hour I would have freaked out over my appearance even more. While the cupcakes baked I cleaned up my face, applied new foundation and smoothed my hair back, not perfect but at least it was tucked up in a ponytail. I was more focused on getting my appearance to look good that I hadn’t been looking at the time. It was already 20 minutes after 7 and the last batch of cupcakes needed to come out and cool down. I had the frosting bag in hand when the seam burst and the frosting ran over my fingers. With a muted curse I made for the sink to put the frosting bag in and rinse my hands off. “I’ll deal with it later, where is that back up bag” I mumbled to myself “Cream cheese frosting where are you,” I went to the table in back that had several pastry bags full of frosting and ready to go. Each one was marked with a number and flavor name to tell the difference. “Vanilla, chocolate, white chocolate, Lemon, Mascarpone, cheese, Ah there you are” I picked it up. “Didn’t even make it half way through the flavors I grinned to myself. I came out of the back room with the frosting to hear and jingle of the bell. 2 men were entering. My eyes widened. There was people in here. “Hi, hello” I said startled. “Hello, sorry to startle you. We were seeing if your open yet or not” The one man said, a smaller guy was standing next to him and I smiled. It was Min, he had brought a friend. “Yes” I said. “Well not open but if your looking for coffee it’s on and ready to be served” I said. “Sweet! Do you have sugar and cream?” He asked taking a seat on the stool. He was very friendly. Min trailed behind his friend and took a seat. “Yes, We do” I nodded. I got both of them a coffee and set cream and sugar infront of them. “You br-” “What are you working on?” Min cut me off and asked. “Oh I’m putting the frosting on the red velvet cupcakes, well putting it in actually” I rolled my eyes at my own correction. “In?” Min’s friend asked. “Yea, you know filling the cupcake with a filling and them putting more frosting on top. The inside has a sweet syrupy cream cheese filling, almost like what’s on a cinnamon bun, than on the top there is the cream cheese frosting” I explained. ‘They are really popular” I added. “Sounds sweet” Min’s friend said. “It is” I chuckled. My eyes drifted to Min who was on the quiet side, all he had said so far was the one question, his friend did all the talking, asked about different flavors and combinations. It seemed they spent a half hour talking. When they got up to leave his friend turned back. “By the way do you know me?” He asked. I gave him a curious look. “You look familiar but I don’t think I’ve met you before” I scrunched up my nose. “Great” he grinned. “Yeah” I said. “Well oh wait” I turned and and picked up 2 red velvet cupcakes and slide them onto napkins “Before you go have a cupcake” I said handing each one a napkin. “Thanks” The two of them said. Min lingered behind his friend in the shop. “ It was nice meeting your friend today Min” I said to him. “Yea, thanks for entertaining him this morning” he said. “You don’t have to thank me for that. It was fun talking to him” I said. “You look really good today” he said. “Oh Thank you” I felt my cheeks warming at the comment. “You did something different today” he said. “Thanks for noticing” I said. He leaned in a bit closer to me. “Was it for me?” he asked. “Um” I made a noise. “I’ll take that as a yes” His voice deepened. “I’ll see you tomorrow” He added. “With your friend?” I asked. “Joon? No you won’t” he shook his head pulling back. “Well I’ll look forward to seeing you again tomorrow Min” I smiled at him. Min left and I went back to work. I was actually really looking forward to tomorrow morning, Since he had been coming in I had been looking forward to his visits. I told myself next time, next time I would get his phone number. 3 visits later from Min I finally asked. Min was sitting at the counter drinking his coffee and I had taken a break from decorating to have my own cup of coffee. I found him attractive and there was something mysterious about him. I had my own little secret from everyone that I met a guy, one who intrigued me and I wanted to get to know, to open up and break this mysterious streak he had going on. I knew that Min wasn’t his name, maybe it was just a shortened part of his full name that he went by. “So mystery man that you are, do you have any free time other than this early in the morning?” I asked him. “Not really, I work a lot” Min answered. “Interesting, what kind of work do you do?” I asked him. “Well I’m kind of an artist” He answered. “Artist, Oh now that is impressive” I smiled. “So if you don’t have time how do you keep in touch with friends?” I asked. “I work with my friends” he said. “Wow, how lucky for you” I said. “It's not always as fun as you may think it is” Min sighed  “We butt heads with each other, a lot of disagreements happen” He explained “But you have the advantage of being so close to each other to make up.” I smiled at him “Plus There is always a peacemaker.  Whose yours?” I asked. “Joon is. He makes us sit down and talk to each other. It tends to be a lot of hurt feelings” he said. I leaned back. “Oh I can relate to that” I said making him stare at me. “So I probably don't have as many friends as you, but my 2 besties, make us a trio and with 3 there is always one of us feeling left out or abandoned” I explained “ I don't like that feeling so when it comes to I tend to take a step back-” “ Does it fall apart without you?” he asked. “No, not in the least bit. They do fine talking to each other, and yea I get the left out feeling, but I remind myself that it's good that they get time together too” I said. “do you get that way a lot?” he sounded curious. “Hmm, since I don't stay out late and am up working hours before they even wake up. It happens” I shrugged. “i know the feeling. Its worse when your right there and see them ignoring you and having fun” Min shook his head. “Hey, don't get to down about it” I said, my eyes twinkle. “you know what” I grinned pulling a pad out from under the counter, a pen attached. I wrote down my kakao name. “I don't know if you have Kakao-” “I do” he nodded pulling at his phone as I slid the paper towards him.  “where is your phone?” he asked. I pulled it out of my apron and pulled the kakao app out. “oh that's right, there's that shake feature thing” I chuckled. Both of us found each other kakao account and started a chat. “Now, if you feel left out, you can message me. Unlike them, I cannot leave you out of a group” I grinned “It’s just the two of us” My brain started working ‘what are you doing?! The 2 of you? Your not a couple hell you don't know his name what are you doing!!!’ “You do the same,  when your feeling left out of something message me.” Min said. The facial expression he had on his face made me calm my nerves down. He looked so sincere with his words. Hope you enjoyed the extra long part! Its going to start getting more interesting after This! Fam tag! 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