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How are you all? It's been a long time since I have been relatively active on here. I pop in to check cards every now and then but haven't found the motivation to start posting again. SO HERE I AM. I really hope you all have been doing well! It's been a crazy last couple of months for me and work and streaming have taken over my whole life - in a good way of course. I want to start posting again! 60 Minutes, Writing, and more! I will think of some things but I genuinely miss posting here with you all T-T I think I will post about Girl Groups the most. I love seeing all the Boy Bands posted on here but where my girls at?! Mamamoo, Twice, Red Velvet - they need some looovveeee. Therefore, I am COMPLETELY scrapping every list I have since I know some people have left and I want to make sure I tag people who are still active. So if you want to be tagged in anything please let me know! Here will be the categories: Writing Cause we all need fanfics in our lives amirite? Groups These posts will consist of boy and girl groups about new music, thoughts, members, variety shows, and whatever I would like to share with you all about them! Gaming If I post anymore gaming videos on here (as soon as I start uploading again) it will be in this group! Memes I do really miss posting these so hey if people are interested, I will find ALL DE MEMES. 60 Minutes Where I ask you a question and if you respond in 60 minutes, you will get your own card with the answer/response to the question! Lots of fun in the past and I definitely plan on continuing these :P Songs of The Week I really did enjoy these as well. This is where we all put in our 5 most listened songs of the week and then after the math is all added together, I put up the final list! Always great for new songs and bands you might not know! And that's it! Again if you would like to be added for any of these - PLEASE write in the comments which ones or all of them if you desire! All my past lists will be scrapped after this so very important! Love to be here with all of you again! 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EXO SUHO: Weekly Appreciation - FanFics
Here I am posting my Suho appreciation card two days late. So I'll have to make up for that… For this card, I went in search for fanfics involving our sweet leader. Whether he was a bad bad boy or a sweet heart, I searched for it all. Not only here in Vingle but on other sites. So this took some time. (P.S. These are in No particular order.) 1. β€œSuho (EXO) Kiss” Β https://www.vingle.net/posts/1324842?asrc=copylink - cute little story about a kiss & candy…. & a bracelet. 2. β€œJust Friends?” https://www.vingle.net/posts/978525?asrc=copylink - cute short story 3. β€œIntense” (Suho One Shot) https://www.vingle.net/posts/1761517?asrc=copylink - It's actually a Smutfic so tread lightly young ones!! 4. Suho Smut / Suho x Reader fanfic https://www.wattpad.com/123454323-suho-smut-suho-x-reader-fanfic-about-the-story - The first couple chapters looked interesting. 5. "You and Me, Secretly” https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1344854/2/you-me-secretly-apink-exo-chorong-suho-exopink-surong - this looks promising. And looks like she just started posting this, 5/19. So hopefully she'll finish the story and not stop half way or even just post two chapters and then that's it. I'd like to add my own. I wrote this last year. The title came from the lyrics of an EXO song (β€œμ‹œμ„ λ‘˜, μ‹œμ„ ν•˜λ‚˜ What If”). I was like just sitting there, watching EXO lyric videos and this one came on. I don't know if it was perfect timing or what because I was looking for a title for that story. The song fit the story and vice versa. I was like, that's it, that's the title… 6. β€œEyes That Lost You.” https://www.vingle.net/posts/2136762?asrc=copylink - I must say, nice guys finish last in this one. I hope everyone finds a great a story to read. That number 5, has got my attention. I really really hope she continues to write it. It's sounds like something sweet. I love reading the fanfics but I hhhhate it when the writer starts writing and then stops. It's understandable, life gets busy. EXO Crew: @MonstaHyungwonX @Starbell808 @MelissaGarza @cns1391 EXO Planet: @QueenPandaBunny @Indiglow @JaxomB @Jessicalista @ynsamgwlk
Part 3/Chapter 3: Gods Of War "Truths Distorted"
Chapter 3 The sweet sound of a song lulled SeHun to sleep. He felt someone tap his jaw, telling him to wake up. When he did, he stared up at a familiar face, a face he had not seen in a long time. β€œAm I dreaming?” He asked. Tao laughed, β€œNo.” SeHun stood up. When he did, he bumped his head on the ceiling of the cave. He looked around and saw Xiumin standing at the entrance and a strange person dressed in a hooded cape sitting against the far wall. They were still, like statues caught in time. β€œWhat is this?” He asked. β€œDo you really have to ask?” Tao answered. He went over to Xiumin, careful not to touch him. He looked at him, smiling happily. His hand wanting to caress his face, β€œHe still looks the same. He hasn't aged a day.” He giggled. β€œTao. Where have you been?” Tao glanced at him and smiled again, β€œI've been here… There…. Everywhere. Being able to stop time is quite fun.” β€œSo it WAS you I saw before.” SeHun said. He went up to the entrance and touched the force field. β€œYes. I've been following you guys. I wanted to help you.” SeHun shot him a look, β€œWhy didn't you just come to us?” β€œBecause like them, I'm supposed to be dead. But you never believed I was, did you?” SeHun shook his head, β€œI had a feeling and…” β€œAnd?” Tao watched him. He knew way back when, he almost revealed himself. SeHun had gotten trapped and he helped him by stopping time. β€œYou helped me. I saw you or I thought I saw but I figured I was just delusional from hitting my head. But it really was you!” SeHun said. Tao giggled, covering his mouth to keep from laughing. He walked over to the hooded man and stared down at him. He shook his head disapprovingly. β€œWhy are you here now?” SeHun asked. He stood next to Tao looking down at the stranger. He couldn't help but think the shape of those hands looked familiar. With a deep sigh, Tao turned away, his face turning grey. β€œI tried to stay out of it. The red force… they would find me if I got too involved. Or even close to that place. But I think they have detected me. They're not only looking for you and Xiumin but for me…and him.” Tao pointed down at the stranger. β€œWho is he?” Tao bit his lip, he wasn't ready to say, β€œYou have to be careful. What they did to us… It made us more powerful than we were. But they did something, they put something in our bodies. I was able to get it out. It took a long time but I got it out. Kris and Lu weren't so fortunate. It'll make them turn on you when the moment comes. Don't trust them. Especially Lu. Kris, he's nearly immortal, he'll do anything to hold on to that.” SeHun stopped him, β€œWait, what do you mean nearly immortal? And what happened to Lu?” β€œYou can kill Kris but he'll always come back to life. The last time I saw him, I tried to take that thing out of him but he fought me and nearly killed me.” Tao said remembering that day. SeHun turned Tao around, β€œWhat happened to Lu?” Tao's head dropped, his chin nearly touching his chest, then he slowly looked up in the direction of that guy sitting against the wall. SeHun followed his gaze. He went over and kneeled in front of him, looking at his face. But he couldn't see Lu’s face. β€œYou’re lying. This isn't him.” β€œLu liked the change. He sided with the red force. They gave him his power, they gave him immortality, they gave everything he wanted. He was the one that lead them to you and the others. You have to be careful with him. He's not who he is anymore.” Tao walked over to where masked Lu was sitting and hunched down, he pointed at his pocket, β€œIn there, in his pocket, there's a device. It camouflages. It camouflages things and people.” β€œHow do you know this?” SeHun asked. β€œThere was a man hiding here before but Lu lead him out and the red force took him. Lu stole his image and has been waiting here for you ever since what happened on the other planet.” Tao said. He grabbed SeHun and pulled him over by the statue that was Xiumin. He reached inside his long coat and pulled a crystal ball out, he gazed into it, like he was searching the room. β€œThere, stand there. He's going to try to seduce Xiumin. When I release you, use your power to push him away.” SeHun backed away. β€œWhat's wrong?” Tao asked. β€œI don't have that power… it was taken… That's why we're here. To take back what they stole!” SeHun said fiercely. Tao began to realize something, it wasn't until now that he realized what the red force had done. Not only to him, Kris, and Lu but to them as well. The two of them stared at one another, like they were trying to figure out something. β€œJust get him away from Xiumin. Once you do, run away from here.” Tao said. β€œBut how, that force thing is blocking the door. How will we get out?” SeHun answered right away. β€œTake that device from him and smash it.” Tao smashed his one fist into his hand. β€œSmash it hard. Once it's deactivated, the force field will fall, the drones will come and you'll see Lu for who he really is.” SeHun nodded. Tao reached out to him, taking his shoulder, β€œAre you ready?” SeHun nodded. Tao nodded as well, β€œOkay. You're going to feel weird for a second or two. It's just your body catching up with time. You may even throw up.” SeHun looked at him strangely. β€œGood bye for now my friend. I'm glad we got to visit.” Tao nudged him. SeHun saw him fade away. He watched as everything moved very quickly around him. He watched as Lu got up and cornered Xiumin. When it all stopped, he saw his moment, when he heard Xiumin telling Lu to stop, he reached around Lu's waist, and with all his strength, he threw him as hard as he could across the little cave. Lu flew backwards hitting the wall hard, his head hitting even harder, knocking him out. He slumped to the ground. Part 3/Chapter 3 .... Part 3/Chapter 4 EXO Planet: @QueenPandaBunny @JaxomB @MelissaGarza @Jessicalista @Starbell808 @YasminChavez @Indiglow @ynsamgwlk
In This Forever (19)
Tricked Jae told her everything that had happened up to that moment. Nari couldn't believe it but she was going to do what she can in Jae's absence. β€œI will do what can, I promise.” Nari said once everything was said. Jae looked at the baby, β€œand I Promise you my little one, I promise you and your daddy, I will come back to be with you both forever. For now, you're going to go to him and be with him.” She kissed him and snuggled him. Her phone rang. She handed the baby to Nari and answered. β€œJae! Where are you?” Luhan asked sounding a bit frantic. β€œI'm with my friend. Why?” She answered. β€œGet out! I'm sorry… I didn't know, believe me I didn't know what he was up to. He purposely told me he knew where you were when he really didn't. It drew you out, I'm sorry. I don't know how he knew I would tell you. Maybe he suspected, maybe he made a guess that someone would tell you. I don't know. But he just called, thanking me for telling you. I lied to him. I told him I had nothing to do with you. He said he had someone check with the airport to see how many people left my plane. They told him three people and a baby. I'm so sorry.” Jae threw her phone, β€œOh my god. He tricked me!” β€œUnnie, what happened?” Nari asked worried by the look on her face. β€œI have to go.” She grabbed the baby bag and wrapped baby JaeHun up and put him back in his harness, β€œI have to take him to his daddy before it's too late.” β€œWait, unnie, just wait a minute… what's going on?” Nari grabbed her and kept her from running out the door. β€œHe tricked him… he tricked me into coming out into the open. If I don't go now, he'll catch me before I can do what I need to do.” Jae hit the door, β€œdammit… damn him.” β€œSo he's already here? Aish… I'll take you. Just wait.” Nari hurried and gathered her coat and keys. She went ahead, peeking around corners, until they got to her car. β€œGet in the back and stay down.” Jae crawled in and squeezed down on the floor, the lower, the better, β€œMake sure to watch your surroundings when you pull out.” Nari nodded. The car pulled out from the underground garage and headed away. β€œDo you see anyone following? Did you notice any cars that left when you did?” Nari looked in her rear view mirrors, β€œI didn't see anyone. Do you really think they would know you were with me?” β€œIf anything, they would have had someone watching your place. Waiting to see if I'd come to you. Same with the dorm and the house.” Jae said. Baby JaeHun squeaked, his face scrunched up and turning red. She tried to hold him better. β€œWhat time is it… damn, I should've had you call Minseok to see where he was.” Jae said. β€œI'll do it right now. Try and keep baby quiet.” Nari quickly opened her phone and pressed the picture of Kim Minseok on the screen, it dialed and started ringing. She made sure the speaker was on for Jae to hear as well. Minseok answered sounding half asleep,β€œHello… why are you calling so late? Did everything work out? When you called our evening off, I was disappointed.” β€œWell, I'm sorry. It was an important matter. My friend was quite upset. I needed to be there for her.” She said. β€œHuhmmm… is she okay now?” Nari looked back at Jae, β€œShe will be.” β€œI worry about you. You shouldn't get too involved with stuff like that. I mean, I know your a good person, and a good friend, and you want to do right but if something had happened, you would be blamed for it. You know how some people can be.” she heard him yawn. β€œI just wanted to call you. Tell you sorry for calling off, but I'll make it up to you. I promise. As a matter of fact, umm if you're up to it… where you at?” β€œI'm at the dorm but I have to leave early, like in two hours. I'm going to go watch Jongdae while he's filming. Give him my support. He called me earlier, really pissed off. He wouldn't tell me why. He just asked if I could come be with him tomorrow. I told him I would.” he said before yawning again. β€œAre you there alone? Because if you are, I can come over for a little while.” Nari said trying to entice him. Minseok giggled, β€œbaby if I was alone I would tell you, yes! come over right now!” He giggled even more, β€œNo, some of the guys are here. So it wouldn't be a good idea.” β€œOh really. Who's all there?” She sneakily asked. He went quiet for a few seconds, β€œUm, Chanyeol, Kai, Suho, Lay and… SeHun. I hear him rattling around in his room. Sometimes, I think I should hit him over the head to make him sleep.” he laughed. β€œDarn. I wish they weren't there. Well I guess some other time then. I'll be thinking of you. Good night.” She said softly. β€œGood night baby, I'll call you tomorrow.” Jae was choked up by what Minseok said, it was all her fault. She reached for her bag. She patted herself, looked around. β€œOhdammit… Nari I need to go back to my apartment." <<<< In This Forever (18) In This Forever (20) >>>> @MaritessSison Β @Jessicalista @JaxomB @QueenPandaBunny @MelissaGarza @Namjoonsbutt @YasminChavez @luna1171 @Matty0203 @Indigow @ynsamgwlk