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Fantasy cricket is one online sports which the people love. Players have to make their virtual team of 11 players from an upcoming real life match. The process of playing fantasy cricket is quite simple and easy. The main objective of the fantasy cricket app is to score as many points as possible and achieve the high ranking. To play on the fantasy cricket app, you have to portray all your knowledge and skills into the game to have some big winnings. Choose your team wisely when you are on to it! Select your captain and vice-captain wisely. You get some extra points with them. Also, look for the other various factors that you can look upon to have your winnings guaranteed in the match that you want to play. There is some careful analysis to be done before the match starts. You have to be aware of the player conditions and form in which they are playing. Get the players correctly in your team to have a good one. Brief about fantasy cricket If you are new and do not know much about fantasy cricket or fantasy cricket app, then here is your quick knowledge about that. Cricket is all about the sports that people genuinely love! When you play on the fantasy cricket app, you get to know that it is a strategy based sports game where you have to build your own team for the match. The main objective is to have the best 11 players for your team and score good amount of runs. There are different matches and contests happening every day that might interest you. Play your favourite contests and matches on the Fantasy Dangal app. It is one trustworthy app where you can spend your time and earn big money rewards from it. You can choose the format in which you want to play, be it T20, ODI or test matches across various domestic leagues, international tournaments or ICC matches as well in the fantasy app. When you play on the Fantasy Dangal app, you will also have some of the best features that you can come across on any fantasy app. There are some features like 2nd Innings contests, super-fast withdrawals, 24*7 dedicated account managers and much more. Register your account now and get your game started. So, why not showcase that passion and skills in the new fantasy cricket app and also earn rewards for your skills. Playing the game and get rewarded for your gaming skills is what fantasy app gives you. Play Fantasy cricket on Fantasy Dangal Have you played on the one fantastic app for the fantasy sports online? Go for the one trustworthy fantasy cricket app with which you can have big cash rewards as well. You can enjoy daily cash tournaments and contests to have your big winnings aligned. So, why to wait? Just download and register on the app for your big winnings now. Enjoy the big benefits and features available on the fantasy app. Have the super-fast withdrawals, smooth gameplay, big cash rewards and daily tournaments. Then why not play on the one amazing fantasy app that gives you all the features in one go!
Indian Kabaddi League 2022 Schedule | Play Fantasy Kabaddi | Prime Captain
Indian Kabaddi League 2022 Schedule | Match Dates | Team Names The Indian Kabaddi League Schedule 2022 has been made available, and the schedule for the second phase of matches will be made available by the end of October. There will be 66 matches in total during Kabaddi League 2022 season 9 of this sport. Bengaluru, Pune, and Hyderabad will be the three locations where the ninth season of Indian Kabaddi would be contested. Bengaluru will host the league’s opening round of matches, while Pune will host the league’s second round beginning on October 27, 2022. The first half of the Indian Kabaddi season 9 schedule for 2022 will begin on October 7, 2022, in Bengaluru’s Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, according to Mashal Sports, the league’s organizer. Balewadi Pune will host the following phase in October, which will take place at Shri Shivchatrapati Sports Complex. Kabaddi enthusiasts have been waiting impatiently for the Indian Kabaddi League 9th season schedule 2022, and now Mashal Sports, the league’s organiser, has released the first half schedule. We want to let you know that the ninth season will debut on October 7, 2022. The event will take place in Bangalore, Pune, and Hyderabad this year. The fact that supporters can take in this season in person and in a crowd at the stadium is what matters most.  The second half of the schedule, which includes the remaining 66 games, will be revealed in October. The matches will also be contested in Bangalore from October 7 to October 27 before beginning in Pune on October 28, 2022, with three matches each day on Friday and Saturday. Indian Kabaddi League 2022 Schedule: Name of the SportsIndian Kabaddi League –  9 Start from7 October 2022 Launched in 2014 Number of Teams12 Teams Hosting Country India Most Winners Patna Pirates (with 3 titles) Current Champions Dabang Delhi Indian Kabaddi League 9 Teams List: Bengal Warriors Bengaluru Bulls Dabang Delhi Gujarat Giants Haryana Steelers Jaipur Pink Panthers Patna Pirates Puneri Paltan Tamil Thalaivas Telugu Titans U Mumba U.P. Yodhas First Part of Kabaddi League 9 –  2022 Dates and times of the matches: The reigning champions Dabang Delhi and U Mumba will square off in the opening game of the ninth season of the Indian Kabaddi League. In addition to this, the first day of the tournament will include games between the UP Yoddha and the Jaipur Pink Panthers and the Bengaluru Bulls vs. Telugu Titans. From October 7 to October 12, matches will be played continuously. Following that, there won’t be any games played on October 13 as a break day. To make your viewing experience more enjoyable log onto the Prime Captain App, India’s leading fantasy sports platform with daily contests that enable to win great prizes daily,  They will be having exciting offers with the commencement of the Kabaddi League which will make it extremely beneficial for all the new users. Download App Now! –
How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Real Money Ludo Game?
A classic board game that gives a real game experience can take your online business to the next level. Ludo is a board game that originated from the ancient Indian game. Ludo games are one of the most popular games in the market and if you can fulfill the need of the market, you can receive a healthy share of profit. Ludo has a different fan base because of its ancient popularity that has attracted every user to its doorstep. If you look back at the popularity of this game then the idea to develop a ludo game app turned out to be a huge success. Ludo is already a very exciting game as bringing all the 4 pieces home is not easy, but what if we can increase this excitement furthermore. Time and efforts to complete this project as per the client’s requirements need to be mapped to calculate the exact figure. If you hire dedicated ludo developers for a Ludo game development on a per-hour basis, then you might save a few bucks as only you will be responsible for the overall management of the project. There are so many options available in the market for Ludo game development in a budget-friendly manner. Factors Affecting Cost of Ludo Game Development Design of the Game: The design of the game and high-quality user interface both are the major factors that affect the cost of development. It is important to have an easy-to-use interface and engaging design for your ludo game app. The overall budget should be set in such a way that it can give the best possible design for the users. Must Read: List of 10 Best Fantasy Sports App Development Companies Advanced Features: Multi-player, daily bonus, online/offline mode, RNG-certified games, rewards, and loyalty are some of the additional features that you can add to make it more attractive. Mobile App Platform: The cost of developing a ludo game app is dependent on the type of platform selected among Android, iOS, windows, or react-native. App Size: Including all the advanced features in the application will influence its size and overall development cost of the application. Pages, features, and additional functions make it large in size and affect the cost of development. After analyzing above mentioned factors if you are eager to create real money ludo game development services then contact Agnito Technologies which is a professional Board game development company providing a variety of board games to global clients.
A Comprehensive Guide on Hiring Fantasy Sports App Developers
Introduction: In the recent decade, the number of fantasy sports app users has increased across the world. The demand for fantasy leagues and sports apps has risen nowadays. For startups and entrepreneurs, it is the perfect time to start their fantasy sports business. Because in the current time, fantasy sports apps have become a million-dollar industry. It offers the users a chance to win a real cash prize. But there is a question of how to develop fantasy sports software and to build a platform. This will always pop into the mind of startups. The only thing you need to do is to lend help from a dedicated team of Fantasy sports app developers. They will help you to bring your idea into reality. And now you may have the question, is it legal? Millions of users are participating and enjoying the fantasy sports platform safely and securely. There are many ways to process payment. So, one has to pay attention to their fantasy sports business. What is a Fantasy Sports App? A fantasy sports app is an online gaming platform where users select a fantasy team with real players. One can choose a team of real sports players from different matches and win points according to how well the players play each week. The games involved in fantasy sports are football, baseball, ice hockey, basketball, cricket, rugby, and soccer. Before developing a Fantasy sports app, one has to know about the working of that software. One has to choose the contest by paying some money through their user account. Before the live match starts, you have to form a team by selecting the original players from the live match. And that one has to select the caption and vice-cation for that team. According to the game rules, the user has to divide the team. The user can change or modify the team before the real match starts.The points will be awarded according to the performance of the players in the live match. So, why do you need to Hire a Fantasy App Developer? For startups building a fantasy sports app is not an easy task. It needs a lot of patience and has to know about the trends and technologies of the current fantasy sports platform. Instead of building the sports app on their own, they can hire reputed fantasy sports app developers. There are a few reasons why I am hiring an outsourcing team. Pressed For Time For a newbie, fantasy sports app creation is a multifaceted approach. It requires years of study to learn about app creation. It is not a simple task to learn about all of this by yourself. It will also consume a lot of time and money. If you hire fantasy sports app developers, they can minimize your work. They offer you user-friendly software within time. Budget Constraints As we discussed earlier, you may not be able to afford to develop software by yourself. The practical solution for this problem is hiring experienced developers. They can provide you cost-efficient software with all the advanced features in it. Lack Of Available Talent As an individual, It is difficult to create software. To create flawless software, you need well-talented developers. They are experts in creating a feature that you need. Hiring a development company makes your work easy and effective. You may have software with advanced features at the end of the task. Launch Deadlines When compared to the freelance developer, the development company is able to work on multiple projects at a time. While hiring app developers to create your fantasy sports website, they can keep things on time and schedule. Lack Of Clarity In their busy schedule, one cannot pay attention to the minute details of the app development. The fantasy sports app creation involves a lot of minute details. If you fail to consider that, you may end with a lack of clarity. Simply, hiring a development team will help you in the process of fantasy sports app development. They can handle the implementation and maintenance process. Overall, hiring a Fantasy sports app developer can help you in outsourcing your work cost-effectively. They will help you with an elegant app that can rival the products of even the most dedicated in-house designers. Step By Step Process of Finding a Sports App Developer: It seems to be an easier task When it comes to hiring fantasy sports app developers. But in reality, it is a daunting task. You have to do in-depth research while hiring developers. And it also requires market knowledge. Here discussed some of the ways of hiring fantasy sports app developers. Market Research : First of all, you need to do in-depth market research before hiring the developers. Search about experienced fantasy sports app developers. The company you want to find has to fit your dream app. To find the most efficient results, use search engines. Set Your Goals: Basically, the developers will follow the client's instructions very carefully. So, before hiring the developers you have to be very clear about the goals you have. They can able to deliver as per the expectation of clients. Search for a good Portfolio The portfolio is very important for development companies. Through the portfolio, one can know about the technical expertise, project theme, business domain, and more of that respected company. Testimonials Testimonials are another crucial factor while choosing the best development company. You can check the feedback of clients and customers of that company. A happy client's feedback is a positive note to the next step. Transparency First of all, check the product development cycle and transparency policy of the company. The communication between the company and the client should have to be transparent. The app development company has to address quick preliminary questions, complaint resolution, and execute search requests. Budget-friendly company The cost to create a mobile app is an important one. One has to select the company that fits within the budget. The cost of the sports app development is based on the following factors. Such as the time to complete the project, inbuilt features, and the location of the company. Maintenance and Support The company has to provide long-term maintenance support for its clients. One has to choose a development company that helps them to solve their queries even after the project has been completed. You can choose a company that is interested in your business because they will guide you properly. Communication: At the time of hiring fantasy software developers, the first thing to consider is their communication skills. As the communication between the client and developers improves the end product will be in a successful manner. Benefits of Hiring Fantasy App Developers as a Dedicated Team: Now we discuss the benefits of hiring fantasy sports app developers. The development company helps you with brand awareness and increases the reach of your brand, product, or event. It also helps to build new relationships with customers, suppliers, and channel partners. It grabs the participant's attention to the platform. And also shows the relevant user increase. The development company will boost up the website traffic and product sales with error-less custom software solutions. The other benefits are listed below. 1) Allocation of necessary tech capabilities 2) Tech specialists with expertise in a particular field 3) Great quality-cost ratio 4) Time savings 5) Business support 6) Understanding user experience 7) Risk management 8) Project timeline management 9) Post-launch app support and maintenance 10) Fair app development estimate 11) Financial and legal support 12) Elimination of the hiring process & taxes on the client-side How to Hire and Fantasy Sports App Developer: Tips & Questions Are you planning on hiring an app developer or a development company to start your fantasy sports app business? Before selecting them make sure that they fit your dream project. Check out queries that you have through the interview. You can ask them about the years of experience they have in this field. The technical proficiency and specialization they provide. Their successful completed projects. The number of acquired achievements, awards, technical certifications they have attained. You may also check their interpersonal and communication skills. You can also make a query about the contribution to your project concept during the interview. Moreover, selecting a professional with experience in developing an application similar to your concept or industry is the best choice. While hiring the app developers, ask them some questions that are related to company, team, Client, Communication, App development, Agreements. Here are some of the examples of questions that may help you while interviewing the developer. - Where is your company located? Do you have a local representative? - Where can I check your completed app projects? Can you provide me with links to app stores? - How many in-house employees do you have? - Do you have enough iOS/Android developers to complete my project? - Can you give a list of current and past clients? - How did you add value to their project concepts? - What level of English do you and your team have? Can app developers speak fluently? - What communication tools do you use? - How do you conduct app testing? - How do you react to and fix issues on the project? - Can we sign the NDA before we proceed with project details? - What are your payment terms and processes? Summary: I hope after reading this article, you may gain information on hiring an app developer. In my opinion, a startup that wants to start a fantasy sports business can lend help from top-notch Fantasy sports app developers. They can help you work on your idea and develop an app from scratch or by using white-label software. Fantasy Sports Tech, an outstanding Fantasy sports app development company that can help you to promote your app and reach the right audience. It is known for flawless Fantasy sports app development services with years of experience. The app developers are highly professional and experienced. They build user-friendly fantasy sports apps for exceptional user experience. And helps businesses to overcome technical challenges by developing ultra-modern, feature-rich, and secure fantasy sports software and websites. To create a fantasy sports app, contact us, and our team will get back to you with a detailed estimation.
What are the top four Fantasy Sports Cricket Apps in India?
In this age of technology in the present, we are all aware that the growing popularity of Fantasy sports mobile apps is increasing and demand continues to grow each day. It is predicted that the use of these apps will increase over the next few years. We are all aware that over 70% of the population is using smartphones. Furthermore, the speedy internet connection has made people more entangled in the craze of fantasy sports. Future Statistics of Fantasy Sports Apps in India Based on a study of the time, it was discovered the following: India is home to 7 million users of fantasy sports apps and that includes various sports like Hockey, Football, Kabbadi and more. The growth rate varies between 30-50 percent with each passing year. A number of estimates predict that India will surpass 50 million fantasy-sports app users within the next three years. The demand for fantasy cricket app is expected to grow dramatically with the development of digital apps due to the time of mobile and internet application development. About Fantasy Sports Apps Fantasy Sports Apps is an Android and iOS online game platform that allows sports enthusiasts can join in the game and pick the best players for their team. Fantasy sports apps permit players to play, take part in, and win real cash prizes of 10 lakhs plus bonuses and a sign-up reward. It is a great source of entertainment for its players. Top Fantasy Sports Apps in India 1. Dream11 1. Dream11: One of the most popular fantasy sports websites, established by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth in 2008. It permits its users to participate in fantasy sports like Cricket, Kabbadi, Football and Basketball. It has surpassed five crores. of downloads and has over five crore active users in India. This app is exclusively for Indian users only and is available exclusively in India only. 2. My 11Circle: Another Fantasy sports app for people who are obsessed with fantasy. My 11Circle is a fantasy application platform launched by Rummycircle which lets users get a real cash prize. On it, players are able to participate in different sports, such as Kabbadi, Cricket, and Football. It has surpassed one million registered players since it was launched. 3. Halaplay: Halaplay is a games fantasy app similar to Dream11 which offers a distinct kind of sport like Kabbadi, Cricket, and Football in the domestic and international circuits. It was launched in 2016 by Swapnil as well as Saurav 2016 and it is possible to make a decent amount of money with Halaplay. It has more than 6 million registered users and has the latest version that is upgradeable to the betting system that is illegal that can be legalized in all aspects and in all terms. 4. KhelChamp: KhelChamp is a brand new Fantasy Sports Apps, KhelChamp is a gaming platform that offers a wide range of sports. KhelChamp is not a lot of competition so it offers the chances of winning cash prizes. Once you have added money to your wallet, you'll receive an additional bonus. The reason to invest in the development of sports apps by creating an app similar to Dream11- Apps for sports are trendy now In India, the sport is new to the sports enthusiast so it is easy to set your business up and be successful There is less competition in this marketplace. What does it cost to develop mobile-friendly games? It's based on the number. of variables, including the platform you choose, Android or iOS the app's features such as the admin or user panel, the features of the app, and additional. It could cost anywhere from $7000 to $9000 depending on what the developer services offer. The price also depends on the amount of time spent working on the project. Are you looking to create an app for fantasy sports? Mobulous is a leading mobile app development firm that provides skilled and skilled developers in the creation of Android mobile applications as well as iOS mobile apps. We also provide affordable price, so if have an idea for mobile applications for your business please contact us and we'll help turn your ideas into lucrative mobile applications. We're here to help our customers more. If you're having any questions about digital mobile apps and mobile apps, you can contact us to ask your question and our experts can assist you by offering the most cutting-edge solutions. Also read: Most dangerous team in IPL | Most dangerous batsman in IPL