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Wedding Rings Made to Order
Wedding rings are not just an adornment, they are a symbol of love and fidelity, and therefore, their choice must be approached with special care. To emphasize your individuality and sophisticated taste, you can purchase not the standard jewelry that each jewelry store offers, but use the services of a jeweler and order custom wedding rings. Our jewelry workshop of exclusive gifts "Jewelry Collection" is engaged in the manufacture of unique, designer wedding rings and other jewelry. You can order rings according to your sketch, photo, or entrust the creation of jewelry to our masters, who will create a piece of unique jewelry, taking into account your preferences and wishes, which will personify your love and devotion. You can buy engagement, wedding rings of different models, and different materials from us: - silver; - gold. At your request, the rings can be: - decorated with engraving; - Inlaid with diamonds, topaz, rubies, etc.; - with various spraying and even a meteorite. Advantages of custom-made wedding rings 1. Exclusivity. Our jewelry workshop will make rings that will qualitatively differ from the serial ones purchased in the store. 2. Using the servants of the jeweler, you will be 100% sure that the ring will be made precisely to your fingers' parameters, which means that you will not need to adjust them to your size and spend extra money. Wedding rings, "Meteorite." 3. Ability to use stones from the workshop catalog and choose the right size, or provide your own. In the store, you have to take what you have. 4. Possibility to create a ring according to your sketch, photo, or order a unique, original model from a jeweler. 5. When ordering a ring in a jewelry workshop, you can use the customer's scrap of gold as raw material, and thereby reduce costs (you only need to pay for the work). 6. The jewelry workshop provides a guarantee for the manufactured product for at least five years. Professional jewelers will be able to create a unique product that will emphasize your status and become a unique piece of jewelry for life. Wedding rings "Tires." Haven't decided which rings you want? Visit our store of Our professionals will help you choose the width of the ring, metal, tell you which metals and stones are best combined. There are samples of wedding rings, cufflinks, exclusive gifts, and other jewelry created by our craftsmen on our site. The lead time on average, takes only two to three weeks. At the same time, we offer our customers convenient delivery to any region of the USA!
Top 5 Hype Mens StreetWear Brands in 2020
Half way through 2020 and its already been a wild ride, between the pandemic and the recent riots it has had quite an impact on the streetwear community. We've seen iconic stores like Louis Vuitton in Portland, Oregon get gutted in what seemed like a matter of seconds. Online sales are at an all time high and regardless of the unemployment spike the demand for exclusive streetwear hasn't seemed to diminished. In this article Im going to be putting you on to the top 5 streetwear brands that have been gathering hype regardless of what has been going in the world. 5. Online Ceramics Online Ceramics is a Los Angeles based t-shirt brand made up of two artists by the names of Elijah Funk and Alix Ross. They have been making head way this year and are definitely on the come up in the streetwear community. Their vintage / Dead head aesthetic gives some relief to the demand for vintage t-shirts, Without the infamous moth-bally thrift store smell. ONLINE CERAMICS (With images) | Long sleeve tshirt men, Tree tee shirt 4. Arc'tyrex Arc'tyrex is a Canadian based Outdoors wear brand recently sported by the likes of Drake and Virgil. Their weather proof shell jackets and Techy sweat suits have made them extremely popular in the streetwear community this year. HAVEN Arc'Teryx Veilance FW19 Editorial | HYPEBEAST 3. And Wander Another outdoors brand garnering mad hype in the streetwear scene this year is Japanese based brand And Wander founded by Keita Ikeuchi and Mihoko Mori, their tech wear style jackets and vintage Patagonia style fleeces makes them a must have for any tech wear head. and wander | Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2. BrainDead BrainDead is one of the fastest growing Streetwear brands out right now, their style reminds me of a 2020 take on Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters. WeAreBrainDead is a collective of artists from all over the globe, they have already done collaborations with iconic brands such as The North Face. Needless to say, The future for BrainDead is looking promising. Brain Dead 1. A.P.C. Coming in #1 spot on our list is a brand every streetwear head should have heard of by now. A.P.C. is Known for their clean, minimalistic aesthetic, high quality, and decades of fashion industry experience, they have worked their way to becoming a staple in the streetwear industry making their garments an essential for every 20 something year old "in-the-know" and taking J Crew out of the game in the process. A.P.C. is a French owned brand founded in 1987 in Paris by Jean Touitou.A.P.C. - History, Philosophy, and Products
Guide to Go From a Children's Bedroom to a Youth One
If your child is going through the transition from child to teenager, those changes will also be reflected in their bedroom. The cartoon wallpaper, the plush toy corner, and the drawing table will give way to new elements and needs, such as more storage, a new desk, or space to share with friends. Here I leave you a guide of those things that they should consider when thinking about these changes. Twist on color If you and your child want to make more drastic changes, a variation in the color of the walls will be an excellent idea. Typically, the children's room is painted in more playful, saturated colors, including cartoon or cartoon wallpapers. Make a change and go for more neutral and less vibrant shades, like grays. Whether it's a teenage girl or buy, remember that they will spend a lot of time in the bedroom and will use it for multiple activities, so it is better to choose tones that are not boring and that are easy to combine. Add color to smaller items like textiles, paintings, lamps, or rugs. Increase storage With adolescence also come new responsibilities and activities. More homework at school, extra-program activities, sports workshops, etc. Therefore, there will be new things to keep organized and in order. For that I recommend that you add some furniture with storage space, such as drawers, shelves, or even multifunctional, such as beds that rise and allow you to store things underneath. Space to receive friends Friends will start to become a fundamental part of your child's life, and you will probably want to invite them to spend time in your house and bedroom. A sector for them to talk, play, or watch television will be super useful. For that - if space allows - you can add a small sofa to create a living area. Even a futon will be a great idea for friends who stay up for the weekends. Functional furniture New activities, new friends, new responsibilities. Several things add to the list, but the bedroom still has the same square meters. To optimize space, choose functional furniture such as cabins with a desk below, benches that open and allow you to store things, folding tables, etc. Desk School assignments become more complex and study hours will likely increase. Therefore, it is important that your child has the appropriate space for that. A desk with a comfortable chair and good lighting will be very important. Add items like organizers, a cork mural, a weekly calendar, and plastic boxes to keep things and activities in order. And if that's teenage girl, there are plenty of cute room decor for teenage girls, that you can bring her and apply to their bedroom. That will add a special touch to dought's bedroom. Personal touch Your child is changing and their tastes too. You are probably defining your style through the clothes, the music, the activities you do, and of course, in the decoration of your room. Therefore, give him space to add his touch, personalize some furniture, paint one of the walls, and add details that are important to him/her. Transitions and changes can be overwhelming, but this guide is sure to make things easier. I hope it has served you!
Cartier Is Launching A Digital Platform For Its 2020 Watch Releases
With this year's major trade shows canceled and the schedule for releases in constant flux, some brands are taking extra initiative to let their customers and collectors know what's happening. A little extra effort and transparency go a long way, especially in this current situation. Replica Watches To those ends, Cartier will be launching a dedicated consumer-oriented platform called Cartier Watchmaking Encounters on Saturday, April 25. Here the brand will share its latest releases, provide context around their creation, and position the products within the broader cultural landscape. Replica Rolex Cartier Watchmaking Encounters will contain a few separate sections, each dedicated to a particular category of the brand's releases. First will be a section for the main collection of watches, covering the sorts of pieces that you'll find at boutiques and retailers around the world. This year, the main focus there will be on a reimagined Pasha collection, but the new Maillon and a few Santos updates will be included as well. Next, there will be a section for the exclusive Cartier Privé collection of limited edition pieces inspired by the brand's history (think things like this and this). We'll be getting a few specially engraved Santos-Dumont models and a revived Tank Asymétrique, both of which I'm extremely excited to see. Finally, there will also be a section for the maison's high jewelry watches, which are always stunners. "In the current context, we believe it is important to preserve our interactions with all our clients around the world through various touchpoints, and thus be able to offer them an experience entirely dedicated to our Maison’s watchmaking creations," says Arnaud Carrez, Marketing and Communications Director at Cartier International. "By discovering this new platform, our clients will be invited to explore our creations, and our services, and on a broader level, the watchmaking spirit of Cartier." One important thing to note here: Cartier will still be participating in the digital Watches & Wonders activation that also launches on Saturday and that the FHH announced earlier this week. Cartier Watchmaking Encounters is an additional initiative and will feature complementary information and experiences. The Cartier Watchmaking Encounters website will reside at, and it will go live the morning of April 25. We'll have tons of updates for you once the new watches officially launch, and be sure to check the platform out for yourself too!
The Casual Shirts A Man Must Have In Wardrobe
Dressing casually looks classy all the time. People get attracted to you and your social circle starts increasing just because of your best styling sense according to your age. The best you get dressed the more people will be impressed with your personality. As there are many types of shirts so, today in this blog we will cover the casual shirts that a man considers must have in his wardrobe. The types of casual shirts for men areas under and in this will cover the 3 most important causal shirts: OXFORD BUTTON DOWN SHIRTS It is said that the Oxford Button-Down Shirts set up their trademark with the most renowned company Oxford. In the range of casual shirts for men, oxford button-down shirts top the list. Setting up its name in the market and making identity to be worn with any dress code is its uniqueness. Creating the most unique and versatile wardrobe. According to Emma Willis, the button-down open collar shirts look cooler with jeans, chinos, and corduroys but she never prefers it with the suits. You can buy this shirt from any men’s store even it is also available when men’s shirts sale online. DRESS SHIRTS: Having a suit and not having dress shirts is not common. People say those dress shirts also give you a formal look even you are not wearing a suit. These dress shirts are more likely to be worn while a man is attending an interview or having any formal meeting but not much important. The dress shirt is also said to a casual shirt because men give preference to it while having job hours to look more formal and attractive. The uniqueness of these shirts is that you can easily wear ties, bows, and cufflinks with it to look more classy and attractive. CUBAN COLLAR SHORT SLEEVES SHIRTS If you are fond of showing your chest and wearing some of the colorful casual shirts then the Cuban collar short sleeves shirts are the right choice for you. The Cuban collar short sleeves shirts are the shirts back from the fifties century that fits best in the hot summer season. Moreover, if you are searching in any men’s shirt sales online so it is the common shirt you will find over there. OVERSHIRTS OR UPPERS: The uppers or overshirts give you the most casual look and you can wear it easily on any informal gathering or traveling anywhere. These overshirts are most likely to be worn with white T-shirts. This type of casual shirt is said to be the most traditional shirt as it helps in both warm and cold weather. Most of the stylist says that these shirts should be with plain shirts rather than the sloppy colorful or check shirts. So, these are some of most unique and commonly found casual shirts in any man wardrobe. There are many more that you can buy but the most common are these and this tells that how much up to date you are with fashion.