Dark Shade Of Blue //Ch 3//Jung Hoseok
Day 3 ____________________________________________                    JisooLuvX3 is typing.....  JisooLUvX3: answer your phone...  JisooLUvX3: why aren't you answering!?!  JisooLUvX3: Hani you're scaring me.  ___________________________________________                    JisooLUvX3 is Calling                      JisooLUvX3 is Calling                      JisooLUvX3 is Calling                   JisooLUvX3 is Calling                     JisooLUvX3 is Calling ___________________________________________ "what a neusance.."  Hoseok sneered looking down at your phone. Multiple missed calls filled the phone. "Ugh.. we don't need anymore interruptions do we?" he grumbled as if doing so will automatically make it stop. Once he laid you down on the bed, he turned off your phone and tossed it over at the corner of the room.  He turned back to look at the flickering light. "Ugh... What's with the lights" Hoseok complained, flipping the light switch on and off to bring in a little bit of light to the dull, dusty unkept room. Irritated by the useless switch, Hoseok tapped on the lightbulb one last time to then realize it had burn out.  "I'll have  to buy  a new one" he said, Slidding his hand under your head, to gently place a pillow under. "I'll come back" he timidly whispered, running his fingers through your wet hair. Standing right next to you, Hoseok admired your frame from where he stood, before covering your numb sleepy body with a warm blanket. ____________________________________________ Hani's POV  I sat up daizzed and confused, I looked around the unfamiliar room. It almost felt as if nobody has been there for a long time. Now reality started to set in, what am I doing there?. The shop I had to close it... Did I close it?. Yes, of coarse I did.. Didn't I?. ___________________________________________ In a state of panic you ran to hide inside a dark corner in the closet. The footsteps were getting close, with every step the wooden floor board would creak, making your heart race and palms sweat. "why the hell am I here?" you questioned, biting your bottom lip. Light creeped under the gap of the closet door. Footsteps were right behind the closed door. Your heart pounded, wanting to rip right out of your chest. Although your chest was a ticking bomb about to give out, you tried to keep yourself somewhat calm.    "Hani.. Oh Hani. Where are you?" he called out to you. His familiar voice, you recognize him... Hoseok.  "There you are", he swung the door wide open. keeping a straight face, the two of you locked eyes for mearly ten seconds. "I hope you're feeling better. You scared me back there" Hoseok helped you up and out of the closet. Playfully tapping the bridge of your nose. "look who's talking" Hani answered, making him laugh.  "Is this your apartment? . What am I doing here? " you were curious to know, asking more questions since you couldn't remember anything after leaving the coffee shop.  ___________________________________________ Hoseok's POV 'Hani's curiosity is tiredsome. It was much easier watching her from afar everyday. But I was done with those bastards. Talking to her, getting too close and personal inviting her on nights out. I knew what their motives were and had to take care of it myself. Now that they're gone for good they won't Bother her like they use to. she's all mine , she's my wife. Even if she doesn't know it yet. I can't just leave her here, she'll ask more questions. How should I make her be quiet. Will my lips be enough... Or will some tape due. No I can't, what the hell am I thinking I must treat her right.' I tried to keep it simple and only told pieces of what happened after we left the coffee shop. She refused to believe it and tried to runaway from me. Little did she know I upgraded this old apartment.  "let me go!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.I stopped her, holding her against the floor before she slipped away from me. "Scream all you want. Nobody will hear you" I warned her as she hit the door over and over.  "Please...Let me go I-I have to go back home. I won't tell anyone you did this if you just let me go." Hany begged, pulling me by my shirt. I knew better than to let her run free and back to them.  "Shhh. I won't hurt you Hani, I promised to myself I wouldn't when you put on that bracelet" I answered hoping it would put a stop to her nonsense.  "Wow... Are you fucking kidding me??" Her voice turned aggressive.  "No. Now stop acting like a spoiled brat and behave or else..."  "Or else what" she spat out, moving closer to me arms crossed at her chest. The space between us disappeared. I looked down at her. No matter how much Hani tried to keep a straight face it instantly became cute to me. Desirable and irrisistable.  "or else your mine tonight... " ____________________________________________                       HaniAhJu is typing...  HaniAhJu: Im fine. :)  HaniAhJu: Don't worry about me.  HaniAhJu: Bye. Talk to you later.  __________________________________________                   JisooLUvX3 is typing....  JisooLUvX3: I was worried you idiot!!! WHY DIDN'T YOU ANSWER MY CALLS..!!!    ___________________________________________                HaniAhJu has left the chat.....
Dark Shade Of Blue //Ch. 2//Jung Hoseok
Day 2 It was six in the afternoon, two hours before you'd be able to call it quits on yet another day at the coffee shop. The morning rush had gotten you to a rough start,  but you weren't going to let it ruin your afternoon...just yet.   "...Caramel macchiato for table three" your coworker cleared her throat, nudging your shoulder repeatedly.  Placing aside two cups of coffee on the tray, "got it" you answered.  "it will all be over before you know it" she added, with a gentle pat on the back, as if that was going to make you feel better about having to work on a day like this. Nervously laughing it off, you walked away from the counter and headed towards the adorable couple patiently waiting on the table near the window. The table you rather call the 'sweetheart table', since it's heavily requested by lovebirds all year round. "Sorry to keep you waiting" you apologized, bowing after handing each of their orders, then walked away. Briefly pausing to get a glimpse of the empty tables. Usually it was packed but for obvious reasons the shop was somewhat slow, 'it's the rain' you thought. With little to no customers, It became one of those days, meaning you had the opportunity to leave a bit early. "Yay",  Wiggling your shoulders and body as your mini celebritory session came to an end. "oh.. Wait" a bitter reminder stopped you from taking a single step out of this place just yet. It was your turn to thurly clean the windows before leaving.  You sighed, glancing over at the fogged up windows. They definitely needed to get cleaned. It made it difficult for customers to enjoy the outside view  of the store's mini garden and local park. The mini garden being a unique touch which attracted new customers but, 'Who would be insane enough to go out in this weather?'. Questioning as you squinted your eyes,  and scrunched your nose to get a better look outside, yet all you got to see was the ruined blackboard you had neatly written last night.  After the last customers payed their bill, you walked to the back of the café . Under the sink, you grabbed a bucket filled with soap and water. A quick grab and go. Carrying the bucket outside. You dipped a rag, and squeezed it to get rid of the excess water.   "Hani...are you done??" Your coworker wined as she poutted her lips. "Almost" you tiredly replied, rolling your eyes from exhaustion. ___________ "Finish..." You mumbled to yourself, whipping the non existant beads of sweat from your forehead, making it seem as if you did more than just carry a light bucket of water from the kitchen. "If you're all set to go...don't forget lover boys gift over there" she pointed back at a black box placed over the cash register.  "huh... Gift..?. What are you talking about." You turned to look back at her with raised eyebrows, confused nonetheless. "Oh I thought you knew."  Playfully retracting herself from further questioning, and twirled a strand of her golden brown locks between her dainty fingers. "Knew what?. " Raising your voice a bit out of annoyance, as she tried to explain herself. "Some guy came in earlier...and left this for you..." she shrugged her shoulders.  "Some guy... who?". You were determined to get an answer, anything. You weren't very close to people, other than a select few you trusted, and your bestfriend Jisoo was one of them, but she's a girl. Though her intentions weren't ment to hurt, it stirred up emotions right away. You could tell it as soon as you stepped closer the coffee shop cash register. Just by staring at the expensive looking box, you knew he wasn't here to play games. Nobody could oh so suddenly get an expensive gift without wanting a little something in exchange.  For a few seconds you stood there puzzled. Going down the list of potential men, creating a face for this strange guy soly  based on your coworker's discription. It didn't take long for you to remember such an embarrassing interaction. The guy. From the bus. "He left a note as well,  you should take a look and see,  hey he might be your secret admirer." she added. Trying to lighten the mood.  "Admirer...me?". At the moment only being able to pass if off as nothing more than a note. A lovely note In red ink..."odd". Bursting into tears, repeatedly clapping like a seal till no sound came out of you. Assuring there's nothing special about you. That any guy...especially one that looks like a model will want to associate with you. "I'm quite an average potato with no purpose... ." you spoke, your voice cracking as you carefully opened the note in its entirety.   "Don't say that honey. You have your charms. Any guy would be lucky to date someone cheerful and charismatic like you." she went on, burrying you in compliments.  "Hahaha don't lie to me... I might just believe you." You said, then like a sigh of magic or rather a miracle, your phone vibrated not just once but multiple times. Making both your heads turn.   ____________________________________________      Not URAverageSunshine wants to chat...                Accept            Decline ___________________________________________ Diverting her attention away from the note she had yet to read, Hani looked down at her phone stacked with notification. Most were from Jisoo, the rest were a mixture of concerned teachers wanting to reach out, and the rest coming fromm old friends mixed with random stranger's numbers.  She openned the strangers chat hoping it wouldn't be some dumb scam or someone trying to sell her bullshit.  ___________________________________________              ☑️Accept           Decline ____________________________________________   You have now accepted NotURAverageSunshine into the chat... __________________________________________ Going against your gut, you accepted. Afterall there's no harm in meeting new people. They're just strangers you're yet to become friends with.   Right...?  ___________________________________________              NotURAverageSunshine is Typing... NotURAverageSunshine: hope you like it. NotURAverageSunshine: I thought it'll suit you.  ___________________________________________ Hani's POV "Sorry but... I'll need you to close up the shop for today," my boss's unapologetic tone gave me more reasons to smack her across the room. Even though I was ready to dash out of there, I choose to stay. It wouldn't be the first nor last time she tried to pull a fast one on me. 'so much for those cheesy compliments'. She was and is a pain to deal with, but I'm grateful to have come across her. Thanks to her I got this job, with a decent pay to cover my living expenses. Making her one of he very few I trusted and would do anything for in a heartbeat.     "Go, or else you'll be late" I waved goodbye, sending her off with a gentle smile. Then turned to the blackboard where I was writing tomorrow's specials. After half an hour of waiting, I began to clean the tables and restock our empty jars of coffee with the specific bean that belong to each one. The labels made it much easier, within forty minutes I was done. I looked up from behind the counter where I placed the last jars. The continuous pitter patter of the rain came to a hault. A roar indicating thunder, it was heard loud and clear. As expected, It began to pour. I didn't know whether to close one hour early or wait it out till the rain stopped at least long enough for me to get home. Another roar louder than the last echoed in my ears. From the looks of it, there was no way it would stop. Instead I called it a day and closed the register.  Taking out the hoodie from my backpack I searched for extra money. 'Can I even afford a cab?' I asked myself counting the few crumbled up dollars I had in my wallet. 'nope not enough' I though as I went through the small pockets.  "I'll just walk". I said re-adjusting my backpack to zip up my hoodie.  Taking out the set of keys to lock the store door, I looked back into the dark store through the clear glass door. "For a minute there I thought you were never coming out" I heard a voice say over the sound of the rain and thunder.   'Huh?'. startled I immedatly turned to the voice. I couldn't find the right words to begin a suddle conversation. Without a doubt it was him, waiting outside the store in the cold rain.    "h-hi... Hey there... It's you". Stuttering from both the cold air and sudden nervousness. My legs shivered an overwhelming rush of blood to my cheeks got me frozen on the spot. Unable to move, with more questions than answers, I couldn't let him stand there soaking wet from head to toe, so I opened the store to let us both inside where we could be safer away from the storm. "Helloooo" he winked unbothered by his clothes. His angelic, and radiant smile as he greeted me created dimples on both sides of his lips. 'is he an angel in disguise? ' I tried to hold back the urge to hug him, it would be weird since this is the first time we're meeting after our first encounter. I closed the door behind me, a wet trail unintentionally being left with each step he took inside. "umm.. Your shirt is wet and umm so are your pants" I couldn't find my voice or the right way to say it, so I ran to the back where we kept extra uniform shirts.  I could hear him laughing at how I shied away yet still tried to help. "here... Put this on, or else you'll get sick".  "OH thanks...but what about my clothes" a heart shaped smile forming as he kept smiling and looking down at his soaked clothes.  "I'll leave It near a heater, it will be dry in... Whoah Whoah... What are you doing" I froze in place, mouth wide open. Taking the liberty of undresing then and there. Acting like nothing happened. I didn't try to stop him.... But it would be wrong not to.  My heart racing, I couldn't look away. Astonished by his amazing figure, perfectly sculpted washboard abs.. No I couldn't take my eyes off him afraid to miss anything and everything if I blinked. Completely ignoring a single word he spoke. All sounding like gibberish.  "You can look, but not touch"  he added  in a teasing tone, looking down to meet eye to eye as he adjusted that shirt I've given him.  "by the way.. My name is Hoseok".. Both of us smilling yet again, he ruffled my hair.  As I tried to process all off it. It almost seemed surreal. He was unlike no other. A name fit for an angel, 'Hoseok'. Repeating it simultaneously to myself. "we got off on the wrong foot last time we saw each other" he added.  "you're not at fault here remeber, I owe you a coffee date... Remember?" I answered trying to fix my hair.  "I know, how could I forget" his gaze giving me butterflies. Then a sudden grab, it was him holding my hand. He walked us to the couple's table. Sitting face to face, he held on to my hand forming circles in my palm with a gentle and smooth touch. As we talked, i began to open up a bit more. I felt drawn in more with a heart to heart conversation of our upbringings, and how he finally mustered up the courage to approach me. But later admitted it was thanks to my clumsiness, and dropping my keys as the chance he took to start a conversation.  After an hour or so he went silent, looking at my right hand in search for something, "ohh...I thought you'd like it?" hoseok asked.  "huh..liked what exactly?". Forgetting the expensive box was still waiting there on the register. At the same time of realizing it, he got up. Walked to the register and picked up the box.  I sat there fiddling with my thumbs as he approached me with the box. "Put it on" he kindly demanded.  "sure, why not" I shrugged without much of an argument though my gut instinct urged me to put a stop to this.  A perfect fit, who would've thought.  Looking at the diamonds incrusted bracelet, a smirk spread across his face. Instantly gazing back at me with satisfaction. "... I'm glad you like it".  I felt drawned to him more so than the gift itself.  ___________________________________________ TAGS? @mkbmccann